my birthday

Sex Stories

this is a true story that happen to me last year when i was 16, it happen on my 16th birthday, i had my friend sleeping over staying the night called josh, we both had girl friends and all night we were talking about them, we were talking about the times we had, had sex with our girl friends, i think we both got turned on talking about this and we started to watch porn together, i had never watched porn with some one else before and i didnt no if i got my cock out and wanked or just watched it, i noticed that josh got his cock out so i fort i should aswell, we were both getting really hard watching the porn and i noticed that joshs cock was about 6 inchs long and was a really nice looking cock, mine was about 7 inches and i kept noticing that he kept looking at my cock and licking his lips. he started to look at me and took his shirt off and started to rub his nipples and he reached over to me and to take my shirt off, i didnt no what he was doing so i just let him do what he was doing. he told me that he had always had feelings for me and would love to do stuff to me, he askd if he could touch my body and i was so horny i didnt say no, i was rubbing and licking my nipples, i was getting really turned on, i started to rub his cock and he really liked it, he got down on to his knees and started to lick the head of my cock, then he started to suck, getting lower and lower each time untill he deep throughted me and i cumed in his mouth and he swallowed the whole lot, i fort i would be kind and re pay the faviour i did exactly the same to him that he did to me, he started to moan and groan and asked if he could fuck me. i had only ever had sex with a girl but i started to really like this gay stuff and i let him, he bent me over and told me he would be gentle, he started really slow and it hurted at first but i got used to it, he started to do it faster and i started to love it, then he got me into a different possion he put me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders and he fucked me as fast as he could, i loved this feeling and he even cumed in my arse, i took out his cock and started to suck my arse to get the cum out, he asked if i would do it back and with no hesitation i did, i shoved him onto his knees and started to do him doggy style he was moaning really load and he was enjoying it so much he didnt want to do it in any other way so i cumed in his ass and told me to leave it there.... this was my first time i had ever had gay sex and me and josh do it reguarly now but we still have our girl friends who told us they have had sex but that is a different story and all four of us have had sex but also that is another story