A Persuasive Dominant


A Persuasive Dominant
Susan and John had been married for just three years and they lived in a very smart cottage on the outskirts of a small town in the south east. John was a very well paid computer geek who commuted to london three times a week and worked from home the rest of the time. They had no children and the house was immaculate, completely full of old world charm. Susan was becomming a little bored with her life style and she decided to take a part time job somewehere locally to occupy her mind rather than earn any money. She saw an office job going in the local paper at a local builders merchant and applied.
Bassett General Builders was a small company run by one active man Steven Bassett who employed six regular tradesmen and sometimes more causual labour. Steve was a married man in his forties who had built up the firm from nothing; he was a tough, rough down to earth man who called a spade a spade but he was a good buisness man, and did not suffer fools gladly. His wife Irene did the office work but she wanted to get a full time job now and she wanted steve to find someone to take over.
So it was that Susan helped by Mrs Bassett for the first week took charge of the buiders office and arranged everything to suit her own system. She was efficient at the work but one thing disturbed her a little,as soon as Mrs Bassett had gone Steve began to make advances to her. Now Susan was twenty six with little knowledge of men apart from he husband John who was a big softy; she wrapped him around her little finger not long after they were married. Steve Bassett was a totally different man he was broad-shouldered, tall and dark and he took every oppotunity he could to lay any woman he met, he was no respector of age or marriage he just pursued his own lustful instincts with impunity. Susan was what he called a beautiful young piece of pussy totally wasted on that geek of a husband and he intended to get his cock up her at the first oppotunity.
Susan was fascinated by Steve and well aware of his intentions but she also had a sense of guilt and at first resisted his advances. One day after coming back from a site visit he put his arms around her and kissed her full on the lips.
''You know you are a beautiful woman and I've been longing to kiss you.

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  '' Sue tried to push him away but again he held her close in strong arms and glued his lips to hers touching tongues, ''you lovely girl I just can't resist you, '' she could feel his big hands neading her buttocks as he pressed her thighs into his own pushing his throbbing penis into her.
Now all this was new to Sue and it aroused her but she pushed him away, ''have you forgotten Mr Bassett I'm married,'' she stared at him defiantly.
''Listen know one need know come into the back office with me I'm just crazy for you, you know that husband of yours can't satisfy you he's not man enough,'' he took her hand and pulled her towards the door. Half reluctant yet half wanting to go she allowed herself to be pulled into the back office and Steve began to get really heavy, his wandering hands all over her body, his lips and tongue on her neck and face licking and kissing for all he was worth. His hand found her back zip and in a few deft movements her top half was just in her white bra, Sue realised this man was just crazy for her and she gave up the struggle; off came the bra and his hot lips were kneading her swelling nipples. She could feel her body responding to his onslaught although her mind faught still to break away from this insistent lover.
Steve gently pushed her over the table top as he began to massage her thighs and slowly her resistance disappeared and he knew she was his for the taking. Steve was an experienced lover and he knew the score regarding Sue, he knew that properly handled she was hot and responsive she only lacked experience and that he intended to give her at just the right pace. He lifted her legs over his broad shoulders and kissing her upper thighs made his way up to her nylon panties his firm large strong hands kneading her buttocks suporting her as he inhaled her aroused pussy aroma. Deftly he eased aside her streched crotch and probed into her moistening slit with his tongue, ''oh my darling he whispered what a beautiful pussy I must taste you my sweet,'' as he said this he gently eased off her panties giving himself full unhampered access to her fanny.
Once Steve had found her clitoris he reached up to massage her nipples and supporting her on his broad shoulders he worked on her as if he was enjoying a fine meal and it was a meal indeed for Sue responded quickly and with enthusiasm; she had never had such sex and the experience opened her eyes to totally unrealised possibilities. She realised just how backward and inadequate her husband was and it meant a complete reassesment of of her married relationship. Then she felt Steves big stiff cock parting her wet labia as he entered her working his way up into her pussy grunting with satisfaction as he filled her with his unstoppable manhood; my god it felt good to be filled and she wrapped her long legs around him and moved with him as he pumped her needy pussy.
Steve was a man of stength and stamina and once he had overcome Sue's inhibitions she was very eagar to liase with him and their shannanigans in the back office became a regular thing happeningthree sometimes four times every week. It was not long before Steve pesuaded her to go down on him and she soon learnt to tongue his dick to perfection.

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   Sue's own tastes began to slowly change she became dirtier and more demanding in her sexual needs and within a few weeks Steve decided to try anal sex on her; the plan in his mind was to enter her as usual from behind and then after licking her bootm hole well to gently finger her bum and put it up slowly at first.
''Steve no not that thats really dirty. ''
''Don't be silly Babe you will enjoy it take my word for it,''and he pushed the head into her arse. Sue squealled and tried to struggle but he was not to be denied now and he pushed again and in it went.
''God thats lovely Babe you have a wonderful arsehole,'' and inspite of her moans he began to fuck her slowly with long slow strokes loosening her bottom hole as he tweeked her nipples.
Sue knew that she needed this sex now and she began to worry about her husband John who was as yet totally unaware of what she had beween upto. In a way she felt cheated by John; sure he was a fine reliable husband but from her present point of view he was almost sexless. Somtimes she wanted to pick him up and give him a good shaking, what spineless geek he was she was sure he had little or no experience with women and she wondered what the hell she married him for. At the same time she was well aware that she was in the wrong but she justified her actions by blaming her wimp of a husband who did not know what she needed. It was as if meeting Steve had opened up a whole new world to her and she was at a loss as to what she should do.
She tried to explain to John how Steve was making advances but he shrugged it off as if it was none of his buisness and this made her mad. He just doesn't seem to care she thought serves him right if I brought Steve home and fucked him in our own front room. Now Steve was at heart a kinky devil and part of the thrill he got from humping Sue was the fact that she was married; as his big cock went up he thought to himself how sexy to be fucking another mans wife and he wished he could fuck her infront of him and the idea played on his mind. Besides which he wanted to get her out of the back office and he could do nothing in his own house with his wife and son both living there.
''Why don't we go out one evening for a drink,'' Steve suggested,'' I'll come round and pick you up at about eight pm.

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Sue looked a bit shocked, ''what about John?'' she queried.
Steve laughed, ''don't worry about him,'' and he went off onto site taking for granted it was all arranged.
That night Sue mentioned to John that she would be going out with her boss Steve for a drink on friday. John just shrugged his shoulders without comment and it made her fume inside to think he did not question her fidelity; just serves him right I'll go and enjoy myself she thought.
When John saw how Sue was dressed up, her short skirt and low cut top he stared, ''thats a bit near the bone my dear you look quite tarty. ''
''Well its not often I go out you know and I'm only twenty six why not dress up for a change. '' At that moment the bell rang and Steve stepped inside looking very smart nodded to John and off they went.
When they had left John began to think about things; she certainly looked very sexy was she dressing up for Steve? were they having an affair? For the first time he began to worry about their marriage was he going to lose his wife ? A sense of unease began to take over and he realised that the man she was out with although considerabley older than him was much more handsome and some how far more of a ladies man than he was.
When the couple returned they were obviously in high spirits and Steve entered the house sitting down next to Sue on the settee.
''So you enjoyed yourselves then?''
''Steve laughed, ''oh yes she's a fine little wife you have here John a real beauty,'' and to John's amazement he put his hand on Sues leg and she smiled at him instead of objecting to the liberty. Steve then slipped his arm aound her shoulder and seeing his chance began to snog her infront of her husband. John did not know what to do he thought his wife would object but intstead she seemed to be enjoying the attention he was confused and also a little fearful of the big blustery male.
John watched thunderstruck as Steves hand groped up Sues skirt and he could not believe his eyes was this man going to make love to his wife infront of him?
Steve looked at him, ''lovely pussy,''he said and licked his lips he was enjoying this Humiliation of Sue's husband, ''oh thats nice got my finger right in her cunt mmm delicious. '' As he made these obsecne remarks he watched John's face wince and it goaded him on to more.
Steve then stood up and dropped his trousers presenting Susan with his fine thick throbbing errection.

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   Now Susan was already angry with John and fixing her eyes on him defiantly she slipped her lips over and began to suck up and down up and down. This was the last straw for John he leapt up and dashed out of the room.
Steve burst out laughing and Sue stopped her passionate sucking, ''perhaps we better stop she said and looked a bit concerned. ''
''What for that little wimpy tantrum you see if I don't get him back and make him watch the little squirt,'' and before Sue could protest he dashed into the kitchen grabbed John by the scruff of his neck and marched him back. Now Steve was a big man and John was quite scared thinking he might get a good hiding so he came with out a word and was pushed into an arm chair.
''Sit there wimp and if you move I'll thrash you Im gonna enjoy your lovely wife and you are gonna watch me give her a good fucking. '' Something clicked in John at that moment he felt a sort of thrill that he had not known since school and he felt himself getting aroused at the thought of seeing Sue fucked before his eyes.
Meanwhile Steve had thrown off his clothes and stood six foot two broad and muscular his cock wet with saliva, ''ok girl get your lips around it again show hubby what you can do,'' and he smerked pushing his cock into her wide wet mouth, holding her pretty head steady as he slowly face fucked her. ''Ah that's lovely tell you what John your wife has a fine mouth you watch me get a full eight inches down and tickle her tonsils,another thing,'' he added as he pushed it home,'' she loves to swollow just loves the taste of spunk. ''
After pumping her throat for five long minutes Steve said, ''ok John get her panties off I'm ready to put it up come on look sharp before I shoot my load. John got up went behind his wife and eased her panties down as she continued sucking on Steves cock .
Steve withdrew the steaming cock and told Sue to bend over the arm of the settee, ''now son guide it in go on guide that wife fucker in. '' Once again John obeyed without question and watched as the big tool slid up his wifes dripping cunt. Steve was in his element enjoying himself immensely and could no longer hold his load back, he plunged it right home with a snort and groan shooting three long consecutive jets into her, and as he climaxed so did Sue letting out a cry of over whelming delight.
This was the end of the road for John; he had lossed his wife's respect and shown himself to be a coward.

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''I don't want us to break up over this,'' he said to his wife later.
''I have no such intention,'' Sue answered, ''but now you have shown your true colours things are going to change a lot just make sure you keep in line little boy,''she snorted.
So the affair continued and Steve became bolder everytime he called at the cottage making it his second home, and when he called in to spend an evening with Sue between them they mocked and ridiculed John making him their errand boy. This reached another level when after several visits Steve got out his cock and ordered John onto his knees.
''Now wimp,'' he sneered,'' suck my cock infront of your wife. '' This was the untimate in humiliation and Sue laughed as he was forced to take Steves whole length down his throat. The two lovers appeared to be enjoying his degredation and seemed to be arranging unthinkable tasks that they could make him perform for their amusement. John was fast adapting to his new role he realised he was not at ease as a dominant male partner and began to enjoy being cuckolded by his wife who was begining to take over the marriage.


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