A First Time


I climbed on top of her, and pushed her thighs apart by leaning my body into her. My hand found its way between her legs, and I found myself toying with the damp crotch of her baby blue cotton panties. I could see chills appear on her flawless skin. Her head was tilted back, hanging upside down off the side of the bed. . . exactly where I wished her to be. Her breasts were rising and falling quickly as my hand crept further to pleasing her. . giving her the release she was dying for. I slipped down her body, and knelt between her legs. Slowly my slender fingers gently pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was dripping. . . I was distracted just briefly as I saw her hands grip the sheets beneath her.

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   My left hand held the fabric to the side, as my other hand reached and just light pressed to her pussy lips. She pressed herself into my hand . . as if her body begged me to go further. My fingertips teased her clit, and soon I was aware that my own white cotton panties were soaked through. I grabbed the sides of her panties with both my hands, and pulled them down her smooth legs and tossed them to the floor. I slowly pulled her knees apart, and leaned down and pressed my lips just barely to her inner thigh. "Tiffany. . . " I called up to her for a moment. . " Hold your lips apart. " She didn't hesitate to comply, and reached down with her slender fingers and spread her lips for me. .


  . . . . . wide. . . her pussy glistened, and I could smell such a wonderful fragrance coming from her. My movements slowed for a moment, and I leaned closer . . . licking her pussy in one smooth stroke with the very tip of my tongue . . .

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   the taste. . amazing. She moaned, and trembled with my caress. I recalled in one of our innocent conversations that Tiffany had never had an orgasm . . . and I was determined to change that. what a gift to be the first. ~smiles~Slowly I held two of my fingers against her slit, and slipped them in her. She was so wet, dripping as I fucked her with my fingers. She gasped as I pushed within her, as far as my fingers would go. She tensed . . .


   relaxed . . . and then fucked my hand . . hard. Her grip tightened on the sheets, and I watched as her breasts bounced beneath her shirt. I grinned, and sensed she was about to cum. . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . I stopped. She whined, and her body fell flat against the bed. I allowed her to catch her breath for a moment as I leaned over to the side table to retrieve a vibrator I had tucked away there. I found my way back between her thighs. . .

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   I think she had expected me to begin slow. . but I did not. I leaned in, and kissed over her clit. My lips parted as they had when I kissed her for the first time, though this time it was to tease her clit with my tongue. With the vibrator in my hand, I reached behind me and pushed it within me. . . I was dripping. . and it slipped in me with ease. I moaned, and the sensation between my legs only made me wish the same pleasure for her. I did not cum, yet I hung in that wonderful euphoric place when you know such tremendous pleasure is right at your fingertips, a simple gasp. . and a light moan away.

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   The vibrator slipped from my pussy, and my mouth left her clit for a moment. . as I slipped the entire length of the vibrator between her slick, tight lips. Another gasp. . oh what such amazing sounds escaped her as I fucked her relentlessly. I screwed her with short, hard strokes. . . not giving her a single moment to protest. . or to comprehend what was taking place. I saw her body tense once again before me, the skin exposed glistened with sweat. . and I realized how close she was to cumming.

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   "FUCK!. . " the scream left her . . so powerful. Her body began to tremble, and in a swift motion. . making sure to continue with the hard thrusts into her pussy. . I pulled at her shirt, and pulled her into a sitting position. The blood that had before rushed to her head, was draining downward again. . . the sensations leaving her body to feel as if it was soaring through a gentle sky. Her body settled, and soon relaxed.

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   I smiled. . and held her close through the remaining of the night as she slept. .