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His rough hands softly traced my face.
"You need some moisturiser,your hands are so dry. "I said leading him to the workbench.
"I know,but what are you doing?I know that you are. . . trying to seduce me into having sex but. . . is that what you really want?"
"Hell yeah! I want to be yours,i want you to be mine,and if that doesn't work then this is how much i trust you. " It took me some time to convince him,but he eventually agreed,his dick was hard i could tell.
"Ok,fine i'll do it,but we are doing this MY way. "he said taking his belt,and shirt off.
"Oh don't act like you don't want me!I can see how ecited you are!"
He smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips,he then took off my hoodie and unbuttoned my pants,I started to take my shorts off but he said"Ah ah ah!My way,you do not move. "
I smiled and stuck my toungue out at him.
He lowered his pants and took off his boxers.

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  Now this was unbeliveable,his dick was 8" at the very least!
he started to rub his dick against my pussy,wich of corse made me wet,his hands were busy taking my shrt off,slowly,gently,when my shirt was off he saw that i wasnt wearing a bra,i felt his dick harden.
He then started kissing my cheek,making his way down my neck and into my breasts,he then gently started suckling my hard nipples.
I let out a quiet groan,it felt so good,but it kinda hurt,
"You like that,don't you?"
I nodded,as he began to massage my nipples. He then lowered my shorts,and pulled off my panties. We then backed into a corner,his body well presed against mine,I felt him enter me. Was this going to hurt?My virgin pussy was tight,and his dick was long and thick.
He went a bit deeper,he then stoped,he kissed me,and pushed through,i gave a muffledscream!It hurt like hell!He kept pushing his way in,
"Jake stop!STOP IT!It hurts!"I literly cried.
He stoped and pulled out off my,he then hugged me,and said
"I'm so sorry,it didn't hurt me,and i thought that if i did it fast it might have hurt you less. "
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