My Little Sisters Friend Chapter 1


(This story did not really happen. . . Send me an email anytime ;) Looking forward to it)

There she was, Rachel Minding, sitting on my couch waiting for my little sister to get home from work. If I had to discribe Rachel in a few words it would be, sexy, beutiful and very fierce looking, but she actually pretty cool. Rachel was about my hieght, five foot three, with short black hair, and bright green eyes. She was always wearing short skirts so I couldn't help but notice how nice her legs were, and her 34DD bra size made my size 36C, looking like nothing. She was very slim and had fat in all the right places, much like me, although I could afford to lose some wieght in my thighs.

"Hey Rachel, would you like something to drink?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

"No thanks, but could I use Bekah's Comp?" She asked hopping off of the couch, and following me into the kitchen.

"Uh, sure it's in her room, you know where it's at. " I answered grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge, as she passed by me. Rachel smelled like roses and cigrettes.

I went up to my room, I was well, sending sexual emails to my ex boyfriend who was now in college six hours away. This year I was a senior in high school so, it's not completly embarassing but it's not something I would tell anyone, because I still had my V card. When I walked in to my room Rachel was sitting in my chair with her hand between her legs, doing something I couldn't see.

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"Rachel, what are you doing this is my room. " I informed her.

She smiled, her cheeks blushing bright red as she answered, "I'm just reading your nasty little emails to Garrett, and I have to say I'm a little turned on. I mean Kat you have such a way with words, I mean I just started reading  and look I'm already all wet. "

She turned in my chair and spread her legs so I could see her clean shaved pussy dripping wet. I turned my head embarrassed, "Okay I get it, close your legs. "

"Oh it's not like some one could see, Kat. I mean no one is home but you and me, but yea know, these emails should be shared with the world, I already to the pleasure in forwarding them to my email. "

I felt heat rush to my cheeks as I turned toward her, she had started to masturbate again, "You what?! Stop doing that!"

She spread her pussy lips so I could get a good view, "Lick it our else I'll post them on facebook. "

"Your kidding right?" I asked turning my head away again.

"Kat, I own you now. "

I walked over to her chair and got on my knees and started to lick. Rachel started to moan and her legs wrapped around my head. I had never done this before, and was really nervous. "Suck it!" she moaned.

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   I did as she asked and her moans got louder, I felt myself gettting alittle turned on, as she moaned in timing with my mouth. "I can tell you've never done this," she said, between her moans of sexaul stimlation, "but try harder. "  and she hit my head hard. "Fuck yes! that's more like it! Eat my pussy just like that! I'm cumming!" I felt Rachel's body shake as she came once and then twice!  her pussy juice was all over my face and chair.

Rachel hopped up off my chair leaving me kneeling infront of an empty dirty chair. Before she closed my door she said, "I want you to clean that chair up with your tounge and enjoy it. I'll be texting you soon so keep you phone free, my sex slave. " She laughed and shut the door behind her.

I started to clean up the chair with my tongue as instructed by Rachel, and then later that night I masturbated thinking about her pussy and what was to come. After I was done, naked with my fingers still inside my pussy i thought, What have I gotten myself into?


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