Car Crash 5


The insides of the shack weren't much to look at, either; something that looked like it might've been a stove before being left for a hundred years to rust, a cupboard barely hanging from the wall by two corroded nails, a door which probably lead to a bathroom Samantha didn't want to see and a bed that definitely wasn't big enough for two people. In fact, it probably wasn't big enough for one person. After they'd entered, Mark closed the door behind them.

"I know it's not much. . . " Mark began.

"No, it isn't," Samantha interrupted him.

"I'm sorry, but at least it's warmer in here. Sit down on the bed and I'll make you some tea, then we'll talk, okay?" he said.

In response, Samantha planted herself on the bed and waited. She looked around the room and tried as best she could not to look at Mark, who had opened the cupboard and taken out some tea bags, a bottle of water, two tea cups and an electric water heater, which he plugged into the wall. He turned it on and while the water was starting to boil he went into what Samantha had supposed was the bathroom and came out with a blanket, a one size fits all t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He gave her the clothes and the blanket without saying a word and went back to the water heater to pour the water into the tea cups while Samantha put on the t-shirt and the pair of jeans. Mark then took the two cups and sat down next to her, putting them on the bedside table.

"They're still hot," he said.

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   Samantha nodded.

"You're not talking. I guess it's getting to you now, all the stuff I've unloaded on you. " he went on.

"What?" Samantha said.

"You know, the superpowers, the Rachni, the car crash, everything. " he said. "That's just too much for one person in one night. "

"No, it's not because of that," Samantha said.

"Then why is it?" Mark said, sounding genuinely puzzled. Samantha couldn't believe it.

"Because I'm angry?" Samantha said, exasperated.

"Angry about what? Fate?" Mark asked. He took a cup of tea and started taking a sip.

"Angry at you, Mark," she said.

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"Because we're not naked and on top of each other right now, that’s why. Tell me, what's your problem, anyway?" she said, finally bursting.

Mark stopped to look at her, the cup of tea held motionlessly to his mouth. Then he slowly put it down. "Oh," he said, without a spit-take.

"Yes, oh," Samantha said. She still felt angry, but after having burst out like this she was slowly starting to deflate.

"But I told you, it's me. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I can't!" he said.

"You know, if you don't like a girl it's better to tell her that straight to her face. " Samantha said. She didn't know if that was actually true or not, but she didn't feel like thinking about it right now.

"But I do like you! I've had the hots for you before you even opened your beautiful green eyes after you crashed that car into me! It's just not that simple as us having sex right now, that's the problem," he said.

Samantha couldn't help but giggle at this, even though her ego was still bruised after having been scorned. "Wait, you're telling me you had the hots for me even when I was unconscious?" she said.

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"Yes," Mark said stupidly.

"That's creepy, you know," Samantha laughed.

"I know," Mark said smiling. "I had a hard time pretending to be asleep after you came out of that hotel shower, too. I almost jumped you there and then. "

"I almost jumped you as well," Samantha said. She didn't really understand what he was trying to tell her, but things seemed as if they were going to take a 180 degree turn, so she didn't mind being left in the dark for just a bit longer.

"And I think you noticed what happened when I carried you over from Manhattan," Mark said. Was that a blush she saw on his face?

"I assumed that was just a roll of quarters in your pocket," she said.

"No, you didn't," Mark said.

"True," Samantha said. “Okay, now back to the real problem: why are we not naked?"

"I can't have sex," Mark said. "It's too dangerous. "

"Dangerous? Ever heard of safe sex?" Samantha said, dumbfounded by this. She didn't even bother to express doubt at Mark's assumption that sex would indeed have taken place.

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"Sorry, but I think there's not a condom on Earth that could contain the kind of explosion I'm talking about," he said. Samantha paused.

"What do you mean?" she said.

"Look, it's something to do with my powers. Usually, I'm in control. I know how much energy I have and I can use it to do whatever I want, you know, fly, blow things up, stuff like that. When I have sex, it's different. Something starts building inside me, like a strong surge of energy. It grows and grows and in the end it just becomes too much. I get. . . shoved out of my body, and I cry out for help, but there's nobody there to listen. Soon after that I can't control it anymore and things go bad. "

"What do you mean, bad?" Samantha said.

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"Well, things explode. At random," he said.

"Oh," she said.

"Yes, oh. "

"Your first time must've been quite the experience," Samantha mused.

"Not really. I didn't have my full powers back then, they only started becoming really strong a few years ago. I was probably a bit younger than you are now. Before that, sex wasn't a problem. Only once my powers started growing, things started to explode. I thought it was just some bulbs blowing with effectual timing at first, but the day I blew up my college dorm room I realized the real reason. Haven't dared to do it since. And at some point it started happening when I masturbated as well, so I had to stop that too. And believe me, that's killing me. "

"Wow, talk about mind blowing orgasm," Samantha said.

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   "Nobody got hurt, though, right?"

"No, nobody got hurt, that's true, but I think that's more because of stupid luck than because of me holding back. Anyway, this is why I can't have sex with you. Can we talk about something else now? You know, it's really not that easy for me to keep thinking about the subject," Mark said.

"Oh, I guess I believe that. Must be hell not even being able to relieve yourself," Samantha said, but her eyes were glowing instead of expressing pity for him. "Say, how much do you really care about this 'house' we're in right now, anyway?"

"I thought about that as well, but asides from it being way too dangerous for you there's another problem," he said.

"Danger's my middle name. It is after tonight in any case. So, what's that problem?" Samantha asked.

"Well, I think after sex with you, I probably wouldn't just end up blowing up the house, but the whole of New York along with it. The explosion's stronger the better the sex, you know," Mark said.

"Oh come on," Samantha laughed. "Now that's just the psychic equivalent of thinking you have a big dick. "

"Samantha, I'm serious. The city wouldn't survive us having sex!" Mark said, his voice trembling.

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   Samantha noted with a smug smile that it wasn't a tremble of agitation, but one of excitement.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad. I want you, Mark," she said. Samantha's whole body felt warm now and her excitement was growing. She knew that what she was doing – or was about to do – wasn't a good idea, but her hormones told her it was more of a matter of whether or not to eat that extra piece of chocolate cake than to blow up a city. And what a delicious cake this was.

"Okay, that's it," Mark said. "I've gone to the limit of human endurance and beyond; I give up. " Then he kissed her passionately on the lips and they both embraced each other.