Twist of fate-2


As she wandered expectantly in the night found some more men, they were rough but not violent, she did not count how many but let them do as they pleased with her. This was a much larger group and screwed her till the next morning. They did more than just fuck they filled her mouth with their shit and pissed all over her. She was disgusted then completely enthralled. When the men stopped the sat down, she heard them mumbling something, could not figure it out. She was exhausted by the endless banging of each and every one of er her holes. Sapni thought about itand realised having sex with only one man was not for her. This was the second day. Some people thought she was some insane woman, whileother men decided to take advantage of this poor ‘madwoman’.
Sapni was going mad with lust as the men fucked for the restof the day and most of the night. The horse carriage stopped right next to her. She did not understand howthe driver could have found her. Her clothes were there as she had left them, she wore them.
The Pandithanded her a new scroll and it said that she will have spend the night at the temple to receive holy water andfood from the holy man who will be visiting the temple soon. She waited naked thinking about the two day and two nights, made aroused lust beyond her wildest imagination.
“Come” Said the Pandit.

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   Sapni followed him.
“Lie down her” He says. She was given cotton mattress. Shortly the holy men came and surrounded her. They started kissing and fucking her in all holes. When they finished gang banging a whole stream of holy men, they bound her arms to a long pole. Spread her legs apart and tied them to the bronze rods of the lanterns. Soon all the holy men started giving her a golden shower. She could not avoid the piss. The holy men were chanting, it was the holy water that the Pandit had said she would receive. She avoiding drinking but her mouth was kept open by a woman. Sapni had no choice but drink it. The turn came of them shitting in her mouth and making her eat. This was the holy food. For Sapni it was not shocking, because she had already experienced itbut she accepted it.

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  She was to told to bathe in the nearby pool and return to her husband she was told she would blessed with a child. Eventually she became a mother. Which only showed that there wassomething wrong her husband and not with her. But to say such thing would have meant her meant being thrown out of the house. Her father a tremendous amount in dowry to get her married,he was already indebted and would not be able to pay anything for her remarriage.
Her husband did not know rather did not want to know what really happened. Sapni was insane lust and realised that one man could ever satisfy her and she would do anything – the piss and shit did not matter anymore.
She consulted the Pandit. He told her that she should be at the temple every night and tell her husband that Pandit will tell the way of good fortune nothing else. That was what Sapni told Gujra and Gujra agreed, left alone to look after the baby. At the temple she found as many as she wanted.
Theygang banged for a long time, for as long as she wanted, then would return the next day to her child to look after him. Gujra used to fuck her in the afternoon, but nights belonged to the men at the temple. Sapni’s pussy, ass and mouth were yearning for dicks and loads of cum. She continued to have children and Gujra was none the wiser.



To be continued.

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