Black lover,s


Just happen yesterday while I was on the porn site the door bell rings I look at the time it was 11;22 . I was still in my robe and nothing on under neat, I was expecting Joe he was going on vacation and wanted to show me wear he was going. when I open the door there was another man with him introduce him as his brother James. Joe told me lot about him he was a good for nothing bum. He married his wife threw him out four or five times, now he staying with Joe he said, there always fighting he smoke en dope in his house an always bring,s women around and use them for drugsand buy him cigarettes. He was Ride around with Joe as he was sh oping for some new clothes for his trip. We were sitting at the kitchen table looking at the place,s he was going toand were he would be staying. as I keep seeing James looking at my breastsince the top is wide open when I sitan the bottom does not cover my ass, he was making me wet as he was turn me on ,Iput my hand to my cunt an felt all the moisture, new there was going to be a cream stain on the chair as it is cloth it not the first one. James reach over and grab my breast, pulled the robe of of my shoulders and started sucking on my nipple, It happen so fast I SAID FUCK HE RAPINE ME. He told Joe to grab one end of the table he took two boards out of the center. he pick me up and set me on the table, my feet were on the other side of the opening,there was a foot stoolin the corner of the room as he went to get it and push it under the table. he got under and spread my legs apart an put a finger into my cunt I was longing for. his tongue was licking around my clit as two more finger were inserted, I was bucking like a stallion, I was haven an orgasmhis fingers came out and was working his tongue in an out of my pussy fuck I want more,Joe was taken picture and send-en to his friend,s as he always does. Now Joe an James drop there pants to the floor Joe tease me with the head of his cock just enough to touch my lips, as I call him a mother fucker quit teasing me , as my head hang over the table I felt the cock in my neck when James hit my hole with one shot , I never got a chance to see the size of James cock but I no it was big an it hurt till he pump in an out a few times. I could see the flashes as Joe was still taken pictures , he must have my picture post all over Mississippi by now, James started pumping fast now an new he was aboutto shoot his load in me, When Joe was cum in my throat pulling out just far enough an putting it back in to the hilt. I swallow all I could as he pull out long strings of cum end in my nose an eyes ,James now was call en me a slut as he filled my pussy with his cum .

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   What I didn't expecthe started fuck en like a mad man and cum again in me ,when he pulled out off me his cum was cum out of me you could here it hit the towelfloor. I thank them for the good fuck and blow job Joe said he would see me after vacation. .