Friday night and I have to babysit - Part 2


Part two:  To remind you where we were. . .
Jim almost looked a bit scared but smiled and said: "I've jerked off so many times just watching you at night through your window that I can come 5 times. "  So, I slowly crawled on top of him, I let him suck on my hard nipples and moved so that his hard cock was right on the entrance of my pussy.   "Jim, I want to watch your face, lay back"  As I slid down on his rock hard cock I watched exstacey roll through his eyes.   In one long push I impailed his entire cock.   Just as I hit bottom, he erupted again.   I could tell he was the longest cock I had ever had in me.   This young teen age boy with the big long dick has been the deepest.   Now he was shooting hot come all inside my pussy.   I didn't move.   I just watched him come in me.   He jerked and spasamed like I had never seen before.   All I could think about was could he keep it hard long enough for me.   I love to come but I usually need to get off 4 or 5 times to be satisfied.

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. . . Now on with the night.
After he came I could tell that his long hard dick was becoming soft.   I could feel it subside deep inside my hot wet pussy.   I bent down to him and whispered. "If you think that felt good, you'll love comin in my ass"  His eyes widened and I felt a small jolt of energy trigger through his shaft. "Oh, that excite you Jimmieboy?" I said in a sexy tone. "aaahhhhooowwww yaaaa" he purred.   "I need that cock of yours hard baby, come on, gimmie what I want and I'll let you in my ass" Another jolt of excitement but not near enough.   "oh, Jimmie, do what you want with me, please just get me off like you just did" I whined as I slid off him.   I could see his dick was trying to get hard again.   He grabbed ahold of himself and began jerking fast. "whoa now baby, take your time, slow to rise, slow to come hunny"  He slowed down.

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    I spread my legs to him and almost begged him to play with my clitty.   His fingers were so fast and his tongue so hot that it only took me a few minutes to go off. My orgasm shuttered all through my body as I came.   "Oh ya baby, ya, yes, aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" I lay on the bed breathing so heavily, my breasts rising and falling with each breath.   Jim was watching and soon began caressing my breasts.   He would touch me like a veteran lover would. He was so good for such a young man.   All the while I could tell that he still was nervous.   His caresses were like small volts of electricity through my body.   I was getting hotter by the second and just as I was about to tell him to fuck my dripping pussy he said quietly. "well, you came like I did right? well, can I screw you in the ass now?"  I smiled and purred "oh, ya baby, my ass is yours" as I rolled over. "now only one thing, just go slowly, I've never been screwed in the ass before. "  "Never!??" he exclaimed,"never" I told him"so, basically, you took my virginity and now, in a way, I get yours" Jim said excitedly. "hmmm, I guess your right, you get to take my virgin ass" I said with a bit of laughter in my voice. "then I'll have to do a good job, take my time and enjoy it then" Jim joked"mmmmm ya, take my ass Jim, fuck my ass good.

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    Fill my ass with your big dick, come in me, oh ya Jimmie, fuck me good. " I said trying to excite him even more than he was. Next, I felt Jim's hands on the cheeks of my ass rubbing me and caressing me.   He began rubbing my lower back when I first felt his Steaming hot manhood touch my ass.   Jim began rubbing higher up my back and it felt so nice to be massaged and the higher he massaged my back, the farther his cock entered my ass cheeks.   One hand came off my back just long enough for me to know he was pushing his cock down deeper into my ass crack hoping to find my  pucker hole.   Trust me, it didn't take long for him to find it.   All the juice my pussy had released earlier had ran down to my pucker hole.   I felt his cock was so hard and stiff as it pushed into my ass.   His hand returned to my back and soon he was massaging as high as my shoulders as he pressed his long thin stiff prick into my ass.   Finally inching it past the entry, the head of his cock seemed to swell even more inside me.   Jim slowly pushed into and back out to the head of his cock then back in.   Each time attempting to push further and further into my ass.   I've neve felt such a feeling.   My pussy was aching again and I was enjoying something I once thought I would never do.

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    I pushed my hands between myself and the mattress until I could play with my pussy.   Oh I was in a state I had never been.   This was amazing.   Jim continued to keep a slow and steady pace.   He seemed to find it even more exciting to pull the head of his cock just out from my pucker hole and push back in.   I loved it.   I was enjoying his pulsing cock in my ass.   Jim did a great job being my 'first' ass fuck. "I think I'm gonna come soon" Jim said to me "better pull out and fill your pussy""No I want you to be my first" I said quickly just as he pulled out. "keep fucking my virgin ass Jimmie.   You can fuck my pussy later, right now I want your come in my ass"  Jim pushed back inside and without missing a beat, he continued his rhythm. I could feel him become more and more tense.   I told him to pull out and count to ten to help control his orgasm.   But what it did to Jim was increase the intensity of his orgasm that was building in his young balls. "I'm gonna come" he exclaimed as he pumped faster and faster.

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    Jim pulled his cock out of my ass and pushed back in at a very fast pace.   It was awsome, here was this young man pumping his rock hard cock in and out of my ass and making sounds of excitement.   His breathing was fast and furious.   His body tensed up.   He pushed his cock in as far as he could and then I felt him shake from head to toe.   His cock spasamed, flexed and poured a nice jet of hot come in my ass.   I felt him jerk a few times as his body pumped out every drop into my waiting ass then, Jim just slumped over me.   Exhausted, fully spent, Jim pretty much passed out on top of me with his cock still in my butt hole.   Next, I heard him whisper "did I do your ass good?" which I answered "you were fantastic Jim, simply fantastic"
We must have fallen asleep after that one.   For the next thing I know, the sun is shining in my bedroom window.
. . . . .

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    So, have you like this, my second young adventure?  If so, vote it up.   Telling this story gets me so hot, I hope you've enjoyed it so far.   There is a bit more to this story but I'll have to write it later.   Don't worry, I will finish it.

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