Camryn: C04


----- 4 --I was naked, on my chest, and under Corey’s bed. The two sisters blocked either side of me. Corey grabbed at my arm. “Don’t touch me!”“Corey leave him alone for now, it’s not your fault, go play in my room and don’t let mom near this one. ”“It not your fault Corey,” I mimicked angrily, “it’s all mine. ”“No it’s not, it was a misunderstanding, it’s nobody’s fault. ” Camryn was pleading with me. “Corey, just go to my room and wait, I’ll fix everything. ”“You can’t just fix me; I’m not your toy. ”Camryn’s face was about to pop in tears. “Please Corey. ” Corey obeyed leaving the room with her clothes in her hand. As the door shut Camryn scurried up to lock it. I followed crawling from under the bed. I was going to put my clothes on and leave. The lock clicked and Camryn pounced on me; I was almost all the way out.

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  “I’m ready, we can do it now. ”“What?”“We can have sex, right now. ” She was laying on my back pinning me down. “I don’t want to anymore, your sister ruined sex for me. ”“Please don’t say that. I’ll tell Corey to leave you alone from now on. Please, I really want to do it with you, only you, and now. ”“I don’t want our first time to be in your sister’s room when I feel like this. Tomorrow, if you really want it and aren’t just saying you do; I’ll come over tomorrow afternoon, and I don’t want to see Corey. ”“Ok, ok, but you have to come over tomorrow afternoon. ”“I will; can I leave now. ”“Just wait, I want to give you a little present to encourage you to be here on time tomorrow. ” She got off me and pushed my body over. My flaccid penis now chilled in the open air. Drying cum, mixed with Corey’s vaginal lubricant, and a few fluffy things from the shaggy carpet were meshed into it.

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   Camryn looked around and walked on her knees to her sister’s dresser and pulled out several pairs of her clean panties. One by one, she used the small underwear to wipe my penis clean. When it got dry, she spit some saliva to it and proceeded wiping me down. Slowly, the shaft of my organ pushed out, growing into a larger, stiffer, and more manageable object to clean. Finally, she seemed to have gotten it completely cleaned off. I looked down to the perfect girl’s body bending down into my cock. Her mouth inhaled my organ and every muscle in her mouth began working. I had just orgasmed several minutes ago into her younger sister’s womb, and now, I could feel the buildup of another about to go down her throat. I sighed in disbelief. She began bobbing up and down just as if her mouth were a vagina; her tongue swirled every direction on my shaft and my mushroomed head. Oh, when her tongue licked my head, my entire body tensed in joy. I think she noticed too. As she kept bobbing, she stopped her tongue’s broad lathering of my entire penis and focused it solely on my head. Not even two minutes after staring down to Camryn giving all her determination to my one lone organ, her attention focusing solely on my most sensitive tip, I had to explode. Just as if her mouth was a vagina, my hips began bucking slightly and my cum blew in boiling geysers up her mouth.

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   I took her by complete surprise. My cum first pounded into her enveloping tongue and splashed back down out of her mouth, then without resistance as she moved, the streams of my semen poured into her esophagus. Her clamping lips on my shaft with her throat pounding in and out made it look like she was almost choking, but she wasn’t coughing. After numerous streams of my sperm shot into her mouth, I stopped. It appeared that she stopped swallowing too. She pulled her head up, keeping a closed shut barrier around my shaft. All the way to the top, she sucked her lips shut. Her pink flaps of skin met each other at the tip of my penis and she pulled away, stringing a line of cum between the two entities previously one. She looked to me and smiled just before she gulped a few more times. “You should have told me when you were about to do that,” she gasped, “I had react fast from what my friends say they do. ”“I’m sorry, I wasn’t really thinking. ”“Well, that was amazing; that is something to brag about to my sister on what I got to do and she didn’t. ” I didn’t want her sister near me again. She brought trouble and sadness everywhere she went. “Corey already did that to me earlier today.

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  ” Camryn’s face turned from amazing pleasure into pure hate. “Really, then you definitely won’t have to worry about seeing her tomorrow. ”---I woke up, took a shower, and ate a great breakfast the next day. I was so excited. I was going to have sex with the girl of my dreams; this was going to be the greatest day in my life. Also, this was the last day with my parents, tomorrow on, for two weeks, I got my entire house to myself. There would be no trouble in privacy with Camryn if her parents were home. I almost skipped next door. My parents were at home packing, not worrying about me, and Camryn’s parents were both at work. Just her and I and a dream come true, that is if she took care of her little sister. I think I turned her against Corey pretty well. I knocked happily on the door - a courtesy. Usually after about fifteen seconds, I would walk in if no one answered and it was unlocked. I heard faint shouts from the second story and someone running down the stairs. The front door flung open to Corey’s beet red, tearing face.

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   A large dark handprint shone across her cheek. “I hate you!” she yelled at me just before running out the door. Camryn ran down the stairs and stopped at me. “I didn’t mean to take it that far, please stop her. Please. ” I looked to Camryn’s tearing face, then over to Corey running away. I wasn’t getting any if I didn’t do anything. I turned and ran after Corey. She was heading for the small woods by the park. I kept my distance but slowly gained on her. I would catch her in the thick of the trees. Trying to hold a twelve year old girl still and calm her down would be a bit embarrassing in the middle of the street. She broke into the woods. Then I did. Now I could catch her.

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   I ran full sprint and caught up to her easily. I reached my arms out to grab hers but she swung her fist back and smacked me in the face. I slammed my foot into a tree root and flew forward onto the ground. My right forearm slid across a rock, grinding the skin apart. The pain was tremendous but it only bled a little; I shrugged it off as best I could, I had to catch her. I stumbled up onto my feet and continued. Luckily she had slowed and turned to check on me. With that flaw, in no time I reached and grabbed her into my arms. “Get off me, I hate you! You told Camryn everything!”“You lied to Camryn about letting her do it to me first and keep getting me in trouble!”“So!”“So I’m just a toy to you now, you could care less about me, just as long as you’re happy. ” I let her free; she had a way with making me angry. “You can run away then, I don’t care anymore. ”I dropped my arms to my legs and looked to the ground. Corey turned to me. “I didn’t mean it like that. ”“Then what did you mean.

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  ” I knew she wouldn’t be able to make up a believable lie, she had to admit it to herself soon how selfish and destructive she was. She looked down to her shirt. “There’s blood on me. ” I was silent. She thought a little bit. “Let me see your arm. ”“Why do you care?” “Please. ”“No. ” Corey ignored me and reached down and twisted my arm. There was a large purple pool of blood lingering under my bruised skin with various scrapes slowly leaking it out. “You’re hurt!”“It’s barely bleeding, it’s not that bad. Don’t worry, your toy will heal. ”“You’re not a toy. I really like you but you like my sister so, so, I’m a little mad, that’s all. You were supposed to have sex with her today for your first time.

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   Mommy said she’s coming home early today so it’s probably too late now. But we’re alone now, so if you’re in the mood, you can use me instead. ”“Why?”“I know how boys don’t like waiting. I can tide you over until tomorrow. ”“Won’t Camryn get mad at you, and then hate me because of it. ”“I’ll make sure she doesn’t, she said that we can have sex since it might make you more open with her. ”I looked up to Corey pushing down her pants and panties in one motion. Her bare vagina glowed under the misty light breaking through the canopy of leaves. She pulled the two pieces of cloth off and kicked her shoes from her feet. Before I took two more deep breaths, she had her shirt on top of the pile of clothes. A gentle wind rolled over the floor stirring the plants into each other, a chilling breeze. Corey shivered. Normally, her naked body was just a naked body, but outside in the woods, she was a scared naked little girl looking at me to touch and molest her. My dick worked in perfect par with my mind. “Come on,” she said pulling off my shirt, “you’ve got to go inside me and leave that warm stuff in there, I’m getting a little chilly.

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  ”Her body was tight and flat. No distinguishing fat or muscles, no breasts, no bulge, no hips, barely a butt; she dropped my shirt onto hers and pushed her lips around mine. “Feel me. ”My uninjured arm lifted up between her legs and caressed the fissure separating the two halves of her body. I was sooo horny. Sex with a little girl in the woods; a small cluster of trees locked on the edge of a park in suburbia. I struggled with my wounded arm to unbuckle my belt, pop out the button, and undo the zipper to my pants. Our mouths were locked into a heated battle of lust. I was making out with a little kid, touching her, groping her. I would want to kill myself after this, the ultimate betrayal to Camryn, having sex with her little sister and actually wanting it, liking it. No time to think, my penis wanted relief. Corey was playing on my passion with massive encouragement, a dream come true to her. I rested her naked butt on top of the piled of our clothes. I shimmied out of my pants and boxers as fast as I could, and pulled them under Corey’s back. She was smiling so big, staring at me.

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   She then looked down her body to her vagina, to my penis hanging at her entrance. “Please, do it hard and fast, so hard and so fast, I want to explode. ”I pressed my mushroomed head into her slit and slowly slid it into her incredibly taut tunnel of soaking tissue. Her eyes rolled back as my entire length filled her body. I looked down to her dreaming face, the back of her head on the belt of my pants, her hair tangling itself into the earth. “Fast,” she cried. I pulled out from her almost completely. Then I slammed back into her inadequate body. Her teeth ground into each other to keep from screaming. Her tiny chest began glistening in her perspiration sweat. I continued my deep hard thrusts. I pulled out, and pounded back in; pulled out, and pounded back into her body, gaining my speed. Her entire form bounced under me, her face shifted about under extreme pressure, she wanted to pop. I wanted to pop her. Her mouth opened as her eyes bugged out.


   My penis was being attacked by her vaginal muscles. They clamped and pounded into me; her natural lubricant began forming faster and faster, such an abundance. I pounded back, still thrusting in and out of her. Corey’s mouth and eyes opened wider. So much stimulation. Her entire body was in the rush of an orgasm while I ignored all the signs and kept viciously molesting her. I grabbed her by the sides and pushed my thumbs into her nipples. With her pouring sweat, I encircled the discolored skin with the pads of my thumbs. I dropped down easily while continuing my thrusts and tongued her gapping mouth. I licked and sucked at her tongue. My thumbs teased at her nipples while my sexual appendage rolled through her vaginal hills. She was about to pass out. Her second orgasm came strong. I had to clamp my lips over hers to muffle her screams and moans. This time, the squeezing tissue walls of her tunnel pouring massive amounts of liquid onto my penis got to me.

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   Her reproductive organ’s spasming muscles brought back memories of the tight squeezing world of penetrating her for the first time ever. She milked me; in her impossibly small hole, I unleashed all my sperm. What was killing me to be released was now killing Corey upon its arrival. It boiled away inside her; the hot searing liquid shot like bullets into her body, onto her cervix, into her womb. Her entire body was shaking, she was undergoing massive convulsions. I don’t think she was really conscious then, her eyes stared dead into nothingness as her face showed the emotion of floating off to heaven. I stopped teasing her nipples and rapped my arms around her. I quenched out the pain of sliding my stinging arms over her back and squeezed her naked body into mine. My cum stopped spraying into her. Her vagina stopped seizuring. My eyes unglazed and stared into hers. She looked almost dead, it was so long before her concreted twitching body started coming back into the real world. She was shivering, jolting, panting like she was scared half to death. Her muscles slowly began loosening. Her toes and fingers uncurled.

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   In my arms, I felt the new dead weight of her body float down to gravity. Her vagina was still boiling my intruding rod. Her eyes showed that my welcomed guest was still very much welcome to stay inside her. I pulled my mouth off hers to take in more of her body. She stared back up at me in complete amazement for a few minutes as my eyes roamed over the top half of her aching body. I was holding her, protecting her, I just about killed her and brought her back to life. She swallowed. “Wow! And you were holding that in for my sister, now I feel a little guilty. ”I hadn’t even thought about Camryn while I had sex with her; why did she have to bring that up. I let loose my grip of her. “I’m sorry,” she said. “You don’t have to feel guilty; I wanted to do that to you, you, Corey. I’m the guilty one for liking it so much. ”I pulled my body up and withdrew my penis from her. Corey was in shock.

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   She finally received all that she wanted but at the cost of destroying it right afterwards. “It’s ok; you’re allowed to like two things at the same time. You can like us both; Camryn already said that we can have sex. ”“She thinks it will help me like her more, but it’s only making me like you more. ” I stood up and pulled on my boxers. Corey stood up and followed suit with her clothes. She could see that I wanted to leave and had to be dressed to follow me. I finished putting on my shoes. I started walking, Corey followed. “Can you give me a piggy back ride please; it’s kinda hard to walk right now. ”“I’m sorry; I don’t want to touch you right now. It’s not you, it’s me, I’m too weak to be around you anymore. ”“Please don’t say that, Camryn will understand, please, I can’t walk all the way home. ”“I’m sorry; you should just go back to hating me. ”I didn’t even turn around to look at her, I just ran away.

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   I ran back home, I ran into my bedroom, jumped on my bed. I was getting tired. Why did I have to be this way?

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