Jason and Allison


Jason was 5'11" with dark blonde short hair.  He was 16 years old
 and a sophmore in highschool.  He was very skinny, only 120 lbs.  
One day he was sitting in his computer class spacing out while the
 teacher taught about how to make a word document, when 
something jerked him out of his daydreaming.  Allison, the girl who 
sat in front of Jason, had just walked into the class.  She gave a 
pass to the teacher and sat down.  She was about 5'7" and she 
had long, curly red hair that went almost the whole way down her 
back.  She had a beautiful freckled face, and a nice body.  Jason 
looked at her and saw that her ass-crack was showing out of the
 top of her jeans.  Jason felt his seven inches begin to harden 
because he had a very slight fetish for buttcracks and he had 
always fantasized about fucking her.  He always looked forward 
to computer class because even though she was not at all a slut, 
her juicy ass always seemed to pop out of her tight jeans.  Jason 
concentrated on his computer screen so his cock would get soft 
again.  Class was almost over and he didn't want to be 
embarrassed standing up with a stiffy.  The bell rang and the class 
At the end of the day, Jason went to the swimming teacher's  
office because he had to make up a class that he missed.  The 
swim teacher told him he had to do 10 laps.

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   Jason said ok and 
went to the locker room to change.  He went in and was horrified 
to see that Allison was taking off her backpack and getting out 
her bathing suit.  Jason turned around to leave when Allison said, 
"No! Wait!" He stopped and she continued, "Some girl threw up 
all over the girl's locker room so she told me to just change in the 
boy's. " "Oh.  All right. " Jason said.  He went to the corner of the 
square changing area and took off his clothes.  He couldn't 
resist turning around, and he saw Allison turned around and 
taking her panties off.  Jason quick turned back around and had 
his swim suit halfway up his legs when he heard a knock on the 
door.  He spun around at the same time as Allison.  Jason was her 
eyes quickly flick to his soft cock.  He quickly pulled up his suit and 
walked to the door and opened it.  
An older kid was standing there and said, "Sorry I just have to get
 my bag I left it here. " Jason let him in and walkeduput to the pool 
where Allison was getting into the pool. When she saw him she
 waved and said, "Hey! She told me to tell you to do 10 laps, then 
she left.

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  " Jason nodded and got into the pool.  The water was freezing, 
and he felt his balls start to hurt.
 He did his laps and finished a little before Allison.  He was walking 
over to the bench where he put his towel when She finished.  She
 walked over in her too-tight one-peice that the school made her
 wear and asked him who was at the door.  He told her it was just
 some kid who left his bag.  "Ok. " she replied.  They walked into the 
locker room and turned on the showers only one of them got hot so 
they stood together and washed the chlorine off their bodies.  Allison
 rinsed off and winced.  "This thing is killing by boobs," she said
 indicating her swim suit. Jason was surprised because Allison 
was usually really shy.  She untied the string at her neck and pulled
 down the top of her suit exposing perky breasts and pink nipples
 that were hard from the freezing pool.  She began massaging 
her breasts and after a while realized that Jason was staring at her.  
She turned around and walked over to the changing area.

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followed her, embarrassed, and he went over to his corner.  He 
took off his wet suit and dried his cock that was shrunken from the
 freezing water.  He turned to his locker that he put his clothes in 
and saw a lock that was't his locking him out.  He turned around 
and saw Allison completely naked with a smile on her face.
"What the hell?" asked Jason. Allison just walked up to him and
kissed him. "I've wanted you for so long," she whispered into his
ear. Jason returned the kiss clumsily because this was his first real
kiss. He put his arms around her naked body and pulled her closer.
Her breasts pressed into his body and he pulled out and Allison
got on her knees. She watched in amazement as his 3 inch
shrunken cock turn into a pulsing 7 inch monster. She grabbed
it and felt her pussy get moist. Allison stuck out her tounge and
began to lick his rock hard cock. She licked up to the tip and put
her mouth around his head. Jason moaned in pleasure as she
put four inches into he warm mouth.

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   She bobbed her head back
and forth for a long time until Jason said, "Shit I'm gonna cum. "
Allison got off and sat down on the bench and put her finger up
her soaking pussy. Jason walked over and lowered himself to
her shaven pussy. He stopped her hand and pulled it out of her.
He lowered his head and licked the delicious juices that had
dripped down. He flicked his tounge over her clit which caused
her to moan. He put his fingers up her pussy and pumped back
and forth. She moaned and started to breath heavily. He kept
going and she started screaming her whole body shivered as her
pussy contracted around Jason's fingers. "Oh shit," Allison breathed.
"That was the first time I've ever came. " She put her fingers in her
pussy and licked off the juices. Jason turned her over and she got
on hands and knees. He grabbed her ass and put the tip of his cock
on her dripping slit. She gasped as he put his head into her virgin

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   He pulled out slightly and then pushed more. He was three
inches in when she cried out as her virginity was taken. Jason put
the rest of his stiff cock into her and started to pump slowly in and
out. Her pain slowly turned to pleasure as he went in and out faster
and faster. His balls were smacking against her and she cried out
as she orgasmed again. The clenching of her already tight pussy
was too much for Jason and he pulled out at the last minute and
sent four strings of hot cum all over bare ass. He pulled out with a
slight pop and lay back, exhausted as Allison wiped the cum off her
ass with her fingers and licked them off.  "Mmm. . . " she moaned as
she got up. She quickly entered the combination to her lock and
tossed Jason his clothes. They both left the locker room and
parted with a smile.

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