A Summer Holiday That Goes Wrong


        One summer my wife and I decided to go to another country for holiday, we made our reservation for the hotel and bought our tickets for the boat. The reason why we were going to travel with a passenger boat was because, I was afraid of flying. We had two options with our boat trip. The first one was a boat which traveled very fast which would have taken one hour to get there, and the second option was a slower boat which would have taken 5 hours. There was a huge price difference between them so we decided to take the 5 hour boat since it was very cheap and waiting 5 hours in a boat wouldn’t have troubled us much. A couple of days before our trip we went shopping to buy some summer cloths for the holiday. We started off by buying myself some t-shirts, shorts, etc. which didn’t take too long, and then we started choosing some things for my wife, this took longer as usual. The good thing was that it was easy to find her size since she was tall and slim and anything she wore suited her. Since it was a summer holiday she picked summer dresses, tank tops, shorts, and skirts. Then she asked me if it was ok if she bought a few mini skirts and shorts, as we would be in a different country she wouldn’t be that uncomfortable wearing mini skirts. She doesn’t like wearing mini skirts at home since her parents and relatives are very conservative, and although she is married to me now, she still prefers to dress more conservatively just incase of gossip around relatives, friends, and the negative response she would get from her parents if they saw. The main reason why they think or believe in this way is because we live in a small island of a population of 150,000 and that word gets around very fast. Well, because of this situation she hasn’t had much experience wearing mini skirts therefore she’s not too experienced on how to sit, getup or bend over because she wasn’t aloud to wear mini skirts when she was living with her parents. I thought to myself why not give her the opportunity to take the pleasure of wearing things she always wanted. There would be no harm in that, and also taking into account that we were going to be in a civilized and touristic country where all ladies would be dressed in the same way.

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“You can pick which ever skirt you like baby; it’s totally ok with me”.

“Thanks baby, I always admired other women wearing short skirts and I’ve always wanted to as well”

“Well here’s your chance so use this opportunity”

            Hearing this, my wife started looking at extremely mini skirts which made my eyes open wide from shock. I thought to myself I would be embarrassed to walk with her dressed like this, what would people think of me, allowing my wife to wear something like this? I wanted to reject to her choices, but then I thought to myself, what the hell, let her wear what ever she wants, if it’s going to make her happy I guess I will keep quiet. So as she picked up every sexy item she looked at me for approval, and I just smiled unwillingly at her to notify that it was ok. I could see the happiness and excitement in her eyes and she looked so innocent that this view made me mercy from inside and allow her to wear what ever she wanted. I knew that my wife did not like to attract other men’s attention and that she was very loyal and faithful along with having no bad intentions, so this made me more relaxed.


            After picking out all the items she went to the changing rooms to try them on. After she wore the first set I looked in though the curtains to see how she looked, well I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never seen her look so sexy in my life, it is a fact that she has a very arousing and sexy body when she is naked but this looked even sexier and tempting. As I stared at her my dick started to get hard from her view. She put on this mini denim skirt with a white and blue tank top on. I guess the skirt was like an ordinary short skirt but it was just that I had never seen my wife in one. While she stood there I could see that the hem of the skirt was about fifty percent above her knee and her slim sexy shaped legs where exposed generously. She had killer legs that would make you just stand there for hours looking at them while your mouth watered. Her tank top was also a good match with her skirt showing what a sexy body she had.

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   When she turned around to give me a view from the rear my eyes instantly focused on her ass. She has a very sexy, big, round and firm ass which would make any man very aroused just by looking at it. At that moment I wanted to lift her skirt up and just start fucking her doggy style, but I knew it wasn’t possible because of our location. I thought to myself what I would do if someone I knew saw her in this outfit, I would be very embarrassed. I know I sound a bit old-fashioned but this is the way I have been brought up.

            As I began to daydream with all sorts of things going though my mind I was suddenly interrupted.

“Well baby what do you think?”

“Oh errrr ye, you look wonderful honey it’s yours if you want”

“I love you so much I’m so happy to be married with you baby, your so open minded and not like my mum and dad”.

“Of course honey you can wear what ever you like as long as it is in the appropriate place”.

“Don’t worry baby I will only wear them on holiday”

            I ended up buying her all the mini skirts, mini shorts, and dresses she had chosen even though one of them was extremely shorter, it was a white micro mini skirt which limited her from various positions and she had to sit very appropriate while wearing that one. Our shopping was still not finished; she also bought some very sexy bikinis in different colors. To admit, the sexiest one was the white one which had little strings on each side and the top part of her bikini tightly covered her firm 34B breasts exposing her hard nipples from the fabric.


            Our final stop was the shoe store, and by now I was exhausted so I just sat down and let her pick. One of the male staff member’s, who was about mid-thirties, helped my wife to chose her shoes. He then brought her the same ones according to her size. The first pair was just an ordinary g-stringed flip flops.

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   He knelt down in front of her as she was sitting and took her bare foot in his hand and slipped the flip flop on and then placed her foot on the ground to see how it looked. He said your feet look very nice in them, and she agreed. Then he took hold of her foot again this time putting on a stylish black high heel sandal. It had one thin strip of leather which went over her toes and another thin strip of leather which went over the top of her heals with a buckle. The shoe displayed her foot very generously. After putting on the first one on, he took the other foot, but this time stroking it a little and rubbing his fingers in between her toes. At first I thought what the hell is he doing and I was about to say something but then I saw my wife look very relaxed with this, so I thought it was something normal like a business strategy or something, to give their customers a little massage for satisfaction, so I said nothing. He continued stoking her feet and toes with great passion until my wife said “ok that’s enough I would like to try on the other one as well”, so he immediately but it on. She stood up and looked at the mirror to see how they looked, the man said your feet look very sexy and attractive in them and that any man would love to worship them. It’s true my wife has very nice small petite and well looked after feet, but we both looked at each other not knowing what he meant with that remark, so we just ignored him, bought the shoes and went home.


            The next day was the final day before we left for our holiday, so I stayed at home and relaxed while my wife prepared for our holiday. That day she also did some personal care for herself, she waxed her legs, etc. and did her manicure and pedicure to her feet. But what really got me excited was to see that she had waxed her pussy as well. Her slit looked so clean, smooth, and tender, I just wanted to bury my tongue into it but I knew she wouldn’t have allowed me because she was made believe that it was something very unacceptable and forbidden.

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   She also had never sucked my dick for me, what ever I did I couldn’t persuade her into it. Well I guess that’s my problem to deal with, but other then that she was great in bed. She had such a wet and very tight pussy that I could never last more then 5 minuets in her. I guess this did not satisfy her much but she wasn’t too negative about it. Although I wanted her to have as much as pleasure as I did, there was nothing I could do about it because she was so sexy and unbearable it was too difficult to last that long enough.


            We got up the morning of our departure and started to get ready. I wore my shorts and t-shirt while my wife was still deciding what to wear. I helped her chose a summer dress since it was going to be a hot and long travel. After she was ready she stood there waiting for me to give a comment on how she looked. I looked at her from head to toe; she looked so sweet and pretty. She wore her light blue short dress which had a thin strap over the shoulders and a low neck line showing a little cleavage, she didn’t wear a bra since it was a summer dress and it wouldn’t have gone with it. As long as she didn’t get into an odd position it wouldn’t have been a problem since her breasts weren’t too big but only a wonderful 34B. I’ve always admired my wife’s breasts because they were my favorite size, just enough to fill in your whole hand to squeeze and suck on them. They are very firm and pointed with nice big pink nipples. As I looked lower, her nicely shaped legs caught my attention.

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   They were nice and shiny from the cream she had put on them, and tell you the truth they turned me on. As I looked lower I noticed she was wearing her g-stringed flip flops that we had bought the other day. Like the she seller said, her feet really looked nice and petite in them. She had painted her toes in a nice white matt color. She also had a toe ring on one of her toes. She always liked to put on unusual jewelry. As she modeled for me, she turned around to give me different views. While she turned around my eyes automatically focused on her ass again because the sexy shape of it was very visual. I also noticed that part of the dress was slightly in between her ass giving a view of two very seductive ass cheeks. I immediately asked her why her dress was in that position.

“I am wearing a thong baby thats why”

“Well don’t wear one because this is going to attract a lot of attention”

“But baby if I wear normal panties, it will be even worse because the elastics will be seen though the dress and it won’t look nice”

“errm ok, what ever”

            I thought I be a little cheeky and ask her what color thong she was wearing. She started teasing me by spreading her legs open while sitting on the edge of our bed. This really was a view that couldn’t be missed. She had her white thin transparent thong on. I could see her pussy lips though the material very easily.

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   Seeing my wife’s beautiful legs wide open with her exceedingly arousing pussy though her white transparent thong got me very horny. I tried to approach her so that we can make love but then see stopped me by saying

“That’s enough fun for now or we will miss our boat”

“Oh ye that’s true honey I guess we have to get going”

            We got our luggage in the car and headed off to the port. Once we arrived at the port our luggage went though the check in point and we had completed all the necessary procedures. While waiting in line I gazed at our boat and noticed it was quite big but very old. Finally we got in but we were shocked with the inside appearance. It was disgusting, it smelled of sweat and the people in it were all low class. They were all dressed in old tatty cloths. It was obvious they were labor workers who were now going back to their country. Our government brings these men from low income areas since they work in constructions for cheaper. I guess they were going back to their homes now, and that I had made a big mistake by choosing the cheapest passenger boat. My wife and I felt very uncomfortable but there was nothing we could do any more, it was too late. The worst thing was that there was nowhere to sit when suddenly a man started signaling me showing that he had little room next to him. We had no choice but to sit in between these men. It really was an appalling environment with all these men looking at us, especially at my wife. It was like they had never seen a woman in their lives.

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   I wish my wife had never worn that dress because this really made the situation more difficult. We approached the empty space that the man had showed us but there was only space for one person to sit. It was a five hour trip and it would have been a good idea if at least one of us sat down. Naturally, I offered my wife the seat. She sat in between these sweat smelling hairy men, they looked like cave men with cloths on.

            Finally the boat started to move and we were on our way. It was very irritating seeing all these men staring at my wife with their mouths open. She was trying to ignore everyone by reading her magazine as her legs were crossed while she shook the leg which was on top of her other knee slowly up and down unconsciously while she danged her little flip flops by wiggling her petite little toes. I noticed that some men where even licking their lips and it was obvious from the faces that they were fantasizing about my wife. I was furious but I was too scared to do something about it because there were so many of them. One hour had passed and my wife was bored of reading her magazine, so she found the solution my closing her eyes not to see that dreadful environment. It had been two hours now and time was going so slow. I noticed that my wife had fallen asleep and I was getting tired standing there so I decided to go outside and have some fresh air and rest on a windowsill while watching my sleeping wife though the window. Suddenly I saw a view that gave me the shock of my life, the man sitting next to my sleeping wife took is cock out and placed my wife’s hand around it. The bad thing was, my wife was a heavy sleeper and she wouldn’t have woken up that easily to protest against that horrible act.

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   My knees started to shiver and I couldn’t move a muscle, I just froze there watching what was happening. Even if I had the strength to go and do something about it, I didn’t have the courage so I stood there hoping nothing worse happened. The man had wrapped the palm of my wife’s hand around his big fat cock and held her hand softly lifting it up and down making her jerk him off while she was sleeping. As my wife’s hand was jerking this mans big hairy cock I could see pre-cum dribbling down his dick onto my beautiful wife’s fingers. This wasn’t all; the other man sitting on the other side of her took one of her legs and placed it on his knee. With him doing this her white see-through thong was in display to all the other guys. These men had no manners, no embarrassment, or no respect at all. Most of them just took their cocks out and started jerking off by looking at my sexy wife’s pussy though her transparent panties. By now, the man who had his dick inside my wife’s soft little hand had cum all over her fingers and the rest of the men who were jerking off had cum on the floor next to my wife. My wife’s leg was slowly put back to its place and her hand which had cum on, was placed beside her. Once I saw that everything was back to normal again I thought I pull myself together and go next to my wife before something else happened. I noticed that the man who had cum on her hand had gotten up and left as soon as he saw me, so I immediately sat next to my wife. A few minuets later my wife woke up with her stomach feeling very unpleasant.

“Baby I think I’m sea sick”

“What’s wrong honey?”

“I’m not too good baby, hey what’s this stuff on my hand?”

            I forgot all about that, and I couldn’t tell her it was the sperm of the man who was sitting next to her, or else I wouldn’t have known what she would have done to me for allowing something like that to happen.

“Oh that’s nothing honey, I bought you a yogurt earlier but because you were sleeping I didn’t want to wake you up so I had it myself and it must of dripped on your hand, sorry honey”

“Well is there another one? It might make me feel better”

“Sorry honey that was the last one, I didn’t want to save it for you in this heat or it would have gone bad”

“Well I guess I’ll just have a little with what’s left on my fingers”


            Hearing that, my mouth just stayed open with shock and couldn’t say a word.

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   I watched as she slipped the first finger though her lips into her mouth which had the most cum on. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she sucked on her finger with her beautiful lips and swallowed the cum. Then she licked the rest of it from her hand and fingers without leaving a drop. A little started to dribble down her pink lips as she stopped the dripping cum and guided it back into her mouth with her finger. This all happened in a flash and I could see the bitterness in her face not knowing what she had swallowed.

“eeww, what was that…”

“Well honey I told you what happens to things like this in the heat”

            With that my wife was about to be sick so we got up from our seats and I took her outside to have some fresh air. The wind out side was very strong and skirt of her dress was displaying a lot of skin including her sexy ass cheeks. She was holding her skirt down with her hand to stop it from lifting up but it was difficult to stay stable on our feet so we had to go inside. I started asking around if someone could help us because my wife was feeling really bad. Finally someone guided us into this small cabin which had this small bed looking thing which was a divan. I guess a crew member or someone stayed in here. This man who led us in here said he knew what to do in situations like this. So I told him to do what ever was necessary, I didn’t want to start our holiday with my wife vomiting everywhere. The man asked my wife to take off her flip flops and lie down on the divan, so she did as he said. He knelt down in front of her feet and stretched over towards her and placed one hand on her stomach.

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   This was an awkward position therefore his dick was pressing on her toes while stretching towards her. He started to give delicate strokes to her stomach while asking how it felt. Well, it was obvious she was in pain, she said it was making her sick while she twist there in pain, talking about twisting my wife also unintentionally twisted and wiggled her feet from pain, but while she was doing this the guys dick was pressed on her toes. I could see that this man was enjoying this action and wasn’t moving away. I asked if this necessary, and he said he needed to know what the cause of pain was.   I had no idea what he meant and I didn’t understand nothing about things like this and what caused her to be ill. Then he knelt back down in front of her feet and said,

“There I know why she is ill now”

“Why is she ill?”

“It’s because of this toe ring”

“What’s a toe ring got to do with her being sick?”

“It has a lot to do with it; it stops the blood from circling round properly and because we are in a shaking boat this makes her sick”

            This sounded like absolute bullshit to me but I thought he might be right, after all what do I understand.

“ok, so what happens now” I replied,

“I have to take it off”

“Ok I’ll do it then”

“No, you can’t do it”

“Why not?”

“Because it must be done very carefully so it doesn’t send wrong signals to the flow of blood or she will be worse”

“Ok you do it then”

            With my approval the man took my wife’s foot in his hand looked and admired it for a while then he lifted it slightly higher which made her dress open up and expose her little pussy though her thong. I could see he was getting very excited with this situation. I just stood there powerless not know what to do but just wait. Then he tried to take off the toe ring with the other hand but it wasn’t coming off. He said he had to wet it for it to come off without forcing it. Without waiting for me to say something he brought the tip of her toes next to his nose and said,

“mmh smells like strawberry”

“what are you doing”

“Look here sir, I am doing a big favor for you, since your wife has such clean and nice feet I will voluntarily wet her toe ring so it will come off, your lucky her toes are painted in white because this is my favorite color”

“Err, ok do it but be quick”

“Yes sir”

            The man had this grin on his face, and whispered something to himself, I sort of heard him saying, what an idiot, but I couldn’t make it out. The tip of her toes was still near his nose so he lowered it down close to his lips. He slowly opened his lips wetting them with his tongue and slipped my wife’s petite little toe into his mouth.


   He started to suck on the toe which had the ring on. Instead of wetting it and then slipping it of he continued to suck her other toes. He sucked on her big toe in such passion while he slipped his tongue in between her toes. It was obvious he was having a nice time sucking and licking my wife’s feet, but it didn’t make any sense to me, I know my wife has nice feet but what does he get out of it sucking on them. My wife just laid there in confusion not understanding what was going on so I asked him if this was still necessary, and he said,

“Oh sorry, I got carried away”

            He took her foot out of his mouth and slowly slipped off the ring from her wet toe.

“There you go, she will be much better now” Unwillingly I said,

“Thank you for you help”

            The man left the cabin with a big bulge on his pants. I was left alone with my wife in the cabin when I noticed that we had reached the harbor. I thought thank god for that we have finally made it.


            We got off the boat and walked towards a taxi to ask the driver if he could take us to our hotel. The taxi driver looked at me, then looked attentively at my wife from head to toe and said get in I‘ll take you. I guess he likes to choose his customers. He put our luggage in the trunk, while I took my seat in the front and my wife sat at the back by herself. After he had loaded our luggage he asked me which hotel and headed off. It was the first time we had come to this country, therefore my wife who was sitting at the back, moved towards the middle with anticipation to see the view from the front window. With the excitement of seeing the new city she forgot all about her dress and parted her legs open because of the odd place she was sitting in.

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   You know what I mean, in every car, at the back there is a hump in the middle on the floor which means the person sitting in the middle either has to part their legs and put their feet on each side of the other passenger’s leg area, or if you sit backwards in the middle you could put your feet on the hump which means your knees rise higher. Well my wife was leaning forwards so that she could see the view therefore her legs were spread open.        I only noticed my wife’s position when I saw the driver fiddling around with his mirror. I could tell he was peeping trough the mirror to see up my wife’s dress. Well who wouldn’t with a view like that. The man looked at the mirror constantly and started to sweat from excitement, I could also see a big bulge in his pants. I thought to myself, this has been going on since the boat trip, when are these people going to stop looking at my wife abusively. I wished again that I hadn’t allowed her to wear that dress. Anyway, we finally arrived to our hotel with no other problem.

            We checked in and went directly to our room for a shower. After we were all nice and clean we both laid nude on our king size bed and thought to our selves, what an exhausting trip. I turned my head to face my wife getting an instant hard on seeing her beautiful nude body lying next to me. I started to suck on her nice pink nipples, since that was the only area she would allow me to suck on. While sucking I was glancing towards her newly waxed pussy. Her pussy lips were swelling with a slight reddish color and I knew it was all nice and juicy ready for me to penetrate.

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   I quickly slipped on her and slowly guided my dick in between her tight little pussy. Ohhh, it was a feeling, a pleasure I could not explain you, it felt so good I started pumping faster and harder. The problem was after a couple of thrusts I took my dick out and started spraying all my cum on her stomach. I could see the irritated look on her face, so I said sorry honey but I just couldn’t hold myself again. She took anther quick shower while I got dressed. After her shower she got out her very mini white skirt that she had never worn yet, actually she had never in her life worn something like it before. She looked at me and said,

“This is your punishment for leaving me unsatisfied on our first day of out holiday”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean baby, I will wear this mini skirt and you won’t say a word, after all you are the one who bought me it”

“I guess so, but don’t forget your mini skirt enjoyment expires after this holiday”

“Oh really so you are giving me limits now then?”

“If you put it that way, yes”

“Does this mean I can wear, or not wear what ever I want know?”

“You’re absolutely free, but only during this holiday”

“Ok then, as you say so, I’m not going to wear any panties under this skirt and you can’t do anything about it because you promised”

            I wish I hadn’t got into that argument with her because she only resisted wearing panties only to get back at me.

“Ok but please be careful how you sit in that skirt because I saw how you were sitting in the taxi”

“How was I sitting?”

“Well the driver had a good time, looking up your dress from the mirror”

“No he was not!”

“Yes he was, so be more careful please!”

“Ye ok, whatever”

            I know my wife had no intention of showing up her skirt or showing her body off, but she was too innocent and acted like a little girl who didn’t know how to sit, walk or bend over. She just innocently moved along not knowing that she aroused people with the way she acted or dressed. I guess I couldn’t leave her alone for one minute or men would try and chat her up.

            She wore her little micro white mini skirt with no panties and put on a gray very lose top. What I mean by lose is it was lose on the breasts, which meant if she bended forward her tits would be in full display. It was quite fashionable like the ones models wear. I also notice that her big hard nipples were sticking out from the fabric which meant she wasn’t wearing a bra again. She put on her black high heeled sandals that we had got together.

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   The ones that had the thin black lace that went over her toes. Her toes and finger nails were painted pink while she had this very thick shinny pink lipstick on. She looked so sexy and arousing, I stated to become horny again.

“I’m ready baby, let’s go”

“Are you sure you want go out like that”

“Of course I am, why? What’s wrong? You are going to be with me the whole time so what could possibly happen?”

“True, Ok, where are we going then?”

“I want to see the city a little”.

            We walked out of the hotel and started to stroll along looking at the cinerary. As we walked, cars started blowing their horns and making some crude remarks at my wife while men standing in front of their shops stared at her sexiness. This situation really got me embarrassed, and I didn’t want to be too close to her. I started to backup a little pretending I didn’t know her, but of course I followed her from behind. She admired the city and its shops so much that she didn’t even notice I wasn’t next to her; she was so busy and excited looking through the windows of the shops and entering them while I waited outside. I realized that the city had modern people around like we had expected but, there were also lots of men who were exactly like the ones in the boat, which really made this city lose points in my point of view. As I was walking behind my wife, even I couldn’t take my eyes off her. That round ass looked so arousing as each half of her ass cheeks shook up and down as she walked in that very tiny white skirt. Her beautiful long legs were so tempting it was difficult not to dive on to them and start licking them. Suddenly a man standing in front of a door of a jewelry shop insistently invited my wife into his shop. As expected, my wife entered the jewelry shop with no hesitation, I decided not to go in and just look inside though the window since I was too embarrassed with my wife’s clothing.

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   I could hear the man saying,

“What beautiful legs and ankles you have, there is one thing missing and that is a gold anklet”

“Do you think so?”

“Yes of course, you sit there and let me show you some models”

            It was obvious the shop owner was also very excited and aroused from my wife’s sexy view. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her legs, and he nervously knelt down in front of her to attach some anklets on for her. My wife crossed her legs so that her left foot would stick out towards him in order for him to put on the thin golden anklet easily. The problem was, as my wife crossed her legs the man had a glimpse of her newly waxed pussy through her mini skirt.        I had forgotten she never had any panties on and I’m sure she forgot as well. I was furious with her for not being careful how she sat or moved about, she always forgets that she can’t move around in a skirt like she does in her shorts. I could see the man sweating nervously as his hands shivered while trying to place the anklet on while looking at her petite little toes which were inches away from his face. I wasn’t too happy with this situation and I wanted her to get out of there, I said to myself, from now on I will walk beside her anywhere she goes no matter what people would think of me allowing my wife to dress like that. She stood up glancing at her anklet to see how it looked

“It looks very sexy Miss” said the shop owner as he licked his lips unintentionally while staring at her seductive body from head to toe.

“Ok I’ll take it. ”

            My wife paid for it and walked towards the door as the man continued looking at her round ass cheeks wobble up and down as she walked outside. I quickly went next to my wife as she started to show me her new sexy anklet with excitement. I told her it looked nice and continued to walk beside her.


            We were both getting very hungry now and began looking for a restaurant. As we were walking my wife said “there’s one, lets go to that one” so we started reading the menu on the door.

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   As soon as the waiter saw us he immediately invited us in with hospitality. We thought we try it out since there was no other restaurant close by. As we walked in we were asked to take off our shoes since it was furnished with these very nice traditional rugs. We realized that the restaurant was a traditional restaurant which reflected the country’s culture with their traditional food. We were happy with that and couldn’t wait to try the food. The strange thing was that, there was only one large table which was low on the ground with lots of thin little cushions all around it. According to their culture in the olden days this was how they had their meals; therefore this restaurant represented their traditions. We were offered to sit down on the floor using the little cushions in front of this low table. This situation was very difficult for my wife as she didn’t have a variety of positions to sit in, so she sat on her knees while her ass sat on the soles of her feet. As we waited customers continued to come in the restaurant and in a few minuets all the places were full around the table. I noticed that the door was looked with a sign notifying that the restaurant was now full. The table had a captaincy of ten people and the thing that made me anxious and uncomfortable was that all the other customers were all male. I could see that my wife was also not too happy with the situation and she couldn’t move around much since she was already showing a lot of leg and thigh. These men had no difference from the men who were in our boat trip. They were hairy, dark tanned with beards and moustaches, and smelt of sweat.

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   They were all looking at my wife as if she was the food to be eaten. I was just about to tell my wife to get up so we could leave, when the food began to come. The food looked so delicious and we were so hungry that we started to eat straight away forgetting about the looking eyes. My wife’s legs began to hurt from the way she was sitting so she tilted herself on her right side letting both her legs slide down on the left side. This made her relax but it also gave a generous view from her left side for the men, showing her ass and pussy lips underneath her sliding skirt. She was so busy eating the delicious food she didn’t care anymore and just sat as she desired. She wasn’t aware how horny she was making the men sitting around the round table, but I was aware of the situation however I was too hesitant to do or say anything to anyone, I just ate my food and pretended not to see anything. Sitting on the floor around this low table really was difficult and uncomfortable so I sat back on my ass letting my legs in front of me while spreading them open so that I can get closer to the table in order to reach the food. As soon as my wife saw me get into this position she thought what a good idea it looked like and without thinking what she was about to do she immediately opened both her legs wide open in front of herself getting closer to the table. The eyes of all the men opened wide open with their mouths open, the reason of this was because my wife’s pussy was entirely visible in front of everyone. Her pussy lips were wide open showing her little clitoris and a lot of pink which was an inch away from the edge of the table. One foot was between me and the table in front of me whereas her other foot was in front of a stranger. Her legs were open so wide that her foot was literary touching his plate in front of him on the table. I was so mad and wanted to shout and tell her to sit properly but I knew she wasn’t doing it intentionally and that if I had shouted at her she would have started crying like a child, I also didn’t want to get the men annoyed with this scene because they looked very big, strong and serous. I was a bit afraid from them so I just tried to ignore the situation.

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   I could see that all these men started eating even faster from excitement staffing the food into their mouths like animals without taking their eyes off my wife’s attractive legs and pussy. When she frequently stretched towards the middle of the table to get something her breasts would fall out of her very lose grey top leaving her puffy seductive nipples point towards the food in front of her. I thought to myself what a sexy, innocent, childish, unintelligent wife I have. I was constantly preying that she didn’t get us into big trouble and that we would make it to our hotel with no problem.

            On the table there were a couple of plates of this hot spicy sauce which everyone was enjoying, so I thought I try it out. I wish I hadn’t because as soon as it touched my lips I started to burn in pain. I thought, wow that was hot; my lips went bright red from the spice. I just couldn’t understand how these guys were eating that sauce so easily. It looked like they didn’t even feel it. The guy who was sitting on my wife’s left side found it very difficult to concentrate on his food since my wife’s foot was in his way, I guess he liked her anklet because he couldn’t take his eyes of her foot. Well I guess who could if a stupid woman put a bare foot in front of you in between you and your food? As this guy was trying to eat his food just above my wife’s foot, the spicy sauce began to drip on her toes from his mouth, the sauce was so spicy that my wife’s foot began to sting from the heat; she was left speechless from the pain. The man immediately said “sorry, I’ll take care of it” and lifted her little foot towards his mouth and began to suck the spicy sauce off her pink painted petite little toes. Instead of my wife protesting, she began to give out quite sighs and moans of relief while saying “ohhh that feels better, that was very hot” the man’s sucking and wet tongue sent my wife’s foot a chill of relief, while she was still saying “thank you… ohhewww that feels much better thank you, that really hurt, you are very kind… ohhhhh”. When the man saw that my stupid wife did not protest but instead thank him, and also seeing that stupid I was also not saying anything, he found more confidence and began to suck and lick in between her toes with more enthusiasm. I noticed that my wife’s little pussy started to swell and start to get moist and more shinny as she quietly moaned and sighed “mmmmhhh, ohhhhhh, aawweeeohhhhhhh”

            This situation wasn’t looking too good and I was becoming very frightened, I didn’t want these men to harm me or my wife so I just sank my head down and looked at my food with fear and shame.

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   I noticed one of the men who was sitting opposite us whisper something to the waiter’s ear. This man did not take his eyes off my wife as he was talking to the waiter while playing with his moustache with a cunning look on his face.          The waiter came beside my wife and bent forward towards the table to pick up the pate with chilly sauce, as he was picking up the pate he intentionally spilt some sauce making it look like an accident on to my wife’s soft sensitive pussy. Well that was easy to do since my wife was sitting there with her legs wide open like a brainless child while not comprehending that her pussy was in full display. With the spilling spicy sauce my wife’s eyes went bright red and she was speechless again while waving her hands and arms up and down from pain. Seeing this, the man who was sitting opposite immediately rushed towards my wife as if he knew it was going to happen. My wife started screaming from pain as he rapidly pulled her back from the table swung her around so that her legs were facing him. He grabbed hold of her two feet and separated them wide open with her legs pointing in the air. There it was, right in front of him, two wonder ass cheeks with a small pink ass hole and above it a nice waxed, slightly reddish wet pussy with hot sauce running down off from her clitoris flowing in between her slit of her swollen pussy lips and then into her little pussy hole. It only took a few seconds for this man to admire the view with pleasure and look at me saying “Don’t worry young Madam, I’m going to save you right now if your husband lets me” It felt like a bucket of hot boiling water pouring onto my head, I didn’t know what to say or do, but it was very obvious how this man was going to save my wife from pain. I was helpless and unable to think properly, so I nodded my head at him for approval. Though my terrified eyes I visualized this mans face become happy with excitement, he had a very big ugly unshaved sweaty face with big thick red lips and brown teeth. He lowered his face down towards the wife’s pussy who was screaming in pain. He first started off by lapping with his tongue in between her sweet little slit to remove the hot sauce. He then buried his lips onto her pussy lips sucking and licking it with craze.

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   It literally looked like he was French kissing with my wife’s pussy. My wife’s screaming turned into moaning and groaning. This guy loved what he was doing so much that it looked like he was eating my wife alive, his head shook, trembled, and shivered as he nibbled, flicked his tongue, sucked, and swallowed her pussy as if he was saving her life. My wife was making such loud noises now that her moaning filled the whole restaurant.


            It was the first time someone was eating my wife’s pussy since she never allowed me to eat her. I new that she was confused and thought that she was experiencing relief of pain, but I surely new that it wasn’t only relief of pain but mostly it was the sexual pleasure she was receiving that was making her not feel the pain. Seeing this total stranger suck my wife’s sweet little pussy made me very jealous, and angry. I envied him so much wanting to be in his place, I felt like a wimp who couldn’t take care his wife. As the man continued to enjoy my wife he mumbled something sounding like, “what a sweet tasting pussyyy, I have never tasted such a honey tasting pussy like this in my life”, as he was saying this I could see my wife’s white pussy juices being vacuumed by this man into this mans mouth. I couldn’t take it no more and bent down to my wife’s ear and said,

“Honey please stop this man”

“I can’t baby his tongue is AWOJJHH!! too deep inside me”

“Well tell him to take it out”

“But baby I’m in pain if he removes his tongue now MMHHH!! the pain will not stop and you won’t be able to make lovvVVEe OHHEWW! to me for a week”

“But honey don’t you realize that this man is not a doctor but just taking advantage of you”

“I don’t know baby do you think heEEWW! should stop?”


“Err Sir, thank youuUU AWW AWW OHHh, that’s enough nowww, mmhHHHHmmhh OHHh, you were great but you need to stoOOOOPPMMMHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” My wife started to shiver and tremble while her eyes rolled back as she started biting her lips from pleasure. The man lifted his face off my wife’s pussy and said,

“If you say so young lady, it was a pleasure to help you feel better” my wife answered,

“Thank you again for your kind help”

            She sat back up feeling much better and relieved, she held my hand and kissed me on my cheek saying,

“I hope I didn’t do something wrong baby, or did I? Because I think I just had an orgasm”

            I noticed tears started to run down from her eyes, she started understand that she had allowed something very wrong and forbidden to happen according to her beliefs and culture.

“No honey you were helpless so it’s good that this man helped but be more careful how you sit from now on so accidents like this don’t happen again”. She rubbed her tears and said,

“Ok baby”.

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            When I looked around, the eight men who were in the room were now so horny that they had big bulges in front of their pants. I told my wife that it would be a good idea to pay the check and leave right away, she also agreed with me. When I went to pay for the food I realized it was quite expensive, but I said what the hell and put my hand into my pocket to get my wallet out. It was just then when I realized that I had forgotten all my money at the hotel. I asked my wife to give me some money so that we can pay the check and leave straight away, but I received a reply “I’m sorry baby but I give all my money to my anklet” that made me realize we were in a shitty situation. I started to sweat with fear not knowing what to say or do. The waiter asked what the problem was and I sadly told him we had no money on us, but we would pay him as soon as we got to the hotel. The waiter replied,

“I’m sorry sir but it is in our policy that customers can not leave the restaurant without full payment”

“Well what can I do?”

“Well I guess you will have to ask someone to lend you some money”

            I looked back at these uncivilized looking men and asked if someone can help us pay the check, instantly they all began to empty their pockets and put money together for our check. This made me very happy until one of them said,

“We will pay but you will have to give something in replace”

“What is it you want?”

“We only want to have fun with your wife”

“What kind of fun?”

“Any kind of fun we want”

“Mmm well I don’t understand what you mean but I guess having fun is fun”

“It sure is, and your wife will love our company and all the fun as well”. I was very confused and didn’t know what to say or do. The only thing that came to my mind at that moment was; these guys will help pay the check as well as have a little fun, what harm can happen from fun. I replied,

“I don’t know what my wife will say, it’s up to her”

            When my wife heard the word ‘fun’ she instantly jumped with excitement like an immature spoilt little child saying,

“Babyy I want to have funn, yes there is nothing better then fun, you know how much I love to have fun, can I have fun with these men baby?”

“Well I guess they are going to help pay our debt that’s a little fun for me, and they want you to have fun as well, so I guess that will make you happy as well,” I turned to the guys and asked,

“mmm what will be involve this fun thing you are thinking of?”

“Like we said, any fun we want, but to make you feel better let me give you an idea, we are going to play spin the bottle”. My wife jumped with excitement again saying,

“I love spin the bottle, baby pleaseeeeee can I play spin the bottle?” I asked the men once more,

“What kind of questions will you ask?”

“Well someone spins the bottle and who ever it stops at; he or she has to do a forfeit, the only rule is that we decide what the forfeit is and if you agree to play the game you have to obey, or else you will be disqualified from the game and we won’t pay your debt. Understand?”

            I don’t know what I was thinking but knowing that I had no money for us to get out of this situation and with my innocent wife nagging at me that she wanted to play and have fun, I hopelessly in an artless manner just replied,

“Err yes I understand, ok if you say so, you’re the boss”

“Do you agree on all the terms and conditions?”

“Yes I do”

            My wife jumped onto my lap with excitement and kissed me on the cheek. I was asked to sit aside because unfortunately I was not included in the game, I was a bit annoyed not being allowed in the game, and it was obvious from my face that I was upset.


   Seeing this one of these large men said to me,

“Do you want to be part of the game?”

“Yes of course I doâ?.

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