The Thrill Of Taboo (part 1)


Topic: The Thrill Of Taboo (part 1)  
The Thrill Of TabooBy Britney
Britneyh80@yahoo. com  (emails always welcome) 
Taboo is defined as proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable.
I was laying on the couch in the living room, using my husbands leg as a pillow.   I was starting to doze off, as the second quarter of Monday Night Football winded down.   Tom was sitting on the couch with a Miller Light in his hand adjacent to where we were sitting.   Tom is my husbands friend of five years.   During that time Monday Night Football and beer has been a usual ritual for the three of us.   I try to be a good sport and pretend I’m interested.  
I felt the vibrate of my husbands cell phone on my face through his pants.   I sat up and looked at him.   He took the phone out and looked who was trying to get a hold of him.   
“Fuck!” he shouted before he answered the phone.   I sat up and rubbed my face as I listened to him argue before he submitted, and said he was on his way in.   He slammed the phone shut.   I gave him a pouty look, as he frowned and headed towards the bedroom to change.  
A few minutes later he walked out in his uniform.

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    I rubbed his back feeling bad for him that he got called into work.
“You going to finish the game Tom?” my husband asked
“Yea if you don’t mind. ” He said
“I’m going to bed…Tom finish off those beers before you leave okay. ”  I told Tom.   He nodded at me, and I gave my husband a kiss before he walked out the door.
I walked in our bedroom and closed the door.   I took off my jeans,  I walked to the window in a white t-shirt and silk panties, and watched my husband load his gear on his motorcycle and drive off.   I laid on my bed and listened to the loud engine fade off in the distance.
I heard the bedroom door open and Tom walked in.   He walked over to the bed and stood in front of me.
“That worked out good didn’t it…. I had no idea he was going to be called to work. ”  I said.
He smiled at me as he climbed on top of me.   I grabbed the back of his head and closed my eyes as I felt his tongue enter my mouth.

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    I could feel the wetness in my panties, and my pussy has been throbbing ever since I heard my husband say he had to go to work.  
“It’s been a while Tom…I missed you. ”  I whispered
“That sucks every time I see you Jeff is around. ” He said.   “I guess we have a lot to catch up on tonight. ” He said
Tom stood up and started stripping his clothes off.   I rubbed my pussy through my panties as I admired his beautiful body.   He has a ripped body like an Olympic athlete.   He waxes his whole body and tans regularly.   He had a very fat cock with just a little pubic hair.   His ass and balls were as smooth as a baby’s cunt.  
He laid on his stomach in front of me and rubbed the wet spot on my underwear.   We both giggled about how wet they were.   I lifted my butt up and slipped off my panties.   I felt his warm fingers gently touch my pussy.

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    He very gently ran his finger down my slit.   He spread my lips and lightly ran his tongue in my folds.   My eyes were closed, and I was moaning with both of my hands rubbing my tits.   His tongue felt incredible on my pussy and I felt pleasure in my stomach and lower legs as blood rushed through my veins.
His tongue rubbed past my clit and slowly moved up my smooth pubic area.   He continued up past my belly button past my tits until his face was up to mine and I could taste my pussy on his lips.
I ran my hands down his smooth muscular back down to his ass.   I felt the tip of his dick touch the opening of my vagina.   I closed my eyes hard and I straightened my back.   The pleasure of his fat cock slowly sliding up my wet cunt was almost too much.
He fucked me slow at first then his pace grew faster.   I grabbed the bars on my bed stand to steady myself.   The bed was pounding against the wall, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs.   My body tensed up and I started to cum, as my husbands best friend continued to fuck me.  
“So how have you been Tom?  Has this nice cock been in anyone else since the last time we did it?” I asked feeling his dick slide in me.

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“As a matter of fact it has. ” He said
“Hmm another victim huh. ” I said  “Who is it?”
“A guy I work with had me over to his house.   He introduced me to his wife, and the next day after he left I went back to his house and fucked her. ” He said
“You love sleeping with married women don’t you. ” I said
“I just love to make friends with a guy, then fuck his wife in his bed.   Its such a thrill. ” He said
“That’s why I like you so much Tom.   Your so kinky. ” I said
“You should try that too Britney?” he said
“Try what?” I questioned.
“Fuck one of your girlfriends husbands when she’s not there. ” I said
“I like the thought of that. ” I said.   “But I try to keep the amount of guys I sleep with other then my husband to a minimum.   I just had to make an exception with you.

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“I really want to watch you fuck another guy though. ” He said
“I bet you would like to watch me fuck a little boy wouldn’t you?” I asked
I felt the pulse in his dick as I said that, and he pushed it in me even harder.   He loves when I tell him my fantasy with young boys.
“I would love to watch you do that. ” He said  “Do you think you would really do it in the right situation?”
“I don’t know that might have to stay a fantasy. ”  I said  “But then again maybe we will some someday.   Maybe you should take a break from fucking your friends wife’s, and go after their daughters. ”
Tom fucked me even faster.
“I wish you had a daughter Britney. ” He said “Would you let me fuck the both of you at the same time. ”
“Yes I would show her how to suck your cock, and you and I would lick her pussy at the same time before you fucked her. ” I said
“Oh fuck you turn me on. ” He said
“Do the other girls you fuck talk this dirty to you?” I asked
“No you are my favorite girl.   All the other girls always feel bad that they are cheating on their husbands.   Not you though.

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    Your such a horny bitch. ” He said 
“Of course I am. ” I said.   “Maybe later you can sit on my face and let me tongue your asshole, while you jack off. ” I said
“I would love to do that. ” He said  “Will you let me piss in your mouth tonight?”
“I’ll let you pee in my mouth if I can get out the strap on and fuck you up the ass. ” I said
“You have a deal. ” He said as he stopped fucking me momentarily and shook my hand.
“Your going to make me cum. ” He said
“Lets cum at the same time. ” I moaned
He pulled my legs up near my head.   He knows exactly where my G-spot is.   He fucked me harder and harder.   The sound of skin slapping together filled the room, and the bed banged against the wall.   The muscles in my legs tightened and I could feel his fluid building up in his cock.

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    I screamed that I was going to cum as I felt all the muscles in my body flexing.   I held my breath and closed my eyes, as I felt my orgasm shoot through my body as his cum squirted in my cervix.  
Tom and I have been doing this for two years now.   My husband Jeff has no idea it is been going on.   What would he do if he found out his best friend has been fucking his wife.   Fucking his wife very well at that.   I love my husband with all my heart, and I would never want to do anything to hurt him.   But Tom is such an amazing piece of cock.   I have no intent to stop fucking him.   I just have to be careful that my husband never finds out.   Other then the amazing sex Tom and I get a thrill of the taboo of our forbidden relationship.   Taboo is like a drug.  There comes a certain point where you can’t get high anymore and you need something harder to fuel your addiction.   This is a story how Tom and I feed our addition in a little thing entitled The Thrill Of Taboo.
To be continued….

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