The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 29


Since Sandra was no longer in the band, we could try writing our ownsongs, if just to have something to do while Terry and Denisescouted out possible replacements for her. So Saturday, we playedthe day away endeavoring to invent new riffs and fooling around withvarious melodic and rhythmic ideas. None of it bore fruit, but thechallenge of it was fun. However, looking at Sandra's bite sizedtits and beautiful face made me quite horny, too, and I took her tobed, my mouth sucking on her little brown nipples as if they werethe source of life itself and bringing her arousal to a boil beforewe rubbed each other's pussies to a mind bending orgasm that left uson our backs panting and also very relaxed. "God, it's so nice toregularly feel your body against mine again, Miwa," she praised. Ikissed her and told her I loved her and that having her back in mybed was so wonderful for me as my eyes surveyed her soft, slim bodyand those remarkable eyes and mouth she had. We began making outagain and my fingers danced down her belly into her wet snatch andteased her g spot. She responded by doing the same to me and webrought each other off to a mutual symphony of ecstatic sighs. Ihugged her as tightly as I could and she did the same to me, herwarm, smooth skin tantalizing my own as we intertwined our legstrying to get as close to each other as possible.

I went downstairs to start dinner and Guy was in the living roomsprawled out on the couch perusing a book on pedagogical theory. "Boy, that must be fun reading," I laughed to myself. While dinnerwas cooking on the stove, I walked over to him and unzipped hispants and pulled his cock out and began darting my tongue at thetender head. He stroke my head while my tongue slithered all overthe surface of his hardening shaft. I unbuttoned his jeans andpulled his pants and boxers down to his knees as he reclined andengulfed the full length of his meat sword with my mouth, my throatmuscles pressing on his sensitive cockhead on each instroke and hismoans becoming increasingly loud and desperate sounding. Ifrantically bobbed my head up and down and he let out a loudstrangled cry before his spunk flooded my piehole. I collected itand brought my open mouth to within about two inches of his face andshowed it to him before I swallowed it.

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I bounced up and resumed preparing dinner in the nude. While I waschopping some vegetables, Guy came up behind me, pulled my hipstoward him and shoved his cock into me and began fucking me. I toldhim that I didn't have time for that at the moment, but that Sandrawas available for him upstairs. He told me to get her and pulled outof me. I shouted up the stairs for her to come down and take care ofGuy's dick. He bent her over the couch and went to town on her,eventually discharging his load into the darkest reaches of her sex. Watching that from the kitchen got me hornier and I joked to Sandra,"I was getting that dick, but making this dinner compelled me to letyou have it. " "Well, thank you very much," she chirped with a snarkysmile on her face. "So you better enjoy what I'm serving," Ilaughed. "I always do," she chuckled. We exchanged a hug and a kissand then I plated everything and dinner was on the table.

Later that night, Guy talked to Sena via webcam and they masturbatedin front of each other. I didn't see this, it was just what Guy toldme. Then when we went to bed, we started doing a little of the oldslap and tickle, which culminated in me doing Sandra with a strap onwhile she sucked Guy off. All in all, a fun day.

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Sunday, Guy had us dress in bikinis and then slipped remotecontrolled vibrating eggs into our pussies and we took my dogs tothe park. He had Sandra and I walk my mutts while he manipulated theremote. Finally, he had us park ourselves under ashady tree just behind the open air pool arena, where a swim meetwas occurring at the time. He wacked the vibrators up to full andwatched our reactions. Of course, the hotter we got, the morewetness we were generating and the dogs sensed that, sniffing at ourcrotches in an increasingly intrusive manner. As the orgasms began tohit us, Sandra and I grabbed on to one of Guy's arms and tried tobury our faces in his shoulder to muffle our moans and screams. Thiswent on for at least half an hour and I was having crazy multiples. This was also making Guy's manhood rise and harden and when he washorny enough, he took us home and fucked me like the little slut Iam. Then he had Sandra suck him back to attention and he slammed hisfuck stick into her, too, leaving us all tired and Sandra and Ifilled with cum.

Guy was really having a good time with Sandra and I and he wouldsoon have access to the cunt of a third, his wife to be, Sena. For aguy who was a college student and unemployed, he was pretty damnedlucky. But I was just as horny as he was and so I was enjoying itwhile Sandra seemed to be as well.

This is how it went pretty much over the ensuing weeks and months. By the time Sena arrived at LAX in late December, the band waspretty much a dead letter since we didn't find anyone that reallyworked for us like Sandra did. The thing that really sucked was thatI didn't want to lose contact with the other band members because oftheir talent.

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   That possibility was nonetheless looming sincemusicians tend to lead unsettled lifestyles.

But getting back to Sena, as soon as she got into the car, she puther collar on and was in a very chipper mood now that she wouldn'thave to leave Guy's side again. She held on to him tightly in theback seat while I drove them to my house. Sandra was with us,though, so I held her hand and didn't feel like a third wheel.

When we got to my house, Guy was amazed at how heavy Sena's suitcasewas. I guess she had brought her entire wardrobe with her, or so itseemed. She immediately got naked when she entered the house, as didSandra and I. Her and Guy made a beeline for their bedroom and theyspent a good long while sucking and fucking. Sandra and I went intomy music room and played for several hours until it was time for meto make dinner. Sandra helped and we laughed when we saw Sena andGuy come down the stairs, both of them with messy hair from theirpassionate extended bout of coitus. I asked Sena if she wanted me tocall her "okusan (someone else's wife)" now or if she would prefer"oneechan (older sister). " She thought that the latter was moreintimate and so that is what we continued to refer to her as.

After we ate, I showed Sena my new wider bed so that the four of uscould sleep together at night. She really liked that idea since itfelt like being part of a family. We all piled into it and the nextfew hours flew by as we talked about Sena and Guy's and my futuretogether and Sandra's job and her relationship with everybody.

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   Howwe slept was Guy facing Sena and holding her, then me embracing Senafrom behind and Sandra cuddling me. It felt really good, I have tosay. Sena commented that she liked the feel of being wrapped up inthe arms of two people. It made her feel protected and valued. Itwas great to have Sandra hold me because she was taller than me andit made me feel protected, too and the warmth generated on a coldDecember night really hit the spot in terms of comfort. We allkissed each other goodnight and had a very restful sleep.

I awoke first the next day and noticed that Guy had a particularlyvirulent case of morning wood. I gently roused Sena while holdingthe fingers of my lefthand to my lips to indicate that she should bequiet. Then I pointed to Guy's dick and used a jacking off handsignal to tell her what she should do with it. She stifled a giggleand tentatively reached for his stiff member and ran her indexfinger up and down its length. She looked at me and we both giggledlike conspiratorial schoolgirls. She lightly stroked his cockheadwith her index, middle and ring fingers and then very graduallygripped it in her palm and initiated stroking. Precum was now oozingfrom his cockhead. I woke Sandra up and urged her to be silent andshe suppressed a giggle when she noticed what Sena was doing. He wasnow moaning in his sleep thanks to the ministrations of Sena's softhand.

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   She increased the pace to a good midtempo and that woke himup, causing everyone to laugh. He rolled on to his back and shecrawled over and covered his throbbing meat with her mouth and, fiveminutes later, he shot his wad and she quicklygulped it down.

"Oh shit, that was amazing," he blurted even though he was barelycoherent at the time. I went to shower and then get breakfast readyas Guy's brain tried to fully comprehend what had just happenedthrough his drowsiness. As everyone sat down to eat, I gave them alittle kiss on the lips. Well, except for Sandra. I pulled her hairdown to tilt her head up and shoved my tongue as far as I could intoher mouth. We both giggled and then dug in to the meal. Sena thankedme for allowing her to live with her fiance in such a nice house andenabling her to leave her job in the bargain. It was truly mypleasure and I expressed that to her. I also exhorted her to relaxand to just enjoy things moment by moment and warned her that shewas inevitably going to feel homesick and to not overthink that. Just acknowledge it for what it is because she will get settled ineventually.

I had to do the food shopping that day and invited Sena to go withme. Sandra and Guy wanted to accompany us, too. So I decided to makea lunch date out of it and we first went to my usual supermarketnear my house and, after stowing those groceries back home, then took off for the Japanese market a few milesaway.

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   This was Sena's first trip there and she was delighted shecould get the stuff she ate back in Japan there. There was also afood court selling various types of Japanese meals and that is whatwe ate when we were done shopping. We rented some subtitled Japanesemovies, too, and watched them in my bedroom after returning home,which was extremely enjoyable because of the company. I also had asubscription to Japanese television and we took in a couple ofdramas after dinner.

In the middle of the night, Sena's cellphone went off. I think herparents forgot about the time disparity. It woke us all up and shescooted out of bed to take it in the hallway. They were justchecking up on her. She apologized after climbing back into bed withus and was relieved to find that we all thought it was more funnythan anything else. The good thing is that it reminded me that wehad to get her a new cellphone account or she would pay up the assfor roaming charges by using her Japanese unit. So around lunchtime,I took her to the mall to sign up for one and then showed her howshe could find apps and games for her new phone in English. Shewhiled away a lot of the rest of the day messing around with italong with Guy while laying nude in his lap as he read one of histextbooks.

Upstairs, Sandra and I were sitting naked with blankets over us onthe couch of my music room while noodling away on a couple of ourguitars and just generally screwing around. I had the DiscoveryChannel on the flat screen tv on the wall and what we played wasinspired, at least to us, by what we were seeing on it. It was likespontaneous soundtrack music.

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   Not very successful musically, butdumb fun all the same. Sandra then got a hankering to eat Sena'sbald pussy and went downstairs. Sena sat up and spreadher legs for her while Sandra kneeled on the floor. Sandra elevatedSena's hips with one of the couch pillows and started in on theaction. Guy put down his book to watch and as Sena's protestationsof being pleasured grew more frequent, he pulled his cock out andbegan masturbating. Sandra guided the older girl to climax afterclimax and Guy couldn't stand it anymore, asking Sandra to get outof the way and plunging his aching flesh hammer into Sena's nowsopping pussy and fucking her for his pleasure only, catapulting hiscreamy freight into her love tunnel. Sandra, keeping her wits abouther,grabbed a paper towel off the kitchen counter so that Sena couldwipe the dripping cum from her pleasure hole before it had a chanceto stain the sofa cushion.

Monday morning, Sena made a Japanese breakfast for us, especiallyGuy, and it was really good. I suggested she cook dinner after Guygets home. She took me up on it and that was delicious, too. Itfigured that someone of her personality type would be such a goodcook. She still wasn't as accomplished as me and had a far morelimited repertory, but it would still do pretty nicely.

When we did the food shopping Tuesday, we discussed what she wantedto make and when. This was her way of asserting herself as a goodwife for Guy and it meant less work for me, so who was to complain?She also helped me with the housework and kept their bedroom andbathroom spotless. Sandra would help both of us on the weekends,too, and Guy continued to do the dishes, something that Sena reallyappreciated.

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   She thought cooking was fun, but didn't like cleaningup afterward like me. I put Sandra in charge of keeping my musicroom in order because there wasn't that much to do other thanvacuuming it once a week and dusting the amps off. Sandra wasworking 50-60 hours a week now and I wanted her to mainly relax. After the first of the year, I began bringing her home cooked mealsthat she could eat at her desk since she worked through lunch anddinner a lot. Sena would often send her and Guy off with neat bentoboxes so that they didn't have to resort to fast food.

More and more, I was concluding that having Sena there was turninginto a blessing. And yes, I had sex with her every now and again,too. Lesbianism was becoming increasingly natural for her and wemade out a lot more than I thought she would permit, though not allof those makeout sessions turned into sex. Sandra sometimes asked tobe allowed to cuddle Sena at night so that she could feel her up orfinger her to orgasm from behind. All of this intimacy made for asmooth running household and an amicable atmosphere.

By the end of February, all of Guy and Sena's wedding plans wereset. We would all fly into Narita the day after Guy's classesconcluded, head to Aomori three days later and then have the weddingrehearsals for the ensuing three days and then the ceremony andreception five days after that. Sena and Guy would fly to Hawaii fortheir honeymoon for a week two days subsequent to that. Sandra wanted to comesince Sena and Guy were going to have a Japanese style ceremony andnot the more common western or hybrid style rite and so we managedto have her added to the guest list, which was going to number overa hundred. This meant I would have to kennel my dogs after all.

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  Shit. It would be great to have her along, though, and we could dosome epic guitar shopping.

On my You Tube page, I indicated that I was going to be in Japanwith another female guitarist then and would be looking for peopleto jam with. One guy who I thought was a good player actuallyinvited me and Sandra to his house to play in Chiba Prefecture. Iwondered how that was going to work. I mean, weren't his neighborsgoing to be pissed? I suggested that he book some rehearsal studiotime, maybe four hours in an early evening slot, and I would pay forit. We were also going to need to rent some half stacks. He was goodwith that. He booked it and then I announced that Sandra and I wouldbe there and we needed a bass player, a drummer and interestedsingers. Those were soon answered and so the jam was on. Sweet!

I was hoping we would be able to find a jam in Aomori, but no dicethere. So Sandra and I decided to learn some Elvis, Beatles, MariHamada and Zard songs to entertain Sena's folks and friends withshould the need arise. We already knew some Chuck Berry, too. Werehearsed and rehearsed like 40 songs between February and when weleft for Japan. It was a regular pentatonic gumbo of hits wedigested.

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The closer we got to the date of the wedding, the more nervous Guygot about it. Not because he was having second thoughts aboutmarrying Sena, who so far had been his obedient little fuckdoll, buthe was afraid of embarrassing himself through misapprehension ofsomething or just overenthusiasm. Plus the proceedings were going tobe out of his control, which was his biggest issue with it.

Thus, come his final day of classes, he experienced the combinationof relief that he had endured another successful semester of schoolwith the terror of the upcoming wedding that he would be leaving forthat Friday. We all checked and rechecked that we had packedeverything we would need. We took a 7 a. m. limo to John WayneAirport and then flew out on a private jet. We all made a concertedeffort to not sleep the night before so that we could all sleep onthe plane. We ate and then everybody pulled out the beds that werecontained like miniature Murphy beds in the seating and turned infor the n ext eight hours, Guy and Sena in one and me and Sandra inanother. We were all awake by the time the plane landed and refreshed. Wearrived at our  hotel, checked in, dumped our bags and Sandra and I goton the train for Shibuya to hit the ESP Craft House. and she bought twoEdwards guitars, one a red Eclipse type model (which is based on theGibson Les Paul) and another one with elaborate inlay work on the neckthat is basically what is known among guitarists as a super Strat.

The next day and with Guy and Sena in tow, we went back and Sandrabought a red ESP Random Star that Akira Takasaki is known for becauseshe liked mine so much. From  there, we hit another guitar shop andbought a couple of cheap Yamaha acoustics to play while we were inAomori.



We ate dinner early and then headed to Chiba for our scheduled jam withYukihiro Natahara, one of the best amateur guitarists on You Tube. Wesomehow found the rehearsal studio and Yukihiro. I played the Eclipseand Sandra played her Random Star and plugged them into Marshall halfstacks and cranked them. There was a bassist from Yukihiro's band and adrummer buddy of the bass players and a singer none of us knew. Yukihiroactually auditioned him before we showed up to make sure he passedmuster. I thought there were going to be other vocalists, but I guessthey didn't materialize. Just to settle the chops questions, I proposedwe do Yngwie Malmsteen's "Far Beyond the Sun", during which I did a jazzstyle inversion and the others had a hard time following it before Iwent back to the rest of the regular guitar lines of the song. We thenspent 15 minutes soloing over one section of it. This was no big dealfor Sandra since when she was at MI you had to pretty much be able toplay a lot of Yngwie's stuff or the other students wouldn't take youseriously.

Yukihiro wanted to do an old Scorpions song called, "Catch Your Train. "Sandra and I knew it, but I couldn't remember if we ever played it live. We took the chorus, stretched it out and we basically used it as a wayto see who could come up with the most outside diminished runs. It gotso outside that we just stopped  playing it while laughing our assesoff.

Sandra wanted to do some Loudness and "Crazy Doctor" was pretty much deriguer there, so we shredded through it, with Sandra doing some wildimprovised tapping sequences that I didn't know she was capable of. Itried to follow it to harmonize it on the fly, but it tripped me up and Ijust went back to the rhythm guitar part.

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   And it went like that for thenext three hours, everybody pushing everybody else to the edge of theirtechnical ability. The bassist was a monster and actually had us doingWeather Report's "Byrdland" and then segued it into "Linus and Lucy" byVince Guaraldi, something he heard off of a Joe Satriani bootleg whenJoe had Stu Hamm playing behind him. Fortunately, I knew it because Isaw Joe and Stu do this at a NAMM show while I was still a male. Theothers stopped to watch me and the bassist trade off and then I yelledout "Satch Boogie" and we slid right into that so that everyone elsecould rejoin the jam. It actually wasn't the best choice since I didn'thave my pedal board with me and thus couldn't accurately replicate Joe'ssound on that tune, but oh well.

After I paid Yukihiro back for the rental of the half stacks and ourshare of the rehearsal studio fee, Sandra and I walked into the hot,steamy Japanese summer night from the non-air conditioned rehearsalspace dripping wet with sweat. I apologized to Sandra for sweating allover her brand new axe. Fortunately, it was raining outside, so when weentered the train station to go back to our hotel people thought we hadgotten stuck in the downpour. Both of us felt gross and when we got backto our room we showered together. because we were anxious to get thedried perspiration off of us. We also did some aftercare on the guitarswe used, wiping up the sweat with soft cloths to prevent damage to thefinishes on them.

None of us even bothered to go out anywhere our last day in Tokyobecause the humidity was just too oppressive except to make runs to alocal convenience store for food, drinks and ice cream and just wallowin the air conditioning in our rooms. Green tea ice cream for the win!

So the day came  to head up to Aomori. Guy admitted that he was gettingreally nervous now and actually apologized in advance to Sena in case hedid something really dumb. Sena's parents picked us up at the stationand couldn't have been nicer.

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   Her mom is an awesome cook, too. We dd therehearsals and Guy and Sena tried on their wedding kimono (to wayoversimplify things) and fortunately only minor and very quickalterations were necessary. Guy was feeling more comfortable aftersurviving the rehearsals and now it was just a matter of waiting for theday to arrive. Sandra, Sena and I slept in the same room at herparents' place and that turned into a pussy eating fest, with Sandradevouring Sena's muff and then me doing the same for Sandra while Senarubbed my clit to some relatively mellow orgasms. Her parents believed inthe old superstition about the groom not sleeping with the bride beforethe wedding and so Guy was pretty much celibate when it came to pussyfor the entire week plus before the ceremony. I snuck into his room,though, and gave him a couple of blowjobs to provide him with at leastsome kind of relief that didn't involve using his hand.
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