Best Video Ever: Part 4- Re-entering the Womb

Mind Control

    6:30. The loud buzzing of the alarm clock goes off. Steven is drug from his sleep and presses the snooze button. Slowly, things start coming into focus in the dim room. He lets out a loud yawn and then whips off his covers. He looks down at his gorgeous naked body. He and his sister had started spending a lot of their afternoons outside, tanning, completely naked, so his smooth, young body was now a dark shade of brown. His eyes close and his hand reaches down and raps around his cock. A grin crosses his face as he rubs his hardening cock. Today's the day, he thinks.

    About three weeks ago, he had brought his friend, Robby, along to share in his joy. They had just finished with Steven's little sister, Amy, when his mom came home. At that moment, Steven was overcome with lust and decided he and his friend were going to fuck his mother. However, Robby was already overwhelmed with what just happened, and he didn't trust the video enough yet. So he got dressed and left. It turned out alright, though, because when Steve went to say hello to his mother, she told him that she had to go back to work for a meeting.


   When his mom left, he went back up to his room and had Amy suck on his cock for a while, and his lust died down. But since then, the thought of doing it with his own mother really turned him on. He knew it was wrong, even more wrong than what he was doing with his sister. But his cock got hard every time he thought about it. The thought of him being the man of the house turn him on more each time he thought about it.

    So today is the day. Today is the day he would fuck his mother.

    The sound of the alarm going off again startled him. He had been lying there, planning out his day, thinking about what he would do to his mother, for ten minutes. He turned off the alarm and got out of bed. He walked past his dresser. Just a month ago, he would have stopped here and started pulling out his clothes for the day. But since he had made the new "no clothes in the house" rule, he walked right on passed. He opened his door and stepped out into the hall. The hall was a few degrees cooler than his room, and the cool air on his bare skin gave him goose bumps.

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   He sauntered down the hallway and went down the stairs. When he got to the kitchen, he sat down at the table. His mother was already up making breakfast. As always, she was naked, too. As she cooked, he watched her, taking in every detail of her naked body.

    Steven was very lucky; he had a young mom. She got pregnant and had him when she was only seventeen. That makes her only thirty two now, but she looks even younger. Even though she has two kids, she is very slender and has wonderful curves. Her butt is amazing, and Steven thinks that she is where Amy gets it from. She has long, flowing brown hair, dark green eyes. The more Steven watches her, the more he wants her; he wants to re-enter the womb that he was born from.

    The second alarm must have woken Amy, because she strolled down for breakfast shortly after he did. As she walks past him, he gently squeezes her ass. She giggles.

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    "Oh, so you want to start this early?" she says.

    He grins. "Of course, let’s do it. "

    "Ok, ok, Stevie. We will in the car," she says. As he waits for breakfast, he smiles. Today's gonna be great, he thinks.

    His mother puts the eggs on the plates and pours the milk. Then she sits down to eat with them. As he ate, he kept looking at his mother. He wondered how he was going to bring up what he was planning to her. Not that it was necessary; he has her completely under his control, but it just doesn't feel right not to. He tried to think of a way to casually bring it up, but nothing was coming to him, so he decided to just abandon the idea and surprise her. So they finished breakfast in silence.

    Afterwards, Steven and Amy went upstairs to get ready for school.

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   Steven got ready as quickly as he could and then went and sat in the car. He waited for five minutes and then his mother and sister came out at about the same time. His mom started the car and his sister hopped in the back seat with him. They started kissing and Steven slowly ran his hand up her thigh and inside her skirt. What he found shocked him. She isn't wearing any panties!

    He broke the kiss and looked up at Amy. She grinned back at him. "I love you little sis," he said. She just smiled a devious smile back at him. He reached back down her skirt and rubbed her tender pussy lips. she began to moan and he stuck a finger into her moist pussy. Her breathing became heavier and she closed her eyes in delight. One, two, three fingers pushed into her little pussy. He could feel his cock throbbing, wanting to be stuffed into his little sister. So he removed his fingers, and Amy stopped moaning.

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   She knew what was coming, however, so she lay down on the seat, lifted up her skirt, and spread her legs out wide. Steven dropped his pants and boxers and pushed his dick in hard. He immediately started thrusting in and out, fast and hard, and Amy's moans grew louder and louder. He kept it up until they were two blocks away from school. She came, and her moans turned into screams of pure delight and pleasure as the waves of ecstasy shook her body. Steven knew he was going to cum, so he pulled out and stuck his cock into his sister's mouth. She sucked him until he came. She swallowed his whole load and licked his cock clean. As she was licking his cock, Steven couldn't help but notice how much of a pro she was at that. Before him, she had not had sex with any other boy, and now he had really trained her well. A wave of jealousy passed through him at the thought of letting go out with other boys, and he knew that he would keep her his as long as he could.

    She finished and sat upright, buckling her seatbelt and acting as if nothing had happened. Steven pulled up his pants and boxers and did the same. A grin came across his face. "What are you going to do all day without panties?" he asked.

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    She gave him another devious smile. "Well, I'm hoping the other boys will notice and it will drive them crazy. " He smiled back at her. Since he had made the rule of no clothes in the house, Amy had grown out of being shy about her body and actually became very up front about it. Before, when a boy checked her out, she would get a little bit embarrassed and try to cover up more. But now that she spent most of her time naked, her new self had realized how sexy she really is, and she was more than willing to start showing off. This made Steven feel good, because, no matter how badly the other boys wanted her, since he was the one with the video, he knew she would always be his.

    When they got to school, they said goodbye to their mom and hopped out of the car. They both went their separate ways, and Steven found his friends. "Hey Robby," he said when he sat down at his usual table. Robby gave him a nervous smile and nodded his head. Ever since Steven invited him over, he had been acting very strange. Usually, Steven would have been very concerned with his friend's behavior, but today he was on a mission and was too distracted to say anything.

    The day dragged by slower than ever. Finally, when he was just about to die from boredom during one of Mrs.

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   Lee's algebra lectures, the bell rang and he was free to go. He headed for the bus and his sister told him to sit next to her. Usually she sat next to one of her many friends on the bus, but today, she asked him to sit next to her, and he knew the reason. He set his backpack on his lap to hide her lower half from view and he slipped one hand in her skirt. He started to rub her pussy lips. Just as he thought. She was dripping wet. He stuck a finger in and, just like this morning, she closed her eyes, but she tried to suppress the moaning.

    "What did the other boys think?" Steven asked as he inserted another finger.

    She shuddered. "Oooohhhhhh Stevie. . . " she said quietly. "They kept staring at me all day.

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   I could tell some of them were getting hard. But it made me so wet, I wanted to finger myself. But I knew you'd do it for me if I waited. "

    Steven chuckled and put in a third finger. She closed her eyes again and completely zoned out, occasionally releasing a small moan. He managed to make her cum three times, and when they got off the bus, he knew she was satisfied. Good, he thought. That will have to do for the rest of the afternoon.
    As they walked home, she talked about how great the cool breeze felt on her moist pussy. Any other day of the year, talking about this would send precum oozing out of Steven's rock hard cock. But today, he had other things on his mind.

    When they got home, Amy instantly dropped her skirt on the floor and took off her t-shirt. Oh, gosh, Steven thought. No bra either. She gathered up her scant pile of clothes and climbed up the stairs.

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   Steven stripped, too, but just threw his clothes on the couch. He, too, went up to his room. Normally, he would call his sister in for "homework time. " He would sit at his desk and do homework, and she would sit underneath and suck off his cock until he was done. But today, he wanted his balls full for his mother. He did his homework on his own until he heard his mother come home. He allowed her some time to put her stuff down and undress before he went downstairs. When he had decided he had waited long enough, he got up but stopped at the door. He took a deep breath. This is it. I'm finally going to be the man of the house. He turned the knob and walked down the hallway.

    He went down to the living room and found his mother watching TV.

    "Hey, honey, you need to pick up your clothes," she said. He said hey and then pulled out his phone.

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   He loaded the video and showed it to his mom. The familiar blank expression came across her face.

    "I don't have to pick up my clothes. Ever," he says casually.

    "Ok," she responds. He puts the phone away and she returns to her normal self. "So how was school, Stevie?"

    "It was fine," he answered. They sat and watched a show for about fifteen minutes until it went on commercial. Steven started to get nervous. He could feel himself starting to sweat and his hands started shaking. Now's my chance. He took a deep breath. "Mom, we need to talk. "

    His mother looked at him concerned. "Oh, sweetie, is everything ok?" she asked.



    "Yeah, everything's great. It's you I'm concerned about. " There was no going back now. Steven paused and swallowed. It's ok. She's completely under my control. She will do whatever I say. As he thought this, he started to feel braver and the nervousness left him. He continued on. "Mom, dad left you seven years ago, and I haven't had a boyfriend since. When was the last time you had sex?"

    She scowled at him. "That's no way to talk to your mother, mister," she said sternly.

    He continued before she could finish. He scooted over next to her and started squeezing her tits with one hand and rubbing her hairy pussy with the other. He looked her in the face and said in his most seductive voice, "With all that stress at work and caring for us and having no release, the tension must be building up inside you.


   " He pulled out his phone again and turned on the video. He held it up for her to watch and her expression went blank again. "That's why you need me to fuck you," he said.

    "I need you to fuck me," she mumbled. He set his phone down on the table and a wild expression came over his mother's face. She instantly became wet and her nipples hardened. "Ooohhh yes baby, mommy needs you to fuck her with that big 15-year-old cock. Mommy needs you to give her an orgasm. " A huge grin swept over Steven's face. "Let's move this to the bedroom," he whispered. He got up and pulled her by the hand to her bedroom. They both lay down on the bed. They started kissing passionately and Steven slid two fingers into his mom's hair-covered pussy. She moaned louder than Amy did when she had her first orgasm.

    "Ooohhh yeeeaaahhh baby! More, baby, more.

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  " He stuck a third in and after a few minutes a fourth. He fingered her until an orgasm shook her body.

    "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! Oh, baby, that's just what mommy needed," she moaned. "Oh, Stevie, baby, now mommy wants your meaty 15-year-old cock inside her. Stick it in, honey, and fill me up with your cum. Don't worry about getting me pregnant, mommy wants your baby, mommy needs your cum. "

    This really turned Steven on and he slowly rubbed his cock against his mom's pussy lips. She moaned.

    "Oh, baby, quit teasing mommy and fuck her, fuck her brains out, baby," his mom pleaded. So he stuffed his young cock into her pussy. This is it, I'm really going to fuck her. I'm going to fuck my own mother. He pushed it all the way in until her pubic hair was tickling against his. Then he started humping wildly, thrusting in and out, getting faster every second. His mother's moans were getting so loud he knew all the neighbors could probably hear her.

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    He kept going faster and faster and was soon lightheaded from all the excitement. Then he felt the sensation growing in his balls. He knew he was going to cum, and, apparently, so did his mom.

    "Don't worry baby, cum inside me; mommy wants her pussy filled with her son's cum. " He made one final push and his load started to shoot out of his cock. His mother grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed him farther in. As he emptied his balls inside her, she came, too. Both of their juices squirted out of her pussy and started to drip onto the bed. When Steven finally pulled out, his mother licked his cock clean. This was enough to make him cum once again. By then he was exhausted and collapsed next to his mom. "Sissy!" he yelled.

    She came in the room and asked, "what is it, Stevie?"

    "Come and clean off your mother's pussy. " Amy obediently got down and licked the cum and pussy juice off of her mother. When she was done, Steven used the video and ordered her to make dinner.

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   With Amy doing all the work, Steven and his mom were able to fuck three more times, making up for the seven years of waiting for another man. Steven was now and forever would be the man of the house.