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Read my first story where Sarah meets a lovely blonde tutor named Bethany. They have a lot of fun at Beths house. The next day i was dreading meeting Beth because I was shy about facing her after what happened. I went to school early and most of my friends noticed something different about me. They wanted to know whether I got laid the previous night. I laughed it off sounding mysterious. During the lunch break Beth caught up with me. "Hey ! How are you doing?" she said hugging me tight. I was self concious and realised a few people looking our way. "I am doing fine. ""Mmmm. . did you enjoy our session yesterday?""Uh huh. ""I liked it too. I played with my pussy all night thinking of you" she said. "Wow ! Thats really nice.

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  ""Wanna grab something to eat?" she said looking at my boobs. "You took my advice then," she said looking at my revealing tshirt and tight pair of pants. "Yes, I told myself, what the hell, it can't be that bad. ""I like the new you," she said looking down my low cut neck. We walked hand in hand into the cafeteria. I saw a few guys almost choking on their food as we walked in. Some of the girls looked at Beth enviously, their eyes stopping at my ample bosom. Somethings never change, I thought to myself. We had a nice chat during the meal taking time to stare at each other. I couldn't help looking into her lovely eyes thinking what it would be like to kiss them. I couldn't help getting a little wet. I told Beth this and she grabbed me by the hand pulling me out of the cafeteria. We went to the ladies room. There weren't many girls in there. Before I could protest she pushed me into a cubicle and followed me in.

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   She closed the door and turned to me pushing me back against the wall. She started to hug me hard and kissed my lips breathlessly, pressing her body against mine crushing me. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined. She then lifted my tshirt and exposed my breasts and cupped them in her hand while she kissed my mouth. I could feel the warmth of her hands against my nipples. She started to squeeze them gently sucking on my lips. I held on to her not wanting this moment to end. I forgot the fact that we were in a toilet and felt so comfortable in her arms. I pushed her down gently to my bra. She started to push her tongue between my breasts as if making love to my cleavage with her long tongue. Then she traced the edge of the bra cup with her tongue trying to squeeze it in under the material. I was so impatient that I slid one strap off, loosening the cup so that she could go in further. I started to caress her breasts with my hands squeezing those lovely little mounds. She must have felt my excitement since she lifted the bra exposing my breasts. She started to suck on the breast avoiding my nipple.

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   That drove me crazy. I wanted her to suck on my nipple. But she simply wouldn't. In the end when my frustration was reaching its limit, she sucked me hard while she pulled my skirt up and cupped my pussy. I almost screamed. I could hear girls in the washroom and I was almost oblivious to it. She started to rub my pussy over the panty while she sucked my nipple hard. I pulled her head to me hard, biting my lips to stop myself from crying out. I felt her finger part the panty and as her fingers touched my nether lips, I almost jumped. I kept moving against her hand, whispering to rub me harder. She switched to my other breast sucking harder than ever while her hands made magic on my pussy. Finally, she sat on the toilet seat and I put one foot on her shoulder and she started to suck my pussy. I almost lost my balance but managed to steady myself. She kept licking and licking me. Then I felt a light pressure on my anus.

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   I felt her finger probing the rim of my anus. It felt so good. She continued to suck my pussy and I came so hard that I almost bit my lips in half. My legs were shaking and I felt Beth holding on to me, steadying me. We took a minute or two to calm down. By then, it was time to get back to our class. I was so dissappointed that I couldn't do the same to Beth. "Its alright darling, we still have the rest of the day and don't forget our class. " She said smiling at me. I straightened up and we came out of the toilet cautiously. Thankfully, no one saw us, and we made it barely in time for our next class. My class teacher was Miss Murphy. She was around 28 and unmarried. She was a brunette and she was around 5' 10" and slender. Her breasts were not so large but she had a nice bust.

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   It may have been a B cup. She had shapely hips and walked in a manner that was so graceful that I really envied her. She was pretty but not sexy as Beth. Her dark eyes were penetrating and gave her a serious look. She was wearing a formal dress with a coat and a tshirt underneath and a knee length skirt that matched her coat. Several times during the class, I felt her eyes on me. I dismissed the thought thinking that my over lesbianised brain was giving me signals that were more to do with my new experience than anything else. However, just before I left the class, Miss Murphy stopped me. "Sarah, can I speak with you?" she said. "Yes Miss Murphy?""Young lady, I noticed two wet patches on your tshirt. " she said. I must have blushed so hard that she smiled at me. "Well, well, what were you upto dear?""N. . nothing Miss Murphy.

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  . " I stammered. "Well, can you stay with me after class and help me with something?"I nodded. "Well grab a chair and sit next to me would you?" she said taking her coat off and putting it on the chair. She was wearing a thin strapped tshirt that did wonders to show off her skin. It was so smooth that I wanted to reach out and touch it. I sat next to her. She dropped a pencil and before I could reach down, she turned to my side and bent over. I got a view of her breasts I will never forget. They seemed so big under her tshirt. She caught my look and smiled. "Oops, that was a bit too much for you was it?" she said, looking at my face. I didn't know how this thought came to me, but I stood up half in my seat and bent so that my cleavage was in full view to her and reached across and grabbed a pencil off the corner of her desk. My breasts would have been inches off her face. I sat down and looked at her.

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   "Now we are even. " I said. "Mmm. . I like young women who take initiatives" she said. "I think you are a very pretty young lady. ""I think you are a gorgeous lady. ""Really?""Yes. Really. If you could read my mind now, you may be quite surprised. "I simply took her hand and placed it on my right breast. "Where did you say that wet patch was?" I asked her innocently grinning at her surprised expression. She caught on, she started to squeeze it lightly. "Hmmm let me see. .

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   " she kept on squeezing it. "Well, its not wet anymore. Maybe it was the bra. " she put her hand under my tshirt and started feeling my bra cup. I was getting wet by all this groping. I pulled her face to my breast and said "Why don't we recreate the situation?" She started to lick my bra cup wetting it. She gently bit my nipple over the cup. Then she stopped and pulled the tshirt back in place and then pointed at it. "I think thats a perfect recreation of what happened. " By this time the school was virtually deserted and we had the place all to ourselves. But I was worried that Miss Murphy would get into trouble so I suggested that we find some place safe. She took me upstairs to her lab which she had the keys to. We went into a small room which was used to store the consumable lab equipment. The moment the door closed she hugged me so hard and started to kiss me. I pushed her back.

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   "Wait Miss Murphy, I want to show you how much I appreciate what you do for us in the class. Please close your eyes and let me show my gratitude. "I pushed her back against the wall and I slowly slipped off her tshirt. I started to lick her cheeks and face like a dog not letting her respond. Then I started to suck both lips into my mouth, while caressing her breasts over her push up bra. She had a glorious cleavage and I told her so. I sucked her neck and reveled in the smoothness of it and I moved up to her ears. I started to lick her ear and sucked her earlobe. Then I moved down to her breasts tearing away the bra and started to suck the pink puffy nipples that she had. I sucked her and she started to moan. My hands moved down to her skirt unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a sexy pair of black panties. I cupped it as I started to suck her breasts. I pushed her arms up and then sucked her arm pit making her jump at the sensation moving back to her breasts. Then I slowly knelt down licking the upper part of her thighs making her leg muscles jump.

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   I moved my tongue to her mons licking and teasing. I felt her pushing my head lower but I resisted. Then suddenly, I moved my mouth to her pussy through the panty making her grip my head hard. She put one leg on my shoulder to make it easier for me. I pulled the panty down and started to lick her slit. It was so wet and juicy. I took one finger and started to push into her pussy. I saw her pushing her own finger into her anus while I fingered her. I got bolder and pushed one more finger. I sucked her clit while I moved my fingers in and out of her. she kept begging me to fuck her harder. I felt her shudder as she came hard on my finger. She screamed so loud that I am sure someone would have heard us. Before I could recover, she pulled me up and started to kiss my mouth. "Oh baby, I want to taste my pussy on your mouth.


  . mmmm. . . Oh god. . where did you learn to suck pussy like that?""Well, I am still new to this. " I said as I kissed her on the lips sucking hard. She pulled away and said that she had been waiting for this for a long time. I was surprised to find out that she had a crush on me for almost 6 months. The patches on my tshirt had given her the courage to try something. .

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