A Sleepover To Remember- Part 1


This is a story about what happened during Summer 2009 to me when my best friends had a sleepover at their house. My best friends were twins and they had invited me and another friend to theirs for the night. They had an older sister who went to the same school as all of us and was only one year older. What I am going to tell you is a true story, you can choose to believe it or not, but the names have been altered so as to preserve privacy and only the 5 teens in this story know this truth.

Firstly, I should tell you a bit about myself. I am 6"1, 160 lbs, not a huge stature, but of decent build and had spent the last few months working out a lot, so had built up some toned biceps and a nice 6 pack which was clear after I worked out. When I was 14, I was a complete nerd, quite short, no muscles, not fit at all. But when I turned 15, I shot up and got much more good looking and girls suddenly started to take an interest in me. My life really changed when I went camping with my 3 mates in this story Adam, Shankar and Karam (names edited. . . the last two were twins) and two other friends. We were camping with another group of girls from our school and I managed to pull a fit girl and ended up spending 3 hours alone with her in her tent. . . but thats a different story.

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   From then on i became popular in school and during the year which followed kissed a couple of girls, evenmade out with one on my sofa. At the time this story took place, I had a gf called Kate. We were really close but hadnt had sex yet, because she hadnt turned 16 yet.

Anyway, this story begins with Adam, Shankar, Karam, myself and a few other mates going to the cinema and having a pizza before us 4 returned to Shankar and Karams house to stay the night. After playing some PS3 and having fun we went to sleep at about 2 am. However, I woke up at 3 am and my throat was very dry. I decided to go to the kitchen to get some water alone, rather than waking up someone to show me where the glasses were in the kitchen etc. This is where the story really begins

Shankar's sister, Zayna was 17. She was quite short, about 5"2 and a little plump but she had the BIGGEST tits i had ever seen. She was definitely an E-Cup, perhaps even a F. They were seriously huge. Me and Shankar often used to joke about putting a camera in her room and to see her tits but of course, we werent that perverted. Even better, she had the tightest, sexiest ass i'd ever seen. I'd never really talked to her but I had watched her running in the gym, whilst I worked out and I'm sure she had seen my staring. As I entered the kitchen, I walked straight into Zayna who was leaving.

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"Holy fuck" I exclaimed quite loudly as I ran into her.
"Sorry, did i scare you?" she whispered back.
"Fucking hell yeah. Is that you Zayna?!" I replied
"Of course its me, who else in this house has such big tits?" she retorted.
Shit, I thought to myself. I had come for water but suddenly I had my best mates sister pressed up against my chest in the middle of the night. I could feel her huge boobs crushed between her and my body.
I swallowed awkwardly and looked down at her. Even though it was very dark, the moonlight from outside was lighting up the kitchen slightly and I could see her cleavage. I started to get a hard-on. I tried to stop myself but I couldnt.
"Did you come for some water?" she said, breaking the silence.
"Yeah could you get it for me please, I dont know where the glasses are kept. "
In those few minutes i had completely lost my dry throat.
"Sure," she said sweetly and turned around and walked over to the cupboard next to the fridge.

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As she turned around her hand brushed against my cock and Iknew she had felt my boner and she knew i was turned on. Whether she meant to do so, I did not know.

My mind was racing. I had a gf who I loved loads but what i was thinking of doing was wrong, I wanted Zayna badly, right now in the kitched. She was sexy and I needed her badly. I felt my cock getting longer and harder and it was beginning to stick out my pjs. She brought the water back to me and I sipped it slowly.
"Thanks" I said.
"No problem babes. "

That was it. It was now or never for me.
“Zayna,” I said softly.
“Yeah?” she replied inquiringly.
“This might be a bit personal, but um, how big are your tits?” I asked nervously. “ I mean like, what size?”
“34 G” she replied
“Woah” was all i could think of saying back to her
“I know, i dunno how they got so big.

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   You wanna feel them?”
Fucking hell i thought to myself.
I hastily put down the glass of water on the table and put myhands on her tits. They were genuinely colossal. They felt soft but firm at the same time. I could feel her nipples hardening through her shirt. I was starting to sweat a little as I got really hot and my cock elongated to its full 7 inches. My hard penis was now poking into her stomach.
“No silly,” she said.
Suddenly i was worried this moment was gonna end.
“Put your hands under my shirt. Feel my boobs properly. ”

Delirious, I wasted no time and eagerly slipped my hands under her shirt. I rubbed her smooth tummy and slowly moved my hands up to her tits, caressing them delicately. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning in ecstasy. I gently pulled on her hard nipples and played with them for a minute or so.

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   Then i pulled my hands out and began to unbutton her pj shirt. Simultaneously she pulled my pj top off me and began rubbing her hands up and down my torso.

“Wow” she exclaimed, your abs are really ripped. I was so proud of myself for pushing myself to the limit in the gym for the last 6 months. She was feeling her way around my abdominal muscles and touching my biceps. I continued to fondle her breasts.

I decided it was time to take things a little further. I bent down and licked her left nipple. They tasted amazing. My tongue was tingling with passion as i flicked it over her nipple. I moved my head across to her other nipple whilst continuing to play with her other breast with my hand. She was moaning loudly now so I decided to quieten her down by giving her a kiss.
I slid my lips up along her neck, onto her cheek and then brushed them onto her lips. They were soft and juicy and she smelt brilliant. I kissed her softly and she returned the favour, slipping her tongue into my mouth.

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   The only person i had done that with was Kate, but this felt more natural. We wrestled tongues for a few more minutes, before she broke the kiss and fell to her knees. My cock had stayed hard for the last few minutes and she had been playing around with it, with her hands while we were kissing. Now she wanted to give me more.

She kissed the tip of my hard cock and slid her hand up and down my whole length. Then she held my cock with both hand and began to lightly lick the tip. I didn’t think it possible, but my dick got even harder and she did this and I moaned in excitement. Her small hands just about fit around the girth of my dick. She dropped on hand lower and began to fondle my balls. I was in heaven. Then she moved the hand on the middle of my cock, to the base and began to take the first few inches of my cock in her mouth. She had just about taken half when I felt the tip of my dick touch the back of her throat. I didn’t want to hurt her so I moved my cock a little out of her mouth, but she grabbed it and pulled it back in, even deeper, taking 5 of my 7 inches in to her small mouth. After staying still for a minute or so, she began to bob her head up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster, rapidly deep-throating me.

I could feel myself about to explode and had to use all my strength to stop myself from cumming into her mouth.

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   I told her to stop and she did so, taking her mouth off my cock and I watched as saliva dripped off the edge of it. I dropped to the ground and pushed her gently onto her back. I buried my head between her two huge melons, licking her body with my tongue, gently stroking her everywhere with my hands. I slipped my tongue down her navel and began licking the inside of her belly button. Then I moved lower and got very close to her pussy. But first my tongue encountered some of her pubic hair. She clearly shaved but had left a small, neat, very turning-on triangle of smooth black hair. It smelt surprisingly good, but my treasure lay slightly lower down.
I moved my tongue down further and began to flick it over her clit, back and forth, around and around, varying my tongue movements on it. She placed her hands on the back of my head, rubbing her hands fervently through my hair, pushing my face lower into her pussy. I slipped my tongue into her hole and began lapping the juices which began to gush out, like a cat. They tasted delicious and i continued to lick her out as she moaned with delight.

I used my hands to feel her ass, smooth skin, perfect in every way possible. I couldn’t get enough of her. I moved my tongue down to her asshole and began pushing it in.

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   She groaned with pleasure and I slipped three fingers into her pussy and began to finger her carefully, but strongly. Within moments, she came again all over my fingers and some more juiced dripped onto my tongue, which was halfway up her asshole.

“Fuck me,” she said, “please, hurry up , put your cock in my pussy now. ”
“What?” I replied quietly, pretending not to have heard her begging.
“Please,” she said, almost shouting it. If we had been somewhere else i may have taunted her for a while longer, but i was worried someone would wake up and find us and i didn’t want to lose the chance to fuck her. So I moved my head away from her pussy, and gave her a quick snog while i positioned my throbbing manhood on the lips of her pussy. With one hand cupping her boob, I used the other to the mushroom cap of my cock along the outer lining of her pussy, slowly, preparing myself for the pleasure about to come.
Not wanting to hurt her, I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly. I managed to get 5 inches in before withdrawing slowly. I pushed into her again slowly then out. She was lying on her back, legs in the air, with my cock between her slender legs. I could brutally abuse her pussy without her being able to do anything, but I wanted both of us to feel the heat and passion and wanted her to feel good, not bruised or scared. I began to increase the tempo and thrust in with more ease. Her juices were acting as a good lube, which meant there was no struggle in putting my dick into her.

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   I began banging her harder and putting all 7 inches of my wood into her craving box and I buried my head between her rack, while moaning in pleasure.
“Harder, faster” she panted.
I didn’t need to be told twice and obliged willingly.
I fucked her pussy as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her smooth as, which each thrust making a loud noise. There was a bit of me which was afraid of being caught, but I was in too much pleasure to really give a shit. After a couple of minutes of fucking hard in that position, I flipped her over into doggie style. For a momentI considered shoving my penis into her asshole but I didn’t want to cause her pain and she might scream if i put all 7 inches up her rear passage and wake up her brothers, or worse her parents. Therefore I opted to carry on ploughing her pussy. She climaxed once again and this provided the final edge for my cock. I knew i was about to release my cum.
I didn’t intend to become a father any time soon, so i hastily pulled out of her and muttered, “Turn around Zayna babes, im about to cum. ”

She turned around and put her head a few centimetres away from my cock which I was stroking off at an incredible pace. She squeezed her tits together and opened her mouth, patiently waiting for my climax. She licked the tip with her tongue quickly, flashing it across fast, but this was too much for my bursting cock to handle.

I released more cum than i had ever doing whilst wanking over porn.

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   I blasted a huge amount into her open mouth, a big wad onto her sexy long hair and some more onto her cheeks and forehead. I aimed my cock at her breasts and spunk flew onto her boobs, coating them in my slippery white sperm. I released a couple more drops, which remained on my pulsating cock. I sighed deeply in pleasure as my cumshots came to an end. Zayna opened her mouth and showed me the cum i’d sprayed down her throat. Then closed her mouth, smiled sexily and swallowed, opening her mouth again to show no cum left. She licked her own nipples and tits to get more of my sweet tasting cum, and licked it all up. She took a hold of my receding boner then and licked up the last few drops off the tip.

We then stood up and cleaned up. It was 4am by now. She gave me a long passionate smooch on the lips and then left the room, not before saying seductively, “ If you want more, you know where to find me” and winking. I drank some more water before also , leaving the kitchen and returning to the living room where my mates where sleeping. I lay down in my sleeping bag thinking about the events which had just occurred in happiness. I had lost my virginity, not to my beloved girlfriend Kate, who I still deeply loved with all my heart, but my best friends’ hot sister. I checked that both Shankar and Karam were asleep and then turned to see that Adam wasn’t awake either.



Unfortunately this is where my night went pear-shaped. Adam’s eyes were wide open, staring at me. I gulped in fear.

“Alright” I said nervously, trying to subdue any inkling of deception in my voice. “Did you just wake up?”
“No,” he replied bleakly. “I saw everything that just happened. ”

Part 2 coming soon: what happened next that night 

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