Sarah Woods Part 1


Looks for 17 year old Sarah Woods was no problem to bare. She could shy away the most fearsome predators with just a glare into its eyes. With blonde hair with light brown streaks, splayed out past her shoulders. Her perky breasts was almost a complete distraction from her long legs that formed at petite buttocks. Sarah’s only weapon for what she wants was her sexy body. She was a sex machine, her lust desired everyone and anyone that wanted her. One school morning she awoke wearing only light blue panties and matching bra. Suddenly the urge of sensation crept through her body as she slid her hand down her panties to feel her vagina and rub it as she squeezed her legs together, biting her lip. Sarah rubbed harder and stuck her fingers into her hole and started to masturbate under the blankets as she started to moan softly before the tone got louder. Ecstasy erupted as she nearly came on her blankets before pulling them out as her name was called.
‘Sarah, come on school is about to start. ’ Said a boys voice, before her step-brother, Joel, opened the door. ‘What are you doing?’
Sarah swung out of bed quickly just as Joel saw the wet patch through her panties. She noticed this before stopping to show off.
‘You like what you see?’ She asked innocently as she paced towards him.
‘I’m lost for words.

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  ’ He stammered.
‘Do you want to touch it?’ Sarah teased.
‘Oh definitely. ’ Suddenly he dropped his bag and got onto his knees before pulling her panties down and jamming his face into her wet pussy. As he licked and played with her clit, he poked his finger into her hole and started probing it. Sarah nearly lost her legs as she pressed his head deeper into her legs, moaning. Without knowing what happened suddenly, Joel got up and placed her down on her knees before taking out his cock and sliding it into her mouth. Eyes bulging, she ate the whole 6 inch cock of her step-brothers and slurped as she bobbed her head back and forth. Grunting, Joel held her head as he thrust his cock harder into her mouth, nearly making her choke.
‘God your so fucking good on my cock. ’ He grunted before without warning shooting his cum into her mouth which she swallowed proudly.
Taking his cock out of Sarah’s mouth, he pulled her up and bent her over the bed on all fours as he mounted her. Joel shoved his cock into her tight pussy and started fucking Sarah doggy style. Her pussy lips sucking his cocks dry each plunge he takes.
‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.

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  ’ Joel warned before withdrawing and started wanking his cock over face. Sarah opened her mouth as cum spewed over her face and spilt into her mouth before sucking the cock again.

Part 2 coming soon….


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