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My name is Tommy and this story is about, Charlie, my 16 year old girlfriend. Her being 16 wouldn't be that big of a deal but I'm 18, so its illegal for me to be tapping that sweet ass. I love freshman because that usually means fresh-pussy. I've been all over her since she first started high school. After about a month and a half of flirting she finally was my girlfriend. Usually I would just hit it and move on but Charlie was different.

The first obstacle was getting her older sister, Amy, not to say anything to Charlie about our time together. It took some convincing but she said it would be fun having something over me. The second one was to stop sleeping around so much, that was much harder. I decided to narrow my list down to only a few since quieting cold turkey was to hard. My sexual partners were now down to only my sister, stepmother, and the school nurse. You know family comes before anything else and the school nurse is just so hot, with her tight nurse's outfit and sexy Asian accent.

The third obstacle was her parents but Amy help convince them that if they forbid Charlie to see me then It would just make her want to act out and be with me more. They not only let me date her but also allowed me over to the house. Probably thought they could keep a eye on me better that way. The only down side to making a hot virgin freshman my girlfriend was that she wanted our first time to be special.

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After awhile of just making out and felling her up (on top of her bra) I talked her into sending me nude photos. They were amazing. She used her cell camera and her bathroom mirror. She started off with a white tank top that you could see her pink bra under, with blue and pink panties. As the pics continued, she lost her clothes untill she was completely naked. I looked at them and fantasized about fucking that blond pussy, while my sister's big brown Latina ass bounced up and down my hard cock. I could feel her juices run down my shaft and make a pool around my dick. She screamed my name, there's nothing like your own sibling screaming your name while bring their self to orgasm, I suggest you try it sometime if you haven't yet.

She got up letting my dick slip out of her slick cunt, she sucked me off till I came, she only let me cum in her sweet pussy when she had a boyfriend, so I got the knocked up, she could tell our parents and him, that it was him. We came up with that plan after our first scare, when her period was late.

Anyway, back to Charlie. Today was the the day we were finally going to fuck or the way she put it was make love. At the last minute her parents made it family day, since her dad didn't have to go into work. She invited me over anyway so here I was. I had sneaked into her window and sat on her bed while a waited for her to get out of the shower.

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   while I waited Amy walked in and decided to keep me company. We talked awhile and before I knew it we were kissing. She more experience then Charlie, not to mention tits two sizes bigger than hers.

I took her tit out and sucked on her hard dollar sized nipples while she pulled my dick out and gave me a quick hand job.

"I told you that this would be fun", Amy said as she licked my sticky cum off her finger. I used a pair of Charlies clean panties to clean my self and put them back into her drawl. Charlie rushed into her room and looked the door behind her. She had a towel wrapped around the top of her head and a towel wrapped around her wet naked body. She ran over and talked me down onthe bed. She showered me with kisses.

"What was that for, not that I'm complaining", I asked.

"Just because I love you", She told me. She stared at me.

"I love you to, baby", I told her with out missing a beat and it was true.

That was the first time we had said that to each other.

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   I could see it in her face that she was mine. As She leaned down to kiss me again, her towel unraveled and her wet hair tickled my face. She now straddled me, her bare thighs were smooth against my sides. My hands pushed up her towel over ass and I squeezed them. She let out a surprised gasp.

"I'm ready", She breathed into my ear.

She grinned her hips into my dick.

"But every bodies home baby", I told her.

"I know, doesn't it turn you on that, my mean old daddy might hear you fucking his baby daughter?", She asked me.

I'm not gonna lie that did turn me on and it wasn't just her father, there was also her mother, sister, little brother, and her grandpa. It was a full house and virgins tend to be screamers. I knew from plenty of experience, for example just last week (I know, you thought I narrowed my list down but, everybody slips up) this virgin 16 year old light skin black chick, screamed so loud her neighbor ran over to check if she was okay. He didn't think riding a white boys dick on her parents bed was okay, I had to run for it.

Anyway I couldn't refuse Charlie if I wanted to. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed.

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   I pulled her towel open. She was even hotter than her nude pics showed. She put her arms up over her head.

"I trust you", She whispered.

I'd never had a girl just lay back and tell me she trusted me, there always scared its gonna hurt. Her wet hair spaded across the bed. She took one last look at me with her big green eyes as I pulled out my hard cock, then she closed them waiting for me.

"Shit!", I cursed.

"What wrong?", She asked still not opening her eyes.

"I don't have a rubber on me", I told her.

"So, It will still work without one, wont it baby", She said.

"But what if you get knocked up, your parents would kill me", I responded.

"That sounds like a problem for future Tommy and Charlie, we should just let those guys worry about that", She smiled.

I can't believe she just quoted my favorite show "How i met your mother" to tell me she didn't care if I fucked her without protection. I knew there was a reason I thought this chick was spacial.

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   I leaned down and kissed her.

"Whats that for?", she asked.

"Because I love you", I whisperer.

I pushed my head against her pinkcunt lips, she instinctively pushed her hips up to meet up thrust. I needed a little more lubricant.

"Spit on my hand baby", I told her.

She did it without questioning it. I took her spit and rubbed it against her pussy and my dick. She giglled when I did her.

"I do the same thing when I masturbate, my mom taught me" She told me.

"Really", I ask.

"Yeah, but I like it a lot more when you do it to me", She moaned, because at that moment I pushed into her.

I kept moving in and out of her till I made my way to her hymen. The whole time she made little moans as I pushed into her.


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  . . . . . Ahaaahhhh. . . . . . Ahaaahhhh. . . .

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  . . Ahaaahhhh", The sweetest sound I had every heard.

I pushed against her cherry and popped it, her moans went octave higher but not that loud and she didnt show any pain in her features, just pleasure.

"Mhmmm, Why havent we, Mhmmmm, been doing this, Ahaaahhhhhh, all along" She asked.

"You wanted to wait baby", I told her. Sweat rolled down my brow.

"I'm so mad, you should of just thrown me down and did it" She said in mock anger.

I couldn't take it any longer. I leaned back and pulled her up so I was on my knees and she was sitting on top of me. I started thrusting in her as hard as I could. Before I knew it I was cumming, I never cummed before the girl. I was in shock but it felt to good. Her 36 b tits bounced in front of my face, with her small pink nipples pointing at me. I sucked on one as hard as I could to stop myself from screaming with pleasure.

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"Oh God baby, Oh God baby, are you cumming?" She was moaning so loud.

I pumped her as full as I could. I was exhausted, My dick softened and slipped out of her. She kept grinnding her hips into me. My hot seed dripped out of her pussy and mixed into our pubic hair, into her light blond triangle of freshly trimmed pussy hair.

"I can't believe I didn't get to to orgasm baby!", I apologized.

"Its okay, you'll have to make it up to me later", She laughed.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Who was it?.

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