Matt and Susan part 4


     Matt pulled her close and whispered, "Baby, would you like to leave the beach?"

     Susan could feel his closeness, and she whispered, "Yes, I'd love to!"

     They trudged out of the water, and Matt was happy to see that the other 2 beach goers were stretched out sunbathing, not paying any attention to them. They toweled off, and Susan slipped on her bikini. The way the bikini just barely hid her naked charms and assets just got Matt going again.

     Matt picked up the cooler, and Susan picked up the towels, and they made their way back to the Caddy. Matt stashed the cooler in the trunk, and Susan put the towels in with it. They got into the Caddy, and soon, they were back on the road. Thirty minutes later, they were back in Susan's house.

     "Wait here for a bit, sweetie", Susan said.

     She went into her room, and took a look at herself in the mirror. She had a few patches of darker pink skin, where the sun had touched her a bit harder. It stung a bit, so she applied some aloe vera gel. It immediately took the sting away. Susan was more interested in the heat rising from her pussy. She took out her second set of sexy knickers, the jet black number. Time to rock Matt's world again. She put them on, and the feel of that thin strip of fabric pressing snugly against her ass crack, made her asshole twitch with lustful twinges.

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   She assumed the position she had been in last night.

     "Matt, could you come and help me with something?", she called out.

     The look on Matt's face, when he saw her just like last night, this time with her sexy g-string, made Susan's pulse race. Matt pulled off his Speedos, and strode toward her, his thumping cock hard and ready, leading the way. He pressed against her, and his cock pressed against her ass cheeks made her ache for his stiffness to be buried right up to the balls in the fiery furnace between her legs. She turned around, and he clutched her in a tight embrace, his mouth raining burning kisses all over her body. Susan cooed with pleasure as he kissed her flushed skin. She pulled Matt towards her bed, and pushed him down on the mattress.

     "Watch me, Matt!" she said.
     She clicked on her CD player and she began to dance, her body writhing sinuously to the beat. She swayed like a belly dancer, her body swaying back and forth, smiling at Matt as she saw his rock hard cock. She turned her back to Matt, so she could give him a show, her sexy ass swaying back and forth for Matt's eyes, making Matt cock throb. The sight of her ass swaying back and forth like that just made him wild with desire, the sight of her naked cheeks, with just the thin strip running up between her cheeks made him hot. She peeled off her g-string, and danced over to the side of the bed. Matt was gazing at her, his body flushed with desire for her, she climbed on top of him, and climbed atop his face.

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     "Eat me Matt", she growled huskily, "I am so fucking hot, lick my pussy, and let me cum all over your face!"

     Matt pulled apart her inner lips, and his tongue swept into her hot channel. Her pussy was hot and slick with her cream, and Matt ran his tongue into her honey pot, licking out all her juices. Susan groaned with pleasure, Matt was such a WONDERFUL pussy licker. Matt was fired up, the sight of her bare, shaved pussy really got his motor running. His tongue swept all over her smooth shaven pubic area, he just had to lick everywhere he could. His tongue went back to her pussy, and he brought his fingers into play. His fingers teased the hood of her clitoris, and Susan was giving off those wordless gasps of pleasure that he knew so well. Susan's clitoris was throbbing and straining, hard as a rock. Matt covered her straining bud with his mouth, and his tongue surrounded her throbbing clit, stoking it, lashing at it, running long broad stokes along it, until Susan felt like she was going to fly apart. Her orgasm was racing at her like a runaway freight train.

     "Oh my God!", she gasped, "Lick me Matt, yes yes, oh my God I feel like I'm gonna blow apart! Lick me lick me, yes, yes, yes, YES!!" she shrieked.
     Her pussy exploded, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm exploded. She felt like her head was going to fly off, as her orgasm shook her in a giant burst of pleasure. Her pussy was a wash of hot juices, which Matt was sucking down hungrily. She could feel her body shaking from the pleasure.

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   She was incredibly turned on, she needed more. She rolled off Matt, and quickly arranged herself on her hands and knees.

     "Fuck me Matt", she growled, "Shove your hard cock up my burning pussy and fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me!"

     Matt quickly got his cock into the ball stretcher, he needed something to slow him down. He tightened the cock ring, feeling it clamp down on his cock. Matt got behind Susan, and she led him up to her entrance. Matt give a big push, and his cock was buried in the steaming hug of her inner recesses.

     "Yes, oh YES!" Susan gasped, "Now let me have it, FUCK ME SWEETHEART!!"

     Grasping her hips, he slammed into her again and again. Matt's cock was buzzing wildly as he plowed her furrow, over and over. Matt rode her, Susan was giving off gasps of pleasure. His steely cock was slamming into her like a piston. The words she was using, also had Matt sizzling. Now that they had got past the idea of being virgins, Susan was expressing her sexuality more openly. Matt decided that it might be a good idea if her tried it too.
     Matt growled, "You like the way my hard cock is fucking your sweet pussy, baby?", as he slammed in and out of her.

     Susan gasped, "Oh my God, Yes! Fuck me Matt, let me have what you got!"

     Matt growled, "I'm gonna fuck you baby, and squirt my load into your burning pussy! Your pussy is squeezing me like wild, and it's gonna suck everything right out of me!"

     Susan growled, "Yes, shoot it all into me! Fill my womb! Oh my God, YES!!"

     Her pussy exploded, wrenching and spasming wildly as her orgasm slammed into her.

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   Her body shuddered wildly as she shook from the force of her climax.

     Matt loosened the cock ring, and slammed into her one last time. His cock exploded, throbbing wildly, pumping a thick load into her. His climax made Susan cum again, the spasming of her pussy sucking every drop out of his prick. They collapsed in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

     After a few minutes, Matt said, "WOW, that was frickin' INCREDIBLE! Baby, you are just out of this world!"

     Susan replied, "Oh my God, I feel so HORNY, and so turned on, I just need to let everything out, physically and verbally! I hope you weren't shocked by how explicit I was!"

     Matt replied, "Baby, hearing you enjoying it so much just fired me up all the more! If you want to verbalize during lovemaking, I'll be glad to have a hot conversation with you any time!"
     Susan giggled, Matt always knew how to make her laugh, he was such a fantastic boyfriend.

     They lay together, enjoying the afterglow for a while. About 20 minutes later, they got up, and got dressed. They still had all of tonight, and Susan shivered with pleasure at the thought.

     Matt said, "How about we go to The Mill for dinner? I'd really like some German food!"

     Susan said, "Oh, yes, I'd love it! They have the BEST rye bread in town!"

     They got into Matt's Caddy, and soon they were parked in front of the Mill. They went in, and soon were seated, and scanning the menu. Susan wanted a taste of their well known specialties. She ordered the combo special, Weiner Schnitzel, Bratwurst and Rouladen, with spatzle and red cabbage. Matt ordered the roast Goose, with dumpling and sauerkraut.
     Just after the waitress took their orders, Susan giggled to Matt, "Gonna let somebody cook your Goose?"

     Matt chuckled, and said, "Maybe after dinner, I'll have to goose those beautiful cheeks of yours!"

     Susan could feel a warm glow spread through her.

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   Every time Matt said anything even slightly sexual, it just zinged through her, and made her feel hot.

     Their meals arrived, and they both totally enjoyed their meals. Matt loved to watch Susan eat, it did his heart good to see a lady enjoying her food. Susan ate and enjoyed her food, she had a zest for enjoying the pleasures of life. It was all part of what made her such a wonderful lover, her zest for the pleasures of life.
     His last girlfriend had been some silly, skinny, cock teasing bitch, who did little more than move the food around on her plate, and after she would get him all worked up, stroking his cock to a rock hard and ready state, and then shut him down, leaving him with a case of stoneware cock and aching balls. Jeez, he hated that with a passion. He shoved that skanky bitch out of his mind, and got back to the here and now.

     After dinner, they took a walk, hand in hand, around the park. The sun was dropping towards the western horizon, and they walked around the lake, watching the ducks splashing in the pond. On the way back to Susan's, they enjoyed the summer evening, and soon, the Caddy was tucked away in the Underwood garage again.

     They heard splashings next door, and Susan snickered, "Oh god, is it Gail's horny parents again?"

     Matt chuckled, and said, "Let's go see!"

     They crept over to the fence, and peered over. It wasn't Gail's parents this time, it was Gail and some guy. It must be her boyfriend, Susan thought, although she was unfamiliar with who he was. She was clinging to him, and he had her pinned against the side of the pool, and his thrustings against her made it clear that he was fucking her wildly.

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   Judging by the look of joy on Gail's face she was loving his fucking.

     "Yes, fuck me Shawn, fuck me hard!" Gail growled, "Hammer it into me! I want that load you got, fuck me, fill my cunt! I wanna feel you squirt!"

     Shawn obliged, and he started to really ram it to her. Susan and Matt couldn't help but stare, Susan could feel her pussy juicing up quickly, and Matt's cock was rock hard again. Susan stroked the bulge in Matt's trousers, feeling it stiffen even more. Her breathing was starting to gasp, Matt slid his fingers under Susan's dress and ran his fingers over her panty clad crotch area, feeling the heat, pressing his fingers against her molten core. They watched Gail and her boyfriend, until Gail started to gasp and writhe, cumming explosively, egging Shawn on, and he exploded, pumping his huge load into his horny girlfriend's pussy.
     Matt took Susan, and they stripped along the hallway, by the time they made it to Susan's bed they were naked and ready for action. Matt pulled Susan's pussy atop his mouth, and Susan bent over, and wrapped his cock ring around his ready cock. She gave it a good tug, and quickly filled her mouth with his throbbing cock, and she felt his tongue slip into her moist recesses. Matt could feel her mouth, so hot, moist and alive, swallowing his cock right up to the balls. He groaned, and his tongue swept all over Susan's gleaming inner flesh, he loved to lick her pussy. Her flavor just drove him wild, he could eat her endlessly. Susan was breathing in sharp little gasps, making wordless sounds of passion as Matt's tongue pushed her higher and higher. Matt's tongue was strumming her clitoris, and she could feel herself boiling. Her orgasm seized her and shook her wildly as she exploded, her cunt wrenching wildly, her body writhing and shuddering, gushing a flood of her juices into Matt's eager mouth.

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   Matt's cock was throbbing, ready to explode. She loosened his cock ring, and sank her mouth down his cock, right to the balls. His cock exploded, squirting wildly, the jetting streams quickly filled Susan's mouth, and she was kept busy swallowing his massive load as she moaned around his cock, making sure that she sucked out every drop. It drove her wild, and she came again, her pussy spasming crazily as she felt another orgasm grab her. She flopped off Matt, glassy eyed and giddy from the rush of pleasure and the aftershocks that were twitching through her.

     She rolled against Matt, and whispered, "Jeez, what a HORNY family they have! And here I was thinking that Gail was still a virgin! I didn't even think she knew those words! She sure seemed strait-laced, not exactly a prude, but I thought if anyone in our class was gonna save it for her wedding night, it was gonna be Gail!"
     Matt whispered back, "They may be horny, but it certainly was FUN to watch them being horny!" he laughed, and gave an evil leer.

     Susan giggled, and said, "I must admit that, yes it was!"

     After a few minutes, they got up again, and got dressed. Susan and Matt crept over to the fence, and Gail and Shawn were no longer in the pool, or on the patio. Susan felt a pang of disappointment, she had wanted to see her best friend's sexy body again. Matt would also have liked to see Gail again. They went back in the house, and Susan cuddled against Matt as they relaxed in front of the TV.

The TV shows were boring, and they decided to just go to bed.

     "Let's hit the showers", Susan said, "We can wash each other's backs!"

     "Sounds like fun!" Matt said, with a grin.

     Soon, they were both naked and under the hot, steamy spray of the shower in Susan's parents bedroom. That shower was bigger and more luxurious than the one by her room, and Susan often "borrowed" it when her parents were not at home.

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   They ran the soap over each other, lathering and rinsing each other caressingly. Susan made sure that Matt's cock was clean as a whistle, his cock accommodated by becoming rock hard as Susan ran her slick soapy hands up and down it. Matt paid some loving attention to Susan's pussy, and she could feel her cunt twitching from his caresses. He ran his soapy fingers along Susan's ass crack, and she could feel her back door twitching with pleasure.

     After getting out of the shower, Susan told Matt to wait for 3 minutes, and then come to her. In her bedroom, she lit a single candle, and put on her sexy red knickers, tying up the strings, and she got on her hands and knees on her bed, her ass cocked sexily towards the door.
     "Ok, sweetie," Susan said, "come and light my fire!"

     She could hear Matt's feet padding along the hall carpeting, and then he was there. His cock became rock hard as he started at the beautiful way her ass was cocked at him, it quickly engorged his cock, when he saw her all hot and ready for him.

     "Ok baby", Susan cooed at him, "I want you to stimulate me as I stay in this position, then I want you to fuck my cunt doggy style! Think you can handle it?", she added, with a teasing note in her voice.

     Matt grinned, and said, "No problem there sweetheart, I can certainly handle that!"

     She could feel his body join her on the bed, and his mouth started to rain burning kisses all over her body. Susan groaned, it was like her skin was a giant mass of nerves, his lips were sending sizzles of pleasure racing through her. He reached down, and tugged at the ties and slowly pulled the knickers off her. She was now gloriously nude, and his mouth was all over her, licking at her ass crack, sending wild sizzles of pleasure zinging through her. His fingers stroked along her pussy lips, feeling the swollen crimson flesh, his fingers were coated with her juices.

     "Oh my God, I can't stand it anymore!", Susan gasped, "Fuck me Matt! Ram your cock into my cunt! I'm on fire, fuck me, I NEED to feel your cock squirting and shooting your load into me! FUCK ME!"

     Matt got his cock into the cock ring, and gave it a good tug.

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   His cock throbbed, he positioned himself at her bubbly entrance. His cock pushed forward, and he penetrated her, sliding slowly into a tunnel of tight hugging heat. Susan gasped, as Matt's cock filled her to the hilt. Matt's cock was buzzing, Susan's pussy was clamped tightly around his prick, milking him. Every thrust just drove his cock wild, she was so tight, it made his cock buzz, every thrust made his cock feel like an urgent request for ejaculation.

     "Oh Fuck, you cunt is so hot and snug, I'm gonna blow a gusher up your burning pussy!" Matt grunted.

     "Yes, oh yes," Susan gasped, "Give me all you got baby! Fuck me until I see stars!"

     Matt was grasping Susan's hips tightly, plowing her most inviting furrow. Susan was gasping, her orgasm was getting set. The position she was in drove her crazy with lust. Matt was fucking her like an animal, and she was taking it like an animal, just pure, animalistic passion. She wanted animalistic fucking. Matt taking her like an aggressive beast, and slamming his cock into her. Fucking her cunt like the female animal she was, and spurting his thick load into her. Susan was just about insane with passion now. His swollen balls were slapping against her swollen clit, and she could feel the burning fire of orgasm racing at her.

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   She was seeing stars as her cunt wrenched wildly, and her orgasm exploded inside of her. Susan howled like an animal as her pussy spasmed wildly, her orgasm tearing through her.

     Matt loosened the cock ring, and pulling her by the hips, slammed his cock in her to the hilt. The spamsing of her pussy sucked at his prick, and he roared as he exploded, his cock squirting wildly, his massive load coating the insides of Susan's pussy. They gasped as their orgasms shook their bodies.

     Susan flopped down, and Matt flopped down next to her. She grabbed for her towel, and just after placing it to her entrance, a big gush of Matt's load squirted out of her and into the towel. She did not need her Mom to see huge cum stains on her bed.

     Matt blew out the candle, and moonlight again filled her room. He pulled back the covers, and they slid in. She snuggled against Matt, and watched the moon riding the sky again. It made her feel like the moon was her friend, watching over her and Matt.
     "Goodnight, baby, I love you!", Matt whispered.

     Susan's heart pounded, he had actually said the L word.

     "Goodnight, sweetie, I love you too!", Susan whispered back.



     Susan felt like she could fly, he had actually said he loved her. She was hoping that Matt would say that word, she didn't want to say it first, and make him feel pressured into saying it. She lay her head down on Matt's shoulder, wondering if she would be able to sleep. It took a while, but Susan drifted off eventually.


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