Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 Part 1


Topic: Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 I was 17 years old and a junior at Belmont High in Missouri. I had been going to school at Belmont for two years and I was known pretty well throughout the school; with all the sports I participated in, it was hard for people not to at least know my name. My first year at Belmont broke way to something I never thought would happen. Although I was used to liking boys, I never thought that I would fall for an older man.
His name was Mr. Lee. He was about 30 years old. He was half Japanese and half American and to me, he was the epitome of handsome. He had tan skin, gorgeous brown eyes and a body that made any girl swoon. I had been in Mr. Lee's class in freshman year and I had been in love with him ever since. He hadn't noticed me much freshman year, but I was hoping that my being in his junior class would change that.
Since I had been in his freshman class I had grown in more ways than one. My entire body was toned, due to all the rigorous sports I participated in. I also gained a little more figure in wondrous areas. My breasts were a 32C and I thought I had a decent butt.

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   I had dark brown hair that flowed to the middle of my back in gentle waves and light green eyes. My mom always claimed I was a knockout, but so far I hadn't had much luck.
I stood outside Mr. Lee's classroom and watched him for a few moments wondering if he would remember me at all. Taking a deep breath I walked in and found myself a seat in the middle of the room. Mr. Lee looked up from his computer and smiled at me; I loved his smile.
"Ella Soleil, right? I had you in my class 2 years ago didn't I?" He remembered. For a moment I thought I was going to faint. Quickly, I pulled myself together.
"Y-Yeah, I was in your class freshman year-Creative Writing. "
"I thought I recognized you. Well, Ella, you're going to like this year. If I recall, you were quite the little brain when it came to writing. " I was so glad when the other students trickled in right after otherwise Mr.

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   Lee might have seen my cheeks blush a bright red.  
The first day of class went smoothly; Mr. Lee even made a comment or two on my interpretation of the text we read. After class, being my last hour, I headed home thankful that my sports had ended already in 2nd trimester. Throughout the evening I was distracted as I thought of Mr. Lee and how much I was looking forward to being in his class. My dreams even included him. I won't say they were clean, because that would be lying, but I will admit that they were fun to be a part of.
 The next couple weeks of school went by the same, including my classes with Mr. Lee. It seemed that any opportunity he could get he would point out what I thought about a passage or ask me to share something I had written. He even sometimes asked me to stay after class and discuss further on what was talked about in class. Those days were hard; being alone with him in the room. Mr. Lee didn't seem to mind sitting close to me and talking about anything, however, him doing so made it hard for me to concentrate.

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One particular day, he made it extremely hard for me to concentrate. We had been studying Shakespeare in class and had even done readings of some of his sonnets or monologues Shakespeare wrote for his characters. Mr. Lee asked me to stay after a particular lesson when we had been focusing on Shakespeare's most emotional passages in his plays.
"Ella-would you mind staying after class? I would like to share something with you. "
"Oh, no problem, Mr. Lee. "
I walked back into the classroom; my heart beating faster.
 "Ella, have you ever heard or read Shakespeare's Sonnet 18?"
"Not fully, no. Isn't that the one that says something about a summer's day?"
"Correct you are, Ella. " Mr. Lee chimed with a smile on his face as he walked over to a bookshelf and grabbed a huge book that had a picture of Shakespeare on the cover. Placing it on my desk, he stood behind me and opened the book to the correct page.
"Why don't you read the Sonnet for us, Ella? Breathe Shakespeare's words from your lips. " For a moment I just sat there and stared at the page.

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   Mr. Lee was standing so close I could smell his cologne and God did it smell good. As I started reading, he moved from standing over me to sitting in a desk beside me. Right before the last couplet, Mr. Lee took over from memory; his eyes closed. "So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this and this gives life to thee. "
"It's beautiful Mr. Lee. " Mr. Lee nodded.
"Shakespeare had a knack for writing beautiful sonnets. I know of another beautiful poem, not by Shakespeare, but just as beautiful. Close your eyes and listen to the words. " Mr. Lee began the poem and I found myself being held in a kind of trance by his voice.

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   After a few moments, he finished the poem, but I was still in my own little world. I only snapped out of that world when I felt a hand on the back of my neck and lips pressing against mine. Without thinking, I began to kiss the lips back, finding myself in a state of tranquility. I slipped my tongue into Mr. Lee's mouth and made our kiss more intense. After a few moments I felt Mr. Lee pull away abruptly.
"I should not have done that. I am sorry Ella. "
Waking up from my trance, I focused my eyes on Mr. Lee's face and studied it. He looked troubled. Finally finding my voice, I managed to whisper, "Don't be sorry. "
"What?" Mr. Lee's surprise was not hidden well.

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"I said don't be sorry Mr. Lee. "
"Ella, it is not right for a teacher to kiss his student. "
"I don't care if it was right or not Mr. Lee. I have been hoping you would do that for 2 and a half years!" As soon as the words escaped my lips I covered my mouth and my eyes opened in shock at my own audacity. Mr. Lee's expression changed to one of utter surprise as well.  
"You have been hoping. . . ?" His voice trailed off. In a panicked motion, I swept my books into my arms and darted from the classroom, leaving Mr. Lee there staring after me.  
The next day of class, Mr.

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   Lee acted as though nothing had happened. He carried on with his lesson as normal and even his interactions with me seemed usual. After class, he again asked me if I would stay after. I had a feeling that we wouldn’t be discussing Shakespeare, though.
“Mr. Lee, abou-“
“Ella. What happened yesterday… we have two choices. Either we can act as if it didn’t happen and carry on a normal teacher and student relationship which is the smarter idea for both of us or we can attempt what we started yesterday. I do not want you to tell me your answer now. This can impact both of our lives greatly and if we plan on continuing with it, it needs to be met with extreme thought. I will see you tomorrow Ella. ” With that Mr. Lee dismissed me and sat at his computer. I stood there a moment before heading out of the room.
That night held one of the hardest decisions I had yet faced in my life.

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   I could either follow my own desires and still see Mr. Lee and risk jeopardizing his job, or I could turn my back on the thing that had been my dream for the past two years. By the time I fell asleep, I had my answer.
The next day I had trouble focusing in any of my other classes; I was too nervous for what was to come in 6th period. Finally, the last bell of the day rang. Feeling my heart pound faster in my chest, I walked up to Mr. Lee as the last student left the room.
“Mr. Lee, I have made my decision,” As I spoke the words, Mr. Lee looked as though he were bracing himself for the answer, “If you are willing to like me as I like you and if you are willing to risk your job for this, then I will be yours Mr. Lee. ”
Mr. Lee heaved a sigh of relief and his eyes lit up. In a moment I felt myself pressed against him and his lips found mine and kissed me softly. Those years of me watching him and wishing he was mine had finally paid off.

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   This realization started a yearning inside of me; my hands traveled to Mr. Lee’s shoulders and they snaked their way into his soft hair. Mr. Lee lifted me up and placed me on his desk; standing between my legs he began to kiss me more passionately. He pressed his pelvis closer to mine and I felt the bulge in his pants. A fire erupted inside me and pressed him harder and harder against me, grinding into him. I felt his lips leave mine and his body move away quickly.
“Ella!” He said in astonishment.
“I-I’m sorry Mr. Lee. I must have got carried away. ” I smiled sheepishly at him, but there was a wicked glint in my eyes.
“Ella. You can have sexual relations with anyone, but it takes effort to truly love someone. I do not want this to be only about good feelings and desires of the flesh.

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Biting my lip I realized he was right. If I loved him as I thought I did, then I could avoid rushing into physical desires with him too quickly.
“I understand. ” I hopped off his desk and walked over to him and hugged him. “I should be heading off now. I’m sure you have homework to grade or something. ”
“Yeah, I got grades to enter in. ” He chuckled. “I’ll see you Monday, Ella. ”
I kissed him and then walked to the door.
“See you Monday, Mr. Lee. ”
Part 2 will be up shortly J

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