A day at the nudist beach


One day my parents decided to take the family to the nudist beach near our home. I went along, and I was really exited. When we got there we got naked and I headed for the ocean, with the goal of hiding my boner. When I got there I saw that most of the people were in their twenties, and a certain couple were acting suspicously, as if they were having sex. That turned me on, and when i saw a girl my age swimming, I was turned on even more. when her parents got out and disapeared i got closer. My family had gone for lunch, although my sister stayed behind. She got in, and drifted over to were I was and caresed me. We had already had sex before, but I told her that i had other ideas. She said ok and left to go with my parents.
I went over to the girl, whose name turned out to be Elain. I asked her how she was and  made conversation.   At first she was suspicious, but then relaxed. Then a wave crashed over us and pulled us to the beach. She ended on top of me somehow in the 69 position. those near us laughed as we scrambled away from each other and headed back into the ocean.

ankara eskort 

 But then on she would glance a my seven inch cock with lust. Finally i asked her what she wanted to do. She looked at me and said"
I want you to fuck me and take my virginity" I was surprised, although it was what I intended. i turned her around and asked her what she wanted first.
"What do you mean?"
"well, I can go into your ass, or your pussy"
She thought for a while and then answered.
"Do my pussy" I slowly eased my way in.
Wow! she was tighter and hotter than my sister! I popped her cherry, but she didnt cry. I started humping her so fast she had to bite her lip to stop from screaming.
Just then i saw my parents coming back and I said "give me your email, quick!"
She looked at me and told me. I wont write it out here because i dont want people calling her, because now she is one of my best friends. I drifted back towrds my part of the beach and eyed my sister. maybe we could do.