A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 1

Mind Control

16 year old Evan Reese sat in his physics class the second semesterof his junior year at James J. Edgerton High School in Buena Aliso,California and his teacher was about to announce the theme of thestudent's class project. "Shit, this is going to be a pain in theass," he said to himself, as he yawned in his seat. while histeacher, Mr. Tittle, was at the point of talking about thepercentage of the grade it would be and what the research guidelineswere for it (which was a fancy way of him warning againstplagiarizing stuff they found on the internet). "So here it is kids:your project will revolve around the properties of light refractionand the possible practical applications of it for the future. Thiswill require you to really use your imaginations here. Let's seesome innovative stuff," he urged. "What the hell am I supposed to dowith THAT?" Edwin asked himself. "This is going to really challengemy bullshitting capabilities. "

At lunch, he griped about it to his twin sister, Yvonne, whoreciprocally complained about her class' project. Being twins, theywere very close to the point where, even though they had their ownrooms, she often went into his room at night to sleep with him. Their parents tried and tried to get her to stop doing that, butgave up because she seemed to have such a great need to have himcuddle her at night. And, just as a precaution, they put her onbirth control after he had a wet dream one time when they were 13and ejected a ton of semen. They never had sex, though they hadoccasionally made out and manually stimulated each other.

Where they lived, the marine layer that came in off the ocean oftenmanifested itself as fog and while it didn't get pea soup thick, itcould get somewhat opaque at times when viewed over a certaindistance.

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   This gave Evan an idea. He and Yvonne went outside to themain street off the cul de sac they lived in and he stood there andholding a flashlight while having her walk down the street and stopwhen she couldn't see the light anymore. They also noted the lightsfrom the passing traffic and how those beams were refracted by themoisture from the fog.

Evan wondered if he could do something to boost the efficiency ofthe bulb in the flashlight and make it so that it would be morepenetrating under foggy conditions. That could then perhaps beapplied to headlights. Over the next two weeks, he worked on it andworked on it. Of course, there were going to be inherent limitationsbecause batteries can generate only so much power and they weakenthe more one uses them.

He and Yvonne went out with his new revised flashlight on anotherfoggy night. Unfortunately, if it wasn't any more penetrating than anormal flashlight. Then it happened: as Yvonne was walking backtoward him, he shined the light right in her face from about 20 feetaway. She stopped dead in her tracks and a blank expression crossedher face. Evan thought that was weird. After 30 seconds, she resumedwalking toward him. "Why did you stop?" he inquired. "I don't know.

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  I remember walking back toward you and that's about it. " Evanrecalled that she stopped when he shined the light in her face, sohe did it again and there was that vacant look on his sister'scountenance. He waved his hand in front of her face and she didn'tflinch. When 30 seconds had passed, she came out of it and shook herhead as if clearing cobwebs out of it. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, I think so. Boy, that was weird. " "Stand right there, Yvonne. I want to check something with the flashlight," he requested. "Okay," she agreed. He put the beam of light right back in her faceand she she stood there limply again. "Let me play with your pussy,Yvonne," he directed. He reached between her legs and manipulatedher groin over her pants as he stood right up in her face so thathis body screened off anyone who might want to determine what theywere doing. The 30 seconds passed and she was still allowing him torub her cunt. She could feel the wetness and excitement accumulatinginside her.

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   She didn't move a muscle to stop him. Her breathing wasshifting into panting. Evan, worried that their parents would comeout to see where their twins were and find him molesting his sister,stopped and suggested that they go inside.

They stayed up late as usual, long after their parents had gone tosleep. They changed into their sleepwear in front of each otherunashamedly since they had been doing it since they could remember. To prevent any distractions, he grabbed the remote control andturned the tv off. He then retrieved the flashlight and shined it inYvonne's face and she fell to back on the bed like a sack ofpotatoes. "Yvonne, from now on, you will like sucking my cock andthe taste of my cum," he intoned. When the half minute had expired,she came to again. Evan pulled his cock out and asked her to lickit. She meekly scooted over to the side of the bed to get close toit  She had never sucked him before and hadn't been attracted to thethought at all, but she enclosed her lips around his flesh pipe and bobbed her head up and down to make her lips glide over his shaft. Evan was super aroused as he watched his younger sister (by fourminutes) milking his fuck stick and gulping his precum into herstomach. His cock got increasingly sensitive as he felt the weightand heat in his balls mount. "Shit Yvonne, I'm going to cum!" heblurted in a strangled whisper and then launched ropey strands ofhis sperm filled fluid into her yapper. He wondered if she would bemad or spit it out, but once she pulled away from his penis, shetook every drop down.

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   "God Evan, your cum tastes really good!" shesmiled. "I'm glad you like it babe," he replied and he got into bedand cuddled her like he always did. He snuck a peek back at theflashlight to confirm that  he had turned it off after he had usedit on Yvonne.

Yvonne nodded off and as he laid there holding her, he was askinghimself a lot of questions about what he had just observed. Thebiggest for him was how long the flashlight was going to last. Also,when the strength of the batteries waned, how would it affect thetrance the subject went into? Could he miniaturize or even recreatethe device again or was this a one shot deal? Having to haul aroundthat big ass flashlight all the time would be too conspicuous andkind of burdensome. He wanted to ensure it didn't fall into thehands of anybody else. He proved it could work in a bedroom at nightand outdoors in the evening, but what about during the day?

The interesting thing, too, was that Yvonne gave him the hummer evenafter she had refused God only knows how many times before to do itfor him. Having seen hypnosis used as a plot device in cartoons afew years ago, he got curious and read up on it and understood thateven under a hypnotic suggestion people aren't going to do thatwhich violates their value system. So there was something in thelight beam that disrupted that value system, or so it initiallyappeared, when it came to his sister. He was going to have to testthat further.

When he woke up the following morning, it was still faintly dark. His parents were both up and about to leave for work. He brought theflashlight downstairs with him and cornered his mom. When he castthe light in her face, she appeared to be in a trance and he orderedher to never, ever go into his room without permission, no matterwhat noises she heard coming out of there.


   Then he did the same withhis dad. He went back upstairs and Yvonne had just come out of thebathroom after primping for the school day. He inserted a suggestioninto her mind to never touch the flashlight again without his sayso. But to make even more sure, he hid the flashlight behind abookcase.

When they got home after school, he took Yvonne outside to test theefficacy of the flashlight on her in broad daylight. It didn't work. The rays of the sun just made the beam from it too diffused. Yvonnewondered what the hell he was doing playing with a flashlightoutdoors at 3:30 in the afternoon. "Shit," he lamented.

Once his family ate dinner, Evan told Yvonne to come up to his roombecause he wanted to show her something he found online. He ran upthe stairs while she casually strolled up them, so he was flashlighthanded again and he had the light in the room off when she openedthe door. He hit her with the light beam again. She froze. "You willobey every order I give you, including those that involve sex," heannounced. He clicked the flashlight off and waited for her presenceof mind to be restored.

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   "You okay sis?" he asked with a smirk. "Yeah. I think I just blacked out again. I wonder if I need to go tothe doctor for this. " "Nah, don't go to the doctor and don't tellmom and dad, either. You're fine. " "Okay," she assented. "Now getthose clothes off," he smiled. She looked at him weird for a secondand then pulled her tank top off and jerked her tennis shoes off. Next, were her jeans and now she was down to her panties and bra. "Stop right there and stand at attention," he desired. She gazedlongingly at her cute, slim and bespectacled 5'6" 120 pound body. She was used to him touching her, so when he groped her ass throughher panties, she barely reacted. But it did make her wet. "OkayYvonne, lose the bra and panties.

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Evan had tossed his own apparel aside and was boasting a solid sixinch hard on that was already dripping precum  He climbed into bedand told her to join him. "Please take it slow, she pleaded. "Don 'tworry Yvonne. You know I love you. " "I love you, too, honey," sheechoed. They always had that affection for each other but wereconvinced that as long as they weren't fucking each other that itwouldn't be incest. This was even though Evan had been eating herover the last two years and knew precisely how to pull her trigger.

He enveloped her in his arms and he kissed her gently whilecaressing her left  check with his righthand as he enjoyed thefeeling of her warm skin on his. "I've wanted to do this for such along time," he softly disclosed. "Me, too. I know it's wrong,  but Iwant you so much," she said in a very sincere tone of voice. Helightly felt her breasts up and her nipples extended stiffly,inviting him to suck them. His hand slid down her abdomen to herpussy, which was guarded by a thatch of light brown pubic hair whilehis suction pulled and distended her milk ducts. He trailed a fingerup her slit and it was instantly splashed by her lubrication. Hebrought it up to his lips and licked it off.

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   "You've always tastedso good, Yvonne. I'd like it if you would stroke my cock," heverbally nudged. She encapsulated his pole with her hand and hemoaned as he felt it travel over the surface of his seemingly aboutto burst prick. He went after her nipples with gusto and kept atthem for a while, her pussy making obscene sounds as he flexed hisfingers inside of her while rubbing her g spot with the heel of hispalm. She felt the fire building inside of her, her face and upperchest becoming flushed and her clit pulsing. His ears rang with themusic of her moans and he was also doing some moaning of his own,his precum making it easier for her hand to slide over his hot,plumping penis. Oh fuck oh fuck, I'm going to cum, Evan," she raspedas she panted and gasped. He increased the tempo of his manipulationof her sex and she let out a long angelic sigh before she emitted astring of curses while the lightning of the orgasm surged throughher.

Then she finished him off, wrangling his rascal to a roman candlelike orgasm, his cum spraying her, him  and the bedsheets betweenthem. He clutched her body tightly while they took a little break torecover from the drug like euphoria they helped each otherexperience. "I'm so glad to have a sister like you, " he whisperedinto her ear. "I love my big brother so much," she retorted.

When his energy was replenished, he insinuated himself in betweenher girl cum smeared thighs and lapped up her juices for a coupleminutes before going after her clit. He sucked on it like he had hernipples and kept her body shuddering and her pubic muscles spasmingfor the next 40 minutes. He slid himself over her and told her toguide him into her pussy.

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   She held it in her fingers and pulled ittoward her opening. He leaned into her and it popped through herentrance. She sucked air through her teeth when his shaft had justbegan to penetrate her, his cockhead pushing her vaginal wallsapart. He stopped. "Tell me when you want me to push some more of itin," he demanded. She tried to relax, but knew that the next stabwas going to really hurt. "Just get it over with, Evan," she finallysaid. He slammed the rest of his dick into her all at once,shredding her hymen and her vaginal walls seeming to panic at theintrusion. He held it inside of her for a minute and then gingerlybegan to thrust. She twisted in agony as his cock raked her tenderpink kitty. "Shit, she's tight," he assessed in his mind. He didn'tlike seeing her in pain and hoped she would be experiencing bettersensations ASAP. Ten minutes later, she moaned and the moansescalated from there, enabling him to really rev his hips up for agood sorting out and he felt her fingernails pressing into the skinof his back while the pleasure asserted a stronger hold on hernervous system. "Oh shit, oh God, oh my God!" she gaspeddesperately, the accumulating heat packets that migrated up thenetwork of nerves of her body destabilizing her breathing until sheunleashed another fusillade of pants before the orgasm took theanchor leg. He was driving his spear forcefully into her over andover and she reach nirvana again before he released a torrent ofboiling jizz that would defile her previously tidy cervix.

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   He got upand switched the light off before plopping himself next to her andpulling her on to his shoulder. "So do you want to be my wife,babe?" he wondered. "I wish I could," she fantasized. "Me too,Yvonne. I feel like there is something missing when you aren't withme. " "I know what you mean, Evan. That's why I don't really date. Ittakes away from the time I can spend with you. " "I hear you, babe. Even when I feel lust for other chicks it's hard for me to imaginedevoting that much time to them because it limits how much I can bewith you. "

"So what do you think mom and dad make of us always being so loveydovey with each other?" "I think they found out they don't have anysay in the matter, babe. We are half of one another and we have tostay together to feel whole. " "What do your guy friends say about mealways tagging along with you?" "You mean aside from the fact thatthey want to fuck you? I think they're okay with it. Nobody has saidanything really negative about it. " "That's good, I guess.


  " "I wishyou liked sports more, though. " "Yeah, that isn't happening sweety. Sorry. " "It's cool. I don't want to force you to do anything youdon't want to. By the way, are you feeling any pain, Yvonne?" Yeah. But I can deal with it. "