A real story and hidden expressions of face


A real story and hidden expressions of face

This is my first story, and of course it is not a fiction. It happened when I am in my age of 28. The name and places are changed as your guess. ( Sorry for my English, only catch the meanings behind the words)
My name is Sojan and working as a Lab technical, the story not held at any lab; but the girl was from a Lab or some thing like. . . … (You can’t catch me)
OK, her name was Vandhana, 5 feet 6 inch height, well build and wheat brown in color. She wasn’t a beautiful girl, but she has some specialties. I can’t say what that was. May be her male like sound or acting and behaving like a male in some times may the reason. I am also well build male; handsome, strong and emotionally idiot.
I lived alone in a big house for my job and had only a little amount of salary only. At that time I separated with my girlfriend. That stage it is common to fall in a new relationship. I have a computer and internet connection in my house. The said house was not mine.

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   It was my duty to maintained and lived in that home.
We are good friends. One day Vandhana send a message to my phone, something about her boyfriend, and after that she calls me. Her boy friend was a good person, but not willing to adjust any body contact before marriage. I said; she was a strong woman and has some desires. She wasn’t get proper watching from her boyfriend. ( it all my conclusion )

Her call was short; but I sniff some thing behind the call. First upon time of the call. Nearly 10 O’clock. Then the issue; that she discussed in the call was also pointing her interest in some way about relationship, sex or she wants something from me.
But I did not do any thing; wait and wait until we get, ( So many times I lost also)-.
The next day I meet her ( Lab, Town or a Park as you wish). She said so many thing belongs to him and also angry with him. It is my time, I opened my mind and ask about something her views about sex (Really I forgot what I said on that time – It happens; because My heart was pumping like a diesel water pump). She smiled.


   Seem like a cunning crow.
I am now sure; she was willing to ready for any thing, the next day I went her place and asking about her house or some thing personal. Then I took a clinical tool and touch her belly button above the cloth. She smiled.
After that I am 100% sure she is ready. Then I ask her to reveal her nakedness. The place was a dark area and no one had penetrated sooner. (you think it is a room, No, it is not a room, and it is a tarsus also a balcony of a building) we can see any movement by any side but nobody catgut us)
I put my hand over her breast and squeezed, she wasn’t any shy and cooperate with me.
“I want to suck and see”
I opened her front and have to see her boobs. Big, But one thing was away some. The nipple; it was littlie bit longer than as usual. Not in size but its length. I saw so many girls’ nipples in real life. No one can that much length. It seems my interests cooled but, chance is a chance; I did not want to spoil the situation.

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   I must go further.
Then I suck her nipples as much as I could, press each one separately. Licking, sucking, smudging, baiting …
Then I bend towards her lower part, half removed her pants. Slide her panties. (Not full) we haven’t much more time and nor a safe place at all. The pussy was cover with littlie bit of hair. She was shaved one week behind. I smelled, pressed my lips to the line.
Then she separated her leg littlie bit. Now I can saw her clits. It is dark in color and big also. A white substance secreting from the middle of the leaves. I licked all the way of her pussy, pushed my though as much as I could. The taste was not clear and also not ugly. A clear pussy taste, that’s all.

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   I couldn’t do much more in that position. I want to let her fire. I do the same thing more and more.
Some unexpected sound was flowed from her throat.
“I cant” …
It was so erotic.
Then we stopped, she dressed. Some sounds came below. We did not go further.
(Sorry for the stop of this position – You may masturbate and read the next part; you must think it is a real story)
After this incident we started massaging, erotic jokes, ugly things and phone calls.
Then she decided we have only one place to achieve our ambitions. It is my house.
It is not an easy thing. Somebody may notice our entrance of the house. I watched the area. Make a detailed plan.

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   Choose a best time and way of the arrival also.
We started our journey from the town.
She wants some toddy and good food. (It is a liquor, take from coconut tree). I bought 5 litter of toddy from toddy shop to a plastic cover, cover with one more cover and hanged in my bikes handle. Purchase arrack (it is also a liquor more stronger than toddy). We also purchase bread and squid curry from the toddy shop ( Squid is a see fish, it is very tasty) Arrack can mix with toddy and it is very tasty, easy to drink, and don’t need soda or coco cola.
Then we avoid main roads and choose village paths that one parallel to the railway line. We are in my bike and avoid straight entrance from the front of my house. For that I stop my bike behind the house, walk a 300 meter and watched surroundings. After thatI entered my home and call to her cell.
At last is in my home.
I wiped her to my bed room, she giggled and protested. She may want to clean her privet parts. But I haven’t time to wait.


In the room, I removed her top and pants. At first I saw her beautiful picture like marvelous body. It was really very much in shape and size. Nor a waist parts from her all body at all. Hum, I murmured, I am a glorified with that seen. I think this must be enough for my all life. Her rose color panties and bra are same. That must be purchased together. She seated my lap. I removed her bra hook. Then I let her go to shy. I really like that. That is why; I scanned all her body with my eyes. As I guess she felt in shy. I need it.

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   Then I started to my job. Licking, sucking, punching, squeezing and played each her boobs like I am felt like a mad.
After that I removed her panties she protected with her hands and wants to off the lights. But I need to see all things. I object and push her to the bed. Laid on her and hugged. Then moved my head towards her pussy and separated her leg. I saw the pink color inner parts. It started my mouth watering. I started to lick all the way and suck her clitoris. She started to scream.
This thing goes a 10 minute and then I put my boy in her flower.
At first it seems like normal, but things goes wild, when she was on her fire, she started to shout or scream very loudly. Her face goes stranger paths. At first I feared.

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   Then I understand her emotions and the way to catch orgasm. I pumped and pumped then as I sawing her face I am also become the stage of explosion, it happens. A wield orgasm arrived from her face. She pulls me towards her breast, bends towards to roof, and bites my lips and shivered two to three minute. On the middle of this entire harder explosion I am also got my orgasm but only know the reactions of her face at all. .
It is an experience that has never washout from my mind.

Sojan26thomas@gmail. com
Kerala, India.