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After watching my farther take my sisters virginity helped by my mother it was some weeks before I got a chance to watch any thing
Over them weeks things where happing my sisters bedroom was next to mine and lots of nights when I was in bed I heard mum come to sis room and take her to there bedroom quite a few times I would go there bedroom door and lesion as they had sex it did seem my sister had become a willing partner in this she started going to them alone most nights it seemed
I did have a look in the bedroom in the mornings a couple of times and both times found used condoms on the floor so mum must of made dad use them to fuck my sister
I found out later mum had put sis on the pill I heard her ask you have taken your tablet today a few times
I also had become a little jealous of my sister she was getting a lot more attention and her and mum where very close always giggling and laughing not including me I even court mum touching her a couple of times dad stayed more in the background and he would be at work but I would say he was getting more than his shear of daughter pussy it looked as if my sisters tits had got digger she appeared older than she was now it was as if I was the little brother not her the little sister
It was a short school holiday I was going over a friends for the day to play at his house I had been there an hour or two and I told his mother I was feeling sick so they got there driver to take me home I told him to let me out before
our house I slipped in to my hiding place with out being seen it was not long before mum and sis came into the bedroom taken there close off and getting on the bed together kissing and playing with each other
Then dad joined them naked as well he was soon stiffsis and mum sucked on it then sis climbed on top mum put dads cock in her and she bounced away like mad mum holding her tits sis really was enjoying her self now it soon made dad cum sis rolled off onto her back and mum was between her legs licking her outas dad pushed his dick into sis mouth she suck like mad on it it was soft but started to harden up
I looked like it be mums turn next she got on all fours and dad took her from behind my sister jiggered under her
to lick her as she was fucked after dad shot his lot they stayed as they where licking each other
Dad flopped in a chair holding his cock looked like he had a nuffthey finished each other off and laughing at dad sitting there some thing was said I heard mum say to sis you want to try a black it seemed she would
Dad pulled his shorts on and left to come back with boy he smiled when he sore mother and daughter naked on
on the bed he knew what they wanted him in there for and dropped his shorts
My sister gaped it hung there it was as big as dad hard when his was softhe walked towards them the huge jet black thing swinging as he walked when he got over to them it had stated to stiffen and swell it was jest above his knee almost full length but still not erect
Mum leaned over and lifted it saying to her daughter you feel it sis moved over and put her hand out there was loads of room for doth there handson the shaft mum let go so sis held it she said how heavy it was and fuck look at his balls he had got really big ones hanging under him in a a huge sack sis was looking a little apprehensive or frightened may be
I t had by now was fully hard and standing up sis fingers would no longer go round it she had both her hands on it now and pulled the foreskin down the big mushroom head looked wet with per-cum seeping out the end
My sister looked at mum and said I never take that I am only thirteen you can darling trust me and you want more afterwards ones you had it I promise you are ready for it we think it better to put you to a stud now rather than when you are older but dad hurt mum kissed her and said only to start with you love it now don't you
She protested I am never going to get that inside me look how fat it is and the end is even digger don't worry trust me it be fine I will help you
Soon sis was laying on her back mum was sucking on the end of the boys cockwith him between sis legs mum stopped and pushed two pillows under her daughters bum lifting her up so she was more arched and her body was in line her legs where bent at the knee and feet flat legs wide apart her tight looking slit was prominentthe lips looked pink and fleshy her crotch area seems to stand out in young girls more than older women she still not got much hair at all on it what there is is very fear and wispy
Mum pulls the big black cock down pointing it at her daughters tight little pussy ready to interdict it he moved a
little it touched sis pussy lips she jumped mum had the cock in one hand the other she parted her daughters pussy lips she rolled them up and back between parted fingers making them open and fold back I could see the light pink inside with a small darkerspot which would be the way inside her body where he would be soon pumping his load of live seeds into the girls young fertile womb
Mother pushed the end down lower parting the lips more she had lined it up with the girls opening and held it there he pushed a little mum told him easy easy you never thought that huge black bell end would fit mum seemed to pull it forward a touch there was a long AH AH AH from sis as she felt it for the first time OH MY GOD
It hung there then popped in mum still holding it sis gasped a few times her hand had griped the covers her head back mouth open eyes closedthere was a slight movement from him and a inches or two diapered
I think mum was happy there was a nuff inside to let go looking up she said take it easy and be gentleas more cock disappeared it seemed to come to a stand still sis cried out its not going mum told her relax darling it on your cervix relax and it let in sis gasped and cried out ones more there there darling its past it sis went Jesus Christ and gave a big gasp you could see more black dick slide inside her it was all very slow
Sis protested it hurt but it still was sicking into her she had three quarters in her and it seemed to stop as if it
had bottomed out sis was panting and gasping he seemed to rest there but he must of had presser on her
It was as if some thing let go sis screamed and he looked a if he moved in a touch more sis had tearsin her eyes
Dad then asked has he got it all in now mum looked back and said yes his right in her now they both lay still for a few moments sis sobbed a little mum laid beside hersaying good girl it be okay now he drew it back a little
making sis gasp it eased back to a louder gasp he repeated that a few times moving longer stocks each time
making sis gasp each time he was starting to roll his hips now making his meat move inside her she was fully impaled on his cock his stocks getting longer to oh god oh god from sis mum asked dose it feel good darling
Sis reply my god yes'ss he had picked up a pace now there was lot of movement now sis look more comfortable
She was taken it her legs lifted in the air over his back his trust got faster and very deep sis cried out one or twice
when he went very deep as he fucked I could see sis respond more under him lifting with him she must of climaxed as she bucked a few times and gasped rolling her head from side to side with her mouth open
He was now riding her quite fast she arched and gasped her body shuck and jerked she had a massive climax
it went on and on she was coved in sweat gasping for air she was having one long orgasm
He grunted out loud and slammed into her making her scream his ass twitched he jerked as he unloaded his seeds deep in my sister they lay together before he lifted I watched as his black meat slid out of sis body with a mass of white sperm running out of her now gapping cunt it was very red and really open it looked as he had shot a bucket load inside her she jest lay there legs open breathing heavily
Mother looked really pleased that her daughter had taken her first black cock and it was a massive one
Dad had cum in his hand and was licking it off his fingers my sisters crouch area looked pinkish red and puffy the lips laying open with a large gapping hole with spunk running out with bubbles appearing as she panted
She was really full of it mum must of really wanted sex now dad had come over to get a closer look mum graded
both therecocks sucking each one in turn they both got hardshe pushed the boy on his back and mounted him siting on his dick dad came at her from the back and got his up her ass she screamed out but took both
They both got inti fucking her as my sister watched it must of heart but she was loving it they fucked like that for ages first dad came then the Boy
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