Dawn 6


Today I’m in Rin’s house, watching TV and talking to her about Sonia. She had invited Sonia over and we were waiting for her. Rin was really happy, and I got the feeling that they both would finally do it today. It wasn’t long before we heard the door bell. Rin went to open the door and soon came back with Sonia holding her hand.

“Hey Rie!” Sonia said and I said hi back to her. Rin then gave Sonia a kiss on her lips, and they sat together on the sofa with me. Rin kissed her girlfriend on her neck and Sonia yelped a little. “Rie doesn’t mind” Rin said so Sonia answered “I guess it’s okay…”


I was sitting to the right of Rin and Sonia was sitting to her left. Rin began to kiss her neck and it looked like Sonia enjoyed it. Sonia laid on the big sofa slowly as Rin kissed her neck, so Rin took the opportunity to get on top of her. Rin laid on top of her girl and kissed her lips really deep, pushing her tongue inside her mouth. I was kind of embarrassed so I stood up and sat on the sofa that was in the front.

Sonia sucked Rin’s tongue and was really getting into it, then a bit after, Rin broke the kiss and looked at her eyes. “Want to do it in front of her…?” Rin asked and Sonia simply nodded. I blushed at the thought, but Rin continued to kiss and push her tongue into Sonia’s mouth.

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   Sonia then pushed Rin back, making her lay down on the sofa. Rin’s legs were spread, so Sonia got between them, kissing Rin’s lips.

Almost instinctively, Rin’s hands went to Sonia’s big ass, massing it slowly in circles. Sonia was blushing but didn’t stop kissing Rin very deeply. They both were making small moaning noises while they kissed deeper. Sonia’s hand moved to Rin’s right breast and began to massage it with her palm. Rin moaned a bit and moved her hands to undo Sonia’s pants. Sonia then began to push Rin’s blouse up. Sonia sat on Rin’s hips for a moment to undress her, taking her blouse off then slowly taking her bra off to expose her nice breasts.

Rin didn’t want to stay behind so she ordered Sonia to take her pants and panties off. Sonia did as instructed, standing a bit to take both her pants and panties off as I watched, biting my lip. Sonia then sat again on Rin’s hips to cup her breasts, massaging them. Rin closed her eyes and Sonia leaned down to lick Rin’s boobs. Rin again put her hands on Sonia’s round rear. “I love your big ass, baby” she told her.

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   Sonia blushed but kept sucking on Rin’s breasts harder.

Rin then began to squeeze Sonia’s butt cheeks harder, giving one a slap. “Rin!” Sonia screamed at her. It just made Rin giggle and she began to massage her ass. “Sonia… sit up a bit. ” Sonia did as Rin instructed her and sat on the sofa. Rin stood up and began to remove her skirt and then her panties. She then removed the rest of Sonia’s clothes, leaving them both completely naked. Rin gave her a kiss then leaned to lick Sonia’s breasts. Her nipples were a similar color as mine, a very light brown.

She licked a bit more before they both hugged together, moving their chest to rub their tits together. As they rubbed together and moaned, I peeked a bit at Sonia’s pussy. She wasn’t shaved, but she only had a bit of hair, unlike Esque or Mara. They hugged tighter, rubbing their ‘oranges’ together, hitting their nipples against each other. They kissed as they kept rubbing harder against each other.

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“Let’s make love, baby” Rin said and Sonia smiled. Rin laid on the sofa again and told Sonia to get on top of her. Sonia put her legs on the sides of Rin’s head, placing her pussy just on top of her head, then she laid down on Rin, kissing Rin’s clit once. Rin rubbed Sonia’s big thighs while Sonia said “Let me suck your pussy…”. Sonia then moved her head down and sucked Rin’s pussy lips. Rin gave out a moan and placed her hands on Sonia’s ass, bringing her mouth up to suck at her clit.

Sonia held Rin’s thighs up with her hands while she focused on sucking her pussy lips, over and over. Rin moaned louder and moved her head up more for a few minutes to lick at Sonia’s ass hole while spreading her ass. “Oh Rin!” Sonia screamed while Rin licked her ass more. Sonia immediately moved her mouth to suck Rin’s clit so hard. Rin let out a screaming moan and began to suck Sonia’s clit too. Both of them moaned much louder and they began to press their hips against each other’s faces.

Rin squeezed Sonia’s ass harder, saying “Such… a big ass… mmm…” while giggling. She obviously liked teasing Sonia, making her blush. They kept sucking their clits harder, each one reaching closer to their climax.

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   Once their moans got really loud, almost at the same time they screamed “Coming!!” and both of them squirted against each other, drinking up their juices.


They panted for a couple of seconds, and then Rin said “I love you my angel…”. Sonia smiled and rested against Rin. “I love you too” she said. I slowly stood up, really horny. “Girls… maybe you should spend a bit of time alone. ” Rin smiled and asked if I was leaving. “Yes… I need to head home” I said, which made them both giggle. I left them resting against each other, I took my sweater and exited Rin’s house.

I walked towards my house, but then I saw a candy store. I thought it had been a while since I had any sweets and it would be nice to take the hotness I just witnessed. I entered the store and got a few candies, and then I brought them to the counter. I gave the money to the clerk and I got my candies in a bag. But… I didn’t move from there.

I was looking at a clerk, since he gave me such a familiar feeling.

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   He had slightly dark skin, similar to Mara, brown eyes that almost looked like yellow and a very light brown short hair. He looked a bit fit too and was taller than Rin. Maybe about 5 centimeters taller? His eyes also looked a bit European. He started to wonder why I was looking at him… so I asked him “Where are you from?”.

He thought for a bit and then answered “New Zealand”. My eyes lightened up and with my surprise, I said to him “Me too!”. “Really?” he asked with a smile and I answered “Well… I was born here, but I’m half New Zealander!”. He then told me “That’s why you have those freckles” and he laughed a bit. I smiled and asked him what is name was. “Tai” he said. “My name is Rie!” I told him.

We talked a bit of where we both lived and those things. I also learned he was 17 years old. The time passed without us noticing as he tended the store and talked to me. We could hear the church’s bell marking the beginning of the night.

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   I told him it was already so late and I had to get back, to which he told me that he was about to close up too. “I’ll accompany you to your house” he told me.

“Okay!” I agreed and waited for him to close shop. We walked together to my house until we arrived. I knocked the door a few times but no one answered. “They must be out” I said… then I remembered I brought the key with me. As I opened the door, Rin and Sonia came to my mind. I remembered all the things they had done. I got horny really fast and I looked back at Tai. “Want to stay a bit until my parents arrive…?” I asked him. “Sure” he simply said. We entered the house and sat on the sofa.

I turned the TV on to a movie, though I was too horny to pay attention to it. I stood up from the sofa without saying a word, and removed my sweater. Tai spread his eyes and blushed when he saw my breasts pressing out against my blouse.

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   That’s when I noticed he was a bit shy too. I smiled a bit and noticed a bulge in his pants. I leaned a bit against him and whispered on his ear “Want to have sex with me?”. He blushed more, and after a few seconds, he nodded.


I told him to undress first, and after looking around a bit, he began to take his clothes off on the sofa. He first removed his shirt, revealing his semi-strong physic. Then after thinking it a bit, he removed his pants and underwear at once, pushing it to the floor. His cock looked just a bit bigger than average, and he had a bit of pubic hair. I smiled and took my blouse off, revealing my bra that covered my boobs nicely. Then I removed my skirt, waiting a bit before removing my panties too.   Tai looked at every inch of my body as I stepped closer to him, kneeling over him and sitting on his thighs, his cock just in front of my tummy.

Then I removed my bra slowly, dropping it on the floor. “They’re so huge…” Tai said just before he rubbed his face between them. He moved his hands to my tits, rubbing the side of them with his palms. He then moved his mouth and began to suck my round nipples in his mouth, sucking each one of them hard for a few seconds before moving to the other.

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As he kept sucking hard, I began to moan and get very wet.

I started to rub my clit against his shaft so he felt how wet I was. He squeezed my ass and pulled me so he sucked more of my tits. Then after a bit, he stopped and asked me “Already wet?”. “Really wet enough now…” I told him as I got off him and laid down on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. He stood up and I slowly spread my legs, holding them open with my hands.

He kneeled in front of me, the table small enough so his cock rubbed against my clit. He pressed my clit with the tip of his cock a little before starting to prod my pussy. I had tried taking my own virginity off, so I was already quite spread, though I’m not sure if I was open enough. He rubbed my thighs and began to push his cock slowly into me. “Nnn…” he complained a bit. My pussy didn’t bleed, but it sure hurt still. He kept pushing it in slowly as I bit my lip hard.

He kept going until he was all the way inside, resting it there. “It’s finally inside” he said.

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   “Fuck me…” I said slowly to make him move. He began moving his hips really slowly at first, putting his hands on my hips. His cock began sliding in and out of me very slowly, making me moan. I didn’t think my first time with a guy would feel so good. He watched his cock go all the way into me completely before pulling it back out slowly. I held the blankets on my sides as I moaned louder.

His pace got quicker in a bit, moving his hips a bit faster to fuck my pussy. I slowly wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling his rod really deep into me. My hips began to move up a bit from the thrusts, my moans being louder each second. Again he increased his speed, thrusting his cock faster, picking a more average speed. I began to stick my chest out in pleasure, closing my eyes shut and moaning more.

My pussy spreads wider and now he thrusts all the way into me over and over again fast. My legs spread out as he tightens his grip on my waist, fucking me faster and even harder. My boobs begin to bounce up and down a lot and he says “So huge…” and he squeezes them hard, making them stop bouncing. I moan really loud constantly while he fucks my pussy really fast and squeezes my tits with his hands.

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“Oh Rie…” he moans a bit. I could barely hear him between my moans, feeling him keep thrusting fast into me and holding my tits together. “Yes… yes!” I kept repeating while he continued fucking me. I heard another moan from him then I suddenly felt him thrust deeply into me once, and then he began to unload all his sperm into my womb. I opened my eyes wide as I wasn’t expecting it, but let out a long moan, grasping the sides of the table tightly.

He panted for a bit, taking his cock out which still looked hard. “Turn around” he told me and I obeyed. I got on all fours and looked back wondering what he was planning. His sperm was not even leaking out yet when he stood up and I felt him thrust into my pussy again hard. I let out a big moan and press my hips back to him. He put his hands on my ass and began to ram his cock into me at average speed again. “You have a nice big ass too” he told me.

I blushed, though I knew Mara’s and Sonia’s asses were very bigger than mine. He rubbed my ass a bit, sliding his cock in and out of my soaking pussy a lot. “Ahh… oh so nice… mmm!” I said as he fucked me more.


   He moved his hands from my butt to my back, slowly moving them around to squeeze on my tits again. “You know I love these ones…” he told me.

He squeezed them harder and began to pull them back as he thrusts his cock as deep as he could and faster. I couldn’t stop moaning, really loud and hotly. He leaned a bit so he could hold my boobs better, squeezing and massaging them around a lot. I felt all of his cock inside me, fucking me so good. “Nnn! Yes Tai! Fuck me!” I screamed and I felt all his actions so much harder.

His waist slapped against my ass a lot, his balls against my clit, thrusting more. “Coming inside you…” he said, almost as soon as I felt my climax too. I gave out a loud scream and felt my pussy clench in excitement, coming so nicely. Almost immediately, I felt him shoot so much of his seed into me, filling my pussy up even more. He kept his cock inside for a while, and then he moved his hands to my waist before he took it out. Most of him sperm leaked out of my pussy and onto the table. I still moaned as I felt so good.


Soon after, we got dressed and he finally left to his house.

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   My family didn’t come back until much later, which gave me time to clean everything. It all felt really good. More days have passed since that day, and I even noticed Rin grow closer to Sonia, ever so loving. In the coming weeks Tai would get close to the rest of the girls… And an interesting thing would happen after Rin’s brother, Eiburu, would do the same as his girlfriend Mara and join into the fun. Finally there was a circle in all this.