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Topic: It was 4:30 in the afternoon when she arrived to look at the apartment I was managing.   She was as cute as could be, 5'2" tall, with blond hair, sparkly blue eyes, she was waring a fashionable dress and looked like a million bucks.   She had just graduated from high school and was going out on her own for the very first time.   She ask all kinds of questions about the apartment, I told her about the pros and cons of renting and many other things she needed to know even if she didn't rent from me.   We talked for over an hour before she left.   The next afternoon she called from work and told me she wanted to rent the apartment.
My office was just on the next block so on the first of every month she came to drop off the rent.   We always talked for at least an hour, she was so young and in experienced, she ask a million questions about everything under the sun.   I found out she was from a very large family, her mother was a slave driver, she watched Soaps on TV and shouted orders as to who was to make dinner, who was to do laundry, who was to wash the dishes, who was to scrub the floor, etc. , etc.   Her mother never lifted a hand to do any of the house work, just shouted orders!  Donna wanted out! 
Everytime we talked Donna would become more relaxed around me, she was a big tease. One Saturday afternoon I went to check on something, she was washing her car, Donna had on shorts and a midriff cut off white T-shirt, everytime she bent down to wash she made sure that I was directly behind her, this allowed for a look at her pirky little tits, she would look up to make sure I had taken the oppertunity to look, she just smiled.   I tossed a bucket of water on the front of her shirt and "walla" her titties appeared through the thin wet fabric.  
My office was an executive type with a large Jacussi available to those who worked in the building.   Just about every afternoon when the afternoon slump hit I would get in for about 20 minutes, take a cold shower and back to work.   Donna knew about the Jacussi and kept asking if she could get in it.

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    One evening I decided to let her get in.   She went home grabbed her swim suit and was back in a flash.   We went to the locker rooms and changed, I was in the water when she walked in.   The lights were down low while we talked, splashed, touched, and teased.   About 10 minutes into our hot tubbing I told her that it felt much better to take off the suits when all the water and air jets were on high, off went my suit out on the deck.   Donna looked at me like, 'are you sure'?  I smiled and said go a head you'll love it, she ask me to turn the lights completely off, which I promptly did.   Off went Donna's suit.   This was getting interesting, our flirting and teasing and touching was at the point of the "First kiss" I wondered if I dared make the first move.   The water was very warm and about every 15 minutes we had to get out to cool off.   We climbed out in the dark holding hands so as not to trip over each other.   I sat down on the floor then Donna sat directly in front of me draping her legs over mine.   We slid very close together and talked, I had been rock hard since she took off her suit.   Donna made the first move, she leaned forward and kissed me, wow, could she kiss.   I slid closer so I could put my arms around her, she also slid closer.   With her legs over mine her pussy was tilted up slightly so that when we made the last adjustment for more kissing the tip of my cock slipped into her labia, she was soooo wet and Hottttt!  But Donna froze just sitting there with the tip of my cock in her sweet pussy lips.

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   I was waiting for her to withdraw but, she didn't she just sat there for the longest time as we continued to kiss ever so passionately.  
Donna broke off the kiss and said "We probably shouldn't"  I said Ok but she did not withdraw, I could feel my pre cum leaking into her hot pussy lips.   Was she a virgin?  Maybe she was afraid it would hurt.   Oh how I wanted to thrust all the way into her, but I did not.   We sat naked in the dark talking for a couple hours before she went home.
The next evening about 6:00 Donna showed up and ask if she could get in the hot tub again, I said sure, she ask if I wanted to join her, I told her I had some work to finish up and may not be able to.   As she walked out of the office she looked over her sholder and said "Too Bad" with a develish smile on her face.   I thought she was so hot, so pretty and down right sexy, but what did she want with me, she was only 18 and I was 34, that's an old man by her standards.
I hurried through my stack of work and ran to the spa room where I found her naked in the tub patiently waiting.   I pealed of the cloths and hopped in.   She had brought a couple of candles for mood lighting.   I could see her perky breasts clearly now  they poked streight out from he chest forming perfectly shaped cones they were small sticking out only 2 to 2 1/2 inches Donna ask how I liked them, are you kidding those perky little things were great, for the first time I reached out to caress them, she loved it, she sat on my lap facing me so I could see and kiss them she couldn't get enough, Donna rubbed her pussy lips on the tip of my cock for about twenty minutes then ask if I would enter her, we both pushed at the same time, she was so wet and ready that my cock sliped in with ease.   We fucked in every position immagionable and we were still in the hot tub.   When we got out Donna was prepaired, she had bought blankets and pillows,  I could keep my hands off those firm little mounds, her nipples were little but, stiff as could be.   Donna lay on the floor with her legs apart and becconed me to get on top of her petite little frame.

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    She was redy for more sex no more teasing just fucking.   I took my time making sure she climaxed several times that night.
This was the start of an incredable romance, Donna kept me guessing.   One afternoon when got off work she came into the office (no one else was around) she pushed my chair back and climed up on the desk placing a leg on each side of me on the edge of the seat.   She looked me straight in the eye and slowly gathered her skirt until her pussy was visable, then she laid back and said "come on big boy don't you want to fuck my tight little cunt"?  I plowed into her until she came right there on top of my desk.
More another time, this isn't even half of the fun we had.   I think she loved the thought that she had what it took to seduce a married man kept her cumming back for more.   
Donna was and is one hot little BABE.