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Two weeks ago, I just got home from work. I work as a delivery driver for a medical supply company. I am black 6 feet tall, 275lbs, and am very muscular. I was walking up the steps to my building. When I noticed my junior high school aged neighbor sitting on the steps. She is about 5 foot. 110lbs with small mound like tits. She has a sexy ass figure and had acaramel tone. She was wearing a sun dress. When she stood up. I could see right through it. She did not have a bra on. I could see her dark brown areolas. Her nipples were hard. She was wearing some purple panties. She definitely has a little fat puffy pussy.

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  Anyway. No surprise she asked if she could use my phone because she was locked out again. I handed her my phone and continued to walk to my unit. I needed to get out of my uniform. It was a long sleeve sweat shirt. I hung my keys up, while kicking my boots off. Then I started to take my shirt off. I heard my screen door open. She was coming in. She was telling her mother that she was in trouble for losing her key. She handed me the phone. Her mom said that she was going to pull a double shift. If I felt petty on her I could let her stay until she got off at 7am the next morning. I told her it was okay, I had nothing to do anyway. I hung up the phone, and said kiddo just you and me.

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  She turned to close the door. I turned to walk away, taking off my tee shirt and unbuckling my khakis. She asked for something to drink. I told her to get whatever she wanted from the fridge. I saw her glace down at my crotch. I go into the bathroom for a shower. I left the door cracked. I pulled down my boxer brief. Turned the water on. I was in there for a good while. Thinking of a plan for the evening. I just decided to wing it. When I got out, I peeked into the living room. She was sitting on the couch. Drinking a beer, there was an empty one on its side on the table.

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  Wow I said. I stood there with a towel around my waste. She was staring at my crotch again. You said to help myself. She squirmed a little saying it. I went to change. I put on some revealing track shorts that you could see the silhouette of my dick. I walked into the living room putting on a wife beater. She laid out on the couch watching TV. Her dress parted slightly. Her purple panties were exposed. There was a dark purple spot in the middle. As I walked closer she watched my member flop in my shorts. She kept looking away. I stood there and asked if she wanted anything while I was up.

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  I was about to make a rum and coke. She asked me to bring her one. So I made her a small one. As I took it to her she looked at my crotch again. She took a big gulp. I told her to drink them slow. She said damn. Its hot in here. I turned on the ceiling fan. I took three big gulps of my drink. I wanted a buzz too. I sat down in the chair next to her. I put my leg up and took another drink. The leg on my shorts fell exposing part of my meat. The next thing I hear is her saying your dick is hella big.

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  She sat up. Scooting to the end of the couch. Her dress bunched around her waist exposing her purple panties fully. I can see her slit. She said its way bigger than I thought they could get. So I stood up and walked around the table right up to her. My crotch was in her face. She tugged on the bottom of my shorts. Oh my god. Its huge!Oh my god!Wow!I was still limp. I hang about all most 6 inches by 5 around. My balls are very large. I know she has a boyfriend. I thought I heard them fucking one day. He’s tall, I heard another girl say he was packin.

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  But apparently not. She just sat there holding my dick in a drunken daze. She had her hand around my shaft. The harder I got the more her fingers could not touch. She leaned back and spread her legs. She then pulled her panties to the side. I saw her pussy it was beautiful. Her clit was small but her lips her very puffy. She said no way I could fit in her cause she was a virgin. I told her to finish her drink and I would show her some tricks. She grabbed her drink and downed it. Leaning back on the edge of the couch with her legs open. I pulled her panties off. I grabbed her pussy and parted her gently. I could see her little hole.

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  So I started to suck on her pussy lips She tasted so good. Then I assaulted her clit with my tongue. She bucked and bucked. But I did not stop. She came I could see her juices running down her crack. I let her come down from her high. She said she had never had one like that. I mentioned her boyfriend. She laughed. She said she watched him jack off. She said he was about 5 or 6in nowhere as big as me. I started to finger her. I kept telling her how beautiful she was. I slipped another finger inside her. She let out a low moan.

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  She was like putty. I pinched her nipples. I sucked on her clit hard. Then she started bucking again. I asked her if she was ready. She could not remember why she was supposed to be getting ready. I stooped down and put my fat headed dick against her hole. I rolled my hips and kept pressing harder and harder until the head broke in with a faint pop. She screamed. So I turned up the TV really loud. I told her the pain would slowly go away. I moved back and forth about 1 mm at a time. That’s all I could do she was so tight. I leaned forward and started to suck her tits. They were so soft.


  She started moaning and rocking her hips. So I went deeper and deeper. She was so small I couldn’t believe I could fit in her. There was a 12 year gap between us. Now there was none. I was almost all of the way inside her when she her pussy got tense like a vise. She screamed and bit into the couch. A clear stream ran down as my balls flopped against her ass. Making a clapping sound. She told me how good it felt. I could not take it anymore. After about 20 min. I was about to cum and I was not pullin out. I had her knees pinned to the couch pounding her over and over. Her tits were bouncing around.


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