Meeting Amanda For The First Time


Topic: Meeting Amanda
Meeting Amanda For The First Time

Tommy just moved to North Carolina to start his new job.   He‘d just moved into an apartment that a woman in a gas station, had told him was available.   It was just the amount of room he wanted.   What he liked most about the apartment complex was that it had a swimming pool also.   That was something he was most pleased is 20 yrs old, 135 lbs, 5' 11", brown hair, blue eyes and kinda between slender and muscular.   He has been working out some for about two months and was hoping to have the body that would make the female coworkers want to talk about.   The one thing he was hoping for was that it would give him more confidence around the girls at work.   That was the one thing he was never comfortable with.   In high school, Tommy only went out with about three girls.  Which, when figured up, was one girl a year.   It never failed.   Always after one date, they never would go out with him again because he was so awkward around The next day, after getting everything setup in his place, he decided to go for a walk around the apartments to check everything out.   Tommy had just made a full circle around the apartment complex and decided to finally go and checkout the pool area.   As he came up the walkway towards the pool he could hear some kids playing just up ahead.   When he peaked around the corner his eyes were drawn to one girl particularly.
Amanda had just turned 16 that day and was having an outside party with her friends and her mom.

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    They were out there running around and laughing and having the time of their lives.   She was little for her age.   Amanda looked like she only weighed about 90 lbs.  She was approximately 4' 10" with strawberry blonde hair down to her ass and the cutest breasts that Tommy had ever seen.   They couldn’t have been much more than a B cup from what he guessed.
Amanda and her friends were just starting to have a water balloon fight when Tommy started walking some more.   She seemed to be pretty quick at dodging everyone’s throws so someone decided to get her wet a different way.   Before Amanda could try to run two of her friends grabbed her and threw her in the pool.   When she climbed out of the water her shirt was completely stuck to her body, revealing every detail.  
Tommy immediately realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful breasts could be viewed without having to imagine what they might look like.  
Amanda had large nipples for a girl of her age.   The water wasn’t cold at all but once out of the pool and the nice spring breeze hit her chest her nipples stuck out about an inch.   Tommy had to almost slap himself to stop staring at her.   He was hoping her mom didn’t see him looking before he turned away.
Knowing that the other boys could see her breasts perfectly didn’t bother Amanda one bit.

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    She figured that she could give them a little show just to tease them.   She could see it was working because all four boys, that were there, decided to sit-down instead of stand up.   Amanda knew right there that their little peckers where sticking straight out after seeing her like that.   She also noticed Tommy trying not to look her direction and knew she was probably affecting him also.  
Amanda's mom finally told her to go inside and change and quit teasing her friends.   Her mom, Sarah, had the strawberry blonde hair just like her daughter and was about 3" taller than her daughter.   You could also see that if Amanda takes after her mom she is going to have a great set of DD tits on her.
Sarah saw Tommy and walked over to introduce herself.   She could tell that he was very nervous when he noticed that she was heading over to him.  
Tommy thought that he was going to get the crap slapped out of him. He was sure that she had noticed him staring at Amanda.   Tommy was starting to shake.   He was sure that he was in a lot of trouble, with her mom; because he was sure that he’d been caught staring at Amanda’s tits through her shirt.   He was hoping that Amanda’s mom had noticed the he had turned and looked away, maybe not right away, but he did look away.
"Hi! I'm Sarah.

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    You’re the one that just moved in yesterday over in the other building. "
"Yes I did.   Hi, I’m Tommy.   I just moved here from out of state. "
"Well I hope you like it here.   It’s a pretty quiet area around here.   Well except for today. " 
"Looks like they where having a lot of fun Sarah. "
"Yeah it’s my daughters’ birthday.   She just turned 16 today.  She wanted to have some of her friends over for it.   I can’t really complain though.   All of them have been pretty good.   But I think when the boys finally go home they will probably be spending some quality time in the bathroom or their bedroom.   If you know what I mean.

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"Sorry about staring at your daughter after she got out of the pool.   I really didn’t mean to do that.   I was kinda caught off guard by her shirt being so see-through.   I did turn away though but maybe not soon enough.
Sarah gave a little laugh.   "Oh that’s ok Tommy.   I think it’s bothered her friends more than anyone else.   Look at those poor boys over there.   Sooner or later they will get up from the steps. "  Sarah felt sorry for them but couldn’t help laughing about it a little bit.
“You said she just turned 16 today?”
“That’s correct.   I know she doesn’t look 16, does she.   I have had people think that she is 14 or even 13.   It’s probably because she acts like she is younger than she really is and plus with her size I guess it’s easy for people to think that. ”
About that time Amanda ran back outside.

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    This time she was wearing a solid white bikini.   Tommy's jaw just about hit the floor, when Amanda turned around to show her mom how the new thong bikini fit her, which her mom bought her for her birthday.  
"Well mom what do you think? Does it fit ok? How do I look?"
"I’m still not sure about you wearing a thong bikini at 16.   That really makes me nervous.   Tommy what do you think?"  Sarah turned to look at Tommy, who was standing there with his mouth dropped open.
"Well I think he likes it mom. "  Amanda looked at Tommy and gave him a wink and another show of her bare ass.
That wink brought Tommy back to this world from the one he was in.   He couldn’t believe that he was looking at this beautiful 16 yr old girl and was actually starting to get a hard on.   “There is no way this girl is 16. ”  Tommy thought to himself.
"Well sweetie I think your right.   You have definitely got Tommy's attention.   Looks like you got the other boys attention also. " 
"Well Tommy what do you think of my swimsuit?" Amanda spun around really fast to show it off some more.

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    She tried for another revolution and lost her balance and fell towards Tommy.   Tommy tried to catch her and stumbled onto the ground with Amanda landing on top of him.
Tommy could feel her breast against his arm and his cock was starting to react to them.   To make it worse she sat up with her little butt on his semi erect cock.   This was not what he needed to have happen.   He was doing everything that he could to stop it from reaching its full 6" length with Amanda sitting on him.
Amanda sat there on top of Tommy and could feel the semi bulge in his pants and wiggled her butt around a little which almost turned bad for Tommy.   "Well, what do you think about my swimsuit? I’m not getting up till you tell me. " 
Sarah looked at Tommy flat on the ground with her daughter sitting on him and said.   "You better say something because she won’t get off of you till you do. "
At this point Tommy didn’t want her to get off of him but he knew this was bad.   It was very bad.   It would be Bubba up Tommy's ass in a jail cell bad.   But the feeling of her little ass on his cock was exciting.  
"You look really beautiful in it Amanda.

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  "  Tommy finally said.
"Yippy! I look beautiful.   Tommy said so. "  Amanda started bouncing up and down on him now.   Sarah could see the look on Tommy's face.   She could see he was enjoying it but was trying very hard not too.
"Sweetie, why don’t you go inside and pick something out for dinner after the boys go home. "
"Ok mom. "  Amanda started to get up off of Tommy and then stopped, leaned over him and kissed him on the cheek.   After she ran for the house, Sarah could see the bulge in his pants and a small wet spot from the pre-cum.
Tommy noticed Sarah standing there staring at his crotch and started apologizing again to Sarah.   "I am so sorry. "  Tommy stood up and covered himself with his hands.
"Don’t worry about it.   I could see you were trying very hard to keep it under control the best you could.

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"I really am sorry though. "  His cock was starting to go down some and he was glad about that.   "Well I guess I’m going to head back to my apartment and get something to eat also.   It was nice meeting you Sarah. "
"It was nice meeting you also Tommy.   Maybe we can get together and have dinner sometime.   It’ll be fun. "
Tommy smiled at her.   "I like that idea.   Maybe we can do it this weekend.
"That’ll work. "  Sarah said and smiled back.
Tommy watched as Sarah went into her apartment and closed the door.   He started heading back to his place trying very hard to not think about how Amanda's ass looked and felt on his cock.   Even though his pants were on he was sure his cock was trying to work its way in the crack of her ass.

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    The thought of that was driving him nuts to the point that he had to go and strip out of his clothes and jack off to the vivid images that were imprinted in his mind.   When he finally came it was like he couldn’t stop.   Usually it was 2 or 3 good shots.    Not this time though.   Tommy shot six good shots of cum out of his cock.   The last one was so strong that he was dizzy.
"What the hell am I doing?!"  He thought to himself.   "Damn she is only 16.   You’re not a perv and you certainly weren’t raised to be one. "
At that moment the doorbell rang.
To be continued. . . . .

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This is my first story and plan to add more to it.   Sorry that there isn’t any sex in this part.

Please leave comments and maybe rate my story.   You can also e-mail me at:  dirtymind_88@yahoo. com


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