Charged with a burden, (part 1)


It was a starry night when we uncovered the ancient ruins in the Amazon. It I was 17, but my dad and mom both were over forty and expert archeologists. They had poured every dime we had into this digand I hoped it was worth it. We uncovered the entrance to an Aztec temple and everyone cheered. Even I did because selling our find to a museum would benefit us greatly.
Everyone was hugging everyone that day, we all hugged and kissed and most of the other archeologists had a few drinks, but nobody went in that night. Except for me. I couldn’t wait.
I went to the entrance to find no guards were posted, they were all probably to drunk to stand. I pulled out my lighter and lit a torch. I learned long ago after going in countless caves that flashlights were harmful to eyesight. Not actually hurting but if you are using a flashlight your eyes only see what is in the beam of light, and if it goes out you see nothing. A torch has a much more gradual effect and the contrast between light and dark is not prominent. If the torch goes out then your eyes wont take so long to adjust to the dimmer light. I went in and immediately I knew there would be something special inside. The walls had the most ornate carvings I had seen yet and it was superbly built.

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   Though most temples were high and above ground this one was supposed to be high, but hundreds of years of gathering dirt on its walls had made it just a simple hill.

Something was wrong, Aztec’s never built this far underground. I kept going down and down and down until I realized I must have gone down lower then a hundred feet or so. I saw natural light up ahead so I jogged there and the sight that lay before me was spectacular. It was a giant room chamber with a small hole in the ceiling for moonlight to come in. I was standing on a balcony that priests probably stood on hundreds of years ago to practice sacrificial rights.

I went down the stairs to the middle of the giant chamber and looked around. Directly under the beam of light was a small box. I walked up to it slowly and looked around. There was more then years of dust coating it but I could tell it was a puzzle box.

I looked around the room and in one corner was a pile of golden statues. I don’t know what happened, or how I even got the idea, or why I even did it, but I went to the pile, picked up a statue by the corners, then walked over to the puzzle box and switched them out. I put the puzzle box In my pocket then left.

We got home and I was exhausted. I went to the room and set all of my suitcases down.

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   I undressed to my briefs and laid in my bed. I fell asleep instantly.

The next day I found a note left by mom that they would be gone for a couple weeks because they were going to a conference in London about their groundbreaking find. They would be gone for three weeks or so and they left me money that was lying on my shelf. She wrote that they tried to wake me to tell me but I was exhausted and wouldn’t wake up for anything. I looked at the clock. It read 12:34.

I was used to being left alone for weeks on end, even when I was little. I went and had cereal, then watched some TV. It was the beginning of the summer so I really didn’t have anything to do or look forward to. After being bored for an hour I went up to my room to do some drawing when I remembered the what I did at the Aztec site. I gasped out loud and sat there stunned. I then went to the puzzle box and pulled it out of my bag. I wanted to call my parents and tell them what I did but something compelled me to stop, and I got the slight feeling to see what was inside first.

I worked on trying to open that puzzle box for the rest of the day.

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   Literally. I didn’t realize how far the time had gone until the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door. It was Lora, my next door neighbor. She was wearing a mini-skirt with a tight fitting tang-top. Her hair was black with one pink stripe going through it. She was into punk rock and all, it was hot, but I never made any moves. Why? I was a sissy. I Had only a couple girl-friends in my life and each except one was more sissy then I.

“Do you like, know Katie’s number?” she asked. She went to my school and so did Katie, a girl who lived a couple houses away.
“No, I don’t, sorry. ” I said and she turned to leave. She gave me a look like said, “Your pathetic,” and she walked back home.

I closed the door then had dinner.

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   My life was pretty boring, though I wasn’t going to resort to video games. I loved video games but once I started to play a game I played it strait through until I finished. Then I got lazy and little chubby. Not a memorable time in my life. I went upstairs to start playing the computer because I was that bored then I noticed the puzzle box lying on my desk. I had that urge to find out what was inside. It might have been my human curiosity or not but I had that urge none the less.

I worked on that puzzle box through the night without interruptions. It was about two o’clock when I pushed in a side and it came open. I looked inside but saw only smoke. I was confused but then the smoke poured out in bigger quantities then could be held in that little box. I sat amazed as the smoke pooled on my rug in a circle a little wider then a human. It looked as if tiny lighting storms were going on inside the black smoke. Then two horns started to arise out of it . my eyes went wide.

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   Then a head followed, covered by long black hair. Next was the back of a woman, with black wings I might add. Her butt came up next with a long black tail. Once here feet were firmly on the ground she turned around and looked at me. She had a light brown skin color, not black, but not white. Her hair was black, with two tiny horns sticking out of it and her ears pointy. She had two little fangs that rested on her bottom lip, and giant black wings coming out of her back. They weren’t feathery but more along the lines of smooth leather. She wore only a tight fitting leather band that covered part of her big breasts and a very skimpy thong.
Did I mention her tail?
One more thing, she looked to be only about thirteen. “who are you?” I asked almost hesitantly.
“Mira. ” She smiled. “You are my savior, I am forever in your debt. ” I nodded.

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“Right. How old are you?” she thought for a moment. “Thirty three thousand, give or take a hundred years. ” I nodded slowly. I tried to think of that time as a science fiction novel, and the stupid boy gets eaten by the demon because he know to little.
“And yet you are In the form of a little girl. ” I set the puzzle box down and looked at her.
“Yes, it is my only form I am allowed to be in until I reach my breaking point, then I go to my older, more powerful form. ” I nodded.
“Your breaking point?”
“Yes, my old master found out that I was very close so her trapped me in that box. My breaking point is three more sacrifices. ” I gulped.
“Sacrifices?” She smiled a toothy grin.
“Yes, you have to bring me three people, I am not allowed to claim my own sacrifices. ” I nodded again.

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“And if I refuse?” She looked down and sighed.
“Then I go back in the box. ” She looked up at me and went to her knees. She crawled over to me and sat between my legs.
“Please don’t. I will do anything you ask, but don’t put me back there. ” She looked into my eyes for a while.
“Do you have any control over me, Mira?” She shook her head. “I can only do what you ask, other then changing my appearance. ”
“How do I know that you are not lying, you’re a demon aren’t you?” he shook her head faster this time.
“I am a High-Succubus, nothing more. Some consider us demons but we cant lie until we reach our final stage. ”
“Howmany more stages until you hit final?” she looked up at me with that innocent little girl face.
“One. ”
I sighed.

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   I wasn’t a week minded person, but I wasn’t a confident person either. I just, saw this as an opportunity, though I think my dick realized that first. I didn’t know what to say so I just got up and walked out of the room. I went downstairs and went outback. I breathed in the fresh air and looked tomy neighbors house. How would I explain her to my parents? How would I keep her hidden? There were so many problems and I didn’t have the slightest clue to the answerers. I sat outside for a couple more minutes and thought then headed back in.

I went up to my room to see the demon sitting on my computer looking through the internet. Though, it was more like, reading a hundred pages a second if you ask me. She turned to look at me. “I hope you don’t mind, I thought I would learn a little bit about you and your culture, if not study up on my missed past. ” I shook my head then sat down on my bed.

“How would I keep you secret?” I asked while looking at her small back, but huge wings that touched the floor. She was reading tons of pages while she talked.
“Build me a temple, like my last two masters.

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  ” I laughed at that. “Or I can hide my wings, horns, fangs, and tail when someone comes over. I nodded, it was a good idea.
“You mean, make them disappear?” I asked and scratched my head cartoonishly
“Fuck no!” she replied sourly. She looked at me and laughed. “Sorry, I just wanted to try the phrase out. I read it in several different context’s on line. ”
I laughed too, not because she was new to this time and saying fuck no, is very obnoxious, but because she was a tiny little thirteen year old looking girl who said it.

We talked back and fourth the rest of the night while she read things online and we decided that she would pose as my little cousin that I was babysitting because her parents went to Bermuda for vacation. We didn’t know what to do when my parents got home. Eventually I laid down as thought to myself as she read things on the computer.
I fell asleep soon after.

I woke up to feel a breast against my arm. It was a new feeling. An exiting, but good feeling.

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   I didn’t have to look down to know my dick was hard. I looked over and Mira was sleeping comfortable next to me. She wasn’t wearing her skinny band of leather that wrapped around her boobs, well she was, but it must of come off during the night because it was around her waist.

I didn’t move for the longest time, until I looked down. I screamed. That woke her and probably our neighbors. I pulled down my boxers and looked at my hard dick. It was twelve inches long, and two thick. It wasn’t my dick. My dick was seven inches and only an inch across. I was staring at my dick for the longest time trying to figure out what happened then Mira came waddling over to me on the bed.
“What is it Max? she said and looked over my shoulder. She gasped then fell back on the bed. “I am so sorry. ” I turned to look at her, I was staring hard at her.


“You did this?” I asked plainly. She nodded with that innocent face of hers.
“I thought you couldn’t do things without my permission?” she looked down. “I cant, sort-of. ” I went to the desk and picked up the puzzle box.
“Your going back in the box!” I said. She looked up at me then shouted,
“No! I can explain!” she fell backwards onto my bed and her legs were spread. Her medium sized breasts hung free.
“Start talking. ”

She nodded quickly. “I was kind of going through your mind to see what you liked and wanted, and I found you always wanted a bigger dick, so I thought you had a small dick. I then did a spell to increase you dick size by five inches, I thought you would be around eight, what the standard big-dick is in today’s society. I didn’t know your dick was already seven inches, I wouldn’t have done it. ”
“But you admit you can do things without my permission?” I asked fondling the puzzle box threateningly.
“Yes, but only things that your mind wants, really badly.

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   I was made to please my masters. ” She wasn’t looking at me anymore. “I’m sorry. ”
“Yeah, I only wanted another inch, but instead I got five, and an inch wider. Now I wont be able to fit in any girl. ” I dropped the box back onto my desk and looked at her. “Can you undo this?” She turned her head away from me and simply said, “no. ”
“Why? You did it, can’t you turn me back?”
“I am not a Full Succubus yet so I cant undo my spells. ”

I sighed again and sat down on my desk chair. I looked down at my dick. It was soft and six or so inches long. It hung off the edge of the chair. She slowly got off the bed and crawled towards me, giant black wings trailing behind. They hid her tail. she stopped a couple inches away from me and looked up at me with the most innocent face.

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“Master, do you want me to suck you?” my dick didn’t move the slightest. I rubbed my chin and looked down at her.

The Doorbell rang. “Shit. ” I said as I put on some sweats and a t-shirt. “Get dressed Mira. You’re my cousin, remember?” she nodded and made her wings fade away. I think they were still there, but she had some magic that made things invisible. She curled her tail around her leg. Her horns shrunk down. Her fangs shrunk back. I thought for a second, then the doorbell rang again. “I don’t have any girl clothes. ” Shit. I found a button up dress shirt and threw it on her.

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   “lets say you were playing dress-up. ” She nodded.

I went down stairs as did Mira. I opened the door and Katie was standing there. “Hey Max, tell that Lora bitch she can have her clothes back, but I’m keeping her boyfriend. ” She turned and walked back home.

“What was that about?” Mira asked as I closed the door.
“Two girls are fighting over a boy, they are using me as the intermediary. Mira nodded.
“Can I go back to my original form, I am uncomfortable like this. ” I nodded and sat down to watch TV. She took off the shirt and all of her traits started to come back then I smiled and said stop. Mira looked at me with everything out but her wings.
“Can you just walk around like that? I like you without the wings. It gives a little sexy look.

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  ” Mira smiled and nodded. She went into the kitchen.
I watched TV for another hour or so thinking about Mira. I wanted to do things with her, I mean she was old enough, but she was in a tiny body.

“Master. ” Mira called out from the kitchen. I went in to see what was up. Mira had cooked me some macaroni and cheese. She was wearing the white button up too. She looked sexy how she was. She had on a mans button-up shirt that went only a little bit past her butt, with a tail rising out from under the back of it. The shirt was unbuttoned half way down and it showed her cleavage, while her fangs and horns added a nice touch.
“I see you are pleased with my look master. ” Kira said as she ushered me to the table. I sat down and ate burnt macaroni and cheese.

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   I don’t know how that meal could be screwed up but somehow she accomplished it. I endured it though because she was sitting on the other end of the table with a grin on her face.
“I like your cooking. ” I said, though I was lying through my teeth because I muscled down every single bite. Mira blushed.
“I am pleased that my Master likes my cooking. ” I laughed softly.
“What is with this, ‘Master’ stuff?” I asked, wiping my mouth.
“You are my master, I am your slave. ” She said bluntly. I narrowed my eyes.
“What would happen if I were to tell you, that you could call me Max, and I would call you Mira?” I said getting up, while bringing my plate to the sink.
Her mouth was open and her eyes as big as saucers.
“I would think you were the kindest master I have ever had. ” I nodded and smiled.

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   “Then you can call me Max, Mira. ” She smiled and jumped up from her seat. She ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.
“I insist. ” She said. “To call you master then, for you actually deserve the title. ” I laughed out loud.
“Fine, but can I call you Mira?” she nodded and hugged me tighter. “Mira, I’m going to lay down a couple ground rules right now, ok?” she looked up at me and said,
“finally. I thought I was going to have to make up my own. ” I laughed at that one.

“First things first, you will always wear that outfit. ” She nodded.
“If it makes master happy then of course. ”
“Second, I want you to do the dishes, because I hate doing the dishes.

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  ” I laughed and so did she. She nodded. I picked her up and sat her on the counter. She was eye level with me.
“Next, I don’t want you performing any magic on me without my permission. Understand?” she nodded again.
“Finally I expect you to always be truthful with me. ” she nodded again and hugged me tighter, then stopped. She pulled away and asked, “Can I give you a hug Master?” I laughed and said yes. She gave me a hug.

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