School Adventures


Please not the characters in this story are purely fictional and if they resemble anyone you know then that is purely coincidental.

These Tales are about what happened to me during my school years, they are very saucy, dirty and will make very horny. Feel free to rate this, and by all means jack off to it.

I am a sixteen year old boy, 5’’6, quite chubby and I wear glasses not the best combo I know but I would have never predicted what would happen to me on this very eventful day in school. Id been asked to go into school and help out some friend with some movie me being the nice guy I said yes.

I get to school and every ones there waiting for me, I go get changed and we start filming. Scene by scene we got through the film then the advance from Sophie, we were filming the scene and after we had finished she whispered in my ear, ‘meet me in the toilets in 5 mins’ and with that she grabbed my cock. I was stunned and with delay I rushed to the toilets where I was meet with Sophie waiting for me, she dragged me into the cubical and started kissing me.

At this point I was afraid because my cock wasn’t very big only six inches and 2 inches girth but that didn’t stop me. I took over and started to kiss Sophie all over teasing her, I heard her let out short quiet moans. I pulled the top of dress down and there in front of me were the biggest tits I had ever seen 36G I was amazed. My hands immediately started to squeeze her tits, pinching her nipples which I could tell was making her wet. She ran her hand down my body to find my stiff cock in my boxers wanting to break out. I let her take control at that point, she got on her knees pulled my trousers down and revealed the rock that was my cock she started teasing me with her tongue the she slipped it into her mouth sucking deep and fast. Every so often she would stop and tease with her tongue and suck my balls, I grabbed her head and forced her back onto my cock because I knew I was ready to blow my load at any point, I moaned ‘im going to cum’ she smiled and continued to suck harder I felt my steamy cum shoot out of my cock into her mouth she pulled back and I released the rest over her face and tits.

I picked her up laid her on the toilet lifted up her dress and started to run my fingers up her legs until I found her soaking panties she was dripping! I pulled her sticky panties down and immediately stuck my tongue straight into her pussy, I felt her juices all over my face, her breathing was getting heavier and her moaning louder, I moved my tongue up to her clit licking it faster and faster then I heard her say ‘bite it’ without hesitation I bit her clit and her whole body filled with ecstasy and she pushed her pussy into my face I knew it was time for me to shove my cock in her.

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I started rubbing my cock around her pussy and on her clit she was begging for me to stick it in her. I pushed the head in and I heard her wince with pain I continued and she was fucking tight as this WAS HER FIRST TIME. Id thought shed slept with loads of boys but no I was her first. She pulled me close and whispered in my ear ‘I want you to destroy me with that cock’ I wasted no time and started pumping into her harder and harder and harder she was practically screaming for more I thought that the people outside were going to hear my but they didn’t. I picked up the speed and pumped harder she was close I could feel her pussy convulsing I made one last push for it and I heard her let out a long moan she was in heaven. I was ready to blow my load she let cum inside her so I released my hot cum into her and I saw it dripping out. I pulled out and she had a massive smile on her face.

I said to her want to do this again sometime she eagerly said anytime and with that every so often we met up for a shag


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