Big Dick crybaby vs Ashley Blue


Big dick cry baby meets Ashley Blue
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo. com
A big dick may not be enough to handle Ashley Blue

Big Dick Crybaby

George was a young black man born with a gift and a cruse. He has a 15 inch dick that can keep cumming and cumming without going soft. Catch is, it’s very sensitive to the point it will bring him pleasure the point of tears. Plus he rather wimpy and easily taken advantage of

Ashley Blue was a porn star, a cute little minx that was a mixture of Asian and white with perky little B breast and a nice butt. She had short brown. She stood around 5. 2 and was a fire cracker, a deep throat queen.

She was sitting on the set naked and upset. Her costar didn’t show up and she was spending the whole day drinking and cursing up a storm about it. The scene was of nightclub, with a heart shape bed and disco ball hanging down. It was supposed to take place in the 70’s, and she was suppose to get royally fucked by some strapping black guy. This guy was meant to look like Shaft. The movie was called SHAFTED.

“I am walking out, this is totally unprofessional. I am walking out of this” Ashley Said

“Come on calm down, will found someone” The Director Said

“You got a half and an hour” Ashley Said

The Director had to think.

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   He remembers his wife telling him about some nerdy kid who his wife teaches. His wife accidentally walked in the boys Gym thinking it was empty when she wanted a smoke. She saw the kid in there, and the poor kid almost had a heart attack. But the wife said the little geek was well endowed, and had a crush on her.

“Desperate times” The Director said to himself “Yea got a new Actor for you, real stud”

“Better be good” Ashley Said

Ashley took a puff of her cigarettes. She wrapped her lips around it and let it blow through the air. Ashley was pretty adept at oral. Could fit her entire hand in her mouth, She was so well known, for her oral skills that every move people saw her do with her mouth, no matter how innocent took a sexual undertone. She didn’t care. She kind of enjoyed being the dirtiest slut in the business. Nothing she like better then getting a good pounding by some gangster looking guy, and getting her hole filled to the brim.


The Director wife came in with George Blind folded, wearing Jeans. He was a baby face looking man.

“THIS the guy” The Director Said

“Wait till you see the mercendise” The Wife Said

“Where are we” George Said

“Shhhh…you want me don’t you George. A night with your teacher” She Said

“ummmmm yes” He Said nervously

“Then you have to play my little game.

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   Do a movie for me”

The Teacher removed his shirt and pushed him in the set.

She pulled down his pants releasing a monster cock. The Teacher stroked it getting it even harder, and pushed him in stark naked on the set. His blindfold was removed and he saw the camera lights. He was like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Bout time fucker” Ashley said

Ashley pushed him down and grabs his hard cock. She smelled the balls getting ready for her feast. Ashley deep throat it taking inch by inch, using her extra oral skills to make spit drip down his shaft messily, in a sloppy blow job. She was closing her eyes when she felt something

“Ohhhh God” George whimpered

He came

“You got to be shitting me” Ashley said

She pulled his cock out, wads of cum dripped from his mouth.

“Didn’t even give me any warning, you think that shit funny” She Said

She got up and spit the cum in his mouth. She grabs his hair.

“I am sorry” He Said

She slapped him. Couple of people laughed as seeing this tiny girl pushed him around like that.

“Sorry, Sorry. I could be getting dick by two real men, but wasting time with your ass.

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   1 minute you last, one fucking minute”

“Doesn’t worry he still stay hard” The Director girlfriend Said “Little fuck cant help? Here let me help”

She got some handcuff from the prop room and tied his hand. Ashley notices his cock was indeed hard.

“Hmmmm maybe I can work with this” Ashley Said

She stuffs her hand deep in her mouth, to get her mouth ready. She started stroking his cock that was wet with her spit. Ashley licked up and down the shaft driving him crazy, she teased his cock head tasting the cum remnants. She then started sucking again, this time a bit faster

“Ohhhhhhhh” He moaned

Her lips wrapped around his balls as she twisted and stroked his cock. She looked back.

“Oh shit…. are you crying are you fucking crying” Ashley Said

“Sorry, just your so goo…”

“Shut up” She Said “Tired of you wimps, wanting to fuck a trashy porn star, and not being able to handle it, well going to give you something to cry about”

She sucked faster, enjoying his torture. She took the long length of his shaft, letting the balls hit her chin. She looked at him with her exotic eyes and wicked smile and was going to town on his cock. Her finger slid gently down his cock, playing it like a flute. She pressed hard on his balls and fisted it when ever the cock was out. Her hand glided down his salvia wet shaft, sliding the pre cum down his cock. She admired the leanght of his cock tasting every bit of it.

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   She moved back to deep throating it wet and fast. He came, making her mouth overflow with cum as she continued to suck it. She enjoyed the taste of his cum down her mouth, his moans as she sucked him.

Ashley took his finger and spread his cheeks. She started fingering his ass. She took a gob of cum off his cock and pushed it in. She was moving faster and faster working more fingers in as she sucked him

“Better, gets a lot of film in, going to be doing this for a while. Going to make you look like the wimpiest slut ever. Want to see sever tear. So all woman know what a wimpy fuck you are in bed, your going to be pussy black listed you little fuck” Ashley Said

“Please No camera. . . dont want my family to see”

Ashley laughed. She got up and grabs his hair and twisted it. She motions the camera to come closer as she stroked him.

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   Ashley licked his tears.

“Don’t want your mommy knowing you’re a slut. Wave to your mother, DO it!!!”

At first he didn’t but with a squeeze of his ball, he did as told

“Say, I am sorry mommy, your little son a wimpy manwhore who like getting his ass fingered”

“Sorry, your son a wimpy manwhore who likes getting his fingered” He cried

She kissed him with her cum drench mouth and started stroking again. She went back to sucking him, drooling on his cock. His cock slid down his tongue as they curved around his cock.

“Here come a gusher, yea shoot more of that hot cum out, all over my face, want it all you slut. You’re going to clean off ever drop!!” Ashley Said

The cum splash on his tits and face making her stick. Ashley didn’t stop. Her finger glided over ever inch of his cock. Tears of pleasure rain down his face as the pleasure got too much leaving him weeping. His pulsated pumping stream of cum across the room.

Hour passed. George could barely move anymore. She took his cock and pushed it deep into her pussy. Her tight pussy gripped him like a vice, milking and stroking him for all his worth.

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“Think you could fuck this tight pussy; think you could fuck this slutty girl cunt. Should have been easy you little slut, but no you had to fuck it up. Well your fuck now, going to make your life a living hell. Going to whore you out, and make you the town slut. Going to be your pimp. In fact director hand me some lip stick” She said

The director handed her some lipstick. She started applying it. Ashley gripped his hair forcing it on. She added the word “whore” in lipstick on his forehead.

“Perfect. Don’t you look pretty” Ashley laughed “After I sale you out, going to let a real man fuck me and treat me like a whore. Pound my pussy raw, and force you to watch. Hear me fucker??”

“Yes Ashley” He cried


“Ha let me handle it if that bitch cant” A man said

“Just might do that” Ashley winked at the man.

She spit on him. George never expects just humiliation.

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   The whole crew was laughing at him surrounding him as she rode him. Ashley was dripping with sweat, using his cock as a dildo, bringing her self to multiple climaxes.

“Yesssssssssss” Ashley moaned “Your cock or tongue will always be in use, you’re going to be a busy worker. Hell thinks I will use my strapon on that tight little ass of yours and show you how it’s done”

She slammed down hard; balls hit his ass, leaving a red mark. They both climax together.

She pulled her his cock out. She stood over him with a cum drench pussy. The pussy was widen and pink. She stretched it open

“Lick me clean” She said

She sat on his face, and force him to lick. Ashley guided his tongue to her sweet spot, as his tounge wildly licked her pussy lips and clit. Her legs squeezed tighter, putting her warm skin against her’s.

“Better get every drop faggot. You my bitch aren’t you”

He was about to say something but Ashely slapped

“Didn’t you mommy tell you not to talk with your mouth full slut, didn’t she”…. make me cum bitch…make me fucking cum. Oh shiiiiiiit ohhhhhhh shiiiit.

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   You cant handle this trailer bitch. Bet you one of those stuck up college boy wimps. Like that, like getting dominate by some white trash slut don’t you. Lick it FASTER yeaaaa mmmmmmm!!!” Ashley moaned

Ashely legs wrapped around. He body started to shake as she cum. She started stroking his cock.

“hahah think you miss a spot. Lick…Lick some more”

Hour passed

Ashley had him untied. She sat him up and took his hard cock.

“Suck it” He Said pushing his head down

He was flexible enough and it was big enough for him to suck it. He shook his head and Ashley dug his nails into his balls

“What so I got to taste that thing and you don’t. Your selfish prick. Suck it…NOW!!”

He did as told, putting inches in his mouth.

“Hhahahahah he doing it, fucking wimp. Your suck your own cock…that’s sick.

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   You sick fuck. Your pathetic”

She stroked his cock as he got inches in. Her expert skills made it feel good despite the humiliation. She felt it cumming. He tried to pull out but she force it in. Cum shoot down his throating, feeling him up. She continued lick his shaft as he his own. She was going faster till another round came and another and another. The last shot she pulled it out and let it splash on his face, Ashley grabbed it and sucked it tasting his jizz. She slapped him in the face with the head of his cock

“Now you know how it feels slut. Not that fun being a slut is it” Ashley laughed

She dragged him through the studio, by his cock. He was being dragged across the ground. Another girl grabbed his arms and Ashley grabbed his legs. They went outside to a dumpster and swung him back and fourth. He landed in the dumpster with a thud.

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   Ashely ride showed up in the Alley Way. Two good looking black guys up.

“Dang girl what took you so long in there, thought it be a short shoot” One of them Said

“Oh Nothing. Just good I can get to you place and fuck a REAL man” She Said

She open the dumpster

“Back to wear you belong. Be seeing you around” Ashley said

She slammed the lid on him and drove off with them.

The End

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