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Damn, he thought, another good dream ruined by school. He climbed out of bed and walked towards his door. As he walked towards it he caught a glimpse of something in the mirror. He took another look and stood wide eyed in amazement as the reflection that greeted him was that of a girl. He immediately stripped down and saw his beautiful body in the mirror. Although he wasn’t sure if he should, he couldn’t help himself and stuck a finger inside his vagina. Immediately a shock of pleasure shot through his body and a moan escaped his lips. His mother, walking by heard the moan and said through the door, “Ryan honey, is everything ok?” Thinking quick, he started coughing and tried to say in a deep raspy voice “I’m sick. ” Believing him, his mom said ok and told him she would call the school, but she had to go to work. Once she had left, he finally left his room. He went to the bathroom to inspect himself better. There he realized that although he had lost his facial hair, his leg and armpit hair was still there. He grabbed a razor and his moms shaving gel and got into the shower. It took him an hour to shave his legs and armpits, but when he was done, he was proud he hadn’t cut himself. Then he saw the big bush between his legs. He had always thought about girls shaving themselves down there, so he did that too.

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   Once out of the shower, he decided to try on some clothes, but his mothers 32a bras were too small for his larger breasts. Realizing that his mother would probably not take this change too well, he scribbled a note and left it on the counter telling his mom he had left for a while and needed to figure things out. He left his house and went to the mall with the 300 dollars he had taken out of the bank to buy a car stereo. He got to the mall and went straight to Victoria’s Secret. There he made up a lie that his breasts had greatly developed and he needed a new bra and to get measured. The lady helped him find a bra and he also purchased a g-string. He went back into the dressing room to try it on. Once on he admired himself again. The black push up bra and red g-string really made him look sexy and he felt himself getting a little wet. Ryan redressed and left the store. While looking for another place to shop he thought he should pick a name for himself since Ryan isn’t a girls name. He thought of lots of different names, but decided on a common name that he really liked, he decided his name would be Jessica and to think of himself as her instead of him. Jessica went into another store and bought herself a black spaghetti strap top, and a pair of tight jeans with out the pockets in the back because she liked the way they made her ass look, and a pair of sandals. She then went and had her hair and nails done at a salon in the mall. With shoulder length hair and shiny pinkish clear nails, she went into Macy’s to have her makeup done.

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   The lady there applied her with some light makeup and Jessica bought a tube of glittery lip gloss. She left the mall and went to go change in the ally in the back. She changed, threw her old clothes in the garbage and came out looking like a beautiful young girl, with a nice firm ass and just the right amount of cleavage showing. Jessica decided to go back into the mall and walk around to let all the men gawk at her. It was getting late and Jessica realized she needed a place to stay for the night. She couldn’t go home, so she decided to go to her friends house who lived out on a ranch. Her friend David was a black kid, kind of short in contrast to his father who towered at 6’5”, and David was also kind of scrawny. She took a cab over there, and once there she climbed up the fence along the wall that the vines were growing up like she use to when she was a guy. On the roof, she went to her friends window and climbed in forgetting for the moment she looked different than her friend would remember her. Once in the room, Jessica looked up at her friend who stared wide mouthed as this beautiful young girl climbed into his room. Once again realizing that she did not look the same, she looked at her friend and said “Dude David, its me Ryan. ”“Huh?” David said. “Its me Ryan, I have transformed into a girl. ”“Haha, very funny, how do I know that?”“Ok, when we were 12, we broke your neighbors window and blamed it on the fat kid down the street. We promised never to tell anyone,” Jessica said.

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   After a couple of more minutes, Jessica finally convinced David that she used to be Ryan. David wanted to know all about what it was like to be a girl, and Ryan told him what she had done so far. “You can touch me if you want,” Jessica said noticing David staring at her breasts. Seeming a little hesitant, she grabbed his hands and pulled them onto her breasts. They sat there for a moment with David playing with her breasts, when Jessica stopped him and told him to hold on a moment. She stood up and began to undress. David got a bulge in his pants as his friend, now a beautiful blond began to undress in front of him. David just sat there for a while making Jessica spin around in front of him naked while he admired her body. Her hair was a perfect length, falling just to her shoulders, and her face was more beautiful than Britney Spears. Looking down the body, Jessica’s firm c cup breasts really needed no bra, as they just bounced slightly as the bra was removed, staying in a firm perky shape. Roaming his eyes down the body, her flat stomach looked really nice and she had a nice smooth back. Her ass was the perfect size, bulging out from her back, but not too much. Then he saw her smoothed shaved pussy and her long smooth legs and almost nutted in his pants. He asked if he could see what it was like to finger her so she laid down on his bed and spread her legs. He stuck one finger in until she was wet, then slid in a second.

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   The tightness around his fingers amazed him and turned him on. Jessica couldn’t believe the pleasure as she began to move her hips to meet up with his fingers. She wanted so bad to have sex, but she knew it would be weird because this was her best friend. The fingering was already weird. After about 4 min of this, he stuck his fingers in as far as they would go, hitting her hymen, and this sent her into orgasm. The orgasm ripped through Jessica’s body and hearing a girl in his sons bedroom, David’s dad came busting in. Being the usually gentle guy that he is, David’s dad did not get mad, but was startled by the sight of this blond white girl sprawled out nude on his sons bed with his sons fingers in her vagina. He didn’t know what to say but told Jessica to get dressed. She got up and began to put on her clothes. Once clothed, he too her by the arm and led her out of the room. Half way down the stairs, David’s dad, John, had a though. “If this girl is tramp enough to let my son play with her, maybe she will let me too. After all I haven’t had sex for about a year now,” he thought. He looked at the beautiful 16 year old standing next to him and asked, “Umm, young lady…”“My name is Jessica. ”“Ok, Jessica, would you have sex with me?” When she was Ryan, she used to fantasize about being a girl and having sex with a big black man, and usually used John in her fantasies.

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   Realizing her chance, Jessica nodded yes with a big sexy looking smile on her face. He took her into his room and asked her what she wanted to do, and he got excited when she replied anything he wanted, she was his for the night. He asked her if they could start off with a blow job. Jessica, getting very horny said yes and got on her knees. She undid his belt, and pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time. His semi erect dick whipped up and smacked her in the face. She immediately went to work, remembering what she used to do with the hot dogs. She took the dick in her hands, and stuck her toung out licking from the base all the way to the head. Once her tongue hit his head, his cock shot up to its full size of 9 inches long and 2 wide. She then put the head in her mouth and slid it all the way down until she had 7 inches of it in her mouth, deep throating him. She made some swallowing movements so the back of her throat stimulated his head. She then started to pull him out swirling her tongue all around his cock and lightly running her teeth along the length of it, stopping when her teeth hit the mushroom tip. This sudden jolt of pleasure caused by her teeth, caused him to thrust forward, ramming almost 8 inches of it in her mouth, but she didn’t gag. She did this a few more times before taking him out and sucking his balls into her mouth. She did this for a while before sticking his penis back into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down his shaft, sucking and licking.

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   Soon he was thrusting forward and he told her he was going to cum. He thrust forward one last time and she felt a shot of hot liquid go down her throat. Soon it was almost a steady stream of cum shooting into her mouth filling her up. She tried to swallow it all, but she couldn’t and it was soon running down her chin onto her breasts, staining her top. As more and more filled her mouth, she couldn’t handle it any more and took him out. As she swallowed what was left in her mouth, she kept stroking him, letting him shoot his cum all over her face. When he was finally done, cum covered her face and was running down onto her breasts, all over them and in between them, and all over her top. John didn’t really like to eat girls out because he disliked the taste so he looked at Jessica and said, “Sorry babe, but you wont be feelin’ this tongue tonight. ” Jessica just nodded and smiled. He pulled her up and began to unbutton her pants and pull them off. While he was doing that, Jessica took off her top and bra, once again revealing her perky firm tits. Once he had her pants off, and she was completely topless, he stopped and told her to spin around for him. He really enjoyed seeing the young slutty girl spin around with a slight bounce in her breasts and her round smooth ass with only a string over it. He took a long look at that before pulling them down. Jessica was now completely naked in front of him.

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   God this is hot Jessica thought. A dream come true, first get transformed into a girl, now I’m doing a black guy. She saw John reach over into a drawer and pull out a tube of lube. He started to grease himself up. “You ready for this?” he asked. Jessica nodded yes, eager to feel him inside her. Pulling her up till she was on her hands and knees, he positioned himself behind her. Placing his penis at the entrance to her wet little vagina, he rubbed it around a little and Jessica moaned. Then before she could do anything, he pulled it away and slammed it to the hilt into her ass. She screamed as her ass was spread wider than she ever thought possible. It burned as he slid his cock in and out of her ass, she couldn’t stand the pain, but there was pleasure in there too. As her ass hole got used to the size of its intruder, she began to rock back on his cock trying to get him deeper. After about 10 minutes of this, he pulled out of her and flipped her over on the bed so she was facing him. “Ok baby, now for the fuckin!!” said John. “MMM, ok but go easy this time, im a virgin.

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  ” John placed his cock at the wet opening to her vagina and started to press in. Imeedialtly Jessica got a surge of pleasure through her body. Fingers never matched up to even this she thought. She had her eyes closed through this and she thought he was fully in, but he was only in past his head. Jessica moaned as John pushed in farther while squeezing her nipple. John pushed all the way in till he felt himself hit her hymen. She felt it too. Once again, with out hesitation, John thrust his cock all the way down into her. She screamed out but the pain was soon replaced by pure pleasure. He started slowly, picking up pace as he went along. Jessica was in pure pleasure. When she was a guy, she had had sex once, but never imagined it could feel this good. Being a woman was great he thought. As John picked up pace, Jessica started to hump back, driving him all the way in her. They rolled over as she straddled him and started to slid up and down the length of his cock.

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   Jessica would slide up it, till it almost popped out and go half way down, she would do this a couple of times then slam down on him taking him all the way in. She did this a couple of more times, then on the third time, when she slammed him in her, the orgasm hit. More intense than the one she got from being fingered, her vagina clenched down, so John had to grab her hips and force her up and down as her body went limp on him and started to twitch. This lasted for about thirty seconds before he rolled over. John wasn’t done yet, but almost. He took Jessica’s hands and held them on the head board. He started slowly at first, then sped up, till he was rocking the whole bed and pounding into Jessica. Jessica moand loudly in pleasure as he pounded into her like a jack hammer, with his balls slapping her ass. He was rocking her so hard with each thrust, her firm tits were jiggling all over the place. That’s when he sent her into her second, even more powerful orgasm. Her vagina clenched down so John could barely move even though he was very strong. With the last of his streanght, he pulled almost completely out, then thrust all the way back in, stopping his thrusts as he shot his first load into her. Jessica screamed as she felt the jet hit the back of her vagina. Stream after stream pumped into her till it started spraying out where it could. John had never felt anything so tight before and the feeling amazed him.

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   Once he was done spraying what seemed like a gallon of cum into her, he stood them up and hold Jessica there till her orgasm released him and she could stand on her own. He pulled out and immediate cupped his hands under her gaping hole. Their cum mixed poured out of Jessica’s gaping hole and it seemed as if he had pounded her so long and hard, the hole would be permanent. Once he had gathered most of the cum, and it was just a small trickle running down her leg, he brought his hands up to her mouth and made her drink it. The taste of it and the feeling left over was so overwhelming to Jessica, that she collapsed and most of the cum fell into her hair. He picked up her thong and asked her to put it back on because he thought she looked sexy with it. She obliged and put it on, and he started to massage her ass. Jessica fell asleep She was suddenly woken by a blaring alarm clock. Ryan woke up and turned it off. Dammit, a good dream ruined by school. Hoping he was still a girl. He looked down at his body, but saw not breasts. Damn he thought. He climbed out of bed to get dressed, but as he did he looked down. All he was wearing was a red Victoria’s Secret g-string.


   Was it a dream he thought….

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