Betty Black, part 3 - Her Master Called


There were parties that Betty Black enjoyed going to, and ones that were more obligatory than voluntary, like the company Christmas party, the occasional birthday party for a ‘higher-up’ in the company Betty worked for, Sedgeworth Corp. , and such, but for the most part, Betty was a homebody. She enjoyed working in her garden, where she grew beautiful roses, gardenias, and lilies mainly. She loved their fragrance in the morning, while they were still covered in dew. So delicate, needy, and full of life, they were a lot like Betty Black herself.

Betty had rushed to the courthouse shortly after her last appointment with Dom Fredericks. She’d had no trouble taking care of the name change he had ordered her to make. She’d had the expense put on the credit card Dom Jim had given her, which she was to keep, and use whenever, and for whatever he ordered her to do. Each of the six slaves had one of these cards, and each proved trustworthy to only use it when and for what their Master told them to. Betty was now in the middle of getting all her notifications out, to all interested or need-to-know parties. She ordered new checks from her bank, changed the name on all her personal charge accounts, and at work, where people closer to her had wondered what the change was for, but didn’t really bother her about it. She was the personal secretary to the Senior Vice-President, and so she garnered the respect afforded a woman in her position, and didn’t get the kind of scrutiny someone of lower rank might have gotten.

She had several nice perks that suited her situation well. One of these perks, was that whenever she felt the need to take time off, she simply ordered a temp replacement to cover for her. She never needed to ask permission from anyone. Her dress at work, was business-casual, and so she usually wore slacks or shorts, high heels, and very low-cut tops.

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  “Funny how men never question why a woman dresses sexy,” she thought to herself. “They just enjoy the view. ”Her boss was, in himself, a perk. He treated her with the utmost respect, and dignity, and afforded her the freedom to come and go as she wanted, or needed. She appreciated Dan Wilde, Sr. V. P. so much. And so, now that she had a regular ‘appointment’ that she had to go to every Tuesday afternoon, she simply arranged for it, and a temp covered for her from Noon on, every Tuesday. No questions were ever asked.

Sure, Dan was like all men. And when he stood over Betty at her desk, his stare at her cleavage was sometimes cause for awkward moments, but Betty thought very little of it. If she didn’t want men to admire her beauty, she wouldn’t dress in the hot outfits she wore every day. Dan would sometimes embarrass himself, because his gaze down her blouse made him look like a deer caught in the headlights on a dark roadway. He would just freeze, as if in a stupor.

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  Betty enjoyed these moments, and basked in his ogling gaze. It usually even made her nipples harden, which she was sure Dan was aware of, because she always wore shelf bras, the kind that supported her breasts, but didn’t cover her nipples. So, her hard buds could easily be seen poking through her thin, tight tops. Dan sighed, as he daydreamed. Then, he realized what he was doing, and would always act a bit sheepish. But Betty would just ignore him, and stand up. That always gave him an easy way to regain his composure, and go on about his business. But Betty was well known all over the office, which had a total of 357 employees, about 50-50 men & women. Whenever she walked down a hallway, if there was a group of men standing there talking, about anything, the conversation ceased when Betty walked by. They got out of her way, and then seemed to always be much more interested in counting her steps as she walked, than resuming their conversations.

The only thing difference about her week now, besides the obvious on Tuesday, was the additional item she always wore, at Dom Jim’s command; a tiny devise that she kept inside her slit, pressed up against her clit, held in place by her thong panty. Whether at work, at home, or in bed sound asleep, she always kept the little button in place. It’s function was simple, and Betty found it most appealing, to be reminded constantly that she belonged to her Master. The little button was a cell phone operated vibrator, which only Jim Fredericks had the number to. Whenever he wanted, he would call the phone number the button was designated for, and the little, otherwise dormant button would begin to silently vibrate, and send a shock wave through Betty Black’s body.

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  It wasn’t a very strong pulse, and she had never been surprised so badly, as to cause her the slightest embarrassment. It simply reminded her, that her Master, for whatever reason, had decided to call and turn the little clit buzzer on. It reminded her, excited her, and pleasured her intensely.

It (the buzzer) had almost embarrassed her one day at work. Dan was asking her a question, staring down as usual at her tits, when at that moment the vibrator started its little dance on Betty’s clitoris. She looked up, with a start, straight into Dan’s eyes, hoping he didn’t know what was going on! Of course he didn’t know, but it nevertheless shocked her, because it was the first time it had gone off at work while someone, not to mention a man, not to mention her boss, was looking at her. She kept her composure as she stared up at Dan, who suddenly looked a little perplexed. She stood up, and said, “I just remembered some work I need to collect from a couple of the girls (other secretaries), I’ll be right back, Dan. And off she went, avoiding any further embarrassing reactions the little clit massager might induce.

Now, Betty Black was home for the evening. It was Thursday, and she wondered how her friend and fellow slave, Norma was doing. Tonight was Norma’s night to be Dom Jim’s slave-designate. Betty poured herself a cup of coffee, and settled into her easy chair in the den, opened the John Grisham novel she’d been reading for the past week, and prepared to enjoy a quiet evening at home. All her obligations were behind her for now, and it felt good to be able to truly relax tonight.

It was only 8:10 PM, and so she reached down between her legs, as had become a habit by now, made sure her button was firmly and properly in place, and leaned back in her easy chair to take a 10 minute power nap. 

  Suddenly, the phone rang, and Betty sprang up to answer it. To her amazement, it was her Master himself, Dom Jim Fredericks. “Hi, Betty. Did I disturb you?” He politely asked. “No, not at all Master. I am always available for you. How may I serve you, Master?”Betty replied, like the well-trained pet she was becoming. “I’m afraid slave Norma has taken ill tonight. I was wondering if you could come take her place for the rest of the evening. ”Jim inquired sweetly. Betty couldn’t believe her good fortune. She didn’t want Norma to be deathly ill, but if she could see her beloved Master again, before next Tuesday…. .

“Oh Master, you know I’d be delighted to come help out,” the good slave said. “I’ll be there as fast as I can.

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  See you soon, sir. Goodbye. ”And with that, she was off and running. She threw on her black halter dress, stepped into black spike heels, and was on the highway in no time. On her way there, her clit buzzer went off. Dom Jim was letting her know he appreciated what she was doing for him. Betty was in heaven. She was mindful not to exceed the speed limit. Poor Trooper McTinyDick would have to stop some other woman tonight.

“Is Norma going to be alright, Master?” Betty inquired, as she kissed her Dom hello at the door. “Oh yes, she just had some bug, and I didn’t want to catch it, so I sent her home,” Jim replied. “You look marvelous, slave Betty. Come, I’ll get you situated. ”Betty couldn’t wait for her Master, whom she thought she would not be seeing for 5 more days, to get her situated. Right this way, slave Betty with the nice boobs,” Jim reminisced from their first ever encounter.

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  Betty realized when she walked into the ‘playroom’ that things were going to be a little different tonight. She was going to be substituting for another of Dom Jim’s slaves, and he might do things a tad different with his other girls, than he did with her. It appeared from the way the playroom was laid out, that that was going to be the case tonight.

Betty was mistaken about the furnishings being bolted to the floor. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that the anchors used to keep certain pieces of furniture in place were actually toggle bolts, which could be lifted quickly and easily by a little handle on each one, and the entire apparatus could then be moved and replaced with something else. Tonight, all the pieces of furniture had been moved to the walls, and so the floor in the middle was clear. However, overhead was where Betty’s attention was drawn, for hanging from the ceiling was the devise that Dom Jim had planned to use this evening. Betty understood when she saw it, that it was obviously meant for someone tall, with long legs like Norma. Norma was a good 5” taller than Betty, and was built long & lean. She basically was a bean pole with boobs. Big boobs. At least on her they looked big. She was a 38C cup, and for a girl as tall and skinny as she was, they looked more like double Ds. She was, in a word, top heavy. The 5 foot spreader bar that hung from the ceiling was to be used to hoist Norma upside down, with her ankles attached to each end of the bar.

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  The usefulness of this position was unquestionable, even for a novice, like slave Betty. For one, 69 maneuvers could be comfortably carried out, with Dom Jim standing in front of the naked upside down girl, raising her high enough that her mouth was level with his cock, then, a small matter for the free-standing Dom to hold ass cheeks with both hands, and enjoy the deliciousness of upside down pussy, while the slave serviced him, inverted style. “Sweet!” was all slave Betty said.

“You like this idea, slave?You think you’d like to have a go?” asked Jim. “Oh yes, definitely Master. I’ve always thought this would be fun,” Betty drooled. “Well then, shall we?” the Dom knew how to take a hint. “You think you want a shorter bar?This one may stretch your legs too much,” Jim cautioned. “Oh, uh uh, I want this one please, Master. ” Betty insisted. “Very well then, strip. ” The Dom commanded.

Perhaps the Dom was right, but it was too late now. He had managed to attach her ankles to each end of the long bar, but it made her look like she was doing the splits, upside down. She was afraid that such a stretch would be painful.

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  It was not very comfortable, but she was fairly confident she could endure it long enough for she and the Dom to have some fun. The fact that he didn’t gag her was evidence that her imagination about this situation was right on track. He would have a use for her open mouth. He did tie her hands behind her back, and her elbows as well, and a line held her wrists up, even with her butt. Nothing yet, had made her feel so helpless as this. She could do absolutely nothing on her own, and she hoped the equipment was sturdy, or she could fall right on her head, and break her neck. She didn’t worry, much.

As Jim moved over toward her, she found she was right a second time. Her mouth was even with his now erect cock. First, he maneuvered his Johnson into her open mouth, and felt the warm, wet sensations of her oral cavity envelope his hard, sensitive penis. Then, he bent over, and began licking her juicy, fresh shaven female parts. The stretching had opened her up nicely, and Jim was enjoying digging in deep. At this angle, he could press down hard with his tongue, and really sink his teeth into her drenching wet snatch, while she worked at holding onto his manhood by sucking as hard as she could. They were both loving this. Jim was almost glad Norma got sick, and Betty….

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  Well, she was living the dream.

Never had she imagined that she could be living such a satisfying life. She did wish, in the back of her mind, that she could be Jim Frederick’s only slave girl, 24/7, but she certainly didn’t wish any harm to any of the other girls. They had their place in the Dom’s heart, too. But she was all but too willing to always be ready, anytime her Master called.

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