coaching volleyball part 4


After practice Tuesday Beth got a ride home from Alissa’s mom. I followed behind slowly to make sure I wasn’t seen. Once she got in her house I wanted three minutes and knocked. “Hey coach. I wasn’t sure if you were coming”
“I wanted to make sure the coast was clear” She lead me up stairs, She was the tallest of all the girls standing at 5’8”. Despite her height she was one of the skinniest girls on the team. She if I remember correctly she was the second girl on the team to start to grow tits. She, like Alissa could probably pass for a year or two older.
I thought I heard something in the house so I stopped and waited. Beth was already in the room. I didn’t hear anything else so I joined her in her room. She was standing in ready passing position with no shirt on. Her arms pressed together pushing her tits together “Im I doing this coach” She said with a wink
“Hmm lets…” I ran my hands up her arms till I got to her cleavage. I put a finger in between her tits. “Platform is good lets check the legs” I ran my hands up her legs right to her ass. I gave it a hard spank “good lets see your setting position” She held both her hands up in the air I went behind her and pulled out my hard cock.

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   I rubbed up against her spandex. I reach up with my hands running them down her arms and over her tits. She started to grind up against my cock. The spandex material feels amazing against my hard cock.
She turned around and took my cock into her month. She bobbed up and down a bit “Im I doing this right coach?”
“go deeper” I shoved her head till it engulfed my whole 7inch cock. She started to gag “Sorry coach its so big but I will keep going, I only want to be the best. ”
I lifted her head and threw her onto the bed. I ripped off her spandex and saw her perfectly shaven tight pussy in from of me. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could , swirling it around. She was so wet I had pussy juices dripping off my chin.
She orgasmed hard screaming as loud as she could. Before I could say something I heard clapping behind me “Nice one baby sis” I turned and looked with a horrified look on my face. Her sister Ashley must not have left back for college yet and was still in the house. “I didn’t know my baby sis was such a slut” She walked over to me and licked her pussy juice off my face.

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   “Are you gonna fuck my baby sis or just stand there wide eyed”
I started to position my cock on her pussy “Is this your first time sis, I cant believe I get to witness your cherry being popped”
“This may hurt at first im gonna take it slow and count to three. ” Before I could start counting Ashley came up from behind me and pushed my hips forward breaking Beth’s cherry in one thrust. She screamed loud “your are fine sis take it like the slut you are” It was only a few minutes later that her cries turned to loud moans.
“Beth? Ashley?” Standing at the door was their little brother brain and two of his friends. All had mixed looks on their face. “Brain I didn’t no you were home”
“We just got dropped off” All three boys had tents in pants “Its ok boys were just playing a game you guys want to play” Ashley went over to the boys and unzipped Brains pants. She took his cock into her mouth. She unzipped brains friends pants and started jacking them off hard. I went back to fucking Beth. Within 2 mins I heard Brain scream “AHHHH IM CUMMING IM CUMMING” at the same time both of his friends came. Ashley took brains cum in her mouth swallowing all of it. His friends cum hit Ashley’s face. She liked the other boys clean and moved toward Beth.
“Taste cum baby sis” Beth licked the cum off her face. This made the three boys hard again.

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   Ah I remember those days when I could jack off 5 times in an hour.
Ashley stripped off her clothes and demanded the boys on where to go. She commanded them to all enter her at the same time. She took one in her mouth. Her brother inher pussy and the remaining friend in her ass. I stopped for a second to watch the three of them triple penetrate Ashley “Don’t stop keep fucking me coach” With that I started to thrust harder and harder. It was time I couldn’t hold it back anymore but before I could go the boys were starting to cum for the second time. The first one released his load into Ashley’s mouth. She swallowed every last drop. The second one came in her ass leaving Brain as the last one. “Cum in your big sisters pussy” with that command he let go with a huge load. Seeing Ashley leak cum from her ass and pussy was to much for me. I rammed Beth hard and deep and let out one of my biggest loads ever. “That’s it, cum in my baby sis” right as I pulled out Ashley went in to lick my leaking cum out of Beth’s pussy. I flung myself against the bed ready for a nap “Beth your not gonna let him off easy are you? Get him going again”
Beth started sucking my cock immediately.

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   Within a few minutes I started to get hard again. One by one the boys took turns fucking Beth. The first boy only lasted three minutes the second boy, only four. Last was her brother. “That’s in brain cum in both your sisters tonight” Brain started fucking her hard. Beth erupted in a huge orgasm. Hearing her cum was enough for Brain and he released his loud. Beth tired from getting fucked was slowing down on my cock. “Don’t stop know Beth” Ashley grabbed her head and guided it. I started to cum. It was to much for Beth to swallow she pulled off and my last three ropes of cum hit her square on the face.
We all laid on the bed breathing heavily. “Too bad I leave to go back to college tomorrow. Im gonna shower. It was fun” Ashley got up and left the room.

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