Speech Teacher Bangs High School Student


My name is Cynthia Wacker, but my family and friends call me Cindy for short. I work as a speech language pathologist (SLP) in the Anne Arundel County Public School System in Maryland. I'm a mature, 34-year old professional woman, about 5'8" tall, white, and outwardly look very professional.

And I have a confession. I like high school senior boys. They have to be at least 18 years old, of course, because I want to keep my job in case I ever got caught. Now, when I say I like them, I don't mean like in a platonic way, but in a hot and heated "I want to fuck them" kind of way. I've had many sexual encounters with students who I "serve" in the county. One of the most memorable times happened this past April.

There was a high school senior at Northeast High School who was getting ready for his graduation. He invited me to his prom, but I didn't attend because I feared that other teachers might recognize me. However, one evening I picked him up outside his house, and took him over to my house in Curtis Bay while my boyfriend was at work. We smoked some pot on our way there, making sure he was nice and high.

As soon as we got into my house, he rocked my world! All of our clothes were literally torn off and we went straight to the 69 position. I came and came and came. Then, about 15 minutes later we ended up fucking like there was no tomorrow.

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The school year is about to begin and, with that, some more school seniors who are about to turn 18. I'm looking forward to my next encounter, and again and again and again!.