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She was a gorgeous blonde haired girl, green eyes, and striking. I have been friends with her for a while now. We have been going on and off close friends to just friends. I have liked her for a while now, and I just couldn't keep her out of my mind. She is 5'1" short, but feisty. She has a b sized breast and very perky. A medium sized ass, and very skinny. Me on the other hand, I am 5'11", pretty tall and I weigh 180 pounds. I am a pretty buff and strong guy, for a sixteen year-old that is. I am a complete virgin, sure I messed around with other girls, but never worked up to having sex.

She was a complete catch, but she was too shy and nice. She was perfect for steady relationship type material, not a one night stand type of girl. I knew there was no way to get her to have sex before marriage. She was a big church goer.  

Her Birthday was coming up too, and not just any birthday, but it was her SWEET SIXTEEN. I couldn't wait to go, maybe I could get some action in as well.

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   Who knows? Her Birthday, was one that I would never forget either. It was a red carpet event. That meant ladies in dresses and guys in tuxes. I arrived to the party at 5 in the evening in a semi-stunning tux, and she was there greeting everyone. Her name was Jamie, and she was in a magnifiscent stunning white dress. it was strapless and hung around her small breast. I am not sure if anyone else noticed, but her nipples were rock hard and they were showing out of her dress. I nearly blew my load right there.    Since her breast were so small the dress was also small, so the dress wouldn't fall off. That just made it even better; the dress was hugging really tight to her amazing ass. The whole night I was distracted with that perfect ass of hers.    The party was centered around the 'Oscars' and each person got an award based on what they were to her. I was up, and my award was quite a shocker. "The sexiest guy", and when I looked at her she gave me a wink and a smile. This made me really horny, and I wanted her bad, really bad.

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     It was summer still, school was about to start up again. It was perfect to change into bathing suits and go out to the beach in her back yard. The sun was starting to set outside and we all went out to go for some night time swimming. All of us headed out and we all jumped into the water, it wasn't cold, but still a bit nippy. This just made Jamie's nipples just as hard as they were in the dress. She looked amazing in a bikini. . . . It was unbelievable how amazing she looked.    The sun was in its last moments of setting and I was looking to see where Jamie was. She wasn't in the water with the rest of us, I was looking around and had finally spotted her on the sand sitting by herself staring out at the sun. I got out of the water and started walking towards her, she didn't seem to notice. When I finally got there, she seemed startled to see me right there in front of her. I sat down right beside her and she smiled at me.

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   I stared at her, "Why are you just sitting here by yourself? Everyone is in the water. " I said. "Well, I like watching the sun set. It calms me, and it reminds me of someone. Someone I both love and am scared of. " She placidly said to me.    "Well, who is that?" I asked completely bewildered by her statement. "Isn't it obvious? It is you. I have loved you for a while now, and I just couldn't work up the courage to tell you. I was just too scared of what you would say. " It all just came out so quick. . . I didn't know what to think of what she said. I was sitting there.

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  . . completely astonished. The girl that I have fantasized about for the past year now, is telling me she loves me. What am I supposed to do? What can I do? Then a light bulb popped in my head, this is the perfect time to lose my virginity, and maybe to kick off a wonderful relationship.    "What if I told you. . . . that I love you more than you love me?" It just came out of my mouth, and it was done. My trap had been laid out. Now, I stared at her. She was so beautiful, and I could tell she wanted to kiss me just as much as I wanted to kiss her. I began to move in closer to her face and was about to kiss her when she came up. Jamie's best friend, Ashley walks up to us and sprays us with a water gun.

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   Jamie looked shocked and she started laughing, I couldn't help but laugh with her. She stared at me and gave me the 'follow me' type stare as she ran away back to the house.   As her face gave way, I followed her. We walked back into her house; her parents were out cooking for dinner on the grill. I followed her to her room. and I saw that the bathroom door was open and strange noise was coming out of it. As I entered the room I shut the door behind me, but her room didn't have a lock. As I shut it as quietly as possible, I moved to the bathroom. Boy, was I shocked to what I saw.    She was completely naked already with a vibrator in her hand and she was sucking on it. This girl that I thought was completely unattainable to having sex with me was butt naked playing with a vibrator. I had an instant hard on, but I didn't notice at first what I was doing till she said something. "I think I made you hard, and being the nice person I am. I think I might just help you out a little with this predicament. "   I looked down and my entire 7 inch penis was up, creating a massive tent in my board shorts.

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   Before I knew it, she was infront of me and kneeling down pulling my pants off. Now I am completely naked with her. Her amazing breast and her lucious ass. She was just to die for, and I couldn't believe she was mine right now. I stared at her and just like that we began to passionately tongue kiss in her bathroom. Her tongue had pushed my lips apart and where just going away with it. I couldn't believe we were doing this on her sweet sixteen.    As we continued to kiss, she got closer to me. Then my penis poked her in the stomach and she broke off. "Well, I did say I would fix this, so let's get started. " she said so casually. She bent down to her knees and she planted a kiss on the tip of my penis, and then she moved in. She got four inches in her mouth and I almost blew my load right then. "Wow, you're really good. " I said to her.

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   "I have a lot of practice on this" she said as she got out a pink vibrator out and stuffed it right between her legs into her pussy. It wasn't a big vibrator, but you could tell by the way she looked it gave her a lot of pleasure.    She continued to give me the best blowjob I ever had in my life. She was so good it was unbelievable. I was about to come, when all of a sudden I felt a pair of arms wrap around my neck. I turn around and I see Ashley there. I am thinking 'holly shit, I am done for' When she turns to me and kisses me. "shhh, keep going. I won't tell. "   Now Ashley, she is 5'5". A little taller, a dirty blonde size 34 C breast slender, nice bubble butt ass. I couldn't believe this, I have the girl I absolutely love sucking my dick and her hot best friend french kissing me at the same time. All of this got to me, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I blew my load in Jamie's mouth. She opened her eyes now and looked up and saw Ashley there. She didn't even give a second thought.

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   She swallowed all the cum and stood up and pulled Ashley over and gave her the hottest kiss in the world.    "I thought you might want to taste his oober tasty cum with me. " Jamie said in the most sexiest voice I have ever heard.    "Oh, you bet I did. It does taste really good. " Ashley said, and all of a sudden she kisses Jamie again and starts to slide the vibrator in and out of Jamie's pussy. All I could think is, 'what the hell should I do?' Though that question was soon answered, Jamie reached out for my already hard again cock and moved her hand up and down.    Jamie and Ashley broke off their kiss and they both gave me a devious look. Then Jamie finally said something while she continued to give me a hand job. "So, how would you like to fuck both us?" and Ashley chimed in as well. "Yepp, two unbelievably horny hot virgins? Right now?" I almost blew my load a second time right then. I couldn't believe it. I had two of the hottest girls all to myself tongiht.    I smile at them with my own mischevious stare and say,  "I don't know if my penis can handle fucking two virgin pussies. It might just be sucked off by these two tight vaginas.

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  " as I say this, I start to rub both of their pussies. Then they looked at eachother and both moved in to give me a threeway kiss. It was remarkable. Both their pussies were flooding with their love juices.    Jamie then broke off and started to suck my dick again while ashely continued to kiss me. I looked down and Jamie looks up and realeases my penis from her mouth and pushes her partner to the side.    "God dammit, just fuck me already. " Jamie moves to her bathroom door, closes it and leans on it sticking her butt out as far as possible. Ashley standing behind me pushes me towards her. "Hurry up and fuck the bitch! She needs it!"   I move in and put the tip of my penis right up to her twat, it was beautifully puckered hiding in their sheath. I told her to spread her legs so I could enter easier, and she more than happy to oblidge. I moved my tip up and down her slit, teasing her till she quivered in her legs.    "Hurry up and shove it in! I can't handle it anymore!" with a shaky voice Jamie yelled. Without a further a do, I gave a slight shove of my hips and I got five inches in her. She gave a yelp and her entire top half quivered and shook.

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   She was in pain, but that didn't stop me. I then started to move in and out of her wet juicy snatch. The pain completely left her body and she was now in complete ecstacy and had her first of many orgasms that night. Her pussy was so tight, I could feel it clenching down on my cock. Once she got accustomed to the 5 inches going in and out it magically just  started to suck my penis deeper into her honey pot.    Before I knew it, I had the entire length of my tool into her. She was amazing, and she just kept going. By my count she had already had 3 orgasms, and was still going strong. Though, I was on the edge. I was about to blow my load and I didn't have a condom on. I had to pull out before it was too late. "I am about to come baby!" I shouted with vigor. "Please, launch your load into me!!! Don't worry, I am on the pill!"   I knew even with the pill she could still get pregnant. I was about to come and I needed to pull out, but before I could. Jamie had the largest orgasm of the night and her pussy was tightening up even more.


   I couldn't pull out now, my long rod was stuck in there and I am on the verge of blowing it all. I couldn't hold it and it all came out into her belly.   I couldn't believe I just blew it all in her. I was still going strong after 10 seconds I was still releasing my seed into her. She fell from the wall and her hand went around her ankles but her knees stayed locked, and her pussy around my cock. She was spent.    I pulled out of her and as soon as I did, our mixed juices came pouring out of her love hole. I then remembered that Ashley was here too, I turned over but she wasn't in sight. Then I looked down and she was already on her knees lapping up the juices that were coming out of Jamie's well used vagina.    I looked at her and she had a craving look to her. She wanted it and she wanted it bad. Now Jamie was colapsed infront of the bathroom door and Ashley moved over to the toilet seat. She propped her hands on the seat and stuck her butt out. She began to pout and I looked down. Again my penis was upright and rearing to get some more action.

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   Usually it takes me a couple of minutes to get my penis back into the motion of things.    I walked over and she was soaked between her legs. I moved my penis close to her vagina. It was different with Ashley, instead of playing with her pussy. I just shoved the entire length into her pussy, tearing past her hymen and entering her pure womanhood without a second thought in my head. She arched her back and she had her first orgasm. Like I thought though, she bounced back to life and started to gyrate her hips to mine and began to fuck me. Her pussy wasn't as tight as Jamie's but it still belonged to a virgin and therefore was a fine piece of ass.    I kept fucking her and she kept going, pushing past 5 orgasms. I was now pumping in and out vigoriously, and she took every inch of my member into her. I was completely lost in pure bliss till Jamie tongue kissed me back to reality. I didn't notice she regained conscienceness and even put a dildo into her pussy.    She gave me one more kiss before she sat on top of the toilett seat and moved her pussy infront of Ashley for her to pleasure her to her 5th orgasm of the night. Ashley was more than prepared for this. She took out the 4 inch dildo and instead of shoving it back in, she took it and suck on it.

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   But instead of putting it back into Jamie's hot love button, she moves lower and begins to apply pressure to her asshole and Jamie convulses with pure pain and enjoyment.    Ashley is now completely butt raping her and I am still going hard at her pussy. I feel pressure applying at my balls and I am about to blow as well. I ask Ashley if she was on the pill and she gave me a muffled response with a mouthful of Jamie's pussy in her mouth.    I didn't know what she said, but that didn't seem to matter as she had her 6th and final orgasm and this one was like Jamie's. It latched on to my dick and it wouldn' t let go and I squirted love juice into her stomach as well. Just as this happened, Jamie also squirted juices all over Ashley's face and Jamie collapsed on top of the toilet seat.    I then see Ashley start to cry. "What's wrong, baby?" I try to comfort her.    "I am not on the pill!! I told you to pull out. " I was now in complete terror and frozen where I stood. . . . .

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     We all clean up and we walk back out to see what everyone is doing. It turns out the grill went out of propane and Jamie's parents went out to get some more, while everyone else enjoyed their time at the beach. The three of us walked out and were greated by everyone else to see where we were, and all we could say was we were out walking the beach and lost track of time.    We walked back to the house to have dinner and cake. As Jamie blew out her candles, her mom told her to tell her what she wanted the most right now. "Actually, I already got it. " Jamie stared at me right beside her and gave me a passionate kiss which I happilly returned. Though the only person not happy was Ashley, she stared at me intently with a face of pure gloom.    *This is my first story, so rate and comment and let me know what I need to do to make my writting better!.
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