Topic: ADULTERY OR RAPE? Adultery or rape?
 Even years later I'm still not sure about this. But it turned me into a right slut an eighteen year old wife of only about six months. Nievely,I neither wanted or invited this happening and certainly didn't dream of this happening so soon into my marriage. I'd never heard of a sexual preditor,let alone know how you reckonized or dealt with one and this one turned out to be so close to us. To me it couldn't be real,but it most certainly was.
 I was at this time,what I'd refer to as a normal young not unattractive newlywed,looking forward to a wifely,motherly,long future with my young husband. All this did happen. But it was a long time before I got up the courage to tell my husband what his friend and distant relative had done with me so early into our marriage.  
 We had a house which I took much pleasure in potting about in. I wore just a loose fitting top and a light skirt with sometimes a pair of knickers and at others not. I liked the feel of easy fitting clothes on these occasions so as not to get sweaty. This day,knickers had been added,no particular reason than I planned to stand high on some worksteps to clean a window over the front door and thought it to brazen should the postman appear behind and below me unexpectedly. Yeah! okay I was modest I know.
 So having completed this particular chore and quite unexpectedly,this friend appeared behind me just as I bent forward to grasp the rail of these rather high worksteps. Nothing was commented on about my predicament,but I felt myself go all hot with embarrassment at the thought that he'd seen rather to much of my rear up skirt view. He gave no hint of this except I thought his eyes seemed to be flitting around in their sockets rather to much.


   What I mean is,as he now faced me,much as he tried to look at me eye to eye,I just knew his thoughts were more interested in my tits and body. Shifty I suppose you'd call it.
 "Let me help, - picking up the steps, - Where do you keep them?" Not are they finished with! He seemed to have decided for me that they were. "Kettle boiled? I 'spose you were about to make one, (Tea) I'll have one as well if you are, - answering his own question, 'course you are,after what you've been doing" It flitted across my mind, Oh yeah! How would you know what I've been doing? But I let it pass as just idle friendly conversational banter.
 Now with a cup of tea each and in fairness he did put the kettle on,commenting, "See,I'm well house trained in the needs of a wife" We sat and supped at our cups. 'What brought you this way then?' "Nothing really,just thought I'd pop by" I picked up nothing un-usual with this but,his next utterance was different altogether. "She just don't see things my way,a man like a woman has needs,but since our last kid,she seems to have turned right off" I didn't have a clue how to deal with this outburst. So doing the best I could without appearing rude I said. 'Oh! I haven't got there yet,I haven't a clue how or what that would be like.
 Again I felt myself go all hot as he looked directly at my crossed legs and I knew he was probably seeing my thigh up almost to my knickers on one side. "I bet you'll be more understanding as a wife when you have had kids" Still nievely I didn't get where he was leading me. - He was after all twice my age at this time. Clearly I know now but not then,he was quite clever at seducing a young woman or as I subsequently found out women. A little while passed and I was relieved as he said, "Better be off now,thanks for the tea" Standing as he did,I was following him when as we led out into the hallway,he suddenly turned and gripping hold of my bum cheek and with his other hand around my back he kissed me very hard before pulling his lips away with, "I knew you'd understand" before his lips were again pressing all over my lips,face,then neck.
 As I tried to pull away gasping, 'No! Don't I'm a happily married woman,please,no,we mustn't.

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   Go home and kiss your wife' "Oh! her,you don't realise its you I need,you must understand what I'm saying" He again led with a passionate kiss as I struggle against this,he suddenly had a hand on my naked breast, "Come on,who'll know,I need some more of you" I froze as a hand started feeling up my leg. God what was I to do? Standing ridged,I couldn't believe what I knew my body was doing. My belly was tingling as was my pussy,my nipples had stiffened as they came into contact with his rough coat.
 I realised he had my top right up when I felt this only a second before his mouth left mine only to land on my naked nipple and suckle it. I tried to push his mouth off of my tit only to feel his teeth grip and stretch my nipple until I desisted. My hands now shot down to my skirt as like an octopus,he seemed to have his hands everywhere. 'Stop,please no more,what if somebody found out?' This was my weak attempt to avoid what I now was experiencing. He was feeling at my pussy through my knickers. 'No! - NO! Don't,please don't' To no avail,I felt a finger going under my panties,sliding to and fro across my pubes and down my pussy slit.
 Now between panic and excitement I clamped my thighs shut on this finger which actually made it worse because not only was the timing just as his finger was by my quims hole,it had the effect of squeezing my juice out,right onto his finger. His mouth back close to mine, "See,you're soaking,I knew you wanted me too,you are as hot as me,come on open your legs for me" With this talk I felt completely guilty towards my husband,Was this man right,I knew my body was responding to his touching and I hated to admit it,my body was more excited than when we, - my husband and myself lay in bed playing and having sex.
 This horrid sex driven man was waking desires in my inside I didn't even know existed. - Not then but now I know this was my lust awakening. Against all my better judgment I could feel myself letting him put his tongue into my mouth and I responded with my own tongue. As this tongue stuff got at me,so did his fingers.

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   Now against the corner of the hallway I stood as he found I no longer needed pressing against to stop me escaping from him. I felt both his hands touching my pussy on the skin and made no attempt to stop him as I felt my knickers being pulled down my legs.
 With one more now feeble request, 'Please,no not my knickers,please don't take them off,I know what you're going to do,please don't take them down' As I was stating this ,my body was tingling at the sensation of having these self same knickers pulled from me. A new sensation kicked in,it was my skirt going the same way of my knickers. I felt the elasticated waistband stretch then ping down off my bum cheeks followed by the front part scuffing down the skin of my thighs. I stood with eyes closed,sucking in every touch of this sensation. The front moving tickled my pubes in passing over them as I heard him saying, "That is so lovely,I want all of that in my mouth"
 I jerked as his mouth now lipped down my belly and plunged with his tongue onto my quims inner lips. It was the first time ever I'd had a man tongue me, - Well I'd only ever done sex with my husband,as he had with me. We both knew of our peers who had been more premiscuous,but we hadn't. - Now here I was with a very experienced older man pushing buttons I didn't know I had. Grasping my bum with both hands he now drove his tongue oh! so deep into my clitoris and hole,I felt my knees trembling and going weak as he had me rising to an orgasm. Grasping at his head I attempted to guide his tongue where I felt it needed to lick.
 Then just short of cumming he was off my pussy and kissing my mouth, "See,I was right,you want a fucking from me, don't you?" For a fleeting moment I felt I mustn't be adulterous. With my legs all wobbly,while thinking, What am I doing,he's just been looking and licking at everything only my husband has and should see naked. Now I was doing like my licker,he had his cock out ready to go in me and here I was about to do to him what I'd never done to my husband.

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   Grasping round his cock and cupping his scrotum in my other hand I put it in my mouth. I felt my teeth scrape across the bottom of his helmet,he,pulling away a bit, "Your lips over your teeth,put your lips over your teeth,my cocks to sensitive under the foreskin,haven't you ever done this?" 'No'
 "Fuck,this is going to be sensational" I had no idea what he meant or why he said it,well,not for the next five minutes anyway. I sucked and slobbered at his rock hard knob. Even to the point that as he released his belt and trousers I started to feel at his bum cheeks and was conscious of them tightening and him thrusting then easing as he gasped. The movement seemed to get faster then it stopped as I could feel the muscles in his bum cheek go OH,so hard,then he'd stop thrusting at my mouth,only to start it all over again. I felt his thighs almost straining not to pump his dick at my mouth. . . Then all became clear as I felt the tube in his shaft pulse,then spew glob after salty glob of sperm into my mouth before I could pull back from him. I realised he'd been trying desperately hard to hide the fact he was about to cum and shoot his sperm into my throat. Kecking,I spit his spunk onto the floor,It was so salty,it made me want to wretch. Recovering slightly, 'Why didn't you say you were cumming,I didn't know what to expect,I'll make sure its not in my mouth the next time' - It completely missed me,talking as though to my husband. There wasn't to be a next time!
 Pulling me to my feet now,he put his tongue at my mouth with the comment, "Hmm! Yeah it is rather salty I must say" As I hadn't quite thrilled and now conscious that as I was down sucking him I felt a lot of my juices creeping from my pussy I was now feeling my juice sticky and wet against my thighs, All reason seemed to have left me, 'Feel me,I'm soaking down there' He didn't need to be told twice,his fingers were all over my quim now, "See,I knew you did,you're telling me you want a fuck" OMG. He pushed at my pussy and my pussy pushed back,he was right,I was gasping for his or any cock at that moment.
 As he slipped so easily up my vagina,I started about fucking his balls dry.

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   Gasping,panting and talking filthily, - I hadn't really talked like that much before, 'Come on then old man,so you think you're up to satisfying my little tight young pussy do you,go on then,just you try,you'll be on your knees and begging for mercy before you finish fucking me enough' I was so hot and horny now I couldn't believe it,this was all coming from my mouth,all this filth.
 Our bellies slapped at each other as he went at me with a rod of steel. Cumming up me,I bore down hard as I orgasmed for the first time on another man's cock. A lust so great followed by a split second of guilt,passed as I insisted, 'Come on,call that fucking,I've not even started yet' My eyes showed I was lying as they fluttered in my second almost instantanious orgasm on this man's cock, "I've got your measure you horny little cow,You'll keep cumming as long as I can keep it hard in your quim" He now started hitting the top of my vagina with such hard thrusts I could feel him pressing at my cervix.
 "Ever felt that before?" I hadn't and wasn't sure what he was hitting. "I'll show you what a real fucking is" He lifted me off my feet and with his cock still stuck in me,he dragooned me backwards into the living room and pulling out of me,turned me as his cock slapped against my legs and pushed me on my belly over the back of our settee. Now dangling like a discarded doll he pushed back in me from my rear,physically grasping my tits and dragging me back a bit to where my toes just touched the floor he rammed his cock till he bottomed and stopped for a moment,wiggling his cock in me he thrust again.
 'What was that,you made my inside go funny' "That was my cock getting you up your cervix,its a baby for you no mistake" I went hot to cold, as with little jerks so as not to leave the neck of my womb he thrust quickly as my insides revelled in this new sensation. I felt his seed spill where it or any other had never consciously gone,deep in my womb. Spurt after spurt entered me as an orgasm shook me to the core. Letting go of my tits he just stayed with his cock so deep in me my pussy that just gripped the end as if it never wanted to lose it. Coming down from my orgasm my mind raced. Fuck what if he's right and he has inpregnated me,was this why his wife wouldn't,she had four,he was very fertile,what can I tell my husband? Whatever I said wouldn't be convincing so early in our marriage. Say nothing,that's the best way!
 That's how I intended to play it,dishonest I know and I failed to count a very significant factor. The lust I'd just received and given in return,although it was pure lust not love was to return many times from this older man.

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   On the upside,my husband benefited as well,as even on my day of betrayal,I gave him two benefits transcribed here. One he got his first sucking but I finished him without getting another mouthfull of spunk and secondly I bent again over the settee and let him feel just how deep he could get in me that way round. He still clings up me that way like a leech.
 I did eventually admit what happened but that's a whole different story.
 Bye now.