A girl and her tentacle monster


I giggled softly when I felt the rustling of the covers. “He” had returned, just as he had for every night this last year. Mommy and Daddy didn’t understand, just like he said they wouldn’t. Any time I tried to tell them about my special love, they told me that I was getting too old for imaginary friends.
Imaginary my foot!
The covers continued to move, and I felt the slimy tentacle of my love slide along my leg, the trail it left leaving me with the funny feeling in my tummy I loved so much. I had been so scared the first time, but no more. Why would I be, when he took such good care of me? The tentacle was joined by several others, each winding their way up under the nightgown I wore, hugging, caressing me tenderly. I knew what would be coming next.
 Sure enough, I was lifted out of bed, tenderly cradled in the many strong yet supple arms of the strange being I now loved more than even my parents. My nightgown was slowly pulled over my head, revealing my not yet budding breasts and still bald kitty. The slimy stuff his tentacles secreted was now spread over much of my pale skin, and I was really starting to feel its effects. He could tell too, as he began rubbing me all over, massaging my little body in ways no human could ever match. When one of the tentacles touched my kitty, I screamed and shook, that familiar feeling of blissful release flooding my brain.
Mommy and Daddy never woke up during our nightly sessions. I didn’t quite know why, but I knew my lover had something to do with it. That meant I could be as loud as I wanted to, making sure he knew how great he made me feel.

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   It only bothered me that I was never sure I was returning the favor. I assumed I was, since he kept coming back.
By now, I was heaving and huffing, his fondling bringing me ever bigger releases. Sweat dripped from my body, by long red hair getting matted from the sweat and slime, but I didn’t care. He teased my nipples as other tentacles assaulted my kitty, one touching the little nub that always made me squeal as the other rubbed my tight lower lips. I even felt one teasing my behind, touching but not entering in his careful movements.
So caught up was I in the feelings that I didn’t realize how hungry I had become. I glanced at the clock: 11:30 AM. He’d been doing this for an hour! No wonder I was starving. I worried a bit that he was going to leave, since he’d never stayed this long before. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.
My special lover pulled me towards him, giving me a good look at his form. I’d screamed and screamed the first time he’d come to visit me. Such a silly girl! He may have been a twisted lump of flesh, tentacles rising from the surface at will, but he was also kind and gentle. I stepped onto the floor, quickly running over and throwing my arms around him in a tight embrace, my arms not even stretching half way around his body.

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   I never wanted him to leave.
Already, I knew something about tonight was special. Even as I kissed him all over, wishing I could repay him somehow, a thought entered my head. I’d never thought about doing it before, but the impulse was so strong, I reacted almost before I realized it.
I grabbed one of the many tentacles and brought it to my mouth, watching for a moment as the slime dribbled out of a hole in the tip before putting my lips over it. The taste was sweet, almost like syrup, but less overpowering. I quickly began to suckle, the slime sliding down my throat and settling in my stomach, giving me a wonderfully satisfying feeling. I kept sucking and sucking, my lover giving me more and more slime to quell my hunger. But I realized that the slime wasn’t making it better, it was getting worse! The more I ate, the more I wanted to eat.
By now I was ravenously suckling on the tentacle, images popping into my head and showing me what to do. My lover was helping me! He told me how to flick my tongue across the tip, what to do with my teeth, how to suck properly, and even how to take him into my throat without gagging.
I learned really fast, the images changing to feelings of pleasure to tell me I was doing a good job. When I felt the tentacle swell to at least twice its size, filling my little mouth, the image of me relaxing my throat completely caused me of comply. As I did, the tentacle pushed itself far down my throat, cutting off my air but leaving me strangely calm. My lover wouldn’t hurt me.

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I felt something pulsing down the tentacle and into my body, a magnificently warm liquid shooting from the appendage and into my tummy. On top of warming me up all over, it stopped my hunger at last. I felt him pull the tentacle out, several more spurts going into my esophagus before the tip pulled out of my throat. Another spurt filled my mouth, coating every surface in the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I swallowed eagerly, only to have another spurt fill it again and again. I must have swallowed a gallon of the creamy liquid before he finished.
But now my kitty was burning up. I needed something, but I had no idea what. It was fortunate for me, then, that my lover did. At first I thought it was another tentacle emerging, but from his body grew something that looked like my daddy’s thing. I’d seen it only a few times when walking in on him, but this was bigger. Not just a little, A LOT bigger. By the time it stopped growing, it seemed bigger than my daddy’s forearm and thicker than his wrist.
More tentacles began to rub my kitty, making me leak girl juice as my lover told me what I needed to do. I took one of the tentacles and pressed the tip against my kitty, feeling it stretch as the end pushed inside.

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   It was an incredible feeling, even better than when he played with me. It hurt a bit, but that made the experience all the better. I needed that thing my lover had grown, and I was willing to do anything to get it inside me.
A few inches in, the tentacle hit something. The pain actually made me scream, my body convulsing as it kept pushing. I felt it tear, a spike in pain coursing through me, but, bizarrely enough, it made me cream this time. I was his woman now. Where I got that idea, I didn’t know. I guess my lover told me. But that was ok. I wanted to be his, forever and ever.
Even as my kitty was sore from the pain, it felt incredible as he pushed further and further into me. He went slow, letting my cream and his slime lubricate the way as I adjusted to this new game. The memory of the pain quickly faded, my only reminder quickly becoming the blood that leaked out of my kitty. School had taught me that the first time would hurt a lot and I’d need to rest.

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   Maybe if it was with some dumb boy, but not with my gentle lover.
I eventually felt the tentacle press against something deeper inside me. From the feel, he was at least 9 inches in. It was so sensitive, it actually made me squeak a bit in shock and discomfort, and my lover stopped. He was so thoughtful. As I mused, I realized he’d hit the back of my kitty. That thought filled me with a bit of sadness as I  knew he couldn’t go in any further, and that the wondrous thing he’d grown especially for me wouldn’t even get half way in.
But then he started pulling back. I started to protest, not wanting the feeling to stop, but it quickly gave way to a yelp of delight when he thrust back in. He pulled back again, further this time, before thrusting again. Again and again he pulled back a little more, till the tip was just inside my kitty before he pushed all the way up into me. Never in my short life had anything felt so good. I screamed the whole time, his long, slow, powerful strokes driving me higher than anything he’d done since we met.
I noticed after a short while that each impact with the back of my kitty felt less painful. Each time he did it made me want it that much more.

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    Even as he did this, his other tentacles continued to massage me. I licked at any tentacle that went near my mouth absentmindedly, while others continued to tease me all over. When two of them seemed to attach to my tiny nipples, I lost consciousness.
When I woke up, my lover still held me close, the feelings I got were of slight worry, gratitude, and want. As I petted him, telling him I was ok, I felt something warm leaking out of my kitty. When I looked down, I saw it was a greenish slime, thick and heavy. I didn’t know why at the time, but I stuck my hand into it, scooping up what I could before slurping it down. I knew then that it was the same thing he’d put in my tummy, and it had another taste with it, which I guessed was my own. I chided myself for letting all that tasty cream go to waste over the last year.
But my thoughts were interrupted by a new image. Me sitting on that wonderful appendage. I grinned at him, nodding my head before letting myself be lifted up. I had always been a quick learner, and freely reached down to spread the lips of my kitty in preparation for the next step.
I still couldn’t believe that huge thing was going to fit, but I trusted my lover completely. I now understood just how precious I was to him.

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The moment it touched my kitty, I knew I’d never forget this experience. The greenish slime seemed to aid it as the tip stretched me out. I gripped two tentacles nearby for support as the sensation sent me into the stratosphere. Next thing I knew, the huge, mushroom shaped top popped in, my kitty closing around behind it, not wanting to let go almost as much as me.
Through the lightning shooting from my kitty to my brain, I tried to emulate the images I kept getting, squeezing and relaxing my muscles till my kitty was sucking his thing as vigorously as my mouth had the tentacle. Remembering how much we’d both enjoyed that, I pulled one of the tentacles in my hand to my mouth, my lover getting the idea and letting me have my fun. I screamed around the tentacle after every thrust, the massive thing pushing inch after incredible inch into my tiny body.
When he hit the back of my kitty again, I looked down, never letting the tentacle in my mouth leave, and gaped when I saw it was only about half of the way in. I moaned, thinking as hard as I could that I wanted it all the way in. How, I didn’t care, nor did I understand why I wanted it at all. I’d gone from a naïve little girl that knew nothing of this joy to a full blown enthusiast in the span of a few hours.
When he kept pushing, I grunted around the tentacle from the pressure, but all pain had faded. I didn’t know at the time, but the stuff he’d shot into me before had helped to soften up my inner most parts, keeping me sensitive but removing the pain. It wasn’t until the tip slipped past the tightness deep inside me that I dared to breathe, the incredible rush sending me higher yet again. I slurped and sucked and licked the tentacle in my mouth, hoping my actions would spur him on, which I felt no small amount of pride when they seemed to do just that.

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Another thrust, then another, and I felt his thing push farther and farther in me. It wasn’t long before I felt the top hit something even further in me, which I guessed was the back of my womb. When I felt my kitty press against his flesh at the same time, I positively beamed about taking it all. I felt so grown up, so mature. And I knew then that he had made this thing especially for me.
I squeezed around his thing, trying to get him to move again, but to no avail. It wasn’t until I felt a tentacle at my behind that I understood what he was going for. More images and a feeling of calm helped me to relax, letting it enter my back hole. The slime lubricated the way, and soon my lover was thrusting mightily into my behind and my mouth, even as I wanted desperately for him to keep going in my kitty.
How innocent I was! Had I but known what he was waiting for.
Even as I creamed again, I felt a bit of discomfort in my tummy, near where his thing was. When this started, my lover began to pull back till only the tip was in my womb before thrusting back in, making me grunt around the tentacle in my mouth before it started spitting more of the delicious green liquid down my throat.
I swallowed with all my might, but it was too much and my tummy was just too full from last time. It started leaking out around my mouth, running down my chin and onto my chest. The tentacles suckling my boobies started rubbing it into my skin, my cries of encouragement egging him on once he’d stopped spewing.

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When I felt the same warm stuff going into my butt, I thought I was gonna pass out again it felt so good. The rhythmic pounding of my womb kept me awake, though, and I held on for dear life. The next images I got made me gasp, then cry out of joy.
I saw my tummy getting bigger and bigger, feeling something, many somethings, moving around inside. When I looked like I was going to burst, little things began coming out of my kitty. They looked like my lover, but quickly shifted to look more like me, then back again. All the while, I couldn’t help but notice that my boobies were getting larger, until white stuff began leaking out.
He was gonna make me a mommy.
All I could do was give my encouragement, letting him hammer into me faster than I could keep track of. If I could have picked a time to die, it would have been now. Nothing could ever feel so wonderful. Until, of course, I felt him get bigger.
I felt a now familiar pulse in his thing, and screamed in delight when I felt a hot liquid surge into my womb. It just kept coming, the spurts forcing the air up from my lungs each time it hit. When I felt my belly starting to get full, I looked down to see it growing out.

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   Each spurt in me made it get bigger, and my lover showed me what I figured was what was happening inside. The little tadpole looking things my teacher had called sperm were swimming around in me. I couldn’t hope to count them, there were so many. I’d learned that this is what made girls pregnant. I saw little sphere things floating around, and knew they were my eggs. When the sperm reached them, I saw one enter each egg almost immediately. One, five, ten…even fifty eggs and still counting. I quickly lost track, knowing it was likely hundreds. It was then, knowing I was filled to the brim with babies for my wonderful lover, that I lost consciousness.
I slept better that night than I ever had before. When my lover left, I didn’t know, but he made sure to clean up to that mommy wouldn’t be mad about the mess. I knew things were going to change for me when I awoke, but that’s a different story.

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