Pented Up


          She slid down the door holding herself.  She didn’t want him to go, but he had to.  Evelyn's a good girl and she has to make him wait. But it was killing her inside. His kisses felt like liquid fire.  She want him here with her.  She want him to touch her.  She wanted him to run his fingers through her hair.  She wanted his lips all over her body.  She wanted him inside of you.
         Just the very thought him touching made Evelyn wet.  She couldn’t help herself. There just something about him that made her wanted to do naughty things. The more she thought about him touching  her, the more the burning grew between her legs. She had to do something about it. But it went against over Evelyn was taught.

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     Evelyn's hand snaked is way down to the button of her jeans.  Slowly, she unbutton them as if to make sure no one was around, but there was no one, it was just her and this burning desire that had to be cooled.  She slid her hand down into her cotton panties. Some how this just seemed right. “No one was meant to go on like this,” Evelyn said herself.    
       Her hand slowly begins to rub that forbidden place. Her fingers slowly spreaded her black curls and rub her clit. This feeling drove her into exploring more.  Evelyn slid down the door a little further.  Her middle finger made its way down to her wetness. She surprised by it. It turned her on.
        Evelyn placed her middle finger into your wetness.   She slowly begin to move it in and out. In and out.

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   In and out. This feeling was driving her crazy. Oh, how she wished this was him.  She wanted him to be doing to this.  She wanted him to touch her this way.  Evelyn paused to slide her panties and jeans down to her ankles. They restricted her.  She couldn’t get the full range.
       She spread her legs wider.  She placed her hand back in its position.  Evelyn begin to pump her middle finger in and out of herself.  She was love this feeling.  She slid her other hand down to join the fun. With this other hand, she rub her clit as when she started this sweet sin.  Evelyn rubbed, spread and pulled at it.

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   All while moving her middle finger in and out. In and out. Rub and spread.
      She had made her own rhythm.  Evelyn got bold and added anther finger beside her middle finger. It hurt, but it felt so good.  She continue the rhythm while all in your head, you thought him. Him with his deep brown eyes that stared into her soul. Him with his beautiful full lips on hers.  She thought about his strong arms surrounding you. His smell. Everything that was him.
      Evelyn quicken this madden rhythm with every thought of him.  She just wanted him to be here. Be here to help cool this burning desire that he caused.

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   She wanted him to do things to you.  She want him to tie you to the bed, spread chocolate syrup all over you and lick it off slowly. Driving her insane with his tongue.  She wanted him to taste her.   Deep down, she wanted to taste him too.
       She want to do all the things she taught not to do. Every nasty thought that had ever crossed Evelyn's little mind, she wanted to do.  She wanted be spanked, to get caught in a public bathroom, to be fuck hard in the backseat of a car.  She wanted to do it in the park while it rained.  She want to scream his name at the top of your lungs in a quiet movie theater. She wanted to be on top, making him morn and grip the sheets.   She wanted him to pull your hair and make her call him daddy.
          The thing Evelyn wanted the most was to shed this good girl image and run free without conviction.   She wanted to be the nasty person she is in her head.  She wanted this more than any thing in the world.

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   And it was all because of this boy. He just drives her crazy. Crazy for him.  
        The pace of her rhythm became faster.  Evelyn could feel herself on the verge something. Something wonderful.  She continue this dangerous pace until. Until her muscles tighten around her finger.  Evelyn felt the wonderful surge of energy run throughout her body it felt like lighting.  She felt mixed emotions.  She felt like crying and screaming at the same time.   She didn’t want this feeling to leave. It slowly subsided.  Evelyn were panting and sweaty. She planted her back on the door, so she wanted slide any futher.

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         Evelyn love this feeling of freedom, but slowly guilt and the feeling of dirtiness replace freedom.  She pulled her fingers out of herself.   She started to cry.  She felt so dirty.  Evelyn pulled her jeans off her ankles.  She walked down the hall, undressing, to the bathroom.  Evelyn turned on the shower. She washed her hands in the sink to get rid of her smell and juices. She can't bare to look at herself in the mirror. It pained her too much.  
          She lifted to the toliet seat and sat down, waiting for the water to become the right temperature. Suddenly she had this overwhelming feeling to pee, so she release your bladder.  Evelyn get this strange feeling as the urine left her body. It felt good, but hurt at the sometime. It quickly passed.

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   She wiped herself and stepped into the steaming shower. The water seemed to cleanse her body, but not her soul.  She felt so convicted.  She hated this feeling.
      “I didn’t do anything someone else hasn’t done,” Evelyn said out loud to comfort herself.  She filled her sponge with a melon smelling gel.  She washed her body until her carmel skin was tinted red.  She turned off the water and gripped the black towel that hung on the rail on the wall.  Eve walked into her room.
       She had the walls crimson red, plush white carpet on the floor and gold Egyptain Cotton sheets covered a queen sized four poster bed.  The dresser, armoire and night-side table was black. She had a very large mirror hung on the left side of the room. She sighed and walked to her dresser. She shyed away from it mirror.   She pulled a extra large blue  t-shirt and a pair of green panties out of her dresser's drawer.

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         She threw them on the bed, right along with herself.  She just couldn’t shake this feeling.  Evelyn dried herself and placed the clothes on her body.  She didn’t bother to rub any lotion on.  She had had enough rubbing for the night.  She pulled the covers over her head.  Evelyn wished he was here beside her. To hold her. “Maybe if he had done this, I wouldn't feel so bad,” she thought to herself.  She didn’t think of it no further.  She pulled her purple stuffed monkey to her chest and floated to sleep.