The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 17


"Did you have a good trip babe?" Mike asked Jessica tenderly. "Whatdo you mean/" she replied in a groggy manner, rising to check hersurroundings. "You were in hardcore sub space there Jessica. Youlooked so cute. I gave you a foot massage while you were still in astupor to try to keep you relaxed and extend your feeling ofserenity," Mike  revealed. "What time is it?' "Almost 9 (p. m. ). Soyou were out of it for a good two, two and a half hours. How  areyou feeling?" "Super relaxed, sweety. " "That's good. " Mike bent over her and gave her a soft kiss. "Are your  arms or legs sore atall?' "Yeah, they're both a little rubbery. " "Are you having anypain?" "No. " "Okay babe, why don' t you just kick back and let yourbody recover. Did you want any water?" Yeah, that would be reallygreat.

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   Thanks honey. " Mike went downstairs  to get Jessica someicewater and brought it up to her. "Oh God sweety, that tastes sogood right now," she brightened. "Fucktoy's duties are ended for theday and she will solely concern herself with her well being, doesfucktoy understand?" "Yes Master. Thank You Master," she smiled. "Ilove you so much Jessica. " I love you, too, Mike. " "Would you liketo take a shower?" "That's a hell to the yes baby!" "Give me acouple of minutes so that I can prepare the shower and get you atowel and washcloth. " "Thank you sweety!"

Mike placed a folding chair in the shower stall in the hall bathroomand then covered her in a large towel before he lifted her up andplaced her in the seat. He handed her a washcloth and stepped intothe shower with her. He washed her back before cleaning himself upwhile enjoying the sight of the water splashing against her body,occasionally bending down to kiss her. When they were done, theydried each other off. He went upstairs to snag her pajamas from hertravel bag and brought them down. "You dork, you forgot  myunderwear," she playfully snarked. "Sorry ip.

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   I tend to prefer  whenyou don't wear those things," he said tongue in cheek, provokingJessica to giggle. When they were clothed, he carried her up to thegame/music room and laid her on the sofa bed. Jessica leaned herhead on his shoulder while they watched tv, Mike occasionallykissing her righthand. "Sorry babe, but while you were out of it, Iwas looking at you and fell head over heels in love with you again,so if I start acting like a sap that's why. " She reacted by givinghim a hot kiss and telling him that only makes her feel morecomfortable with him. "Hey babe, why don't we just sleep naked/" heproposed. She readily agreed and cast her pajamas aside while he gotrid of his pants and boxers and then cuddled her until they fellasleep around midnight.

Sunday,  they had another  band practice and then Mike took Jessicahome, kissing her goodbye at her door because he didn't want to seeher dad, afraid of getting grief for talking his wife into allowingJessica to spend the weekend with him. He needn't have worried,though, as Carl made his peace with it, though her father was gladto see her home for dinner that night. Jessica was kind of amused,too, that Mike's brother avoided talking to her, probably because hewas afraid of failing his homework assignment.

Monday, though, Mike went over there and Jessica took her clothesoff as soon as he came through the door. He did likewise and theyrolled around in bed hugging, kissing and groping each other beforehe had her lay on her stomach near the end of the bed and put herarms behind her back. He stood on the bed and removed the lightbulbcover and, after tying Jessica's arms and hands together, ran a ropefrom them up through the eye bolts he had affixed to her ceilingsometime back to pull her arms upward while her legs dangled off ofthe end of the bed. He grabbed her legs like he was holding thehandles on a wheelbarrow and aimed his cockhead at the opening ofher pussy. He pushed his hips forward and impaled her, screwing herat a very leisurely pace, just enjoying the sensation of her vaginalwalls surrounding and gripping his cock.

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   Jessica was making hummingnoises  while Mike's dick persistently stuffed her. "Does fucktoylove the way Master's cock feels inside her?" he asked. "Oh yesMaster, please  don't stop," she encouraged him. He quickened thepace somewhat and the intensity of Jessica's moaning increased withit, his warm, solid love muscle creating  such a lovely friction. "How does that feel fucktoy?" "Amazing Master. Your little Asianfucktoy loves receiving Master's cock so much" she gasped. Mike wasgetting impatient and began to just let her have it, slamming hisrigid penis into her with tremendous force and she was panting andwrithing while her vaginal muscles pressed down on his shaft in abid for more friction. Her breathing became more and moreinconsistent until she yelped and then felt something burst insideof her that made her quiver and convulse, an orgasm that just aboutliterally took her breath away. . Mike's thrusting seemed to indicatea rage to cum and eventually his pink pistol was cocked and firedinto her cunt, the sperm bullets targeting her cervix.

Mike untied her and she reported that her arms weren't fatigued. They sat there for a long while playing guitar in the buff. Mikestopped and just watched her, her breasts pressed against her axe,her straight black hair draped over her back. Mike thought about allthe guys who would cream themselves if they could get a look at whathe was seeing at that moment, a hot naked petite Asian chickspinning out Metallica licks. That would soon make Mike hard again.

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  He scooted against her headboard and told her to put her guitar downand to drop her pussy over his cock. She slid up next to him andthen quickly slung her right leg over his left and she was now inhis lap. She reached behind herself and placed the head of hisweapon against her opening and then pushed her hips back to impaleherself on it. She sat just short of upright on him and he began tothrust upward into her already cum soaked cunt, her abundant breastswavering right in front of him. Her now strong pubococcygeus muscleclenched his member, though her wetness and the semen he hadinjected into her earlier made it easy for his missile to keeppenetrating its mark. The girth and length of Mike's cock combinedwith the intense friction soon had Jessica moaning as she bracedherself by putting her hands on Mike's shoulders while he pushed andpulled her hips up and down to keep her pussy slipping and slidingover his meat sword.

Mike used his righthand to pull her head toward him and they shareda passionate deep kiss while she kept pumping her hips so his cockwould bring her closer and closer to an orgasm. She leaned her headon Mike's shoulder and was breathing hard into his ear while shefelt the solid entity inside of her scratch her itch, each breathnow seeming to match the pulse she felt in her nipples, too, lendingher the sensation of her entire body vibrating as he continued toforce his spike into her. She began to whimper while her heartbeatwent well over the speed limit, Mike watching her cheeks turn redand then hearing croak out an "I'm cumming! Shit!" as hersubconscious propelled her hips to rock harder and faster and hernails once more denting Mike's skin while the pleasure worked itsway through her. Then she told Mike that her weak legs felt likespaghetti, so he pushed her on to her back and toward the foot ofthe bed, the chain on her nipple rings jangling as his pubic bonesmashed into her ass with each thrust. He put his arms under herknees and pushed her legs up over his shoulders and rammed her as helooked down on her beautiful, exotic face. Her eyelids were tightlypressed against the ridge around the lower part of her eye socketswhile her brain actively sought each little tincture of pleasurefrom their coitus. She was writhing now and her breaths soundinglike the panting of an overworked dog. Mike's cock felt full of cumand was about to go off as the endorphins within her continued todrip into her brainpan. Just as he started shooting into her soft,pink and wet gallery, she trembled and then made a sound like shewas going to hurl before the rapid fire breathing signaled that shewas in the throes of another orgasm.

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   He filled her pussy again withhis sperm, which would spend the next five days swimming inside ofher looking for an egg to fertilize, a quest that would never berealized.

Mike laid against the headboard when he finished cumming and thenpulled her on top of him and held her tightly. They had simultaneousorgasms and that made Jessica so happy and it  magnified thecloseness she felt with him while he stroked the back of her head. The exhilaration they felt also mellowed them out . He turned herover on her back and his eyes staged their own little banquet takingin her beauty from head to toe, Mike idly wondering  how he deservedto be with someone like her.

After laying there for the better part of the next half hour, Mikewiped her leaking pussy as well as the bed sheets under her withsome tissues and they decided to go browse some guitar shops anddressed and left.

Their first stop was part of a chain that Mike particularly hatedbecause of what he saw as their dubious business practices, so hewould play their stuff but never buy anything from them. Mikegrabbed a cheap  version of a B. C. Rich Mockingbird off the wall andretrieved an ESP LTD Explorer type six string for Jessica and theyeach plugged into Line 6 modeling amps, one of which he sat Jessicaon because she couldn't play while sitting in her wheelchair. . "Peace Sells babe?" Mike asked. "Okay sweety," and they kicked intoit. A couple of 14 year olds stood there watching them and thenasked if Mike and Jessica would show them how to play it. "No prob,dude," Mike said.

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   Jessica gave up the guitar she had been playing sothat the one kid could try to play along with what Mike was showingthem. He showed the kid the main riff and then the changes. "Do youknow 'Hangar 18'?" the kid then asked. "Sorry dude, no," Mikelamented. "We can do 'Holy Wars' though if you're interested. ""Sweet!" the kids answered. "Dude, first get that Epiphone V of thewall for my girlfriend, will ya? She can't  walk. " After Jessica wasgiven the V, her and Mike played the song all the way through. "Youguys are really good. Are you in a band?" one  of the kids asked. "Yeah, we do an Iron Maiden tribute thing. No big deal," Mikenonchalantly replied. Mike then did a little lesson on the Megadethclassic for the kid, who subsequently asked, "can you show me aMaiden tune?" 'Which one?" "Can you do 'The Trooper'?" "Sure. It'sactually pretty easy," Mike stated and they blazed through it. Now alittle bit of a crowd was forming around them, some of themattracted by Jessica's looks.

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   "A lot of the song is just gallopsplus these two licks," Mike said. He and Jessica taught them thelead parts as well. One of the spectators asked Jessica if she had asister who played guitar like she did. "No," Jessica laughed. "Butthank you. " The store clerks then decided they had enough of themsince nothing was being sold while they were inadvertentlydistracting some of the customers. So Mike and Jessica left, but notbefore telling the onlookers about their gig that Friday.

They went around to some smaller stores, a couple of which allowedthem to leave flyers for their show later that week before he tookher back home.

Tuesday, they spent the day trying to learn "Twilight Tavern" byEnsiferum and "Warriors" by Freedom Call and then went to afireworks show and boat parade in the harbor area that night. Jessica was enjoying the best summer of her young life, not tomention the most fulfilling year, and the spectacular aerial displaypunctuated it literally with a bang. Her and Mike, aside from thefact that he collared her as his slave, seemed joined at the hip tothe point that she had even begun practicing signing her name as,"Jessica Alyea. " She  wished she could stay 17 and hang on to thefeelings she was experiencing at that age forever. .

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