Jim, me and the girl next door


I was only putting the bins out late at night when across the dark lane I made out two people. I crept up and saw clearly by the light of the full moon that it was Cathryn, the schoolgirl from next door and another neighbour, Jim. Cathryn had really developed during these last few months - but as I was 10 years older than Jim I didn't really think there was any point in thinking about her.
But here they were - outside her front gate. She up against the pillar, he with his legs apart. I could see the whiteness of Cathryn's legs and his hands were busy, one under her skirt and the other inside her blouse. She was moaning. I crept nearer, behind our hedge and looked through a gap - only some eight feet away. Cathryn was moaning and he was feeling her up. He kissed her and her young body pressed against him. "Jim . . . . " "Sshh," he said, "or your dad will hear". I thought that would be a tragedy - for both of them! He'd probably kill Jim! Soon I could see her panties down her legs and Jim had his cock out - he was pushing it between her lovely legs and she was squeezing her legs together and pressing her body into his.

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He did this for a while, and asked her to hold her hand around his coch as he pressed in and came out, while he was obviously finger fucking her hard.
Her breathing became faster and faster as Jim pressed his flesh between her legs right near her 'v' and his hand was busy as his fingers brought her to a climax. "Come on" he said, and forced her down on her knees as he took his cock to her face - he grunted two or three times and I saw his cum fall on her face and down over her tit. He left her quickly and went to his house.
She stayed there for a while on her knees and then a light came on in the hall of Cathryn's house and her mother's figure came to the door. She called out, "Coming mum," and took her panties off to wipe her face, closing her blouse. I saw her mum in the light give her a strange look and she ran in.

It was exactly a week later when I saw her coming home quite late. We met in the lane. " Hi Cath - no Jim tonight then?" "What do you mean?" she asked. "I think I could do better that him last week - and make you feel better". She stepped back, "You saw us? Oh no! Please don't tell," she whispered. "I won't tell, but I'd love to kiss you too, and then, definitely I won't tell dad," I replied. "Come in for a minute, my wife's in bed," I said. She hesitated, but came.

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   "Now for that kiss Cathy". She looked up at me and I put my hands each side of her face. She closed her eyes, and I brought my lips down on hers. Soon, she opened her mouth and my tongue went searching for hers.
I took my hands away and pressed her young body to mine.
"I am older than Jim, but I will be better for you," I said. I felt her young ass under her short skirt and drew her in. I wanted everything at once, but led her in to my sofa. " whispered,"Sit down, open your legs". She did. I knelt in front of her and fingered her through he panties. She moaned quietly, and I took them down. I began eating her, tonguing her clit, and pushing my tongue into her. "Please, don't do much, or I'll cum too soon," she whispered. "Ok, Cathy, you take me in your mouth then.

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  " I rose from my knees and she moved forward on the sofa. She soon had my stiff cock in her hands. She looked up and said, "I haven't done this before. " "From what I saw a week ago, you're a fast learner" I said. She smiled and I was soon fucking her face with half my cock in her mouth. I held her head and pushed it in. She was a natural and took it to her throat. She gagged a little but pushed it back in herself like a pro.
"Has someone fucked you in another hole?" I asked as she looked up her eyes shining because she love it. "Only young boys," she said, "and they don't count. " "I want you - all of you Cathy . . . how old are you?" "I'm 16" I picked her up and put her to lean over the sofa. Her lovely ass faced me.

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   I fingered, two fingered her love hole again and she pushed back against me. Two fingers were tight. My cock was thicker.
Very slowly I pushed into her, but she pushed back. I leaned over her back and fondled her breasts moulding her stiff nippled and kissing her neck. Soon I was inside and began thrusting. I found it difficult to hold back, and I knew Cathy was not far off. She came quite easily, she was young. "I love you . . . at least I love you fucking me. " she said quietly.
My cock filled her and we were both working hard . .

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  . "I'm going to cum soon . . . . " she said, and I felt her tighten around my cock. If Jim could see this! "Cum baby, cum for me Cathy". She did! She squeezed so tightly it hurt. As she slowly came down from a high, I pulled out. Like last week, but more so, she was dazed. I turned her round, and thrust my cock in her mouth. Soon my cum gurgled on her tongue . . . "Now babes, swallow that".

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   I washed her face and her pussy and took her home . . . well, to the door, where I hope her mum didn't smell my cum on her lovely daughter. .