Shower daysss


so. . . this is how my story begins,
One day, was not an ordinary day. Let's start with me, I'm Anna, 13, pale-ish medium-ish skin tone, light blond shoulder length hair, and a HOTT cheerleader for the westwied Bulldogs. My ex-boyfriend, Coldy Drew, is a hockey player and on the A-Team, and is the captain.
 Colby's parents were going away, and he lives next door, and i have bunk beds, so his parents and mine decided he would sleep on my top bunk. How terrible I thought, he called me nosey and bossy, and i hate it when people diss me. But he is really hott. I just couldn't control myslef.
The first night we got along great. It was like the whole bad break up never happened and he was just another one of my girls. Now first I'm going to tell you this, I have not done anything with a boy. I havn't even kissed another boy. When i was younger, ther ewas this girl, and we did some stuff,but nothing except kiss, masturbate, and lick each others pussys. I told Colby I was gonna take the shower tomorrow.

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   In the morning. Then i started on about a dream where the was this guy who was looking at me in the shower. Then i said the wierdest thing
"You know, I never look at the door when i take a shower, if someone was looking at me, I don't wanna know who it was because I would rather not know, than be mad at the person for a while. Actualy, if I saw someone, I wouldnt care, it would actualy be quite flattering, and sexyyyyy. "
Colby looked at me like I was crazy, then i just smilled my litle sexy smile I use when I'm modeling bathing suits in the Summer down at the cape.
That night, I couldn't help myself, my mom and daddy were sleeping and i THINK Colby was sleeping, i hope not. I just had to rub myself, and I was thinking about Colby, and Cody from my twelth birthday, but that's another story.
After I finished, which was about 2 hours later, I climbed onto the top bunk, only with my gap girl boxers and my 36A bra, which was too tight. I wasn't wearing any underwear though. I climbed onto Jake and stated to nuzzle and kiss his neck. I guess he was in a similar type dream. I looked down under the covers, to relize he was only wearing these little, white tighty whiteys. It was reallly hott.  I started to feel his big dick, which was now getting a hard on, and i relized, hmm, let me stop for tonight, this will just be a nice tease for tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning, I woke up got undressed and got my towel from my closet.

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   I was still naked when I caught Colby looking at me. I pretended I didn'y notice when I walked into the steamy, white bathroom conected to my room with a bright pink door with a poster of a naked girl with a cake covered with a High School Musical poster.  Girls turn me on, hot, blonde, young big titty girls. Hmm, T to the a to the s t e y girl you tastey. I walked into the shower and looked back at cloby who was jerking off.
Hmm, that shower was so hott and steamy. I washed my hair and body, and took the shower nozzle down to let the water go up into my pussy. God that felt good. I kept doing that for about half an hour until i notcied colby standing there, naked. he stepped in and took the nozzle from me. I bent over and he put the nozzle top me ass and put his pther hand to my bursting tits and started to play with my rock hard nipples. I started to moan and breath so heavily. The nozzle was up against my ass, but the water was traveling down to my pussy, in a steady stream like a waterfall. God it felt good
Depending on how people like this story, I'll make a sequal. I can't think of what should happen next, but email me at xoxoAnnA0x0x.

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   ( i use that for my story's, my hot sisters name is anna and we, used to "play" with each other when we were little, and I don't like people to know my real name, even though you now know people call me Trishi. )