Meghan and Jack II


One Month Later

Meghan was lying on the couch, her legs up in the air and her head hanging off the cushions so she could watch the TV upside-down. It had been snowing for a few hours and the front yard was covered in a thin dusting of white stuff. Meghan’s dad was outside making sure that he’d covered all the outdoor spigots so they wouldn’t freeze, and Jack’s mom was in the den sewing something and babbling on the phone to one of her church friends.
Meghan had been watching the Peanuts Christmas special all day, over and over again and Michelle had complained that she wanted to watch something else until Mark told her that it was a tradition – something Meghan had done with her mother. That had shut Michelle up pretty quickly, but not before leaving Meghan with a bitter taste in her mouth and a furious knot in her stomach. The only thing keeping her sane was the knowledge that Jack would be walking through the front door in only four hours. He’d been in New York for a conference on prosthetic technologies and his plane was scheduled to land at three. Meghan’s insides were squirming with impatience. She just wanted to see him again. She was going through withdrawals.

The step-siblings hadn’t seen much of each other since those first days back in November. Meghan had been running year-round and she was taking almost all AP classes as she tried to bust through her senior year in High School successfully. She was doing well grade-wise, but she missed Jack. He’d been so busy with his prosthetics research that he’d barely had time to call, let alone visit.

Meghan understood, but it still sucked. She needed him.

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  It was so bad that she couldn’t get herself off anymore. I spoiled my vagina and now I can’t cum anymore, Meghan turned off the TV with a frustrated snap and rolled off the couch.

“Hey sweetheart,” Her dad came through the front door with a grin on his face, his cheeks red from the cold, snow in his hair.

“What’s up?” He asked, his smile faltering slightly as his daughter began to stomp upstairs huffily. “Hey! What’s wrong?”

She ground her teeth. “Absolutely nothing,” She said tersely. A few seconds later her bedroom door slammed shut.

Mark chewed on his lip for a second, debating. He was terrible with these kinds of situations. Did he go after her?Was that a cry for attention, or did she actually want to be alone?He deliberated for a moment.

Her mother had been better at these things. They hadn’t gotten along, but Meghan needed her. Mark loved Michelle, but that role – that mother role wasn’t something that Michelle could do for Meghan. Elly was still such a huge part of Meghan’s life… It worried Mark that she couldn’t seem to let go, but how could he tell her to do that?The most painful part of the entire situation was that Mark knew, if Elly was still alive, that’s where Meghan would be.

Mark lived in a chaotic world.

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  On the one hand, he had the joy that Michelle had brought into his life. She was a true partner, maybe not a soul mate, but that wasn’t what Mark needed. He needed someone he could depend on. But on the other hand, he could never forget how his marriage with Elly had slowly crumbled and then died – literally when she passed. She had gotten sick just after all the divorce forms had arrived.

After that it just hadn’t made sense to split. It would have destroyed their daughter…

And Meghan… Mark loved her so much that he would gladly die if it meant saving her from harm. But he never felt like he could fully enjoy her company in this house, when they both knew that she wanted to be somewhere else, with someone else. She wished for the impossible. Mark had heard her sometimes, talking to old pictures of Elly when she thought he and Michelle had gone to bed. He’d stood outside her door, tears streaking down his face as his daughter poured her heart out to an image of her mother the way she’d never talk to him – he couldn’t help it. He’d cried like a child.

He understood why she worked so hard to hide it; she didn’t want him to feel bad. It tore his heart out, but he didn’t have any solutions.

Mark sighed and kicked off his boots.

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   A few minutes later he was trudging up the stairs with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand - a bribe. He knocked on Meghan’s door.

“Go away,” her voice was oddly muffled.

“I made hot chocolate. ”

There was a pause…

“Do you want a standing ovation?”

“You know it. Face-to-face preferably. I like to really bask in it. ”

“Door’s open. ”

Meghan was laying face-down on the carpet with the hood of her sweatshirt pulled all the way up.

“Sit up or it’s going on your head. ”

She complied and took the mug from her dad.

“Thanks. What’s the occasion?” She asked as she took a sip and “hmm-ed” appreciatively.

Mark sat down on the edge of the bed and shrugged, “You’ve just seemed a little tense lately. ”Meghan surprised him by blushing.

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  She pulled her hood lower over her face and kept the mug against her mouth.

“Just… school. ” She said finally.

He seemed to think hard for a moment. “So it’s not a guy thing or anything?”

Meghan nearly sloshed the hot chocolate down her front, but recovered somehow.

“Uh… Why do you ask?”

“Just a feeling. ”

“No, it’s…” Meghan thought about it for a second. “Ok, yeah there’s a guy. ” She wasn’t sure what made her tell the truth, but if felt good to at least admit part of it all, even if it was the smallest part.

Mark took a deep breath, “And?”

“And that’s why I’m kind of… tense… right now. ”


“We just haven’t really been able to spend time together, that’s all. ”

“Is this something. . . Something I should worry about?”

Meghan stared at the floor, “The guy?”

Mark shrugged, trying to look nonchalant and failing horribly.

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“No. There’s nothing to worry about. ”

He was staring at the ceiling, “And you two haven’t…?”

“Dad…” She groaned, “I wouldn’t answer that if someone had a gun to my head. ”

“Is that a no or a yes??” Mark closed his eyes and screwed up his face like he was expecting her to punch him in the face.

“You really want an answer to that question?” Meghan looked at him. “Think carefully dad. ”She looked down into her hot chocolate.

Mark stared at his daughter for a moment and then sighed. “You know, I actually would rather know. ”

“Oh, uh… Really?” Meghan was more than a little surprised. She and her father had always had a very strict no-sex-talk policy which had been going strong for years. He looked serious. “Are you sure?”

He paused, and then said, “Yes. I slept around before I met your mother. I’ve tried to have… reasonable expectations for you believe it or not.

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  Honestly, I’d rather just know. ”

“Uh… Yes, then?”

“You have?” Mark exhaled slowly. “Ok…“ He thought for a moment, “When did it happen…?”

Meghan blushed, “A while ago, dad. Like… Sophomore year. Beginning of sophomore year. ”

“Anyone I know?” His second attempt to sound casual failed just as miserably as the first.

Meghan rolled her eyes, “Ok, now that I’m definitely not going to tell you ever…But no, in this case you don’t know him. Different schools. ”

“And this new guy?Have you…?” The sentence trailed off suggestively.

Meghan felt sick. She set down the mug and shook her head, unable to lie to her father out loud.

“So… Just that one time then?” He couldn’t completely disguise his hope that Meghan would nod and say yes. Instead she made a face and picked at the carpet. Mark’s stomach clenched uncomfortably. “Oh… A lot then?”

“I’m not a slut.

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  ” Meghan’s eyes narrowed.

“Whoa!” Her dad held up his hands, and shook his head, “I didn’t say that. ”

“But I’m not though. ”

“Ok, alright,” Mark put his hand on her hooded head, “I’m glad you told me. I’m going to go cry now. ”

“Aw, dad…” Meghan smiled.

“Meghan I still see you as five… I need to go… shift some paradigms. . . ” He paused. “I may vomit too. ” His voice sounded strained, but he winked at her and she laughed.

“Uh yeah, ok. Thanks for the hot chocolate… and the awkward conversation. ”

“That’s what I’m here for sweetheart.

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Meghan listened to her dad clomp down the stairs before taking another swig of her hot chocolate and turning towards her violin. As she tuned the strings she tried not to think about the conversation she’d just had. She wasn’t sure what was right anymore. She felt guilty for lying, but…

But Meghan knew that if her dad ever found out that his daughter and step-son had done what they had done…

She shuddered and then began to play, her thoughts elsewhere.

She was so absorbed in her own ponderings that she didn’t hear the car pull up to the house a few minutes later.

Jack paid the cab driver and watched the taillights disappear into the heavy snowfall. The silence after it left was profound. It took a few seconds for Jack to realize he’d been holding his breath, as if exhaling would ruin the spell of the snow.

His breath puffed out in thick white clouds, mingling with the falling white. He looked towards the house, and could hear music. Meghan was playing the violin. Jingle bells?He grinned. She was playing it funny – the way that drove Michelle crazy - all plucky and cheesy.

Jack hurried up to the house, eager to get inside out of the cold, and more eager to see Meghan’s face again. Barely a month had passed, but it felt like an eternity.

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  His thoughts had been with her since they’d made love on the kitchen counter… and that shower had been nice.

He stopped just outside the door.

He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled.

“Trick or Treat!”

He heard his mom sigh through the door as she came to open it.

“Jack,” she said, “You still have the sense of humor of a ten year old. ”

“I have a childish spirit, filled with youthful… whatever. ” He smiled. “Merry Christmas mom,” He kissed her cheek and gave her a hug, “Where’s Mark and Megs?”

“Here somewhere,” Michelle said as she brushed some snow out of his hair.

“Hey Jack,” Mark wandered out of the living room and shook his step-son’s hand, “Have a good flight?”

“A little bumpy but nothing terrible. Where’s Megs?She home?”

“Yeah, she’s upstairs. Michelle’s going to have me set the table in a minute and then we can eat all that incredible food she’s making all day. ” He reached out and squeezed his wife’s hand.

Michelle reddened slightly, “Oh, Mark,” She flustered, “Let’s just get started already,” She shooed her husband towards the dining room, “Jack, go tell your sister that dinner’s almost ready. ”

“On it. ”

He took the stairs three at a time, his heart beating in his chest like a row of timpani.

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  Outside Meghan’s door he paused, breathing slowly to calm himself. His mom was right; he was acting like a kid. He pressed his ear to the door.

She was still playing the violin. It was something a little more complicated than jingle bells and she was humming to it. Jack turned the knob slowly and pushed the door open silently. Meghan sat cross-legged with her back towards him, her hood pulled up, her violin held out in front of her.

“You look like a Jawa. ”

She nearly dropped her instrument as she whirled around.

“Jack. ”

It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t like she needed any confirmation about who he was. Because the moment she looked into his eyes, she felt all the stress she’d been holding inside herself for the past three weeks vanish like smoke. Like magic. She beamed at him, her face open and warm, her eyes burning.



“Hey. ” Jack said softly. He closed the door without breaking eye contact and then walked towards Meghan as she scrambled to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him as she buried her face in his chest, too happy to do anything but cling to him. She looked up at him and Jack leaned down and kissed her, and she kissed him back as hard as she could.

Their lips separated and Meghan laid her face against Jack’s chest again. He pulled back her hood so he could put his face in her hair. He sighed as he breathed her in.

“You smell fantastic. ” He murmured.

She laughed, “Thanks. You too. ”

“Really? I’ve been sitting on a plane all day, you know. ”

“Must have been a very nice smelling plane. ”


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  About average I’d say. ”

Meghan grinned up at him, her eyes wet.

“I feel like I’m going to explode. ”

Jack burst out laughing and pulled her into a hug so tight her feet left the carpeting, “I know what you mean Megs. God I missed you. ”

The family’s opinion of Christmas Eve dinner varied from person to person.

Jack thought the whole evening had been hilarious, Michelle thought it had been a complete disgrace, and Mark’s expression went back and forth between bewilderment and total joy. It was all Meghan of course. She was practically bouncing out of her seat the entire time and at one point she even started a mock football game with the dinner rolls. Mark had even joined in, and they’d run around for about five minutes until Meghan tackled Jack into a lamp and the whole thing shattered. They’d burst into laughter, and then Michelle had been on them with dustpans and brooms, and they’d spend the next few minutes apologizing and trying not to giggle too much.

As much as Mark loved seeing his daughter so happy he was confused. Meghan’s sudden changes in mood lately always left him feeling like he’d missed something. At first he thought it was PMS, but her mood swing today combined with Jack’s appearance had him watching more closely than usual. He watched her eyes follow Jack across the room, how she looked to him after every joke… and Jack did the same.

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  And then…

And then suddenly Mark didn’t care about understanding the situation. It was obvious to him that his daughter and his step-son had formed a bond, and more than anything it made him happy to know that his daughter would have a family member who really loved her close by in case she needed it. By the looks of it, she’d have a real brother.

While Meghan was helping Michelle with some of the dishes – Well, “helping” might not have been the best word to use because Meghan was way too keyed up to be of any real use – Mark joined Jack in the living room.
There was another Christmas special on. Charlie Brown. Jack was watching it with a smile on his face, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

“I’m so full,” Mark said as he eased himself down onto the couch with a satisfied groan.

“Tell me about it,” Jack laughed, “I think I fulfilled my calorie quota for the whole week. ”

Mark laughed and they watched the show for a while, listening to Michelle and Meghan clanking dishes around in the sink.

“Jack, I want to say again how grateful your mother and I are for what you’re doing for your sister. I know it’s a huge inconvenience and it means a lot to me that you’re willing to do that for Meghan. ”

Jack looked at him for a moment, “She means a lot to me Mark. I…” He paused, looking for the right words, “You’re both my family now. ”

Mark’s smiled at him, “Jack, that’s probably the most important thing you’ve ever said to me.

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  I know we haven’t known each other too long, but I think of you as a son. I hope you know that. And as far as Meghan’s concerned, I’ve never been so happy that I married your mother. You’ve been a blessing, I mean that. ”

Jack smiled at him, “Thanks… Really. ”

They sat quietly. Mark’s thoughts in a much happier place than Jack’s.

It was the same dilemma that he’d been facing for a month. Meghan. They weren’t blood related, but on the scale of appropriateness, their coupling was probably only a few notches shy of being illegal. It terrified Jack to put Meghan in this position. Was he being selfish?Probably. But he couldn’t stay away. How could he, when he felt this strongly about her?

For Jack love and lust had never really kept the same company. He’d loved before and he’d lusted before, but he’d never had the two match up on just one person before.

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  It shocked him how drawn he was to her, like they were the strongest magnets. The natural path to take was the one that brought both of them together.

The Chicago conference had been hell because of that. Jack may have been proud of his work over that past year and he truly believed how important it was to share it, but he’d felt like he’d been torn in half the entire time. This job he had… it had been everything to him for so long, and all of a sudden there was this new thing – this new person that was pulling him in such a new direction, more forcefully than any desire he’d felt before.

Work had suddenly become tedious. He had to do it, but he knew where he wanted to be and it wasn’t in some damn convention center. It was with her.

He’d given speech after speech after speech and presentation after presentation and the entire time all he could think about was how amazing Meghan had smelled, how good she’d tasted on his tongue… her moans as he pressed himself against her and ran his tongue across her teeth…

There was a few times where he’d narrowly avoided getting an erection in front of five-thousand people.
And then upstairs… When Jack had seen Meghan sitting on the floor playing and humming, wrapped up as always in a too-large sweatshirt, the rush of pure happiness that had surged through him - it still had his whole being soaring around in the clouds.

He didn’t know what to do, but Jack knew that leaving Meghan wasn’t an option. He couldn’t do it. Not without destroying this new person he’d become. He could hardly recognize his own emotions anymore.

That night Mark and Michelle went to bed early.

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  Meghan and Jack were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, listening to their parents brush their teeth and use the toilet before going to sleep.

Meghan couldn’t keep still. She was fidgeting like she had ants crawling up her back. Jack slid his foot down the couch and poked her in the leg.

“Don’t. I’m trying to focus. ” She said, her jaw set like she was facing a firing-squad.


“Yes. ”

“On what?”

“On not jumping you,” she hissed, “Now shut up, I’m watching Frosty melt. ”

Jack grinned and fell silent. He just watched her.

And then the noise upstairs stopped and there was no sound but the television. Meghan bit down on her lip and closed her eyes. Jack waited. It took almost thirty seconds for her eyes to open again.

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   She breathed out shakily and then crawled towards Jack like she was dying of thirst and he was an oasis.

“Finally,” She groaned. She slid on top of him and ran her hands up his legs to his waist, then up his torso. She planted her hands on his chest and leaned down to kiss him. Her mouth parted and she ran her tongue along Jack’s closed lips. She pulled back huffily.

“Open!” She whispered, her brow furrowed.

Laughing quietly, Jack pulled Meghan down against his body and he began to kiss her how she wanted. Their tongues wound together frantically. They were both breathing heavily now and Meghan was pressing herself against Jack so hard that it felt like she might tear through his clothing.

Jack managed to slide his hand between their bodies and lifted the bottom of her shirt up towards her breasts, then slid his fingers down Meghan’s stomach towards her waist. She lifted off of him slightly and shivered, pressing their foreheads together. She moaned softly when his hand unbuttoned her jeans and he slid his fingers beneath the waist band of her underwear. He gently massaged the smooth shaved area above her sex, slipping lower and lower with each tiny circle.

Meghan was breathing erratically and she bit down on her lip, trying to calm herself but she couldn’t.

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  She jerked her body upwards, forcing Jack’s hand between her legs. His fingers were pressed firmly against Meghan’s pussy, trapped there by her jeans, and the heat was incredible. His fingers were immediately wet.

“Inside… please, Jack…”She buried her face in his shoulder, pleading, “Please?”

Jack slid his middle finger slowly between the closed lips of her pussy, and then drove his entire finger up inside of her. Meghan jerked and Jack began to fuck her with his hand, keeping his palm flat on her clit while he pushed his finger as deep inside her as he could go.

She began to thrust back, grinding her pussy down on his hand faster and faster.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and she turned her face into Jack’s neck.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m… oh SHIT. “

And then her entire body went tense. It looked like every muscle went taught and Meghan couldn’t breathe. Her orgasm tore through her with such a rush of pleasure that she ejaculated against Jack’s hand, the hot juices coating her panties and the crotch of her jeans. Meghan clung to Jack’s neck and tried to gain control over her breathing as another rush of girlcum flowed out of her. Jack began to pull his hand away from her pussy, but Meghan grabbed his wrist. She just shook her head, still unable to speak.

It took her a few more moments to find her voice.

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  Meghan inhaled slowly and sighed as another shiver of bliss ran up her spine. Jack tried to move his hand again but she bit down gently on his earlobe.

“Don’t you dare…” She whispered, turning and kissing Jack’s lips and then running her tongue against his. She pulled away after a moment and lay down against him, closing her legs more tightly around his hand, his finger still pushing into her. “Don’t you dare move. ”

Jack grinned and began to push down Meghan’s jeans with his free hand. She lifted herself off of him again and helped, until she kicked off her jeans and panties completely. Jack finally slid his finger out of Meghan’s pussy. She yelped and then blushed.

“Oh man. That felt so good. ” She smiled down at him.

“I’m glad. Now, help me get my pants off. ”

She laughed, kissed him again and then went down and unbuttoned his pants.

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  She pulled down until they slid to his knees and then left them there. Meghan slid up Jack’s thighs to his boxer shorts and then ran her hand over the tip of the very large tent Jack’s cock had made. She yanked the boxers down too and grinned up at Jack.

“You’re so hard. ”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Jack said, his eyes fixed on Meghan’s hand which she now wrapped around his stiff member. She leaned forward and planted her lips on the head of Jack’s cock as she pulled back his foreskin. Her mouth slid over the exposed area immediately, and she began to slowly masturbate him as she pushed his penis deeper into her mouth.

She ran her tongue firmly along the underside of Jack’s dick, stroking a little faster than before. Meghan was grinning around the cock in her mouth, Jack tasted incredible – just like she’d expected it to taste.

After a couple of minutes Jack finally reached down and gently lifted her mouth away.

“You better stop or I may drown you. ” He smiled calmly, but his eyes were on fire.

Meghan felt the familiar need somewhere deep in her core. The need for him… the desire to be as close to him as possible…

She stood and pulled his pants down all the way and he kicked them off onto the floor. Meghan straddled him quickly, guiding Jack’s thick cock to her opening which was dripping and ready.

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  She leaned forward and kissed him again, more tenderly than before, and then speared herself on his shaft.

It was exactly what she’d been craving for almost an entire month. His thick erection pushed deeper inside her pussy, stretching her open in the most perfect way. Meghan let gravity do the work, only stopping when he was completely inside of her. She slid her fingers between their bodies, feeling the base of his cock, and tracing it to where it disappeared inside of her body.

“Oh my god that’s amazing,” she could barely talk loud enough for Jack to hear her, but he did hear her. He placed his hands on Meghan’s hips and flexed his member inside of her as hard as he could.

And then they began to fuck. Jack thrust up into his step-sister, and she met his thrust with her own strokes. He filled her again and again, bottoming out against her cervix a few times, making her jerk and then cling to his t-shirt with an intense mixture of pain and pleasure on her face. Harder and faster Jack went, trying to delay his orgasm as long as possible.

Meghan rode him as hard as she could manage without screaming – even then, it was close. She was biting don on her lower lip so hard that it was in danger of bleeding, but she didn’t care. Jack’s cock was everywhere inside of her and it was touching everything. It felt like she was going to burst.



Eventually Jack couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Shit!” He gasped out, “I’m going to cum Megs. ”

Meghan put her head on his shoulder again and said, “Cum inside me,” then she bit down just below his ear.
And that did it.

To Jack, it wasn’t like he came, it was like he exploded. The torrent of cum that shot out of him was so strong that Meghan cried out in surprise, looking down between them. But Jack was gone, his back arched and his cock drove up into Meghan so deeply that it left her breathless. And still he continued to fill her. It began to run out, onto his stomach and then down between his legs.

Meghan’s eyes were closed tightly, and she had a hand planted firmly across her stomach.

“Dammit, Jack…” It had hurt, but the sensation of his seed pouring up inside her drove Meghan crazy. She wanted to taste it, to remember his flavor forever. So when Jack eventually calmed down, Meghan climbed off of him quickly, placing a hand firmly over her opening, damning up what was certain to be a waterfall. She knelt between her step-brother’s legs and pushed his juice-covered penis into her mouth. She ran her tongue over every inch of his member until he was clean.

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  The taste was unbelievable. She could taste herself, her own sweeter flavor mixed with his – more raw and salty, but unbelievably erotic.

Meghan ran her tongue along Jack’s shaft as gently and softly as she could until he was almost completely flaccid and then she let it lie back against his pubic hair.

She grabbed a blanket Michelle always kept on the back of the couch and pulled it over the both of them. She still had her hand cupped around her pussy, and she arched her hips upwards so nothing would come out. Having his stuff inside of her… nothing had ever turned her on so intensely. It just felt hot.

Jack pulled her to him and kissed her forehead.

“Welcome back,” she whispered softly. “I missed you Jack. ”

“Hey, you rhymed,” His voice was shaky. Meghan felt proud of herself.

She giggled and then kissed his jaw until he turned his head and kissed her lips.

“I love you,” He said, his eyelids fluttering.

Meghan was beaming up at his sleepy face.

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“I love you too…” And then her smile faltered a little. As spent as he was, Jack noticed.

“What is it?” He asked. He ran his fingers through her soft hair.

“Don’t… don’t leave like that again ok?I didn’t… like it. ”

He studied her expression for a moment and then nodded, “Ok. I didn’t like it that much either. I won’t go away so long again. ”
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