The apple of stepdaddys eye


My stepdaughter, in the time I had known her, had blossomed from an adorable little girl to a stunningly sexy young woman. By the time she was about 12, she had a body that was supermodel perfect- toned and tight, and a beautiful face with full lips and amazing green eyes that haunted my most erotic dreams. By the time she was 14, those dreams came to me nearly every night!

When things began to become sour between me and her mother, I couldn't bring myself to leave- in part, because I would have felt I was abandoning this family I had been a part of for such a long time, but also in part because I couldn't imagine not being able to see Sabrina every day as I'd become accustomed to.

I had become a confidant of sorts to her- and she to me- and as her mother began "sneaking" out on her dates with other men, I really didn't mind anymore, and in fact welcomed the opportunity to be alone with the new object of my affection. It was on one of those all nighters that my dreams finally became a reality.

Leading up to this time, Sabrina had become more open in the things she would talk about me with. Not only what boys she thought were hot, but she would also talk about which girls had big tits, small tits, which boys were ugly and even which ones had small dicks! Taking what I thought was a hint, I would encourage this talk, and respond with statements that tits didn't need to be big to be nice, and would even check out girls her age when it was just us in the car; I also started to be more touchy-feely with her, and though sometimes she would pull away, other times she would not- and would even reciprocate! I finally went for it one night when she had leaned over me to type a web address on my computer. As she typed, I put my arm around her waist, on the pretense of looking closer at what she was typing. She didn't pull away, and as the page loaded, I half jokingly suggested that she sit down, and pulled her onto my lap. To my pleasant surprise, she stayed, and as she watched the video, I stopped trying to supress the hardon she was giving me, and just allowed it to get rock hard! She looked at me through the corner of her eye, and with a naughty twinkle, she wiggled her tight ass against it and said "hmmmm- someone else wants to watch too!" I knew I would have her tonight!

I put my hands on her hips as she continued to grind on me, caressing her body and eventually reaching under her t-shirt to cup her perfect tits. I felt her nipples harden to my touch and her breathing deepened as she ground her ass into my cock. As she did, she looked at me and asked with an excited whisper "you don't think mom's gonna be back tonight, do you?"
"I don't think so, baby"
I turned her around, and sat her on my lap again, this time facing me and began to hold her tight and kiss her lips. I could feel, even through my jeans, how wet her pussy had started to become.
We were both hot as pistols, and as I started to slide her shirt up, she took it off- I unhooked her bra and she let it fall to the floor before grinding on me and kissing me like a crazed sex kitten-I picked her up, her knees cradled in my arms, and took her to the bed in the spare bedroom, across the hall.
Her tits remained pert as I lay her on the bed, and she didn't hesitate when I slid her shorts and panties off. Almost instinctively, she spread her legs as I crawled between them and lay on top of her, kissing her, working my way down her body.

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   Every part of her was perfect- her nipples hard and perky, her skin tight and smooth, her stomach tight and solid, her legs and ass. . . well, you get the point. . . I had kissed and licked my way down her body to her ankles, then licked my way back up her legs to her inner thighs, and as I took my first taste of her pussy, she shuddered and panted with her first orgasm!I had barely started to eat her, and she came like a river on my chin!
I looked up at her and smiled, "How was that, baby?"
Panting, she whispered, "Mmmmmmmm, God, that felt so good- fuck me now. . . please fuck me now!"
Obliging her, I kissed my way back up her body, teasing her until I was on top of her with my cock poised at the opening of her pussy. As I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit, I asked her, "Are you sure you want to fuck, baby? We can stop now if you want to. " Knowing fully what her answer would be.
"No!" She panted, moving her hips to grind into me, "Please fuck me now!"
I started working my cock into her, a little at a time. Though she was tight, shewas so wet that it didn't take much to get it in her. She moaned as I got the head in her, then slid the shaft in a little more with each stroke.

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I'm surprised to this day that I didn't immediately cum inside her! The feeling was pure paradise- realization of so many fantasies finally becoming reality! Before I finished, I knew I wanted her in every way that I could manage. Without pulling completely out of her, I got to my knees and turned her over, pulling her hips up off the bed, getting into position to take her from behind. I slid back into her and started to pump into her again, as she began to work her hips in time to my cock sliding in and out of her. Soon she started shaking with her second orgasm! I knew it wouldn't be long, and just before I started to cum I pulled out of her, continuing the rhythm we started and as my cock started to throb, I told her "I'm cumming now, baby. . . . . mmmmmmmmm- God, you're so hot! Fuck, I'm gonna cum on you now!" With that, I pumped my load all over her back and perfect ass.
After I finished cumming, she rolled back onto her back, and I lay next to her, taking her in my arms. I kissed her the way I had kissed her mother at one time, and pulled her close to me. I looked into her eyes, and she surprised me by saying "I love you. I've been waiting for that for such a long time, and it felt so good! I know you and mom don't really get along so much anymore, but I'm glad because I want you!"
I was stunned- she had said everything I wanted to say! "I love you too, baby, and I've wanted you for a long time, and I'm glad we finally got to show it. "
With that, she cuddled up to me and we dozed. Her mother, as expected, didn't come back for the rest of the weekend, so we had plenty more quality time together, and both of us knew this was the beginning of something beautiful!

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