Pool Party Seduction Ch 3


Chapter Three
Update: Gloria’s father just finishing taking the virginity of a second teen, Jane. Jane ate her first pussy then willingly took a load of sperm in her fertile womb, hoping to get pregnant. After the second deflowering, Rick told the girls he needed a rest before he could perform again.
Rick left Trish and Jane laying on the kitchen table. Trish was panting softly. Jane’s was laying there with a contented smile on her face knowing that she had a pussy full of baby making sperm. Rick left the kitchen with his sandwich and a couple of beers. He paused at the door and remarked, “Make sure you clean up andy spills. He could hear the girls giggling. He knew what they were going to do with the chocolate syrup. He barely finished the second beer when he fell asleep.
Gloria was the instigator of the next incident. She took the bottle of chocolate syrup and poured it onto Trish’s and Jane’s bodies. Making sure that their tits and pussy received a generous share. Now lunch is served, she announced. After filming both girls covered in chocolate she handed the camera to Megan who continued to film the action.

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   Gloria sucked the first chocolate nipple then the first chocolate pussy. After an few more squirts of chocolate, Gloria told the rest of teens to lick them clean. Trish and Jane moaned their approval. It had only taken 15 minutes and Gloria knew her father was not ready to fuck again. She looked in the living room and saw him asleep. Returning to the kitchen she told the girls to get cleaned up and then come back to the kitchen.
Amber was the last one to get a shower and return to the kitchen about a half hour had passed since Rick had fucked Jane. He was still asleep and Gloria did not want to awaken him just yet. She passed each girl a bottle of beer. Now drink up. Lets have some fun. By the end of the second beer, each girl was beginning to get a little tipsy. They were giggling and slurring their words. They were feeling no pain as the saying goes. They were also horny as hell.

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   Amber screamed I want to be fucked. Let’s go wake him.
She rushed into the living room and began sucking Mister Rick’s cock. He let out a moan. Oh, Gloria, that feels great. Amber did not hear what Rick mumbled. She was hard at work sucking the cock that she hoped would soon be inside her. It was her turn and she desperately wanted to a cock insider her.
Rick was deep in slumber. He was living his fantasy of fucking some of his daughter’s friends. He only wished it was his daughter. She was as hot as her friends. He could see a Gloria in his mind. She was bare ass and topless and playing with his cock. She began to suck his cock and he moaned, Yes, Gloria suck me.

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Gloria heard him and new now that he would indeed fuck her. Amber had a hard cock in her mouth but she did not want him to cum in her mouth. She wanted him to cum inside her pussy. Gloria bent over and told Amber to mount him before he goes soft. Gloria helped Amber position her father’s cock at the entrance to her virginity. Amber winched as Rick’s cock broke her hymen. She lay there a few moments until the pain subsided, then began to fuck Rick.
Rick was having visions of fucking his daughter. He began to respond to her movements. Oh baby, your so tight. Fuck daddy, let me fuck you baby. He opened his eyes wanting to see his baby bouncing on his cock but instead he saw Amber with her big tits bouncing. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight.
Yeah big boy fuck me good. Fill me with sperm like Jane and Trish.

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You want to get fucked big tits.
Yeah, fuck me.
Okay. He then rolled off the sofa and positioned Amber on her back. Her legs were draped over his shoulders as he entered her again. She screamed as he pushed into her virgin ass hole. My god stop, you’re too big.
Relax and it won’t hurt as much. Rick waited until he could feel her muscles relax then began to fuck this 15 year old’s plumb round ass.
Amber’s pain soon turned to pleasure. Oh my god, don’t stop. A few more strokes and he was ready to blow his load. He eased out as Amber cried No, No, put it back in. Her screams turned to Yes, yes, oh yes as I put it in her pussy. Then I unloaded my sperm deep inside her womb as she had her own orgasm.

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Rick looked up to see Gloria with the camera and smiled. That left Megan a true red head, Alicia a blond, Heather a brunette, and Gloria his daughter.
He told the Megan, Alicia, and Heather to lie down on their backs. Now Trish, Jane, and Amber, pick a pussy and eat it. I want their pussy moist and soft when I fuck them. Trish picked Heather, Jane picked Alicia, and Amber crawled between Heather’s legs. This really was an orgy now. Three pussies were being eaten while three asses stuck up in the air. He grabbed Trish and rammed his cock up to the hilt in her ass hole. She sreamed then begged for more. Rick pulled out then rammed into Jane’s ass hole. She to screamed at first, then begged for more.
Okay, switch places. Now Megan, Alicia, and Heather jhad their asses in the air. Rick took his cock and entered Megan’s pussy took her virginity in one stroke.

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   He then moved to Alicia and fucked her virginity away. Heather was the last one. He placed his messy cock at Heather’s pussy and rammed it into her. Now only his daugter was left a virgin. Heather would get his last load of sperm deep in her pussy. It took awhile until he could cum. Four of the six teens had his sperm in them.
Megan and Alicia felt a little disappointment. They lay on the floor nursing their sore asses.
Megan asked Rick, “What about us, don’t we get any baby juice.
Yes but not right now. I will finish with you after supper.
Gloria put down the camera and stood next to her father. See I told you he would fuck you all.
What about you.

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   You want him too. You said so.
Daddy you are going to fuck me. I heard you say so when Amber fucked you.
Yes, baby I am going to fuck you but not until tonight. All your friends can watch as you get your baby juice.
Rick went to his bed room and closed the door. He was a sleep in minutes.
Next: Gloria finally feels the joys of being a women.