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Many years ago I was living in a trailer court and a family with two young daughters moved in next door. The mom and dad were OK but the two young daughters were exceptional. The oldest, Julie, was 15, and other than a little baby fat, was gorgeous. She had the biggest tits I have ever seen on a 15 year old girl. 36 Ds, at least. The 14 year old, Jennifer, was a small version of a super model. She had the most beautiful cone shaped tits and I was so surprised that their mom would let both of them go bra-less on the first day we met. Jennifer’s tits were the best I’ve ever seen on a girl her age. The first day I met them, both girls and their mom had on very thin tee-shirts and all their nipples were very visible through the thin material. Jennifer caught me staring and gave me a little smile and wink. She had on a pair of short shorts that showed an amazing camel toe pussy in the front and a gorgeous butt crack in the back with her thong visible above her shorts in the back. Of course I wanted her to see my cock and I was already planning how to do that.         

 The very first school day I was home when Jennifer and Julie got home. I had on a pair of very thin skin tight bicycle riding type mid-thigh shorts. They fit like a second skin and molded around my cock and ball so there was no question about what was there. They were so thin I may as well been naked.

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   With my cock rock hard every vein was well defined and my cockhead was very proudly flared out for their young eyes. I heard voices outside the back of my trailer and opened the back door to see the girls standing there smoking. They started begging me not to tell their parents on them and I said that could be our little secret because I may need them to keep a secret for me some day. They quickly agreed. Then I saw Julie’s eyes glance down and catch sight of my very swollen package. Wide eyed she leaned over and whispered to Jennifer and her eyes too found my treasure. My 8 inch cock was over to one side and my fat balls over to the other separated by the front seam that I had pulled up tight between them. I could already feel the increasing wetness around my cockhead from the leaking pre-cum and knew the thin white material was now like a wet tee-shirt and my cockhead was completely visible. I was on the top step coming out of my trailer which put my groin area at eye level for them. As we stood there chatting the girls very nervously kept trying to sneak glances at my very swollen cock and balls.                

I figured if I said something about my shorts then they could look all they wanted, so I asked them how they liked my new shorts. Both girls’ eyes were then locked on my shorts and my now aching package. Blushingly Jennifer said she thought they looked amazing and Julie quickly agreed.

Both girls had already changed into thin tee-shirts and were braless and I could see their hard young nipples very proudly expressing their pleasure too. Julie said, also blushing, that they couldn’t help but notice that I had a very large penis and asked if it was unusual for me to have and erection for that long and asked if it hurt.

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   I told them it was getting a little uncomfortable and asked them if they could keep how visible it was to them a secret too. They said that would be our little secret too along with them smoking behind my trailer.             

I said I thought I should go in for awhile and if the girls wanted to they could come over later and use my computer. I told them I had already to talked to their mom about it and she said it would be fine. Julie said they would love to because they did have some stuff to write for school, but she would really like it if I would wear the same shorts I had on. She said she really like the way they looked on me. I told them I did not planned on changing and I was glad they liked my shorts. Jennifer said she didn’t think I should wear those shorts out in public because they didn’t leave much to the imagination and someone might object to them being so revealing. I thanked her and said I had just bought them for lounging around the house. Julie said she didn’t think I should wear them in front of their mom and dad either and I agreed. They came over and used my computer and every few minutes they would call me in to my computer room to ask me something. Each time one of the girls would talk to me while the other got an eye-full of my swollen cock.     

They finished up and left and I started planning on how I was going to expose myself to them. The next day I was home before they got out of school and put my plan into motion. I had porn pulled up on my computer with a headset plugged into it with the sound all the way down.

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   I left my back door partially open so if the girls came back there to smoke they could look right into my computer room and see me naked, watching porn, and jacking my swollen cock off. I was looking out my front window and saw them coming up the drive toward their trailer. I quickly went into my computer room and sat in my computer chair and put the headset on. With the headset on the girls would think I couldn’t hear them but with the sound down I could hear every word they said because the open door was only about six feet from my computer chair. I had a small mirror setup so I could see them if they come up to the door but they would know I was looking at them.     

After about 10 minutes of me very slowly stroking my swollen cock I saw the girls pass my open door.

I heard them chatting away and then I heard Julie say that I must have left my back door open and she was going to close it for me. When her face appeared in the doorway I said out loud to be sure I got her attention,    

“On! Man! I love to beat my meat. ”    

She looked directly at me and had a clear view of me jacking my cock off. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers and were locked on me and what I was doing to myself. I heard Jennifer say,    

“Julie, what are you looking at?”    

Julie turned to face Jennifer, put a finger up to her lips to tell her to be quiet, and motioned for Jennifer to join her at my door. And then Jennifer was in my view and saw what Julie was looking at and grabbed Julie’s arm in a death grip and had that same stunned look on her face. Both of these young beauties watching me jacking my aching cock off sent me into orbit. I said out loud,    

“OH! I’M CUMING!”    

I watched as my cum erupted out of my pisshole all over my chest and stomach. The tickling in my cockhead radiating down through my entire package was so intense that it almost hurt.

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   I could see the expression of amazement on the girls faces as they watched me cuming all over myself. When I finally stopped cuming and was just slowly stroking my still very hard cum soaked cock I said, as if talking to myself,    

“Well! Mr. Cock, just look at the mess you’ve made all over us. I guess that’s my fault for making you feel so good. I guess I better get us cleaned up before Julie and Jennifer come over to use the computer. You wouldn’t want them to catch us like this, would you? Oh! You would. You nasty old cock but that does sound like fun to me too. ”    

I saw Julie quietly closing my door for me and in thought that was so sweet. (To be continued)


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