Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 2


Topic: Meeting Amanda Part 2
Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 2

Tommy had just finished shooting the load of his 20 yr life, when he heard the doorbell ring.   Quickly he pulled on some shorts and a shirt and went downstairs to answer the door.   When he opened the door he found Sarah standing there out of breath.
"I am sorry for bothering you but I just got a call from work.  I have to leave out on a plane in about 2 hrs for California.    I know we don’t know each other very well but I was wondering, and hoping, that you would be able to let Amanda stay over here till I get back.   I will have to be gone a couple days and can come get her as soon as I return. " 
Tommy was kinda surprised to be asked to watch a 16 yr old girl that he didn’t even really know.   But the thought of maybe getting a chance to see that beautiful ass of hers was just to temping to turn down.   "Yeah it’s no problem.   Just bring her over when ever you’re ready. "
Sarah started to breathe a little easier now.   "Oh thank you so much.   I didn’t know what I was going to do.   I tried to get a hold of everyone else that she usually stays with but I can’t get a hold of anyone.   You are a lifesaver Tommy.

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    If you’re wondering why I would want someone to watch her with her being 16, it’s because I just don’t trust some of the boys around here.   They are only after one thing. "  Sarah went and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Tommy started blushing from that.   He also loved the feeling of those awesome DD breast’s pressed against his chest.    One thing he also noticed was that she wasn’t wearing a bra also and he could feel her nipples pressed against him.   He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed them sticking through her shirt.   He didn’t want to let go but he didn’t want to come across as a freak or anything.
Sarah pulled away from Tommy a little and stood there looking at him.   "Amanda is right.   You are cute. "  Sarah turned and started running back to her apartment and Tommy loved the view of her ass as she was running.   He was pretty sure it was as hot as Amanda's.
About 30 minutes later Sarah and Amanda where standing in his apartment with a small bag of some of her clothes and her game system.   Sarah looked at Amanda.

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    "Now you make sure you behave yourself over here and don’t cause Tommy any problems.   He is being really kind in letting you stay here on such short notice. Especially with him not really knowing us. "
"Mom I know.   I will be good for Tommy.   Quit worrying. "   Amanda said while smiling at her mom.
"She’ll be just fine.   Hope she don’t mind sleeping on the couch since I only have one bed.   It’s fairly new so it should be somewhat comfortable. "  Tommy asked Sarah.
"I won’t mind.   It’ll be fun. "  Amanda gave Tommy a really big smile.
Amanda looked at her mom real quick.

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    "Mom, have you told him yet?"
"Oh know.   I almost forgot. "
Tommy was starting to wonder what she was talking about and was starting to worry.   "Is there a problem Sarah?"  Tommy asked.
"Well I don’t know.   Amanda gets scared sometimes when there’s thunderstorm. So she crawls in bed with me.    So with a storm coming in tonight she might try and crawl in bed with you.   I hope that’s ok?  If you’re wondering why she’s scared of storms it’s because her father was killed by a lightning strike when she was 12.   So even to this day she still doesn’t handle thunderstorms very good. " 
Tommy wasn't sure what to say.   He stood there thinking for a moment.   "Well it’s ok with me as long as you don’t have a problem with it. "  Tommy could see a little grin start on Amanda's face.
"No, it’s ok.

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    I just wasn't sure how you would feel about that. "
"No problem.   I have a queen size bed so there is a lot of room. "
"Thank you Tommy again.    I'll owe you one. "  Tommy liked the thought of that.   "Well, I have got to get going if I am going to catch that plane. "
Amanda went and gave her mom a hug and said she will see her when she gets back.
After Sarah had left Tommy asked Amanda what she would like to do.   He was sure he would be able to handle having her in his place a couple days.   Figured how hard can this be.
"I am kinda hungry.   We didn’t really get to make anything to eat earlier with my mom getting that call and having to take time to find some place for me to stay. "
Amanda was wearing a pink tank top and shorts.   She was still not wearing a bra either.

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    Tommy guessed they didn’t believe in them or something.   She had already taken her shoes off and put them by the door.   She had the cutest feet Tommy had ever seen.  
"Well there are a couple pizzas’ in the freezer.   Which do you like, pepperoni or sausage?” 
"Both. "  Amanda enthusiastically replied.
"Well then both it is.   They should be ready in about 20 minutes. "
After about an hour after they ate and watched some TV, Tommy asked if she wanted to go swimming.
"Yeah, sure that’ll be fun.   But it’s going to get dark soon and I’ve never swam after dark. "
"It’s ok.   It’s fun swimming after dark.   The only difference is that you just can’t make a lot of noise after a certain time. "  Tommy told her.

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    "So are you for swimming or not?"
Amanda jumped up from the couch.   "Let me go change and I will be ready in a minute. "
"Well I need to go change also.   You can use the bathroom and I will go change in my bedroom. " 
Tommy headed into his bedroom to change into his swimming trunks.    He just got his clothes off and was standing there naked when he heard Amanda's voice behind him.   She was standing there wanting to know if he could help her but her voice trailed off as Amanda noticed his cock hanging there.   This was the first adult cock she had ever seen.
Tommy grabbed his swimming trucks and pulled them on quick.   Tommy wasn’t sure how her mom would feel about her seeing him naked.   Tommy then realized that she was holding her top in her hands.   He could already feel his cock start to stiffen up some.  
"Um um. "  Tommy was having trouble talking with the sight of her little breasts just 8 ft away. "Yeah I can help.

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     Turn around so I can tie it.   Do you always just walk in on people when they are changing?"  Tommy asked while staring at her ass after she had turned around.   Damn she was wearing the thong bikini.
"My mom says we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies and that there is nothing wrong with seeing someone naked. "
"But what would your mom say if she knew you had seen me nude just now? I don’t want to get her mad at me or anything. "
"She wouldn't be mad Tommy.   Remember I am the one that walked in on you.   It wasn’t you walking in on me.   Besides, I know she wouldn’t say anything.   I had already asked her about that.   She just hoped it didn’t bother you too much. "
That right there just made his cock rise a little more after hearing that.
"Well now that we are ready, let’s go swimming.   What do you think?"
"Yippy!"  Amanda squealed and started heading down the stairs and out the door with her towel.
Tommy just loved the view but had to make sure not to be looking incase someone was watching.

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As Tommy entered the pool he saw her ass go under the water.   There wasn’t anyone out there which Tommy thought was strange.   He figured there would be a lot or people swimming but there wasn’t.    Tommy didn’t mind though.   He preferred it like this instead because it was quiet and relaxing.    Tommy jumped in the water which was nice and warm.   It felt great.
As Tommy started to stand up where he could finally reach the bottom, Amanda swam over to him and monkey climbed up the front of him and put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waste.   She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and told him thank you again for letting her stay with him.   Tommy could feel his cock starting to grow with her crotch rubbing against it.   His cock twitched and Amanda got a really serious look on her face.  
"Oh shit.   Now I’m in trouble. " Tommy thought.    Then Amanda smiled and squeezed him real tight and gave him another kiss.

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    Then she was gone under the water.   Tommy couldn’t take it anymore.   He just had to have some relief.   Tommy swam over to one of the corners in the deep end and loosened his trucks.   He had been slowly stroking himself for a couple minutes when Amanda came up behind him.   He felt her touch his skin and that was all it took.   He started shooting loads of cum into the pool.   Six big loads just like earlier.
Amanda was climbed up on his back with her feet around his front.   Her feet kept brushing against his hard cock.   Tommy wasn't sure if she knew it or not.   It took a little work to get her off of his back but once he turned around towards her he slipped and went under.   He kicked to get back to the surface and during that time he lost his trucks in the water.
He started looking around for them when Amanda held them up.   "Are you looking for these?"  She said with a sly little grin on her face.

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    "Well if you’re going skinny dipping so am I. "
Before Tommy could say anything, Amanda had her bikini off and swam back over to him before he could stop her.    Her naked body was pressed as close as it could be against him.   He could feel her nipples against his chest and her bare cunt against his cock which had slipped between her legs.   Amanda felt his cock start growing again.   Feeling it rubbing between her legs was starting to make her little pussy tingle.
Tommy knew this wasn’t right.   But he didn’t want it to stop also.   He could feel her breathing start to pick up a little and he knew she could feel him rubbing against her.   Tommy tried to push her away but that wasn’t a good idea.   As their bodies started to come back together he could feel the head of his cock find her slit and go in about an inch.  
Amanda's eyes went wide when she felt this.  
Tommy said.   "We need to stop this Amanda.    It’s not right.


"I like how it feels though. " Amanda said.
"So do I but we can't.   We shouldn't.   I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew. "
Tommy felt her push her hips forward onto his cock.   The way she tried to muffle a cry and seeing the tear going down her cheek, he knew that he had just broke her hymen.   He held her close and worked his way to the shallow end of the pool where it was darker.  
"Are you Ok?"  He asked Amanda.
"Yes it just hurts a little. "  A couple tears were going down her face.
Tommy leaned in and licked her tears away from her cheek.   They tasted salty.    "It’ll quit hurting in a little bit. "  Tommy told her, then kissed her lightly on the lips.

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Amanda started smiling at him.   "So this is what its like to have a penis inside me.   My friends have tried to tell me what it was like but it doesn't feel like they said.   They said it would feel real good.    Like it did before it went in. "
"Do you want it to feel even better than that?"  Tommy asked
"Yes I do.    Make me feel better than earlier. "
With that Tommy started pushing into her pussy.   Damn she was tight.   He wasn’t sure how long he would last inside of her but he was going to make sure that they both enjoyed every bit of it.
He finally got all 6 inches inside her.   He was surprised to be able too because of how small she was.   He looked at Amanda' face and could see her eyes where rolled halfway back in there sockets.   She was totally enjoying this.   He knew he only had a couple of minutes before he was going to blow another load.

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    But this time it was going in her pussy.
All of a sudden Amanda's eyes went wide saying.   "I feel like I need to pee. "
Tommy smiled.   "That’s not what you’re getting ready to do sweetie.   You’re getting ready to cum.   You’re going to have your very first orgasm sweetie.   Just let it go.   You’ll love how it feels. "  When Tommy said that, Amanda’s whole body tightened up and squeezed her arms and legs even tighter around him.   Tommy couldn't take it anymore.   He released several loads inside her pussy.   He was just hoping that she wouldn’t get pregnant.   That was something neither one of them needed.
When they both started to come back down, Tommy had to hold onto Amanda so she wouldn’t go under the water because her legs where so weak.

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    He sat her on the side of the pool and went to look for their swim suits.   When he found them he helped her put hers on and pulled his trunks on.   Amanda still couldn't stand up by herself.
Tommy wrapped a towel around her and carried her back to his apartment.   In just the short time it took to walk there, Amanda had fallen asleep with a very content smile on her face.
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