Laura and Kelly- Young Duo


It was going to be my senior year and I really wanted to try something new, experience something that I never had.   Playing on the soccer team turned out to be that new experience.   I had never played soccer before, but I had never really had a tough time with any sport.   I am pretty athletic and have a pretty strong build; I am 6 feet tall and weigh 185 So I joined the team and started going to the summer practices twice a week.   A couple weeks before the season there was a little kids’ soccer camp that I thought I would help out at; even though I wasn’t really that good at soccer yet.   I arrived at the fields at 8:30, before any of the counselors got there.   All of my friends played soccer so I met up with them at the fields.   We all started getting are cleats on and practicing passing when we saw the girls team show up.   Soccer was a fairly popular sport at my school, so it wasn’t a surprise that a lot of the hot girls played soccer.   My friend Sean and I started talking about the girls.   “God I really need to get some,” I said to “Yeah no kidding, I don’t want to go the whole summer without some action.   I really don’t have much time left,” he “Well maybe this soccer camp is a good opportunity for us to get some girls.   How about we make a pact… you and I have to at least make out with a girl before the end of the “I agree with that pact, dibs on Sarah by the “Damn you. ”  Sarah was probably one of the hottest girls at our school.   She was in our grade and almost everyone wanted her.   She was beautiful and had gorgeous ass and legs to follow.

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    Sean had wanted Sarah for a while so I just let this one The campers started showing up and we started separating into groups.   We were all paired off into groups with five counselors and one adult coach.   Sean was in my group so we were pretty happy.   There was another friend of ours in the group, Kyle, and then two girls.   The two girls were quite a bit younger than us, but they were good at soccer so they were able to coach the camp.   Their names were Kelly and Laura and they were both 14.   As soon as we were in our groups we were assigned campers and we got to work teaching them how to pass.   I couldn’t help but check out Kelly and Laura; even though they were a little young, their bodies seemed pretty mature.   Kelly was absolutely gorgeous and everyone in her grade knew it.   Her mom was hot too, and Kelly had her beautiful blue eyes and brown hair.   She was tan, had a nice round ass, and had great long legs.   Her counterpart and best friend, Laura was very cute for her age.   She wasn’t as pretty as Kelly, but she had a great body.   Laura’s tits were a little bit bigger than Kelly’s, both of them probably had b cups, but I thought both of their boobs were perfect.   Like Kelly, Laura had brown hair, but she had green eyes.

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    I would be glad to hook up with either of At the campers snack time I pulled Sean aside.   “Dude, even if they are 14, I think Kelly and Laura are “Chris, you are 17, and yeah, you are way too old for “Sean, I know but look at them they are fucking “Yeah you’re right.   Everyone would bow to you if you got one of “Because dude, they are fricking gorgeous and they are so innocent.   Neither of them has ever even kissed a “Are you “Yeah I am “I need to get one of them, I need “Well I think you could.   All those little girls think we’re hot, my little bro told me.   He said that those two talk about you all the time, and say how lucky he is to know you.   Besides they were definitely flirting with you during the Sean and I talked a little more about the camp and then we had to get back to work.   After snack time we helped the kids work on their shooting skills.   Laura and Kelly were looking as hot as ever in their short shorts and white camp t-shirts.   Then the best thing of the day happened, it started to rain.   It didn’t just rain, it poured, and it poured cold, cold water.   All of the campers ran to the building by the fields, but we had to pick up all of the equipment.   I started picking up soccer balls and when I looked up, Laura was standing right in front of me with a ball bag.   The first thing is saw was her soaking wet t-shirt.   I could see the outline of her gorgeous tits and her perky nipples.

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    I couldn’t really see exactly what her boobs looked like, but it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra.   Then I heard a voice come from behind me, “Come on slow poke, you’re making us get all wet. ”  It was Laura and she giggle after her flirtatious statement.   I turned to see her also dripping wet.   I could not believe how gorgeous she looked in the rain.   Water beads slowly rolled down her face and I watched them all the way to her tits.   She wasn’t wearing a bra either, and I could see her amazing round and perky tits.   Her nipples were standing at attention from the cold rain too, but they seemed to have a little darker of a shade than Kelly’s did.   I managed to utter a sentence out of my awe, “Well if you two would help me out, it would be a lot “I am sure it would be,” Laura said as she gave me a wink.   Did she just make a sexual reference to me?  I wanted to take them both right there, but instead, we hurried up and got inside.   Everyone went home because the rain wouldn’t let up, and later that night I told Sean all about what had happened.   “You lucky bitch,” he “Yeah but I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow to do anything else.   I can’t wait for The next day we all worked really hard to make up for the time we missed because of the rain.   There was almost no time to say anything more to the girls, but we did manage to have some little flirty conversations.   As the day progressed, I caught myself staring at Kelly and Laura more often.

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    I wanted them so badly that I couldn’t think of anything else.   The camp day went by really fast.   Almost everything was picked up and put away except for a few ball bags.   Then my coach said to me, “Chris can you put away those bags?  Here is the key, just lock it up and put the key under the mat when you are done.   I have to leave, so is there anyone that wants to help him?” “We do!” Kelly and Laura shouted excitedly and raised their “Ok then, you girls help him. ”  This got me so excited, some time with just me and the girls.   We walked the bags down and joked along the way.   The room where the balls went was pretty nice, it had a couch and two chairs to sit on in between practices.   “Well thanks girls for helping me put the bags away,” I told them when we set the bags “Oh we really wanted to help anyways,” Laura “Why is “Because we wanted some alone time with you,” Kelly “Really?  “Because… well it is kind of embarrassing, but both of us have big crushes on you. ” Kelly giggled, as they both “Don’t be embarrassed girls, I think you are both really pretty. ”  Their faces got beet red, and I said, “Has either of you ever kissed a boy. ”  I regretted it almost immediately after I said it.   They are going to think I am a creep I thought to “Nope, but do you think,” Laura said with a long pause, “do you think we can learn with you. ”  I couldn’t believe it, this was my dream come “Yeah you can, that would make my week.   Kelly how about you go first.

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  ”  Kelly’s face was still really red and you could tell how nervous she was.   She walked up to me “What if I am not good at it? You will hate me. ” Kelly said “Kelly, there is no way you will be bad, and I could never hat kissing you. ”  She giggled and showed me her beautiful smile.   I brought her close to me and gave her a few pecks on the lips.   She was starting to get into it so I put my tongue in her mouth and we started to make out.   I couldn’t believe how good she was, it was the best kiss I had ever had.   She knew just the right way to move her tongue and she was starting to get me “Hey, I want to learn too. ” Laure interjected as she gazed and I grabbed her and didn’t give her a chance to be nervous.   I started the same way that I had before, trying not to push it too far.   We didn’t make out for too long because she broke off and said, “Wow, you are such a good kisser. ”  Before I could respond, they both started giggling and staring at something.   I immediately looked down and saw how hard I was.   Instead of getting embarrassed, I played it cool and said, “Do you girls want to see it?”  They got really excited and jumped down onto their knees.   “Whoa, hold on.

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    I don’t  know if I want you to see it, I am kind of embarrassed. ”  Truth was, I wasn’t embarrassed, I just wanted to see them naked too.   And my plan “Well we could let you see us too,” Kelly “Yeah I am kind of nervous too.   So maybe we could do it together?” Laura “Yeah that sounds good to me,” I replied.   They started to take of their cleats and socks as I took mine off.   Then we move on too our shirts.   I paused as I watch these gorgeous girls unfurl their treasurers that no one else had ever seen.   Once again they weren’t wearing bras.   I turned to them and said, “How come you girls don’t wear “We usually do, but we were hoping one of these days you would notice. ” Laura “Oh I noticed yesterday, and I loved it. ”  They laughed a little.   I looked at their perfect tits, and got even harder.   Kelly had brown nipples to match her tan skin, and her tits were amazingly round and had perfect shape.   Laura’s were a little bigger as I said, but she had pink nipples and a few tiny freckles that showed her Irish heritage.   I stopped them and said, “Girls, do you think I could feel “Please feel them Chris, please.

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    But… are they okay?” Kelly asked.   She really wanted them to pleas me and both of them looked “Girls, your boobs are perfect. ”  I moved toward them and made a daring move to start kissing Kelly.   I then began to rub her nipple and Laura’s at the same time.   Soon they began to moan and I started squeezing their tits.   I switched between Laura and Kelly, kissing them both.   Then I started to suck and kiss Kelly’s nipples.   She was perfect in every way, and I couldn’t get over how badly I wanted her.   She started to moan so loud that I closed the door to make sure no one heard.   I switched to Laura and immediately after I was done with her nipples they dropped to their knees.   Laura started pulling down my shorts as I looked at her cute smile and freckles.   Kelly then took care of my boxers and my dick sprang out at their faces.   I saw the look of wonder in their eyes as they looked at their first penis.   Right away Laura, being the more daring of the two, asked, “Can I touch “Please touch it, I want you to so bad,” I replied.   It took no further coaxing, Laura started stroking my dick.

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    She then did one of the sexiest things ever and grabbed Kelly’s hand and made her do it as well.   Looking in amazement, I couldn’t believe two beautiful girls were giving my eight inch cock a hand job.   Laura then took my dick and stuck it in her mouth.   She began by kissing the tip and then trying to down it; Kelly still was using her hand as this was all going on.   Their small hands felt so good on my cock that I thought I was going to explode.   Laura couldn’t get my dick very deep, but it still felt great.   Kelly then took over and I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum.   She had me the hardest I had ever been.   Amazingly she took in most of my cock and sucked like a pro.   I myself started to moan a little, and Laura said, “We want to make you feel good.   We want to make you cum, and do it in our mouths. ”  This was like a dream.   I looked down to see how beautiful Kelly looked with my dick in her mouth, and that was it for me.   I came so hard in Kelly’s little mouth, and then Laura took a hold and swallowed what was left.   It felt so good that I couldn’t help shouting and moaning both their Now it was their turn.

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    “How can I repay you girls?” I “Could you finger us?” Kelly asked timidly in her shy voice.   They then began taking off their short shorts so that I could not resist.   Both of them were wearing sexy thongs and they spun around to show me their round asses in them.   Then they took off their thongs and spun again to show me their shaven pussies.   “Oh my god, you girls are so fucking hot. ”  I couldn’t help myself; I moved right in toward Kelly impatient to give her her first orgasm.   As I got closer I noticed Kelly had little hairs, which gave her pussy a little fuzz.   It was so cute and made me hard again.   I couldn’t believe I was hard again already.   I started by licking her young pussy, and then I started to kiss and bite her clit.   She almost cried because it felt so good.   I put my finger in her pussy, it was unbelievably tight, and began to finger her.   Continuing fingering her I moved over to Laura and started licking her.   But Kelly couldn’t take it anymore, she started panting and then yelled, “Chris please, just fuck I turned to her and said, “Are you sure you want to do “As sure as anything, and we are both on the pill for our periods so you don’t have to worry. ”  As soon as I heard this I got on top of her.

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    She guided my dick right in to her pussy, and I got to work.   Her pussy was so tight, and I loved it.   I got to her hymen and pushed through; she took it like a champ and didn’t even flinch.   The virginity of the hottest 14 year olds at my school was all mine.   I fucked her wildly and she moaned and screamed my name.   She yelled, “Chris fuck me harder!”  And, “Oh Fuck that feels good!”  The entire time Laura was kissing me and I was squeezing both of their boobs.   Kelly’s just felt so perfect, and then I moved to squeeze her ass.   Her ass was just so round and firm, I loved it.   I had only been squeezing her ass for a minute before she orgasmed.   Watching how good she felt made me cum.   I shot the biggest load ever right in her She sat up and took Laura’s place kissing me as I squeezed her tits.   My cock was still inside of her and she acted like she never wanted it to come out as she hugged “Oh my god, Chris thank you so much.   Whatever you want, whenever you want it, I am yours. ”  Kelly said.
            I leaned over to Laura, sucked on her nipple, and then said, “You’re next…”

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