The Carnival


he Carnival Well I’m T. C. and I’m straight, and 18 and I’m 6’1,280 and I’m good 8 in. in the, as my  ex-girlfriend call, General Charlie area. I have a girl whose name is Brittany and she is now 17 and is about 5’5 38C and nice tight ass. Well when she moved down my way she was 16 and instantly I and my friend Willie were mesmerized by her, she is truly beautiful.    At the time I and my friend Willie were aspiring wrestlers for a local promotion. And we figured we could use a Manager. We were going to a tag-team called “Heaven & Hell. ” Because my name was going to be the “Holy T. C. ” and his was “Dare Devil. ” So when she came a upon the scene we “took” her from the redneck kids in the school and brought her along with us and in the mean-time we acquired her friend Krystal and she was replaced by this girl Tara who was fine as hell I might add; Brittany was called “Angel” and Tara was going to be call “Hell’s Angel. ”Now that is a totally different story.
After a year after she came to our beloved high school we broke apart and didn’t talk much.   She was with her girls and we with our peeps.

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   And then one day I get a text that says “come to the park we down here playing ball. ”I texted back “who is ‘dis” she texted back “Brittany” I text back “Brittany who…oh ok I’ll come down give me a couple of mins. ” she text back K in 5 mins. I’m down at the park and I and she get a game going and I grab practically everything, being very cautious of some guy at the other end of the court who keeps giving “dirty” looks. We then get a real game going; and I accidently elbow her in the chin and she falls. All of sudden the guy runs down and gets in my face yelling in my face “What the fuck happened” I say “Hold on bro, you better roll up out my face. ” He then says “And if I don’t” I then say “I’ll lay yo ass out; don’t let the smile fool you bro!” She then gets up and yells at him “Baby”, I take a step back not knowing that was her man, she continues “it was a fucking accident stand down. ” He flips me off and she holds me back she says “Let it go, that’s my fiancé so call me down. ” I go in shock and I say to myself “Oh shit I passed up, on that!” So we eventually leave and go up to her fiancé and apologize, we shake hands and go our separate ways. ”
So some weeks go by and I go “I’m 18, a virgin, I gotta lose this damn V-Card!” So I have find this fine girl at my school and we hook up  and she works me good and take my V-Card, but we never go out, so use this to my advantage and use as some sort of booty call. And I screw every girl I could over the 2 months. By May 19, 2009 I have had sex 25 times with 13 different girls. So I go to Brittany one day at the bus port put my arm around her I say “So when you gonna let my smash” She laughs “I say why you laughing” she says “Cause your funny!” I then say “I’m serious” she says “I’m getting married” I say “Well we gotta get it poppin’ before you get married” She says “Okay” I say back “ I set a day and a time you show up and it’ll be on!”
Well come to find that week was the week of the Carnival I think to myself “Perfect timing!” So I decide the next day I’ll go and chill with some people and I meet up with them and then I see Brittany and decide I’ll go chill with her. So me and ride every ride and about 10 I decide I’m going home, and as I’m going home I think to myself “Saturday! We’ll get it on Saturday!” So I stay home the next day and text her friend to tell her Saturday at 3:30. And I’m stoked and I think “Shit I need condoms!”
When Saturday gets here I am ready to go.

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   I head out bout 3 and go ride 2 rides and realize that I forgot the condoms I then notice its 3:30 and I go “I hope she has one” So she gets there right as I say that and I look up and say “Hello, lady” she says “hello, sir” I say in her ear “Hope brought condoms cause I forgot mine” She says “CondomsSHIT!! You don’t need them I’m on birth control and I got tested 2 weeks ago and I’m clean!” I say “Iight let’s go showty!”
We then go to the park next to the Carnival where there is a trail and has this little place me and some dudes built up a couple years back and had Made pretty nice inside and got some electricity started up in it and I bring her in here. I grab her by the waist and turn her around and start kissing very passionately and we eventually fall on one of the beds we had set up when we built the plus up for this reason. She falls on me and she takes my shirt off and she takes hers off and I see this red lace bra with these beautiful tits in them I reached out to feel them she then took her finger and shook it to signify no. So put them back down and she points to my pants and she gets off and I stand up. She says “Well looks like a big bulge in them pants” I smile shyly. I pull down my pants and step out of them she comes to me and goes down to her knees and starts to trace my dick in my boxers and she says “Wow, Big Boy huh” I say “I guess” she bull down my boxer and to rub up and down on my cock and I say “That feels so good Brit!”  She says “Tell Me how this feels!” She then takes my cock into her wet hot mouth and I stand there and grab the back of her head and push on and off my cock. I say “Shit, that feels glorious!” and she looks up at me and puts a smile on! After about 5 mins. I tell her to “Stop I can’t blow this quick!” She got up and started to undo her pants and when she gets to her thong I tell her to stop and tell her “I’ll take care of these and those!” pointing at her bra. I reach out and take her bra off and start to kiss her and I slowly kiss down her neck and chest and when I get to her boobs, I suck on each one of them. And then continue to kiss down her beautiful body. When I finally get to her thong I take them off with my mouth to reveal the most beautiful pussy I believe in the world and I tell her “Oh, MY GOD that is the most beautiful thing in the world!”  She smiles again I lay back and tell her “Sit on my face Brit” she does it and I start to lick her pussy. She moans lightly and they become louder as she comes to a climax. Her pussy juices go all over my face. I gets up off me and I say “I think we’re ready. ” I lay her down on the bed and she climbs on top.

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   She grabs hold of my cock and the sits on it. She starts to ride slowly and then she leans down and kisses me deeply.  I get mesmerized at the gorgeousness of her body and don’t realize she asked me “How good does that feel” like 5 times when I come to I say “That feels great. You’re so wet and tight Brit” “Damn!” I tell her to get up and bend over. She does and get up and I aim for her cunt and I start going in hard she starts to Moan softly again. Then all of sudden she pops up on her arms and says “FUCK THAT PUSSY, DADDY!!! HARDER DADDY!” So  I start going in harder and harder then I say “God, this is some good pussy!” she says back “FUCK THAT ENGAGED PUSSY” I say  “yes Ma’am!” About 5 minutes later I scream “I’m about to cum Brit” she says “Cum Daddy, cum inside my pussy!” I then cum deep inside her the biggest load I believe. I pull out and All of sudden the door bust open and its Tara with a camera, 5 other girls , and Willie bust through the door and Tara says to Brittany “Brittany I got every minute of it!” And I go Owww,Shit!
To continued….
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